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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist brian gotter.
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with showers throughout the day, and highs in the mid to upper 50s. most of us got 0.25" to 0.75" of rain by evening, with the heaviest rain south of milwaukee. the sky cleared out overnight with lows dropping into the mid 40s, but there is patchy dense fog. there is a dense fog advisory until 10am for inland counties. the beautiful weather sunshine, a light northerly breeze, and highs near 60. the sky is clear tonight with lows
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a live look outside wrigley field in have been partying all night long... the cubs expected to return from cleveland sometime this morning. it took 108 years.. a game seven.. even an extra-inning.. but this morning the chicago cubs are finally.. once again.. world champions..the celebration started with the final out late last night.. jay gray natural sound anncr when game is over - the chicago cubs are world champions!finally...nats celebrationhistory..(sot)"most amazing game you could imagine."but like most everything this team does.. it wasn't easy..(nats)a blown lead..a rain delay..and an extra inning..nats pop from extra inningduring an intense
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between two teams. not used to winning..nats of fans celebratingthe cubs and their fans have waited 108-years for this..more than a lifetime of frustration and futility -- washed away by the champaign and celebration that stretches from cleveland.. all the way to wrigleyville..(sot)"i was the happiest person alive that's what happened let's go cubs...lets' go!!!!!"they're no longer the "lovable losers" .. answer to a trivia question .. the "curse" has been broken .. there's no more "waiting for next year" - this is the cub's year..(ben zobrist/world series mvp1:11-1:17)"i can't believe we're finally standing after 108 years finally able to hoist the trophy."cubs nation .. overwhelmed..nats celebration screamingand overjoyed.. after spending more than a century in baseball purgatory..nats celebrationjay gray - nbc news
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breaking news: the state patrol is investigating a crash that killed four people and injured two others in dane county.troopers say an s-u-v drove the wrong way into two other cars -- a nissan and toyota -- last night along i-94.the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital with critical injuries.three passengers in the nissan were pronounced dead at the scene. the driver was the toyota was suspected to be a contributing factor in the crash more local newstoday, the milwaukee county medical examiner will perform an autopsy on a 17-year old girl who was hit and killed by a school bus .according to family members: marisol cevallos was crossing the street yesterday morning .. on her way to a bus stop her mother tells us: her daughter might still be alive... if bus drivers were more careful.she was too upset to go on camera... so a family member
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she just wants to make aware that bus drivers need more time to take students to and from school.police interviewed the bus driver but have not released the outcome of their investigation a 20-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the beating death of a uw-?stout? student from saudi arabia.the school's chancellor just made that announcement." i would appeal to the community - this is a hard time for everybody and especi international students so if they could reach out and provide some solace to them at this time - i'm asking for that." hussain saeed al-nahdi died after being beaten outside of a downtown restaurant sunday morning. his roomate described the fear he says he and other foreign exchange students feel on campus. most of my friends yes, are
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family calling us and saying you are allowed to go to from your house to your class then from your class to the house. omar said he was hussain's former translator.the case is being investigated as a possible hate crime. decision 20-16with five days until the election, hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting the battleground state of north carolina .each nominee has two rallies scheduled later todaynorth carolina is one of a handful of states analysts say trump cannot lose if he the white house. supporters of former presidential candidate bernie sanders are still wrestling with whether to vote next tuesday.sanders was in milwaukee yesterday - urging people to vote for hillary clinton.some supporters told us: they are not sure if they could ultimately vote for her. bernie has told his supporters not voting at all .. is like voting ?for? trump. more clinton surrogates in wisconsin this week.former first daughter - chelsea clinton will be in milwaukee's walker point neighborhood this
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hillary clinton tomorrow in madison.donald trump's website does not list any upcoming events in wisconsin. make today's tmj4 your home on election night. decision 20-16 coverage starts tuesday on live at four ... and runs throughout the evening. happening today-the milwaukee county board is set to vote today on raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.the so-called "living wage" ordinance was proposed last month.if adopted - the county would raise the minimum ge abele is expected to sign the legislation upon approval. county supervisors set to take a vote next week on a tax levy increase and new 30 dollar wheel tax fee.after hours of debate, the milwaukee county finance committee voted to approve both may recall, county executive chis abele wanted a $60 wheel tax. the finance board tossed out that proposal monday and
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charge drivers a $30 fee beginning next year. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the man accused of gunning down two police officers in iowa is in custody. the strange circumstances that led to his capture.and a former university police officer on trial for killing a man during a traffic stop.what
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yesterday was cloudy and damp with showers throughout the
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0.25" to 0.75" of rain by evening, with the heaviest rain south of milwaukee. the sky cleared out overnight with lows dropping into the mid 40s, but there is patchy dense fog. there is a dense fog advisory until 10am for inland counties. the beautiful weather returns today with sunshine, a light northerly breeze, and sky is clear tonight with lows dropping to 43 along the lake,
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a suspect is in custody after two iowa police offices were shot and killed in an ambush early wednesday morning.police found scott michael greene after he flagged someone down and asked them to call 9-1-1. greene was taken to the hospital after complaining about a medical condition.the two officers were shot as they sat in their individual patrol cars a few miles apart. police identified the victims as des moines police sergeant anthony "tony" beminio and urbandale police officer justin martin. the trial continues for cincinnati police officer accused of killing a man during a traffic stop.ray tensing is charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter in the death of sam dubose.a witness told jurors she heard a gunshot and then saw the car move.two university of cincinnati police officers testified they heard squealing tires and then a single gunshot. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--why you may soon
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- four bald eagles poisoned in northern wisconsin.the one thing a rescue group says hunters can do to prevent this
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. the packers don't want aaron rodgers to far and like he was in atlanta.expect don jackson and aaron ripkowski to see a little more action, against the colts.and with j-c tretter out a few weeks with a knee injury, corey linsley is back starting at center.((corey linsley says you know aaron is a professional and obviously i think that he did an excellent job today of running through just, everything. the different cadences, the different adjustments that we have, the different everything that he could possibly throw
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that.))((aaron rodgers says corey has been a center his entire life, you know for awhile around here we drafted a lot of left tackles and moved them in different positions. i had left tackles playing center.but corey has been a center most of his career so i have no worries about him being in there.))and tonight, the bucks host the pacers at the bmo harris bradley center. while fans can ask brewers g-m david stearns and manager craig counsell questions at the inside the brewers town hall event, at miller park.for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. friday night under the li. the big ten conference just announced it would play six friday night football games a year starting in 20-17 and continuing through at least 20-22.the big ten already has played friday night games on labor day weekend. those games will continue and be counted among the six each year. wisconsin athletic director barry alvarez said he would be open to playing at home on labor day weekend in "selected years" today, brewers fans get their chance to hear from the crew's
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and manager craig counsell the team is holding "inside the brewers" at miller park. stearns and counsell will lay out their vision for the future.parking opens at six tonight, the event starts at seven yesterday was cloudy and damp with showers throughout the day, and highs in the mid to upper 50s. most of us got
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evening, with the heaviest rain south of milwaukee. the sky cleared out overnight with lows dropping into the mid 40s, but there is patchy dense fog. there is de advisory until 10am for inland counties. the beautiful weather returns today with sunshine, a light northerly breeze, and highs near 60. the
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dropping to 43 along the lake, and upper 30s inland.the sunshine and nice weather continues on friday with highs near 60, and a light breeze. the amazing stretch of weekend with sunshine and highs in the lower to mid 60s after morning lows in the lower 40s. you get an extra hour of sleep this weekend as daylight saving time ends, but
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sunday evening. heading to the packers game on sunday? it will be sunny and near 60 for more news now-tomorrow, flags will be flown at half-staff in honor of rusk county sheriff's deputy dan glaze -- who was shot and killed while on duty this school wore blue in support of law enforcement. ladysmith and bruce school districts honored deputy glaze by wearing blue as well. a chaotic scene at dillard university in new orleans. protesters were pepper sprayed - after former k-k-k leader david duke participated in a u-s senate debate."i was covered on my shirt, my arms, my face. they are pepper spraying. they are body slamming people." dillard university is a historically black serious injures were reported at the protest. a raptor rescue organization just outside antigo, is caring
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lead poisoning and are on the brink of - the rescue organization is calling on deer hunters to more closely consider the ammunition they use.according to marge gibson, the problem is the lead bullets used by hunters which can fragment and be left behind in the remains hunters leave in the woods. "this is purely a lead issue. sometimes people say, 'well, you know, they'll get over it.' well, they can't get over it; it's a heavy metal."the raptor education group suggests hunters use copper prevent fragmenting upon impact. university of wisconsin officials say they are committed to making stadium policy changes before the next home game -- after a fan wore an offensive costume to saturday's game.someone wore a mask of president obama with a noose around his neck.another person appeared to be holding the rope of the noose. officials asked the fan to remove the offensive part of the costume.its not clear what new policies will be put in place
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today's tmj4-- cash for your cup. how a coffee shop is making sure customers recycle. also ahead... how the grinch ?made? christmas. the wisconsin city turning itself into who-ville... and the artists who helped make it
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them.
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the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. milwaukee ranks one of country for business start-up activity. but there's a committed group of people working to change that.a five story building in bay view is home to a variety of start-ups and small businesses, including a local gym and distillery.last night... "startup milwaukee"... hosted an event at the warehouse... and brought in big-name local companies like palermo's pizza to help mentor young innovators.all of these business owners agree the only way to improve start-up
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together. each other growit's just really cool to work locally and and try to help build up other local entrepreneurs. being able to feed off each other and help each other grow. this week marks "milwaukee startup week". for a list of events, just click on the link to this story at some coffee shop owners in berlin, germany, are promoting a more sustainable way to enjoy coffee.the owners are introducing a deposit made out of bamboo.when customers buy a sustainable cup they have to leave a deposit of four euros - about four dollars and 40 cents - which they get back when returning the cup, which later can be recycled. a sure sign of the holidays the 20-16 wisconsin christmas tree ornament was just unveiled in madison ... this year's design depicts the supreme court hearing room and one of four murals that hangs in that room. "this year's features the
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this is the first year the supreme court has been featured in the ornament. after 13 years we took time to recognize the supreme court as the 3rd branch of government. proceeds from ornament sales will go towards restoration projects around the capitol building. oshkosh is getting into the holiday spirit... by transforming its downtown area into 'who-ville'... students from the school district's art program in mainstreet... all paintings were inspired by the fictional town from doctor seuss's 'how the grinch stole christmas'. oshkosh is hosting a who-ville hoilday family event on november 19th. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--bike share boom. the new locations where you can soon hop on a bublr bike. and - a father and son witness a wild chase that spanned three counties what they say
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the best part of the turkey is the giblets. cook the turkey upside down and it will baste itself. i like my turkey carved thick! everyone's got an opinion when it comes to turkey. even subway. our new thick-cut autumn carved turkey sandwich
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opped with sliced cheddar and sweet cranberry mustard sauce on freshly-baked wheat bread. only at subway. now this is how turkey should taste... right, bethany?! happening now: baseball's longest drought is over.the chicago cubs are world series champs for the first time in 108 years!and the party is
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minimum wage .pete zervakis tells us when 15 dollars an hour could become reality for people who work for milwaukee county.and ready to roll. ann sterling tells us easier it will be for you to ride your bike in milwaukee. and you're taking a live look outside-- a little fog to start your morning... but that'll clear out- storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter has your weekend outlook-- next. welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... here's storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday was cloudy and damp with showers throughout the day, and highs in the mid to upper 50s. most of us got 0.25" to 0.75" of rain by


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