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tv   Today  NBC  November 7, 2016 10:00am-10:44am CST

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and double the pleasure countdown to thanksgiving with two terrific side dishes. coming uxt. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's monday morning, november 7th, 2016. a lot of folks out there who ran the new york city marathon yesterday. we offered them our congratulations it was a little brisk but a perfect day after
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fantastic, having our buddy, jane krakowski. >> doing great. >> that's the universal symbol for i'm doing great. >> really. >> it is great to hear that you're filming the third season of "unbreakable." i highly recommend after tuesday just get in your bed and watch every episode. it is theos tv. >> i might start tonight. >> seriously, it brings me so much happiness. >> it is so joyous to film as well. >> really? >> we're a month or two in of filming season three which i am so excited about. in the netflix plan it doesn't come out for a little while. but it is a great thing to take a break from all of this election stress and curl up and hope for the best on wednesday. >> jacqueline white, your character, kind of this self-involved -- >> i don't know what you're
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>> -- narcissistic former socialite. what's her deal now? what's going on? >> well, she's fallen in love with someone new and she's trying to make real social change, al. >> you're trying to be a better mom. >> she's trying to be a better mom, a better person. we're currently trying to get the washington redskins to change their name because of her native american heritage. we're in the midst of all of that where clearly hilarity will ensue. >> of course! that's what we >> when your character was inside the hot car, please just watch. it is the best. and also she loves me. in movie theaters. >> your broadway show. >> thank you very much, al. i had to go all the way to broadway. i had to do an entire broadway show to make it in a movie. >> this is going to be shown in movie theaters for one night only. >> they filmed the show live and it will air on december 1st.
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>> i think broadway hd is the company that is doing this. i think they did it once with the show "company." sort of to bring broadway to the country. >> i love that. >> i'm really excited about it. it will be december 1st in 500 theaters around america at 7:00 p.m. it is just wonderful for us to sort of relive it again. >> congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> what did you do this weekend? >> what did i do. i can't even remember. oh! i went to see the "moonlight." i went to -- it is an independent film. it is getting all of this buzz. this is -- phenomenal. >> it is not what you expect. >> it is not what you expect. i've never seen anything like it. i think it is going to be the front-runner for the oscars best picture. i've already put it in. but it is a sensitive portrayal of this young man's life and his journey. i don't want to give too much
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atlanta. but this story and how this life of this young man is captured. it's beautiful. i was with a friend. we were -- it is that kind of movie afterwards you keep talking about. and you're filling in the holes. it stays with you. trust me. go see it. i'm going to be sitting down with the cast for an interview coming up soon. but it is stunning. it is a stunning work of art. >> wow. >> what did you do? >> didn't do much. i had a very emotional week with the world series. and this weekend -- >> you were there! >> i was there. you know what? it was so exciting to be part of history, to watch this. to say i was there. i can't remember in my lifetime ever seeing anything like this. >> i had to be up really early the next morning and i was up until 1:00 a.m. new york time watching the game. i was like, this is the best game i've ever seen. you couldn't turn away. just to feel the passion of two teams wanting it really so bad. playing their hearts out. >> and great history for both teams.
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>> and that's all i know. >> i was just looking to decompress. there is a great little place up near where we live called six depot. it is an old train station. they turned it into a coffee shop. my son and i just had a nice little breakfast yesterday morning, hanging out. he had waffle with nutella and fruit. >> nicky's eating like a champ! >> please. he finished that, then half of mine. i >> i can't. i can't. >> i can't keep feeding you. >> he had a side of bacon besides. he ate my bacon. but it was just nice. it was quiet. it was kind of cool. it was very fall like. just a nice chilled -- >> i got a text from a friend who was there and said, al roker is sitting right here. i wanted to say, well, go say hi. we're at that point in our lives where people connect us even on our weekends and time off.
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>> next time come over, say hi. did you see "snl" saturday night? >> i sure did. >> what are your thoughts on -- >> my weekend ally included a ltl reunion with my friend, alec baldwin. i made a little guest appearance on his game show called "match game." >> which is a terrific show. >> then that evening he went on to do his appearance on "snl." i didn't know what it was going to be but i knew they were doing something special. it was so awesome. i felt slightly touched by reaction. >> okay. really? i wasn't like that bizarre? >> you can still be both. we're friends. i can do that. >> there is this sort of over election stress -- stressful situation right now so i thought it was -- i was oddly moved by it that they broke the fourth wall and spoke as themselves and said let's just all pull together as america. >> what sta like as an actor to do that? have you ever done that, broke that wall to give a message? >> i'm sure i have.
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i have no idea what it is like to be an actor. you'll have to call my friend, alec, and ask him what that's like. >> but they were so terrific. obviously alec baldwin as donald trump, kate mckinnon as hillary clinton. and they find -- they've just done such a tour de force between these two characters. but take a look at what happens when they finally broke character. >> i'm sorry, kate. i just hate yelling all this stuff at you like >> yeah. i know. right? this whole election has been so mean. >> i mean i just feel gross all the time. don't you guys feel gross all the time about this? >> woo! >> you know what i think can help us? let's get out of here. >> what? where will we go? >> you'll see. ?? >> and then they make a break for it.
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they're running away actually. but they end up in times square. just go against character and it is just -- i think it really was brilliant. >> yeah, it was. >> so unexpected. >> yeah. then when they got back in the studio they made a plea for people to vote. it didn't come off sanctimonious. it just was powerful. here it is. >> and now it is time to get out there and vote. none of this will have mattered if you don't vo vote for but on tuesday, we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in. and live from new york, it's saturday night! >> yeah! they had such a brilliant season. and all the other sketches that they did. like "celebrity family feud," "political edition" was incredible. >> i thought bill murray singing "go cubs go" was going to have you on fire. >> someone's going to win the presidency obviously in the few
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want kate's to go away either. >> noterhat happens on tues nigh neitherf those people are going away. >> so what are you going to do? >> this is the first time i'm not live. because i've got to be back on here in the morning. usually i'm live on the ice rink when the numbers come in. i'm going to be home. i am going to host a little get-together with friends and watch it all play out. we've got democracy plaza out here. but we were talking, this feels like when i leave this show and go overo msnbc of course to cover politics. it going to be over. in the uk, their general election is like five weeks. ours is five years. it's like five weeks. >> but their bacon's not very good. so it's -- hey, results start at 7:00 p.m. eastern, led by lester holt, savannah guthrie, tom brokaw and chuck todd. >> how are you watching the election? >> i'll be filming that day so i'll probably still be with all my cast mates and filming.
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morning -- because i have a 5 1/2-year-old son. i said would you like to come up with me? i wanted to bring him with me to experience what voting is. because in kindergarten they are talking about the election. i felt like a big step to bring ob son for rt first time with me ously. he's not able to vote yet. >> legally. not legally. >> i saw sunday morning on one of the programs, i didn't know this, for like 40 years they've done this survey of elementary school kids and t president. and this year the kids said hillary clinton. but i believe it's been 44 years they've been doing this with school kids around america and they've been voting. that's interesting. >> awesome. well, there you go. >> so on the ice rink will the colors change? >> yes. democracy plaza. >> i know what i'm doing. i'm watching nbc. >> of course you are! as will the rest of america. here's a little question for you. can you guess what the longest running scripted tv series of all time is?
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like all tv trivia seems to lead to m.a.s.h. but the answer is -- >> "the simpsons." >> you've both been on the show? >> we've both made cameos. >> i will say, it was one of the great asks of my career. like you want to be on "the simpsons." >> were you yourself on the show? >> no. i was a character. >> i played myself. i was a -- i did a cameo. >> that looks like bryant gumbel a little bit. >> it is bryant gumbel. >> did you get a cell? >> i got a cell, i got a signed script. but you got a bicycle. >> bicycle. >> jane in the coercial said did you get a bicycle? >> you never start with the -- >> then al said he didn. thenhe saiot to tel you at home. why would you hold secret from our families watching? >> i was so surprised that i got -- it was their anniversary. i thinkt was their 25th anniversary and i figured
10:15 am
it is a cool fold-away bike. it isello like impsons" yellow yo s must have got lost in the ma, al. >> w was your character? >> that's me. >> who was she? >> a piano teacher. >> jane is like -- sounds like -- >> leer's why "the simpsons" break the record. they've bee renewed for the 29th and 30th seasons already. a total of 669 episodes. it makes it the longest scrte the record was "gun smoke" with 635 episodes. >> you were in that one, right? >> i was uncle festis' love interest in the third season. >> see? see? and "gun smoke" -- back then tv episodes ran -- seasons were 26 episodes, 32 episodes. >> really!
10:16 am
but the seasons were longer. >> there is your trivia for today. dale earnhardt? what happened to you, dale? nascar superstar dale earnhardt jr. on sunday is driving. one of the fastest men in the world behind the wheel apparently was speeding when you're not supposed to be. le's fiance tweeted out this picture. earnhardt was asked by fans on twitter how fast he was going. his answer -- not fast enough. according to his an dale was given a warning but no ticket. he had been sidelinedith a concussion since sep buter plans to be back for the daytona 500. i'm fromtexas. certainreas the speed lims like 75 and whatnot. people believe you can still go live five miles over. when i'm home -- don't drive well. i've been honest about that. but t few times i've been allowed behind the eel, people are like faster! i'm in the grandma lane
10:17 am
is it wrong? yes. yes. ve much soby a measu >>ouever been ticketed? >> i don't kno what you're asking me. who? where? >> she was speeding on that ye bike that i didn't get! let's check your weather, see what's going on. and y can see for "today," near record highs in the pacific northwest. unseasonably mild around the great lakes. heavy rain down through texas so don't be speeding. onnto the gulf coast, ofpltyunshine tomorrow, election day. we've got some pretty nice weather generally speaking up and down t east coas we do haveome s showersround ohio. al the w down to the gulf.
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>> so we all gained an extra hourf sleep yesterday. we should all feel rested and reesd. >>ould, but here to tell dical contributorr. natalie news aczar. nice to see you. let's just jump right into this sleep that that extra hour was beneficial to us. >> honestly, i have to tell you that i thought i benefited from it yesterday. i dideel like i got anxtra hour of sleep. the research would maybe suggest specifically that for theeek after we switch our clocks either fall back or spring forward, that your sleep is really disrupted for the next week, meaning that you hav trouble falling asleep at nigh there's middle of the night waking. you're getting up earlier and that the peopleho have the most difficulty with this are the larks. those are the early rirs and also people who sleep generally less than seve and half hrs toend t feel the disruption more than other people. >> so how do you get back on
10:23 am
give moms, new parents of newborns. is get them on schele, get bk on a hedule, take an afternoon nap. this is thene placeheree do maybedvise an afternoap could help. also get regular exercise. basically just re-establishi your schedule. iill point out that some studies previously hav swn a little up tk o cardiac events or heart attacks in the spring, especially. that has to do moreith sep deion. t to alarm ody,ybut agn, the messa here is -- >> too late. >> -- is your sleep important? yes. ag done on this whole daylight saving business and we're not going to go there. but it is not cut and dry. >> what about the researchino the calories you consume and sleep. ere'>> th been a corretion with lack of sleep with lack of hormones which can affect how much you eat. this looked at 11 studies, almost 200 individuals or
10:24 am
partial sleep depri 's 3 1/2 to 5/2 h ors p. th's a significant amount. ate upo or consu up to 385 lories more than pe who didn't. >> a day? >> a day. in a 2hour riod. that equato t about 4 1 slices o bread a day. leaving the researers to conclude that sleep deprivation could actually affect your risk for obesi simplyy the iake of more calories. i thoht that s waser interesting. otein, catesbodrtayed the same sorule,leep your eig hours. >> worried well. >> this is interesting. this has dowith, we know cardiovascular risk can be influenced by people's health behaviors -- et,di smoking. yois specifically looked at if have healt anxiety -- that hypochondriac worried aut nstantly getting sicket tera, could incase you risk for having ischemic heart disease. we know anxiety in general can
10:25 am
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ight now some 50,000 runners are recovering after taking part in the thnnual new york cityatho sterday. of tse amazing et had an uninkable loss and al was o w her t lose 0 u. tina i here tod what s in i ar of estudios. sheoesn't knowe w have a surprise for her, but ouo na's rprisi story. >> bn overwehtyntire dreamt of an a enti lend i'mal ing to live myream a run ew y city marath.
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in'tl lik i any excusest that t. was go m hnd dpr t had yorkmath i wng to do. three mths o, aboay through training few rk st my h massive hearttack h bike, on h wa to n't know how i w going too on b.ut i reaw k that he would he st keep ruing. and that mea getting out of be setting my alarm at 4: anoing my lg runs and googh les as it s.?: menhan't g bec
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we verroud ok yo p ou
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>> tter. .gether we've been putting je to work a guest co-hosttoday, havenow it is time forero littl fun with . >> tha why we're dreed like this. tina stuck around to play a game with us calledake it" where wenswe all willthne. itin thi my w caree ae t more mn natltelevision. i made m big scrn 1rs old playing the slightly off-lor cou vki is sedy wit aama trip ge wrong. "holidvati"?
10:40 am
anyou smuch hiinge 14! it's aomeybout aily ro >> ws theanswer? >> thenswers "national >> i was in thee. >>ok. !next >> meant ation." here i a holayne which was ne >> , con lilockha
10:41 am
svu" wt sh. c, 0"l and order."
10:42 am
tayeiggs last week >>l like -- >> w not on "fries." >> you're too young.that why. but sak o friends, t'soing go to th nextqueson. itioid for td res hat h ow,sh clely d noet?4 it. ich cct didudition for? rachel. >> excell >>as goi do e aim wreaker. one more time for a tiebreaker. w a showd "30 rock." >> a brillia ow. >> my character,jenn famouy?s d an indi film while on what was thefi? >>this
10:43 am
. 's lov a temper >> thas right. u knoavet i toay that throws it to laltions? >> yep.
10:44 am
nk yoade our y. ss afte s dwhh ng withim.
10:45 am
y.. oh u're y \s chien makde witmealti \s wo a resvati iendr all iving host
10:46 am
there is as a line outside ac t >>hrilled toeet ybef y he t beer i arible in the tche t swe poto ssole. sweet potatoes, cranberrie vega malowsal coconut 're gngith inalurantreu if wan to dump thell a in we ha se flr, somens a litt
10:47 am
sweetness. some spic, nnamtm, cles we justr a ltle bit o tat gether. ent a fses y tee.gets tticey,crumun offl.ahing be to throwhion re we het coo s potatoes. m g toddoctrt init ic er m anopir. >>heyowsma vegan? >>hey u have gatn sure yinn't rshmloiton. rr ing to add someed
10:48 am
li. over here weaveurisd we cus dorate it ogethll marsal. >>th saleyour loti >> but w haveelic thangiving bget's tha gan that's on sale axc?fll mont be se to comeheck itt.ou i persolly love sweet potatoes. when i was ltle mom had to take me to th doctor becau i ny swe use i a iis trotene canye your skin >> but she can amazing. >> w have one . poto saugefi. this ithe savoriness y all want. here is yr id.
10:49 am
, groun pork. mix that . there you go. you want t get a goodoati on the oil so it has a good char. cours you salt and pepper. keep mixing. once you have it like that, add ur spi and of cou your garlic which are defitely the twoest thing about thisdish cose,ho doesn'tike butter? it is not vegan. tt' a righ b it'sfati bu isor, right? fat gives flavor. just pour thi over here. ase movewn, wha you want to do is get an amazing char on this. you want to bake it roastit at goes in as well on this. once iis mixed, it becomes this right here. look at the charred tips.
10:50 am
here is the best part aut that. >> gravy! >> that's the secret. the secret is gravy. >> you c use vegan or the bee gravy. put itn there and- bam! >> bam. >> you guys may want to try this one, too. >> thank you so much. for these recipes and more, go to we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nb llary inton: i'm hillary clinton and i prove this ? messe. vo: itimes of crisis amica depends on stey leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of themwould yo seriously."vlear thinkingld: ow more asis than the leadership. donald trump: "knock thegenerals do,elieveould yo
10:51 am
setor johnson sided$ over000 wisconsin jobs lost to irde bu with crant, r ev lling meunir t ng for speci tax breaks orationsev lling meunir t col and en eosedjosor using atike ffooks l tax r for msel
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oh, we want to thank jane. that quiz was aming. >> ! tell jan wt's bee saving me atchints o reathe
10:53 am
hillarton:'m hy clinlary clinton and approvthis message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump"knocke? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald tru: know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and u can ll them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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chk of the ather..
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? ? you hear my voice, you hear that sound ? ? like thunder, gonna shake your groun ? you held me down ? ? but i got up ? ? get ready 'cause i've had enough ? ? i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? 'use he ci am tmpion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ? ? roa oh, oh, oh ? ? roar ? ? i g the eye of the tiger, a fighter ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ? oh, louder ?
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i'llinton and i approve this message. >> announcer: om nbc news, this is "todayth kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from hello, everybody! it's fun day monday. it's nov 7th and it's election day eve. if you c believe it. >> good day by dnce. >> a quick happy birthday. my sister-in-law's birthday. happy birthday. you're on tv! >> don't show yourphone. >> her picture's not . >> that's a facetime happy birthday. my sister-in-law's birthday, happy birthday to you.
10:58 am
>> busy running weekend errands we'll get you caught up on the big news from hollywood including the latest on brad pitt in "today's buzz." >> hoping to shed weight, great. two viewers took our 30-day diet challenge and tried out two popular weight-loss programs and we will reveal results to see which worked best. >> place a purchase effect family movie to get you in the holiday spirit. dolly parton's "coat of many colors" a peek from one o the stars. my friend, plays ms. moody. >> and this one is supposed to be out of the park. >> s good! one proem today. >> what's ?that >> appears or morning beverage has been forgotten. >> never, ladies, never. oh, jane's here! darling.he w he planned. >> happy ectio eve. >> celrate or commirate the future of america. >> tre you go.
10:59 am
you. on the nine, honey. go home to that gorgeous child. >> thank you! >> nice talking to you. >> cheers, hoda woman. >> cheers to your weekend, f starters. >> i was busy girl this weekend. on friday in my- well, hometown, so to spea on a carnival cruise. rightein in -- what. >> what? >> the carnival beautiful, beautiful ship. there i am. he's running for prest. idmoen. rr und gave unbelievable conct. theye are. christine and cassidy says it was okay to use their pictures becausehere hugee fans. unbelievable. >> what was she like? >> everything's effortless with he >> s. >> because she was born to sing like that.
11:00 am
especially her gospelstuff, you feel like you've gone to.av ey were holding a private concert. rnival madet available, this particular cruise, for some of our armed forces. you know how often when deployed you miss birthdays, y miss a ho hodays, you miss important times. theyand to make some memori wh us "precision homefront"onoring military families. >> a beautiful cause. am withe.di i eddie. first of a a sweeth. inrge ofes ag onhe entire carnival -- now thank u ng. >> you stuff rocks. >> ye thave aotf my stf. updenshecky heddingast saturd night. first little bow tie. goes over andissesis mo leg. look at him in his -- >> just like top spinning ound le a to >> h just kills me!
11:01 am
>> yeah. doing that for a long, long time d then he saw his mom over there and goes right over to her and kisses her on the thigh. is that precious? >> the cutest thing ever. >> you were busy, too, ms. hoda. >> so pre-marathon, joel and some of his friends wanted to go to this restaurant. i've never -- i've heard of it in little italy called puglia's, a whole show. joel, friends of his who ran the marathon. just good friendsf s. all a sudden -- it' loung ac singing a song, everyone get your napkins and get up on your seat you're eat dinner. look what happs in the restaurant. ? get up a shake you napkins ? ge up, get and sha youke napkins ? ? >> everybody is standing up. no. put y fork and kni down. you get , do that, aou s
11:02 am
exciting. peopere walking by outside, want t be in the! methin aboutit. >> did you do the hokey-poy? >> no. just, ? g,et upet up ? >> they made upt song themsees. >> so glad u had suc a wonderful weekend. "satury night livead an "update." >> this is good. often aft "snl" does skehes t r moh, such aontentious ection. a snapshot, a 40-second bitt the end of the opening monolog where hillary clinton and donald square, and check out whatk's this sketch like it b. eaif
11:03 am
? ? ? laught ] >> ifonly. righ ifhey oy -- but lk ahi all into . ?? ? oh-oh-o? -oh, oh-h-? >> ss it! snto it. coon. n't that a mont? co >> is a long moment. >> it didn't feel --he election's felt like a long --
11:04 am
you think we'll ever glong n in d? hoda won? belie. d i >>ou are anst. meod for u. notomu .? hollywood, verd ha?u sitiwn to good ut bled the jta hing h won tora. ing thg i can't stand ereith said im gooatur t that yole lo ne sik?h iomhinghappen?>>
11:06 am
bk>> i . e w ndeand a aul s a than ofhonor. doesn't ithow c they ar pictu othe morning of t wedding with -- >> w d't?erme? ka?jren? mere cle. mere up mayb >>an ofhonor. >>y the tells y everythingbout their mily. doesn't it >> h csehey e h agu ceelse, hawon? n planki? reer the water btl challenge. yes. et? higchool studentsun d therentry a ting vids
11:07 am
oave w mwait


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