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tv   Today  NBC  November 8, 2016 2:37am-3:30am CST

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>> hopeflylylylylylylylylylylyly >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotve studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! it's fun day monday. it's november 7th and it's election day eve. if you can believe it. >> good day by dnce. >> a quick happy birthday. my sister-in-law's birthday. happy birthday. you're on tv! >> don't show your phone. >> her picture's not up. >> that's a facetime happy birthday. my sister-in-law's birthday,
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>> bye-bye! a great show today, you got it. >> busy running weekend errands we'll get you caught up on the big news from hollywood including the latest on brad pitt in "today's buzz." >> hoping to shed weight, great. two viewers took our 30-day diet challenge and tried out two popular weight-loss programs and we will reveal results to see which worked best. >> plus, a perfect family movie to get you in the holiday spirit. y colors" a sequel and a sneak peek from one of the stars. my friend, plays ms. moody. >> such a huge hit, the first one. >> and this one is supposed to be out of the park. >> so good! one problem today. >> what's that? >> appears or morning beverage has been forgotten. >> never, ladies, never. >> oh, jane's here! >> just the way he planned. jane, darling. >> happy election eve.
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>> there you go. thanks for helping -- we love you. on the nine, honey. go home to that gorgeous child. >> thank you! >> nice talking to you. >> cheers, hoda woman. >> cheers to your weekend, for starters. >> i was a busy girl this weekend. on friday in my -- well, hometown, so to speak, on a carnival cruise. right here in -- >> what? >> in the harbor. the carnival "vista," beautiful, beautiful ship. there i am. he's running for president. i didn't know. i told him i hope he wins. carrie underwood gave an unbelievable concert. they we are. christine and cassidy says it was okay to use their pictures because they're huge carrie fans. she was just unbelievable. >> what was she like? >> everything's effortless with her.
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>> because she was born to sing like that. >> yes! >> and when she sings, especially her gospel stuff, you feel like you've gone to heaven. they were holding a private concert. carnival made it available, this particular cruise, for some of our armed forces. you know how often when deployed you miss birthdays, you miss a holiday, holidays, you miss important times. they wanted to make some memories with us "precision homefront" honoring military families. >> try am with eddie. i always make friends with eddie. first of all a sweetheart. in charge of all the beverages on the entire carnival -- now, they have my stuff. thank you for asking. >> your stuff rocks. >> yes. they have a lot of my stuff. a little update on shecky. at his first wedding last saturday night. first little bow tie. goes over and kisses his mommy's
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>> just like a top spinning around like a top. >> he just kills me! >> keeps going and going. >> yeah. doing that for a long, long time and then he saw his mom over there and goes right over to her and kisses her on the thigh. is that precious? >> the cutest thing ever. >> you were busy, too, ms. hoda. >> so pre-marathon, joel and some of his friends wanted to go to this restaurant. i've never -- i've heard of it in little italy called puglia's, a whole show. joel, friends of his who ran the just good friends of his. we go into the restaurant and all of a sudden -- it's a lounge act. singing a song, everyone get your napkins and get up on your seat. you're eating dinner. look what happens in the restaurant. i think we have a video. ? get up and shake your napkins ? get up, get up and shake your napkins ? >> everybody is standing up. no. you put your fork and knife down.
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that's what you do at puglia's! i've never seen such a thing. so exciting. people were walking by outside, i want to be in there! something about it. >> did you do the hokey-pokey? >> no. just, ? get up, get up ? >> they made up that song themselves. >> i'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend. "saturday night live" had an "update." >> this is good. often after "snl" doke solt -- some people are left with a bad taste in their mouth, was it's been such a contentious election. a snapshot, a 40-second bit at the end of the opening monologue where hillary clinton and donald trump went out into new york's times square, and check out what this sketch is like.
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[ laughter ] >> if only. right? all go into a circle. ?? ? oh-oh, oh-oh ? oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ? >> so into it! come on. isn't that a moment? come on. >> it's a long moment.
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>> sure has. gosh. you think we'll ever get along again in this world? hoda woman? like you and i do? >> i believe. >> you are an optimist. good for you. >> i believe we will. >> me, not so much. hollywood, very good guy, tom hanks, gets real how you can get in big trouble, even with him. universally known to be a good guy but revealed to the jakarta post tolerate. >> what's that? >> lying to him. he said i am a good natured man and give everybody a fair shake, someone takes advantage of that you will face the wrath of a lover scorned. he says, i am not a sucker. beware. >> did something happen recently? >> i don't know. >> e said honestly is what's helped their 28-year long
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don't mistake my kidness for stupidity. i'm kind, but i'm not stupid. i hate rudeness. >> rudeness for me. >> or cruelty. >> forget it. >> yeah. right. those are definitely -- top three. >> our hearts and definitely prayers, praying since i heard about this. michael buble and his beautiful wife luisana revealed the oldest of their two beautiful boys, noah, is battling cancer. >> he and his wife posted this picture. we're devastated about the recent cancer diagnosis of our oldest son noah currently undergoing treatment in the united states and went on to say they've been very vocal about the importance of family and the love they have for their children and hope with support of their family and friends and fans around the world that they'll win this battle. >> both put their careers on hold until -- i totally get that. so respect it. we send all our love to you guys today. sure they're not watching at home but will feel them, hopefully.
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>> everyone lift them up in prayer. precious little boy. >> so ryan seacrest was also at a wedding over the weekend. it wasn't his. >> i know. i saw a picture. in a beautiful suit with a beautiful bride, and it was captioned, what a beautiful day. i was like, what? it was his sister. >> in case we were wondering. he was the man of honor. >> isn't that sweet? doesn't it show how close they are? posted a picture of the morning of the wedding with -- >> we don't know her name? karen? meredith. it says, the day your sis grows up. >> maybe. >> man of honor. so great. >> by the way, tells you everything about their family. doesn't it? >> how close they are. i like him a lot. nice guy. what else, hoda woman? there's more. >> something that's sweeping the nation. >> not really. >> do you remember planking? that challenge? remember the water bottle challenge. had to flip the water battle, see if it landed? >> yes. >> another one. called the mannequin challenge.
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of themselves and friends remaining at still as possible, as if they're mannequins in a store. kevin hart was at the gym and tried it with his friends. so look. >> everybody froze. [ laughter ] >> we'd do it here at the studio but we would have to pay each person that we showed you. >> we can do it. and go. >> okay. break it. >> best acting you've ever done, hoda. it really is. >> that's the best of the show. >> the steelers posted a video to instagram in their locker room. that's good. >> except for one guy walking in the back, perfect. >> is this to raise money for something or just to have fun? >> to have fun. >> well, we need it. okay. if you walk you walk away during commercial, come back. you're going miss our favorite
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>> and we get the gossip with -- >> in "today's buzz" next. ? dance, dance, dance ?
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if your mind could use a break from the political hubbub, how about fun celebrity gossip.
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with all the headlines is -- >> it's monday. give us a break. >> happy monday. >> we have a new chapter in the brangelina divorce. >> and brad filed friday. she filed divorce a couple weeks ago. he responded asking for joint physical and legal custody of the kids. in her filing she wanted sole custody. now he has responded. let's hope that they figure this one out and quickly so that the children can move on. interestingly th, has a big movie coming out in a couple of weeks "allies" getting incredible reviews. they say it's the performance of his career. oscar buzz already about this. awesome rumors he might, in fact, miss the red carpets and press for this movie until he's got his stuff settled with his family. >> i don't blame him. all anybody will want to talk to him about. >> can't get away for a it. better for the movie if he stays away from the press and let's
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>> he never seemed to like it any way. neither of them. i don't blame them. >> how much would you pay to spend new year's eve with justin bieber? >> how much would it cost you? i'm not sure how much i would pay. it will cost you, amazing package for $500,000. >> what? >> half a million dollars. you can spend new year's eve at the phantom blue hotel in miami. such a luxury hotel. old school hotel in miami. it's gorgeous. >> what do you get? >> you get a -- >> what don't you get? >> tickets for ten people. so, $100,000 each. >> pool-side concert. >> also get to stay in the penthouse at the top of the hotel. about 9,000 square feet, five bedrooms and get to use lamborghinis, fabulous cars, go to great dinners. trying to convince you, hoda. >> i know. cha-ching. >> or get a wealthy friend to do it and be their guest.
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>> right. yeah, sure i will. >> all right. we've heard rumors about lady gaga getting a big acting role? >> amazing. there's rulers she'll be playing donatella versace. on her last album wrote a song called "donatella" and dedicated it to her. she's coming back to tv. the "o.j." series was so successful, they're second and even the third one. the third is it's going to be based on the death of gianni versace. that's the role lady gaga might play. really getting into acting. just won a golden globe and very busy, doing the super bowl in february. >> and ryan murphy is producer of that. >> he knows. >> talk us through the box office? >> massive. taken by surprise.
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movie "dr. strange" starring benedict cumberbatch, thought it would be really well. did better than expectations. it did $85 million. >> wow! >> just over the weekend. number two, justin timberlake's movie "trolling," but it did great. $45 million. so there's nothing -- no shame there. that was great, too. three was mel gibson's big comeback directorial movie, about $15 million. >> $14.8 million. >> there you go. i think people wanted to get away from the election maybe. all three movies great hits. >> rob, thank you. and you want to drop a few pounds before the holidays? who doesn't? you don't know which diet will work? >> two viewers tried out two popular diets for 30 days. we'll reveal the results coming
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all right. you want to drop a few pounds before the holidays but don't know which will work for you? >> two of our viewers tried out two popular workout plans for 30 days and this is >> yes. we decided to help a couple viewers out putting them to the 30-day diet challenge. alice and donna. each chose the diet they wanted to try, and nbc news health and nutrition editor madelyn fernstrom. >> she guided them along the way. >> that's right. >> having a little problem this morning. that's okay. we'll be okay. >> we're fine. >> alice chose a dash diet and donna chose nutrisystem.
2:59 am
always been big. no matter if i diet or don't diet i pretty much stay the same weight. >> i've been overweight most of my life. i usually stay like around a size 14. there have been times when i've been bigger than that. >> probably when i turned like 46, 47, i added another 15 pounds, which really bothered me. >> physically, when i'm really heavy, my back hurts. and trying to find clothes that hide the stomach. >> not being able to button up a to go into a plus-size clothes when i can fit into a 14, if i'd slim down. >> four years ago i was diagnosed with type ii diabetes. sort of like a wake-up call. having diabetes is an everyday struggle. because all the foods you want to eat and that taste great, you're not supposed to eat. >> i love to cook. i have a big family. everybody comes over here for all holidays. i make a big prime rib and baked
3:00 am
>> and i want to have a piece of cake. i want to have, you know, sweets. i want to have carbs. >> you know, if i'm being really onnest, my favorite thing is chips and dip. i don't have it often, but it's definitely something when i'm having one of those days it's something i want. >> losing weight would mean, to me, being healthy. you know, my whole goal is to be healthy. >> i'm almost 50, and i don't want to go into my 50s at this size. >> i'm excited about the nutrisystem plbe is the diabetic plan. >> i chose the dash diet because when took a look at it, it was all real food. >> i'm happy someone is bringing me food every week and all i have to do, grab it and heat it up. >> i think the diet will help me make a plan where i make sure i eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks so i'm not starving at the end of the day. i'm hoping i've made a real dent in the weight that i want to lose.
3:01 am
don't blame him. >> sounds like they both picked diets that fit with them. >> that's really the goal. pick something that speaks to you, meets all requirements you need. most diet plans are going to work. >> right. >> okay. >> exciting is, coming up, stick around, we'll find out how they did a month later and found out if the diets they chose ended up working for them and can work for you, too. >> plus the newest feel-good story from dolly parton just in time for the christmas holidays. >> one woman risks her life to take you inside the black market. what she finds might shock you, coming up, right after your local news. i used to blame the weather for my frizz. turns out my curls needed to be stronger to fight back. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong* they can dry practically frizz free.**
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before the break, we shared the stories of two women who completed our 30-day weight challenge. >> alice tried the dash diet. cook your own meal and donna tried nutrisystem and we paid for books and tools of the diets chosen. >> and madeleine has results and advice to help you find the right diet for yourself. >> madelyn, what happened? >> whahappened? >> starting with alice. >> hi, alice. how are you? >> good to see you. >> when you look at the dash plan, alice likes to cook, shop, eat. enjoys a variety of foods and willing to make these changes,
3:05 am
and needed to learn some of these things. picking dash a diet with a variety of foods. lean proteins of all types, including red meat, fish, chicken. >> a lot of variety? >> yes, and low on starches, bread, rice, pasta, but a lot of vegetables and -- >> kind of mediterranean. >> which you know works. >> how do you feel, before were get to your weight-loss? >> feel great. i will add mitt complete cutting sugars out for a whole month is hard. >> was it worth it? >> how much did she lose? >> 17 pounds in 30 days. >> in 30 days. from her starting point, a reasonable amount of weight loss. when you hear plans, results may vary. she stuck with it. stayed on it every day and why she had such great success. >> congrats. let you know what the dash diet author said. here what they had to say. during the initial weeks i want
3:06 am
weight-loss and staying full. there are suggested portion sizes for different appetites to accommodate a variety of body sizes, weights and goals. after the first two week when you can add in more starchy foods best to ease in. you did it all. congratulations. way to go. shall we move over? >> you're going to continue it? >> i'm going to. >> good for you. >> even on thanksgiving? >> no. [ laughter ] >> donna went on -- >> nutrisystem. >> donna set, no time to cook, not interested. no time to shop. wanted something easy, pop in the oven. ready to eat. meals and snacks. >> how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> i hear the food is tasty it. >> it was good having food at your doorstep. it was tasty.
3:07 am
>> donna lost two pounds, which is great for anyone over the age of 30. >> you're laughing because -- >> alice, face it, 17 pounds. don't you feel bad about that, donna! >> she's just hungry. >> wait until next month. you're going to get her. >> all her food was waiting for her. >> do you feel healthier given the kinds of foods you've been eating? >> i always added a salad to it. they didn't seem to have enough veggies. the food was tasty, the breaksts were great. pizzas g healthier. >> and we reached out to nutrisystem. here's what they had to say. >> they said our foods are designed to be lower on the glycemic index and focuses on fiber and protein to keep blood sugar levels stabilized. we show a significant reduction in blood sugars, hemoglobin a1c, the programs are designed to promote healthy weight-loss of one to two pounds
3:08 am
you're worried about diabetes. do you feel better in that department? >> i do. there were a lot of carbs -- they were balanced but more carbs than i would normally eat. >> notice the portions. you have to readjust your way of thinking what a portion size is. this may look like a lot or nothing. the nutrisystem plan will tell you here what a standard portion size is and this is what you so it's a mental adjustment. >> that's a pizza. >> with this pizza i added a salad to it. >> two success stories. >> for more of madeleine's tips on finding the best diet plan for you, go to our website. and coming up, the black market where anything and everything has a price. >> yeah. one young woman goes undercover to expose the shocking truth, after this.
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everyone has heard of the black market, but not everyone knows what's bought and sold there. everything from adoptions to pharmaceuticals even human organs. people all over the world seek out illicit trade. >> exploring the dark underside of the black market hosted by halufer adit. she was once an afghan refugee, now a british journalist. >> in an upcoming episode -- she speaks to a man who bought a kidney in pakistan before it was declared illegal there. take a look. >> you want to solve the problem of people dying of kidney disease, you're going to have to be able to give people an incentive.
3:13 am
selling a kidney is an evil act. >> it's an illegal act. >> which denies people the right to make their own decision about what they want to do with their bodies. >> yeah. >> wow. >> a lot of these things make you think. welcome. >> thank you. >> you've been in 21 countries in the last year filming this. right? >> at least. if you count britain, that's 22. yeah. i've been to a few places. >> when you trafficking. you usually think people with white hats on and black hats. good and evil, but sometimes it gets a little muddy. doesn't it? >> really interesting, making this series, figuring out that actually we are all involved and everything is gray. it's easy to think that there's a seedy guy, down some shadowing alleyway selling organs or gold or rhino horn, but actually, we're all involved in some stage. >> how is that? >> yeah. i mean, child trafficking and human trafficking?
3:14 am
nothing moves unless somebody stamps something, a customs officer looks a certain way, a police officer stops a certain car. usually we say they're the right people, doing the right job. what we found in our series, "the traffickers" actually everybody's involved in a way. at the end of the day, ladies, people who buy the goods, whether it's rhino horn or sex or children are the people who al continue. >> wow. >> so it's really so much more -- >> i can only imagine the sticky or scary situations you, yourself, have been in. a journalist because want to make a difference. do you ever -- describe what it's like to be you on the road sometimes? >> often dangerous. isn't it? >> well it is, yes, and i think my team, who involves loads of people so hard working behind the scenes all try really hard to protect me and mitigate any
3:15 am
in a situation rigged up with secret cameras sitting in front of a rhino horn trafficker who's a bit shady and suspicious, that's me and that's them. >> reporting it, doing everything right there like a one-man band? >> in that moment i'm doing everything. but i don't make the whole show. i mean, really. >> they're always around and can hear you. they can hear what's going on? >> no. sometimes, one situation in rhino horn story. where a guy takes me to another guy who takes me to another guy. three, four hours later i'm in a village that doesn't exist. it's not on a map. there are rhino horns, ivory. illicit contraband everywhere. >> why do it? a lot of people would say, wow, i think i would take an easier path. >> i was born in afghanistan during the soviet occupation, during war. my idea of risk is slightly
3:16 am
background, because of who i am, that i'm compelled to tell the stories of people, sometimes children, sometimes victims in tough spots, who can't tell the story themselves. so i just feel like it's my responsibility as a refugee, as a woman, as a brown person to just go out there and do these things. >> a beautiful brown person. >> aren't you two lovely. >> we patient it. thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> you're amazing. >> you really are. >> catch the premiere of "the traffickers" this sunday night. >> don't you feel shallow? >> i am. >> dolly parton inspiring movie of her own family members. >> that's after this. mary lane haskell coming up. it's amazing out there means to me the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing. it could be the smallest ice
3:17 am
>> what is it amazing out there means to me, it means looking up and being inspired. even if it's just straight-up blue skies. >> how beautiful is that? >> that little burst of red that happens when the sun comes right over the ocean, when it comes up in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one side to the other. >> it's just, oh, it's just one of the most amazing things. >> what i and the memories you take away from that weather. >> and how that affects our lives from day-to-day. what are we going to eat, what are we going to wear, what is everything going to cost? all those interactions that the weather has real influences on, that's why it's amazing out there. >> what it means for me, it lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel's coverage unique is that we are
3:18 am
that makes a tremendous difference. >> somebody just walks up to you in the field and says, thanks for being there. we're so glad you were here to take us through it. >> we have a charge. we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide information to people, to help them, help their families stay safe. >> when you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science and the data, it makes a real connection that drives home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather. and i love working with people who love the weather. this is what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular.
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? you've made this ? hmm. >> if you were one of the. 16 million people who gathered in front of your television with your family last december to experience dolly parton's "coat of many colors" we have exciting
3:21 am
with another story inspired by her own upbringing in rural tennessee called "dolly parton's christmas of many colors: circle of love ." >> returning to the sequel, mary lane haskell playing ms. moody, dolly's teacher who helped support dolly's dreams growing up. take a look. >> whenever i feel confused or sad and i want to feel better, i hold it in my hand, just like you are now, because that brooch holds all the hopes and dreams of the women in my family, and then i feel better -- strong. that's how i want you to feel, dolly, because that is what you are to your family. >> oh, my gosh, it's beautiful. >> get out of town, mary, and i mean it, right now. >> i'll get going.
3:22 am
during, after that, we just watched 300 people losing it, sobbing their eyes out you were so good in that scene. >> that's so kind. >> you earned your way in this business. >> yes, you have. >> and at the university and premiered at carnegie hall. i was there, solo. you were 17. >> yes. with michael feinstein and elaine stritch. god rest her soul. >> do you remember -- what do you remember being on that stage? >> oh, my gosh. it was dream come true, being up there. elaine, again, rest her soul, was an idol of mine. to share the stage with her and my mentor michael feinstein at 17. >> at 17. >> you nerve worry have known she was nervous at all. >> i've been so blessed. so blessed. >> tell us about the movie. made it in georgia, 110 degrees. >> literal #christmasinjuly. we were sweating in wool hats,
3:23 am
105 index going, oh, it's so cold. brrr! one of the plot points, the greatest storm to ever hit sevierville county, tennessee, hits. it was supposed to be super, super cold. but that's what's acting's for. right? why i went to drama school. >> tell us about ms. moody. >> ms. moody is dolly's schoolteacher, and one of the first people to encourage dolly as a writer, and in this one we directing the annual birth of the baby jesus christmas pageant and, of course, little dolly being the star she is wants to play the virgin mary, because the virgin mary is the lead, other than baby jesus, of course. >> who doesn't have a solo. >> yes, of course. >> ms. moody directing and ms. dolly a bit of a handful playing the virgin mary. >> you were born in l.a.
3:24 am
>> that is perfect. straight-on perfect. >> thank you. >> i know these people. >> kathie lee knows. >> yeah. you always lived both places and, yeah. >> and we're going to actually see dolly parton herself in this. right? >> oh, tell us. >> fantastic. >> yes. this is -- again, these movies are based on real stories from her life and when dolly was 9 years old she saw the town trollop for the first time. we're calling her the painted lady in this movie, but, you with the hair and the lips and the makeup and the outfit. >> there she is. >> yes, there she is. >> wanted to be her. >> said i want to look just like that when i grow up. i want to tell that story, show people where my look came from. so ever was like, who better to play the painted lady than dolly herself. >> it's a magical moment. >> a new song she's written for it. look forward to that. >> well done. >> we're very proud of you, mary lane. >> so grateful for having me. >> "dolly parton's christmas of
3:25 am
here on nbc. >> i smell another huge hit. >> our favorites things are next. first, this is "today" on nbc. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really... ...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy...
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it's time for our favorite things. the most adorable book. "four paws from heaven," inspirational stories for dog lovers. by m.r. wells. kris young, connie fleishauer and photographs by rachel hale. just so -- >> darling. >> spiritual truths that dogs can teach you. you can purchase it on for only
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mine is, ever gone on a trip and your luggage, when empty, so heavy you're like -- before you put one thing in it? >> before you put a toothbrush in it. >> i found a solution. look. look what i'm doing right here. now i'm here. now i'm here. look, look. comes in different sizes. you can get it on amazon or ebay for $150. you'll ever find -- i think. and happy birthday. >> it's gaby's birthday. >> happy birthday, sweetheart. >> our birthday boy. >> tomorrow, what? >> trends that could change your life. >> oh -- never mind. >> plus -- >> your burning love questions get answered. >> maybe. >> from lies to love. >> and she captured the world's attention -- >> all: zara larsson!
3:30 am
>> where's my luggage? it's so light! look -- look -- look! >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for green tea cr, brought to you by purity products. >> one of my favorite guests is on the program with us today. we're gonna get to him in just a moment. i'm talking about chris kilham, known as theed cnn calls chris the indiana jones of natural medicine because he's constantly scouring the globe, searching for natural remedies. you may have seen chris on "the dr. oz show" or maybe on pbs or cbs. he's been on fox news, where he does a health segment. he's been featured in the new york times, also on abc's "20/20." he's an author, he's an educator, he's written 14 books. he's joining us today to talk about not one but three of the hottest nutritional ingredients


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