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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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daybreak. >> we're going to start with a check of your weather and traffic together. meteorologist brian gotter. >> the weather is cooperating. good morning, everyone. 42 degrees as you're headed off to work under a clear sky. inland areasave dropped into e 30s. the cold front dropped the temperatures overnight. 55 degrees under a c sky a light westerly wind, it eight degrees above normal. the weather iscooperating, what about the drivers. >> drivers are ke, whever, tuesday - weesy, er tu no,t is wednesday. the roads dryres traffic is starting to build out there. not seeing any issues. when it comes to closures, here
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all the way eastbound on 94, this completely shuts down. starting at 11:00 tonight and will not reopen until 4:30 tomorrow morning. going all the way to the zoo interchange, it shuts down, so your alternates are greenfield. this goes until 11:00 tomorrow morning. >> i would read reports that i was never getting along with him. him. he's an unbelievable star. >> that is the next president of the united states of america thanking the republican national committee chairman and wisconsin native reince preibus. >> trump defined the polls and the expectations clinching the election. a virtual dead heat. it is looking like secretary may
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it is the electoral college that matters, donald trump securing the 270 votes needed early this morning in part by winning wisconsin. >> in fact, wisconsin helped push him over the edge. let's take a look at the wisconsin numbers right now. relatively close when you think about it. 48 to 47% for hillary clinton. less than 30,000 votes separating the two candidates here in wisconsin. >> hillary clinton did not address her supporters after conceding earlier this morning. she did call and congratulate tr hours earlier she sent out this tweet. this team has so much to be proud of, whatever happens tonight. thank you for everything. we'll find out when we will hear from secretary clinton this morning. we'll pass that on to you from the start. people underestimated donald trump. this morning people are waking up to news that trump won in a
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waukesha. a very important place for donald trump. >> this is considered trump country. we're talking to people who are trickling in this morning. people here telling me they are not surprised that donald trump won. however they are telling me that they don't feel that he will be able to accomplish the change he says he will once in office. for example, al palmer here, you were telling me that you did not vote for donald trump, you're not shocked, you just don't think he's going to say or do that what he has said he would do. >> he has thrown out names like rudy giuliani and newt gingrich to be in his cabinet. buss as normal. every politician offers it and
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happens. >> there are a lot of people who perhaps say maybe i should have voted yesterday. you voted third party. do you have -- is your conscience clear today? >> mine is, yes. usually i like to vote third party out of principle. vote for the one i think is the best candidate not the lesser of two evils. >> i appreciate that. >> we're talking to diners or people here at the diner, check today's tmj4. well, we heard from verica andromoters about the reaction to donald trump's win here in wisconsin. now wisconsin had not voted republican in a presidential race since 1984, it wasn't until about 1:30 in the morning yesterday that the associated press felt confident enough to call this state for donald
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10:30 last night. hillary clinton performed as expected. she racked up about 66% of the vote. but trump won kenosha county and he also won racine county. trump also took the republican strongholds. donald trump won the state 26,500 votes. we knew to win the white house, trump would have to prevail in toss-up states like ohio and florida, he would also have to flip a couple of states that traditionally vote democratic and he did that here in wisconsin, as well as in pennsylvania, that's how he got to the 270 electoral votes he needed in the white house.
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surrogates, including the vice presidential nominee tim kaine. let's move on to the senate race. he'll serve his last term in office. johnson keeping his seat with just over 50% of the fewer than 100,000 votes separating him. johnson outperforming donald trump in wisconsin. the same promise he made nearly six years ago. >> six years ago, i promise i will always tell you the truth. i'll never vote and i'll never wh with my re-election in mind. i' approach the next six years with a seriousness of purpose.
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right path. >> this morning feingold urging voters to come together for the good of the country. >> i don't understand it, i don't think anybody does. we as americans have to do the best we can to heal the pain in this country and get people to >> >> republicans waking up in full control of the house and the senate. ensuring president-elect donald trump will begin his term in the white house with full control. >> i'm eager to get back to work for you. we have so much pential in this country, so much potential. >> so let's turn our attention to the congressional races here
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paul ryan winning another term for his district. paul ryan 65% to ryan sullen 30%. this one a bit of a long shot for his challenger there, democrat ryan sullen. >> green bay where this was an open seat. >> mike gallagher getting 63% of the vote beating out challenger tom nelson in that case. it would be a first term both. first term for mike gallagher winning that key decisively. she got 77% of the vote. >> it is now 6:08 for all of the latest election scores you can go to 2016.
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our special election coverage. >> record turnout at the polls, but there were some hiccups, the one community that was out of ballots by early afternoon. >> global markets feeling the impact of the u.s. presidential today - how a local priest lost 40 pounds in a month. plus how well do you understand medicare enrollment. we'll have a simple quiz to help you save
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exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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stockmarket right now. u.s. stocks plunged and went into a tail spin overnight. stocks, currencies and bonds swinging as investors in that the billionaire could beat hillary clinton. in hong kong tumbled 3%. t t t the victory speech did help
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>> election officia said overall everything went well on this very busy day. >> there were a few hiccups. >> waukesha the clerk said they ran out of ballots in the town of lisbon early in the afternoon. new ballots did arrive at 2:30 in the afternoon. >> a broken ballot machine that was fixed by the afternoon. a few issues with people not understanding the voter id laws> >> we're going to look at some of the congressional races up for grabs in wisconsin turned out this morning.
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>> welcome back, everyone. 6:16 on your wednesday morning. i hope you had a good day yesterday. the cold front temperatures held steady in the 50s. it was dreary along the lake front. the inland areas got to enjoy sunshine most of the day. this morning, you'll enjoy the sunshine. 36 degrees, northwesterly wind milwaukee clear and 41 degrees. the winds will be light today. gusting close to 30 at times yesterday afternoon once the front pushed through. just a few stray clouds and temperatures in the mid 50s. another beautiful day considering it is almost mid-november. that's running about 7 degrees above normal. moving off to the east. a lot of clearing around the state. a few clouds up in the northwoods area. anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees cooler this morning than
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front allowed the colder air to move in. 35 in beaver dam. 34 in burlington and 41 here in milwaukee. the wind speed much lighter. it is light to around 10 miles per hour in port washington. not much in the way of additional wind chill. normal high is 50. we're going to get around 57. we start to cool down right around 3:00, 4:00 as the sunsets at 4:30. we'll see temperatures in the low to mid-40s. wind developing. 15 miles per hour around sunrise and the temperatures are going to be warming up pretty rapidly. the weather quiet today. tonight it is quiet and the wind starts to pick up. tomorrow still sunny and mild with temperatures getting into the 60s, but a gusty westerly wind at anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour. close to 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the whether continues here in november. the 7-day forecast, 57 today.
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that's going to feel kind of blustery. on sunday, windy once again, but getting close to 60 degrees. yesterday, we were tracking some rain showers around. brian niznansky is out this morning and what are you tracking? >> we're tracking clear skies out here this morning. it is a fantastic morning. we're live with the tmj4 storm chaser at the a beautiful morning along lake michigan this morning. milwaukee's only mobile weather lab. 42 degrees currently at the storm chaser, your forecast for your town for racine. by 8:00. 42. by 4:00, 57 degrees. i know it is not the 70s that we had just a couple of days ago, hey, i mean 50s for november.
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>> 6:18. wisconsin voters have sken and many big money decisions, how big? nearly a half billion dollars in new taxes. that's just for southeast wisconsin. about $489 million in additional spending coming in local school referendums. germantown schools asking for $84 million for district wide building and improvement projects. a decisive win for the yes vote. yes voters getting 52% of the vote. >> they will spend $28 million for improvements and renovations at its middle school and high school. >> you may remember this video from a water main break back in october. water pouring through a light fixture, because the galvanized pipes in the building began to rot. that's how they made their case to voters there. >> a live look at the congressional races here. >> you can see winning
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to 31% of the vote. >> republican jim sensenbrenner there. sensenbrenner carrying the district. he first was elected by in 1978. 67% of the vote there. >> grothman beat out democrat sarah grothman receiving re-election from the voters in his district. >> republican sean duffy beat out the challenger. nbc has declared donald trump
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presidential race. >> tracy potts has been watching the results through the night out there in new york city. >> good morning, tracy. >> a very long night for a lot of people including the pollsters and the pundit. we just got word that he's going to be at the white house on thursday to meet with president obama about the an make a statement later today trying to bring the country together after this very difficult and brutal at times election. we expect to hear later today from hillary clinton. she didn't come out tonight. her campaign chair said at that point that they wanted to wait.
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donald trump and he won it by picking up several states including wisconsin. >> pennsylvania another one that was a long hold out until early this morning. we wait to hear from president obama today. we're already hearing from foreign leaders. >> some congratulating trump, some wondering what this might >> do we know why hillary clinton did not address her supporters, many of whom had been working for her for months. a short time later it was that she actually called donald trump to secede. >> she did. trump's campaign manager was asked about that. she's going to do that on her own time. we don't know exactly why.
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transition time that's needed. it was very late when we started to get solid results. there were still a few states that were outstanding that if she had won them could have changed the trajectory of this race, but that didn't happen. change in the white house, when president obama over the reins. >> i will always fight for wisconsin. >> i listen to the constituents
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>> the new president-elect will officially take office january 20th.
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that's when president obama will hand over the reins of the president to donald trump.
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this is today's tmj4 live at daybreak. >> just about 6:30 here on today's tmj4. this is a special dec edition. why your vote may have been the one that pushed donald trump over the top. >> monitoring social media this morning. she has new information about ai seat in trump's cabinet. meteorologist brian gotter as we look ahead to your why forecast on this wednesday. >> hi, brian. >> good morning, everyone. >> the weather very quiet today which is good. 41 degrees right now here in milwaukee. the light northwest wind not causing too much in the way of problems. your commuter forecast for today. 42 is your drive and plenty of
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30s. going home this evening, temperatures will be in the mid 50s. this morning, it is frosty in the inland areas. 36 now down around the kenosha area. your forecast for today. considering it is early november, almost mid-november. temperatures running a good five to almost eight degrees above normal with temps in the upper 50s. keeping an eye right now on the map, you can see it is at or around 53 miles per work. you will not have any issues there. a potential issue later on tonight. starting at midnight and going until 4:30. at national towards the zoo. this completely shuts down. definitely plan ahead as you head out the door. >> i l this country.
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much. >> >> donald trump will become the next president of the united states of america. >> the results became clear early this morning. >> trump walked away with many battle ground states like ohio, florida and north carolina. >> wisconsin also a surprise with a majority voting for a republican presidential nominee for the first time since numbers before conceding. she has yet to officially concede. she did, however, call to congratulate trump after learning the results. we have looked for any kind of message from her supporters, nothing so far, but she's expected to address her supporters sometime today. >>rybody should head home and get some sleep, we'll have
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>> we leaed former wisconsin governor tommy thompson talked to trump before the results came in. >> he said he talked with the president-elect. >> he said i felt good about tonight. he said what do you think about wisconsin? i said i can not tell you how it is going to i said i think it is looking good. he said i think it is going to be a great evening. >> it turned out to be. wisconsin played a pivotal rol in helping donald trump. >> helping donald trump win the presidency. >> pete, good morning. >> election officials here in our area were up counting ballots well into this moing.
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confident enough. >> he would have to win toss-up states, the traditional ones, like ohio, florida and north carolina. he would have to flip one or two states that president obama won four years ago and that traditionally vote democratic in presidential electis, he did that here in wi trump to that 270 number. incumbent republican ron johnson defeated russ feingold in a rematch of their race from six years ago. that was one of a handful of senate races. johnson's win along with wins for republicans in place like north carolina, pennsylvania, missouri, mean the republicans will hold a minimum of 51 senate
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live in downtown milwaukee, today's tmj4. >> thanks very much for that perspective. let's switch to the u.s. senate race. senator ron johnson looking ahead to another six years as the u.s. senator for wisconsin. >> he says the next six years is an opportunity to finish what he started. >> i believe america has given us a chance, an opportunity to put ts nation on the right path. >> it is exacttha i intend to do. >> feingold. johnson receiving 50% of the vote in wisconsin. johnson's victory helped republicans maintain a majority in the u.s. senate. feingold is still in disbelief. >> we as americans have to do the best we can to heal the pain in this country and get people to come together.
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restrained as you can be as the next steps occur. i don't know exactly what they are going to be. but this could be one of the most challenging times in the >> later community will hold a news anic conference reacting to trump's elecon. >> veronica gettingeaction from voters donald trump doing well here in waukesha county, winning 61% of the vote. people i talked to this morning tell mey are very excited, they telle that they voted for donald trump because he seemed like the most sincere candidate. i'm here with michelle dalling who works here. you also worked at a poll yesterday. you were telling me that youe excited, you voted for donald trump and what changes would you like to see, why did you vote
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hoping for a change just period. what's been happening in the last eight years is not okay. this country can be great, it i'm hoping for changes in t nafta agreements. i'm hoping for changes in obamacare and changes in just everything that's been causing this country- - >> even though you tell me that you were shocked for the most part. people that have walked into this george w tell me they are not shocked. they predicted thatd tr dalp s goig to win. today's tm. >> thank you. >> it is 6:37. up nextn live at day break on today's tmj4. >> right to die the latest state to pass a law that will allow the terminally ill to end their own reports out this morning about reince preibus.
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>> more election results comin in, area schistricts asked voters for nearlyalf a billion dollar for improvements. in wauhaouy the voters there sano $64 ueion .
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that fereum. asked said no o >>eaver dam where the disict wa asking for $49 million tre to remodel and renovate t high school campus.e voters there in said %ot the thumbs . thumbsn 32%. >> this just into the newsroom. republican nationa chaman ince preibus is the inside favorite serve as chieff staff in thesi this is aording to two senior sources that are familiar wit transition is still a work inin progress. priebus is very likely to sere a key role >> a rock star at h victory speech at 2:00 in the morning and priebus istill tweeting about the wi. this tweet w sent out about he encouraged trump to stay ona.
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priebus from wisconsin and a key ally of the speaker of the houseau ryan. >> in colorado, voters agreed tw alhe terminally ill to take ugs. to get what's called aid in ing medicaon. it had 65% >> california, massachusetts, maine and nevada join corado and washing sttoe in apoving rationa use of thedrug kwvoters inflorida, north dakot and arkansas approve medical marijuana initiaves. maria use is still he'll legal under federal law, but state laws have relaxed over the >> walker reac, what the orgovern thinks wlappen
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>> republican convention delegate explains why moving
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>> it has been a chilly start today. the sky at least is clear. a nice sunrise, that's downtown kenosha as we speak. 36 degrees with the northwest wind at 6. the wind yesterday that had a nasty bite to it with temperatures in the 50s. back into the 50s. currently in the 40s here in
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by this afternoon, sunny and 57. sky is clear, just a few clouds back off to the west. we'll have mostly sunny conditions today and a lighter breeze. temperatures running a good five to eight degrees above normal. windy and warmer tomorrow with strong southwest winds pushing us back into the 60s. another cold front comes in sd friday, as well as saturday with the first freeze likely here in milwaukee saturday morning. 15 to 20 degrees cooler right now than it was this time yesterday. that's before the cold front got here and this morning, we're looking at frost in the inland areas and upper 30s to early 40s along the lake front. all and all the winds le than
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your normal high today is right around 50 degrees. so again, well above normal. low to mid 40s overnight tonight. warmer because of the southwesterly wind helping to keep the temperatures up a little bit. an easy forecast for today. sunshine and a light westerly wind. clear sky tonight. the winds start to pick up overnight. very windy tomorrow with winds approaching 30 miles per hour with a lot of sunshine. no rain in the near future. upper 50s to lower 60s. it will be wi mild. the 7-day forecast. 57 degrees today. 62 tomorrow. 49 and very windy on friday. 50 on saturday after a morning low of 29. sunday we'll see a temperature right around 58 degrees and windy once again. the pleasure of being outside this morning.
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racine. >> you can see downtown racine and eventually some waves crashing along the shoreline. the winds are calm but surprisingly the waves have been pretty intense. you can see the waves splashing a little bit. again, overall, it is a beautiful morning down here in racine with the temperature at 42. no frost on the ground. so your forecast for today, in racine, 54 degrees by noon and by 4:00, 57 degrees. so a nice morning down here in racine. live from the storm chaser, i'm meteorologist brian niznansky. how is traffic going? >> traffic is doing well this morning. taking a live look here.
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dry roads out there. traffic starting to build and i'm seeing minor delays this morning. keeping an eye on your drive time. a little slow at 13. marquette to moorland also slow. elsewhere just drive safely and give yourself an additional 5 to 10. >> governor scott walker who dropped his presidential ambition fairly early in the process is hoping the new president-elect will bring change to the un saying "tonight is a win for taxpayers and a win for america". our leaders should look to wisconsin and make the decisions to enact serious reforms just like we did in the badger state.
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murphy believes a lot of things are said during a campaign and doesn't think moving forward will a problem. >> it is not about individual personalities, it is about positions on the issue. it is about building better lives for all america. >> speaker of the house paul ryan calls president-elect donald trump congratulating him on his victory. he released this statement saying in part "i want to congratulate donald trump on his incredible incredible victory, we are eager to work hand in hand to enhance the lives of the american people". >> reactions still pouring in right now on social media. let's see what donald trump is saying on twitter. it appears he's ready will up this morning. >> the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before. it has been retweeted more than 51,000 times.
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her last post on twitter about 23 hours ago now. >> just posted this. just woke up and heard the news, i'm truly shocked and heartbroken. america, what have we done? #not my president. >> people saying they would move to canada means there would be more jobs, #trump is already doing great. >> the results of the many people by surprise. some celebrities even sharing their reaction on social media saying they are moving to canada. >> susan. >> thank you very much. let's take a look at some other races then. the results from area schools referendums. asking for $55 million to build a new meadowview elementary. voters said yes. 55% to 45%.
6:52 am
growing community of franklin, voters deciding whether or not to spend $43 million for a new middle school. 52% of the voters there approving of that referendum. >> little to no problems at the poll. >> a shottout -- those who volunteered their time at the polls. >> for many, casting their vote was a first time experience. one young voter made it a family get together. >> it was thrilling, honestly. >> she takes pride in her voting process. it is great. >> proud dad there. >> it is 6:52. still ahead on livetay bre on toy's tmj4. the headlines that amerans araking up to across the country.
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>> now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> and this a live look at the white house on this morning after the election and the home that donald trump will be moving into in we're going to hear from the president.
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>> 6:56 on today's tmj4. russian president congratulating donald trump on winning the presidential election. putin says he hopes to work together to improve national relations. >> some interesting front p newspapers across the country this morning. the cover of the milwaukee sentinel journal. it says trump wins with a picture of donald trump and hillary clinton. >> over on the east coast. what the new yorkers are going to wake up to.
6:57 am
happen. the post extremely critical of trump throughout his campaign. >> usa today. two words, billionaire candidate scores white house victory. saying president trump a nation divided.ed sate and >> thisone says house of horrors.
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good morning. it's trump. >> usa, usa. >> donald j. trump will be the next president of the united states. an astonishing massive repudiation of his opponent, president obama, the washington establishment, and the media. trump speaking to his supporters early this morning. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> hillary clinton calling him to concede, but no speech from her overnight. her supporters devastated. his, overjoyed.


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