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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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april 25th, 2007. he was sentenced to life in prison with no parole on june 1st, 2007. in december of 20-15.. netflix released the popular series "making a murderer." then on august 12th of this year.. a judge threw out dassey's conviction.. saying investigators coerced a confession-. head to our website tmj4 dot com for more on our continuing coverage on this case. high school students in california walked out of class this morning to protest the election of donald trump. held up signs as they walked peacefully down the street. the l-a-p-d says the walkout was planned and encouraged parents to preach peaceful protests. the walkout is one of many protests around the country in the wake of president-elect donald trump's victory last tuesday. back here in milwaukee.. thousands of undocumented immigrants are anxiously awating the decisions our next president will make on immigration reform.this weekend president- elect trump said he plans to immediately deport two to three million people who are here illegally
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julia fello is live from the u-s citizenship office, she talked to an immigration attorney about her client's the immigration policy institute estimates more than 70-thousand undocumented immigrants live in wisconsin. 25-thousand right here in milwaukee county.the immigration attorney i spoke tells me the moment trump was elected, she's gotten an influx of calls. nats phone ringingyou know its really a feeling of desperation dias....maria ryanis there anyway we can protect ourselves and right now? -- all we can honestly say, is we do not knowimmigration attorney maria ryan had been telling her clients to count on a certain outcome to this election: clinton will probably win hopefully and maybe there will be some sort of immigration reformwe all know now -- that did not happen. im very very worried about so many of my clients who dont have any optionsryan is studying what president- elect donald trump can
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one signed by president obama in 2012 allowed about 800-thousand undocumented immigrants brought to america as children to ?stay? and work. and now theyre all registered with the government and concievably the government could come find them and god forbid remove themthe current path to citizenship takes about three to five years. you must first go through a residency period. in order to become a permanent resident you can become sponsored by an employer or you can become sponsored by a family member ryan is holds for the more than 70- thousand undocumented immigrants in wisconsin today. we dont know whats going to happen to them we reached out to leaders here at u-s citizenship and immigration services..along with our cities mayor and one would send me a at broadway and knapp, julia fello todays tmj four. vice-president elect mike pence welcomed his successor as governor of indiana today.
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governor eric holcomb and talked about his hopes for the country. he also shared what he's looking for as he leads the trump transition team. president obama is talking about what's next for the country after last weeks election--he held a a news conference this afternoon-- president obama's message to democrats was : "compete everywhere and show up everywhere." he also reflected on his last eight years in office. :11 "we are indisputably in a stronger position today than we were when i came in eight years ago. growing for 73 straight months, incomes are rising, poverty is falling.":24 president-elect trump will be inaugurated on january about fifty steel beams for the new bucks arena were transported into the port of milwaukee's an exciting time for the team and fans.. but the arena won't open for another two years. brandon rook is live at the port with more. george and carroll. dock
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off the beams from off of the ship behind me. there were 50 beams all standing over 50 feet long good news for bucks fans...things are moving forward with the construction of the new arena.truck back up:/ cover with video13:11:42 earlier this afternoon these new steel beams arrived at the port of milwaukee they will be used to comprise the roof trusses of the new arena. 13:05:35"roughly 50 beams coming in."for 3 hours dock workers pulled the beams off of the ship.forklifts backing up/'cover with video13:09:32 which is deil task for crane operators like john keskitalo.12:51:23"you have to pay attention to what you're doing." 12:51:34"it's a tendency for the load to swing and you've got to keep control of it she it doesn't swing out of control.12:51:39"you have to watch so that you don't hurt anybody."because after the ship they are going to merrill iron and steel in schofield wisconsin to be cut and detailed.13:05:07"all of our preparation from our shop will be gutting, coping, drilling, welding. basically making as much fabrication in the shop as possible."jeff
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doing that until late winter or early spring. transportation to scofield will happen anytime in the next few roads will be blocked off for the the port of milwaukee i'm brandon rook with today's tmj 4 packers extra now.. another tough loss for the green and gold has yesterday was the third straight loss for the packers... who are now 4 and 5 on the season. they'll play washington sunday night right here on today's tmj4. elise menaker will have more on the loss in sports. we're still months away from the big gig's fiftieth anniversary.. but we already know two of the artists that will take the stage.. summerfest announced today that pink and the red hot chili peppers will headline next year--the'll be at the marcus amphitheater pening
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2nd. tickets go on sale this friday. still ahead on live at 5.. he's a u.s army sergeant charged with a twist in the start of his trial---.. plus.. people in new zealand are picking up the pieces following a massive earthquake there over the weekend. another mild day with temperatures roughly 10 degrees above average as we continue our warmest start to november will be mild as low temperatures will only drop to 42 degrees in milwaukee and 38 inland, keep in mind that typical mid-november mornings
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more news now.. the trial of army sergeant bowe bergdahl has been pushed back.bergdahl walked off his post in afghanistan in 2009 and was captured by the taliban. he is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the delay comes time to share approved classified evidence with the defense. the trial is now set for may of next year. strong aftershocks in new zealand following a 7-point-8 magnitude earthquake struck yesterday. the quake has caused landslides, cracked roads and homes --it also riggered a ?tsunami?. people are still being warned to stay away from the shoreline. so far, two people have been killed. a father has been convicted of murder for leaving his
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u-v in georgia.justin ross harris showed little emotion as the clerk real all eight counts. prosecutors say harris killed his son to escape family responsibilities. the maximum sentence he could receive is life plus 42 years. a popular local grocery store is about to expand--. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole. shopping for your food list may become a little easier.. which grocery store is planning five new locations and which area's you'll find them..that's coming live at 6. up next.. a holiday favorite is getting a new look this year.. we have a revealing look behind the scenes of a popular holiday play that's
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more local news now.. a holiday favorite is getting a new look this year. the milwaukee rep's annual 'a christmas carol' is a must see for many families. our susan kim got the scoop. ((nat snd door opening))behind this door, a room filled with costume treasures. designers sewing, ((sewing sound))ironing ((steam))and organizing new costumes for a christmas carol. nowhere will the new look be more obvious than with the ghosts.((this is the costume for the ghost of
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wears an under dress that is fully lit, it's electrified so the reason it's sheer is so the light comes through it.")) in fact, the ghosts of christmas past, present, and future will all light up using led technology... ((sotfull/chains))while the ghost of jacob marley will glow in the dark. changing the production of scrooge and the cratchit family, took three years to come together.((we really wanted to put more life into the story. after aw script and same production year in and year out, i think audiences are excited to see the story told in a fresh way.))the fresh look will start with the raising of the curtain. this model of the new set, shows its endless possibilities.((what's great, is since it's on two turntables. the inner turntable can turn concurrently with the outer turntable or the opposite way."))and the windows light
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see snow falling at them. the rep says they should expect more of the unexpected.((it's not a sit back and be quiet kind of show. you can go with scrooge on this journey. he and the ghost will ask you questions once in awhile."))to cap off the changes to 'a christmas carol', there will be a new scrooge, too. jonathan wainwright is the 12th actor in the history of the milwaukee rep to play one of charles dickens most memorable characters. susan kim, today's tmj4. a christmas carol runs from november 29th, through christmas eve. our susan kim has a vip walk on role on december 9th. today's tmj4 viewers can get tickets to that show only, for 20 percent off ... use the promo code
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it's been another beautiful day here in southeast wisconsin... my charlie dog spent his morning basking in a warm sun puddle. woof! the days of temperatures near sixty are winding down. chief meteorologist john malan is here to tell us when we could see our next drop in temps. partly cloudy skies will still remain for tuesday and temperatures will remain normal, in the mid-50s. more sunshine and a light southerly wind will help keep temperatures in the mid-50s. the wind will increase on thursday from the south to bring in warmer air on a breezy wind, boosting temps up into the 60s with increasing cloud cover.friday will be
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the low 60s before a cold front will pass through late in the day, bringing our first chance of accumulating rain for everyone in nearly two weeks. behind this cold front it will be much colder as temperatures drop into the 40s for the weekend with rain showers exiting on saturday morning. there may some snow in extreme northern wisconsin on the back side of this cold front for hunters heading up north for the gun-deer opener. in southeastern wisconsin it will be breezy and cold compared to where we've been, sunday especially with mornings starting out near 30 degrees
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next up in sports. for every winner there must be a loser. and lately the losers have been our packers. but keep the faith wisconsin--- as we meet a wide receiver who remains a
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the packers are under 500 through nine games for the first time since 2008... that's when aaron rodgers was in his first year as bright spot in all of this... here's our rod burks from nashville. ((one silver lining in the packers loss to the titans was the play of davante adams who had six catches for 156 yards as he tried to put this offense on his back in the loss.he's getting a lot of opportunities. we've talked about it a lot in our room about when you make plays, you get more opportunities, just get the ball thrown to you but you get put into situations to make plays. it's great to see davante do this. something
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now three years and you always want to see guys start reaping some benefits for it and that builds his confidence it builds his confidence with aaron, the coaching staff and we'll continue to put him in situations to make plays. that fourth and five that he made at that point in time that was a huge play for us to keep us in the game and give us a chance.moving fast trying to figure out what they're doing and how they're going to play and just took a little bit of time to adjust.davante, i would have liked to get m again, we were out of our game plan there probably into the third quarter completely so yes, davante is playing really good football for us.the packers offense did show a little more fight in that second half but they still have a lot of work to do. let's see if they can turn things around moving forward. here in nashville, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4.)) last night on today's t-m-j-4 the seahawks beat the patriots 31-24.
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seven lead changes in the cowboys-steelers game... the first time in n-f-l history that happened in two games on the same day. the young golden eagles will try to build off of their early success tonight against howard in the 2-k classic at madison square garden.and one of their freshman has already gotten some attention and recognition. stevens point native sam hauser has been named big east freshman of the week.against vanderbilt hauser drained four of his seven threes. three rebounds... and one assist in marquette's 95-71 win. that's sports.we're back
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tonight's "badger five" jackpot is ten-thousand- dollars. coming up on "the now milwaukee" at 6:30:amazon makes a major announcement to milwaukee area shoppers... we'll tell you what different services the shopping website will soon be offering here. garth brooks is the adviser tonight on "the voice."an all-new "timeless" is at 9, followed by moreal "live at ten." the n-b-c nightly news is
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snempt tonight, backlash as president elect trump picks his powerful inner circle, lifting a man with ties to white nationalists into the heart of the white house. president obama weighs in, on the new president for the first time. a father found guilty of leaving his young son to die in a hot car. a dramatic conclusion to a case that shocked the nation. exploding wildfires spreading across the south. thick smoke blanketing cities. is someone setting them intentionally. making a murderer twist, a after a trial many saw as a


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