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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  November 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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>> reporter: they caused a million dollars damage. >> police are upping the ante to find them. >> reporter: if you help identify the suspects in the video and it leads to an arrest and conviction you will get kind of reward out there. somebody has to know something about who did the vandalism. >> reporter: big jim's liquor store is one of the businesses set on fire. he will never forget what a young man said to him. >> i don't know why you are fixing this building up, we are going to burn it down tonight.
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swag was happening inside one of those businesses. surveillance shows a young woman and young man that broke into the bmo bank. they are offering $10,000 to find them. the o'reilly auto service store also burned down. >> i made $500, $00 a week doing small automotive job. >> this surveillance video and remembering the damage done to his own neighborhood hurts. >> it's senseless to see these kids harassing us. it's not going to benefit anybody. the things they done only took money out of a community. >> reporter: if you recognize the people in that surveillance video you are urged to call milwaukee police.
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through the milwaukee police department and federal arson investigators. carole: thank you very much. george: milwaukee police arrested the 3-year-old man accused of shooting and killing one woman and injuring another. carole: wisconsin went red for a presidential candidate on time since the 80s. george: what's different about this time? a researcher narrowed it down to rural voters. >> she said there was a common theme. rural community felt under looked and under valued.
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predicted a trump presidency. she grew up in grafton. since 2007 she has been studying the way people make sense of politics by spending time in 27 rural wisconsin community. she found people kneeling like they are working hard to make end meet, doing the same jobs in the same place for generations before off. she says people in rural wisconsin believe in the slogan, make america great again. >> this whole treating women badly thing. >> reporter: it's not his character that's appealing. people connect with his message of change. >> reporter: what do you say
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part of it, but their feeling stem from a decade of frustration wanting a different economic situation. >> reporter: i candidate kramer if she thinks any republican could have made up an impact on wisconsin voters and she said no. trump has something special. she said people are hopeful but they don't expect change overnight. unanimously renominated by his party to continue to serve as speaker. the janesville republican still has to earn a majority by the full house that convenes in january. george: a hit-and-run crash claimed the life of a 5-year-old girl. while he faced the judge, a
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5-year-old to her final resting place. >> angels are here to walk among us. her purpose on earth was to get her family together, then she served her purpose. >> reporter: the little girl was struck by an suv when she slipped out of her mother's hand before being struck by t vehicle. carole: . two women have been interviewed in the murder of an exchange student from saudi arabia.
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>> reporter: it's been weeks since i had my boiler tuned up and bled my wraidators. but i have yet to turn it on. carole: the big question is how long will this last? george took off his glasses. can you see that? george: we are talking upper 30s, 4 it looks like we won't see freezing temperatures like we did last saturday. check out the temperatures and watch the dew points. they are very, very close to those temperatures. we are starting to see patchy fog develop across the area. we still have clouds but they are breaking up rapidly.
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gets thicker. could see patchy, dense fog. 39 degrees to start your day. but we have 60s to talk about again and that snow word. carole: 2,000 of the world's best athletes will descend on milwaukee the same weekend. george: rebecca is downtown where the championships will compete. >> reporter: next summer, the last weekend in june in the wisconsin center it will be the focal point of the country's top gymnasts and some of the best musicians will be just a few miles from here.
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summerfest already have big names like pink. >> the fact that summerfest is happening at the same time as u.s.a. jam mass particulars is wonderful for our city. >> reporter: 2,000 competitors will in the city and 8,000 people will be watching them. >> the chapel highest level of competition we host in our country. these are the top athletes that we have in this field. >> reporter: they will be top power tumblers. >> you may see some of these athletes try for the olympics. >> reporter: while the athletes show off their skills,
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>> the city is going to be packed with fun and people and excitement. >> reporter: just gymnastics competition alone is expected to bring in $5.4 million for the city of milwaukee in economic revenue. carole: those are numbers we like to hear. george: a local youth minister busts a church. new information surrounding the deadly shooting at an oklahoma city airport. >> for most people this is all the airport security you will ever see. but for the first time the i-team takes you here for an exclusive look at how the tsa looks at you. plus the agents these -- plus
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>> reporter: father of an nfl player was shot and killed today in oklahoma city today. he was returned to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. the the gunman was found dead
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carole: a youth minister stopped a burglar in his tracks as he tried to steal from the church. george: one of the youth ministry leaders said she heard a noise coming from the room where the safe is kept. >> the door only opened about a foot. and the person on the other side of the door was not who i expected. he was a large man. i thought he was part families. but thin noticed a large crowbar in his hand. george: police later arrested the milwaukee man and they say they found a crowbar in his hand. carole: protesters demanded wells fargo pull their funding
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critics worry it could destroy sacred native american sites. >> it impacts all of us in the united states weren't use of fossil fuels. carole were but supporters say i haveles the safest way to transport oil, better than rail or truck. >> reporter: it sounds like a big job making sure every piece of luggage checked on to an airplane is safe. for the first time the tsa in milwaukee opened its doors to the hurricanes team so we can see how this important work is done. they are the mysteries of modern air travel. what happens to your suitcase,
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it's pushed past the ticket counter? who is tossing around your bags and who is looking through your stuff? >> we get more caroley-on bags coming through the system which causes bottlenecks. thank is the belt line. that's part of the inline system. >> reporter: for a hours last week he gave it i-team unprecedented access. letting us seat entire system at work, include something things we are not allowed to show you. he let us strap a couple of cameras to a package. a system that uses far fewer human hands that you might
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human hands? >> it's very low. it's a most live automated maze that relies on bar codes to get your bag where it's going if it passed the test. >> that indicates we are going to put that over into our secondary screening location. the examiners, when the light turns red means it hit on something suspicious. this is where officers slight through a 3d scan of the bag on apcom pewter screen. we were asked to keep exactly what they see a secret. but it looks a lot like this with the suspect object lights up in red. and there is a clock. if on screen can't explain the problem in 60 seconds.
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screening of the bag that caused the alarm. in secondary screening the officer seens the same image from the scanner. sometimes the potential threat is just a bought of maple syrup. it takes about 15 minutes. over the next month that timeline will be put to the test. >> with thanksgiving and christmas coming up we'll see more bags being checked. to keep up with whatever you are taking home for the holidays. one point the tsa likes to make, it's very difficult for something to disappear from your bag. once it's checked in at the ticket counter that bag is always in motion or under the constant watch of surveillance
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the moon this week yet, you need to get out and see it. george: for a third night in a row a spectacular look at the moon. >> we did have a lot of cloudiness this evening. the moon will be waning quickly the next couple days. but a beautiful full moon as you points out. and we had beautiful temperatures. that 52 was the coldest temperature for a high all almost 60, sunday, monday. tomorrow 57, and look at thursday. 65 degrees, 62 friday. and we don't want to show you anything past that. precipitation this month has been down. only half inch. so friday late and friday night,
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30s. that's where the skies have cleared. the winds are light so that will help allow that fog to form. the dew points are close to the temperature. again, everything is setting up for some patchy dense fog around the area a little bit later on tonight. there are the big breaks. includes pretty much covering everything at the moment. here is a big storm system that will be hitting u bringing snow to areas like minnesota. they could see a foot of new snow there. so a weak wind shift line. no big deal as we start to clear out. especially after morning fog. thursday watch this warm front blow through as we should see temperatures in the mid 60s. the storm system will pass through northern wisconsin.
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could see an inch or two in northwest wisconsin. that would be good news for deer hunters. patchy fog after clearing by midnight. some of that patchy fog could have dense spots. 57 for tomorrow with fog to start the day then becoming sunny as winds shut to the southeast and much warmer into thursday. breezy cti degrees. 62 with rain showers developing later in the day. but much cooler saturday with a rain or snow shower. we couldn't see anything accumulating down here. only around 40 monday. in the morning hours, haven mackenzie, it's foggy, it's 39,
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lance: the packers with work to d the head coach looking to turn things around this sunday against the redskins on sunday night football. >> i remember things we need to correct. and things we can correct. so i really like our football team. i love the guys and coaching. we have a lot left to play. going back there after last year, they will be confident and sunday night football.
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focus on to the redskins. >> reporter: the former packers donald driver and mark lee will be inducted into the packers hall of fame in july. driver thanked touchdowns. he's the packers all-time leader. he had 1 interceptions during this 11 seasons. here is driver. >> i'mle say to be on the first ballot is something special. most guys would have to wait it out a little bit longer. i have to take my head off to the committee. >> congrats to them. lance: tone i romo had to watch from the sidelines. romo is back healthy now but
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quarterback. as hard as it is for me to say, i's earned that right. he guide our team to an 8-1 record and that's hard to do. if you think for a second i don't want to be out there, you probably never felt the ecstasy of competing and winning. that hasn't left me. it may burn more now than ever. rod: coming up in segment of sports, can the
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rod: the wisconsin bangers on the road looking for a win. the badgers working around. the blue jays test the badgers snap. 33-30. second half. here he comes on the break. thomas drains it from the corn.
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john: 39 degrees and fog around.
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