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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  November 18, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm CST

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it's november 18th, time for great viral videos "right this minute". the fiery showdown that looks like this water buffalo -- >> is no match for a pride of lions. >> see how arguing over the meal leads to one great escape. >> that is a life lesson right there, my brother. >> pilots take off after they -- together. >> what happens mid flight in the hair raising experiment. >> forget the belt. this dad pulled out the -- >> jacket of punishment. >> see the normal way to deal with the naughties. plus the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including cirque du soleil's amazing new avatar experience.
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it's got all the character, all the animals. >> now see the shocker as some of them invade "rtm" for one awesome surprise. >> it is awesome. >> the line between life and death crossed many times, that's where they say you are hunter or prey. in this instance, you have water buffalo running because some lions are on the scene and looking to eat. the thing you don't want to be is the slowest one, the one t can't make it up that embankment. >> no, don't be that one. >> but this poor water buffalo is no match for a pride of lions. you know, this is the circle of life. if you're going to go down, go down with a fight. >> looks like a dinner for four. two females, two males. however, an uninvited guest shows up. that one lioness right there,
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>> other two lionesses, chase the third one. look at them two, not happy. >> first she guesses, but then as some ladies do, things get a little sketchy. that water buffalo still fighting, but this, the fight begins between the two lionesses. >> nobody is fighting you, boo. >> go, go, go. now is the time. run, run! >> the water buffalo just slowly does the walk of -- >> get thek come on! >> already started. >> hurry! >> you didn't die. >> this is the most ridiculous thing. they couldn't agree the order with which they were going to eat the buffalo, now none of them are going to eat the buffalo. >> that is a life lesson right there. now y'all hungry. >> in this next video it's a humpback whale trying to get a meal. the human diver, he was swimming
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humpback saw that bait ball of fish and says this looks more dangerous than it really was. he says the humpbacks knew he was there and kind of pull this launch so it wouldn't hit him. >> diver's name jones? >> should be. >> normally when we see air shows they fly in formation, makes it look like they are locked together. what would happen if you really did lock them together? their planes together. >> actually chained. there's no mechanism that will pop. >> let's find out. they take off in formation. you can clearly see those chains. not only are they going to fly in formation like that, but they are going to try to pull maneuvers. here we go, loop-de-loop, flip it over, same maneuver, just seeing it from the other plane. they crest over the top of the
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one pilot gets just out of range and you see that chain break away. of course, they had some sort of fail safe mechanism built in, but still a gutsy move to try and pull off. this video recorded two years ago, actually, but just now getting a lot of attention. i think people are like, man, this is also shot during the spring. hey, can we do it. >> take on another risky maneuver here. handyan he had a brilliant idea. he built this drone in his workshop. you can see it's a rather large drone, looks like it can lift something, and it does. >> oh, i'm in. i like that. >> this is the flying drone powered hammock. taking it out to the park, cruising around there. very relaxing drone flight. >> not quite, though. sit back and read a book. >> the people around also seem
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my goodness -- >> it works. >> does it, though? i'm surprised you guys haven't been skeptical. >> looks like a commercial. >> you nailed it. this is an advertisement for an insurance company in the netherlands. i don't think we quite perfected drone human flight to be this good. >> this right here, he's 60 years old see, he suffers from neurofiber mutosis which tumors can grow all over your body. he's been suffering from it from the age of 15. he used to live in thailand but he was chased out of the city because of this condition and, in fact, he ended up crossing the border and living in burma, as it was known back then, but recently, last year, he was found in the country and
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thailand. >> faced all kinds of adversity his entire life. >> right. he's never held a job, he's got no family help. in fact, the thai red cross found him living alone and working to help out. >> has he had medical help at all? >> no. the thing is, really you can have surgery to remove the tumors, but as you can see, the tumors are essentially 99% of his skin. >> because of how he looks, i'm pretty sure nobody wants to touch him or hug him or anything like that. >> he's been but he wants to go back to bangkok for a good reason, this man right there. he was 88 years old and very recently died. i don't know if you've ever been to thailand, it's kind of hard to explain just how revered the king was and still is. he was seen as semigod like, almost like a daty to them, so the entire country is in a serious case of mourning right now and that's what he wants to do.
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just to pay his respects to the dead. he is going to face down his adversity because his love for the king is so deep. this is the kind of thing that's connecting with all other thais, what really brings them all together. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need friday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the >> accidents happen. it's inevitable, but they don't always have to. here we are riding down the street in south africa. you can see the taxi here, looks like they have dropped somebody off and now are supposed to be going back into the regular lanes. they are in the emergency lane. >> dude! >> yep, in case you missed it, it ran right over that bicyclist
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and kind of rolls over and gives up. the taxi got away with just a fine and the bicyclist is not happy about it. minor injuries, went to the hospital and needed stitches. to add insult to injury, the cyclist's wife said the taxi is not licensed to be on the road. this is one big mess. heading over to china, you see this car looks like it's about to turn around. >> what! >> okay. >> the heck? >> the brake is the one on the left. >> yep. that driver did goof. a new driver, and they missed the brake and hit the gas. >> held on, because smashed into a wall, changed directions. flipped the car! >> wow. >> you see the person get out. >> my bad! >> does this mean i found my -- >> the problem is, they already have the license. they just don't really know how to use it. >> good lord. >> that's a lot of destruction for a slow speed accident.
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by -- y aling lotion. packed with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. leaves skin nourished, healed, healthy-looking. gold bond. this is tyler. he and his girlfriend katelyn are going sky diving. >> what's the big thing today? throw yourself out an airplane? >> it is a big day. she just doesn't know it. she thinks the shooting a commercial. that's why they have all these cameras around, but no, no, no, this guy, tyler, says that he wants to do something really special when she lands. he jumps first. the crew that he's put together is walking out to where they are landing and they've got something extra special lined up for her. then she jumps, you can see right there on the ground they've made a giant heart out of that red ribbon. her sky dive guide is telling
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>> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. oh! >> quick, quick, turn left, turn left, go that way! >> oh, no, she is really, really happy. >> i cannot believe him. oh, my gosh. wow, wow, wow. >> you can see on the ground tyler is changing. they brought him a change of clothes to get into. everybody's helping him and assisting him whiley waiting for him to land. >> i'm freaking out. oh, my gosh. about tyler. oh, my gosh. >> they land safely. >> oh, my gosh, amazing. it was so great. >> she begins that slow, romantic run we see in all romance movies. she runs into his arms. he's got flowers for her. and then -- >> katelyn, will you spend the
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>> contain yourself. >> i'll try. >> nick, contain yourself. >> oh, my god. i knew i was going to lose you as soon as i showed you this video of little ayla. her name on instagram, ayla the fox. she has more than all of us combined. it's understandable. >> of course. >> way prettier. >> she has quite the story. at four weeks old she was saved from a fur farm. >> look at those eyes. >> shees domesticated because she was born in captivity, so she can't be set to the wild. >> that is instagram foxy. >> uh-huh.
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line. >> i'll call somebody. >> well, this guy didn't call anybody. he jumps right into action and d.a. lie la is giving him -- >> lift with your legs, not your back. >> trying to get the front legs out of there i'm clearly not wanted here. >> that what she said when she >> jeff and tucker's excellent racing adventure. >> run, tucker, run! >> next "right this minute". and still to come, it's a new cirque du soleil show that's out of this world. why this avatar inspired performance is full of surprises.
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thousands of years before what you saw. >> did you say dances with space smurfs? >> yeah, it's along the same line. it's beautiful, it has all the characters, all the animals, it's set on pandora and it's different to other cirque du soleil shows you may have seen, because this one focuses much more on a story, as well as as you can see, again, large -- >> hey! hey! >> oh! >> you have never been so cool before. >> i know! this took about an hour to get into, and i had all the help i could get. these guys, who perform twice a day, put this makeup on, takes them about an hour to do themselves. guys, true performers. they are fit, they are strong.
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>> i love the trend away from the animal trick shows and trending more towards incredible human performances. and that's what they are all about. >> you have to shave your legs. >> it is awesome, but you have to shave your legs. >> did the avatar team work with the cirque du soleil team to put the production together? >> yes, they work in full partnership with james cameron. he was part of the creative team, soe this. i got a back stage look at all the different costumes and props today. >> unreal. >> it's at talking stick in phoenix, portland, capp da, continues mexico and around america, right? >> exactly. if you love the shows, this is a must see. >> wow, you really opened a pandora's box.
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crumbling infrastructure can be a problem, right? sometimes videos, this guy took off down this road and mile after mile he's coming across some really bad destruction. >> take a guess, on the left? >> you got it. why is the road so bad? >> just had an earthquake. >> 7.8-magnitude to be exact. what's that asher is going to explore. i find it very fascinating the new zealand government didn't put cones out and people were allowed to drive it. >> tell you why, a lot of countryside in new zealand, a lot of times it's only one road to take you somewhere. this is going to be an essential room. rmg i think you're absolutely right with that. he's driving a truck with big tires, but many cases you hear him rattling over some of his huge separation in the road. >> it's really fascinating to see how the earth moves and how it reshaped this roadway.
3:52 pm
by a number of feet. >> interesting, because i can show you exactly what it looks like. yes. >> wow. >> wow. >> well, i don't care how big they are, he's not getting up that one. >> he's not going to be able to cross it. he's gotten out of his truck and walked up to this separation in the road, which looks to be about two feet in my opinion. fascinating video from that part of new zealand. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzz word, be at least and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each every day. >> friday's buzz word is -- >> get over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter friday's buzz word, espresso. >> one day next week we'll have a bonus give away day where one person could win a flat screen
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the girls have been arguing, but dad's got a plan. >> he locks them in his jacket and now they are stuck there. >> see why the hilarious tactic
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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this before, but not as fully complete as this one. disciplinary devices when you're a parent. where i come from, it does the job. >> which is what? >> a sandal or a slipper. >> they are flying. moms have aim and get you in the head every time. this dad in russia resorted to the jacket of punishment. apparently his daughters had been fighting, disagreeing with each other, and he's trying to
3:57 pm
the background as this is going down. in fact, according to translations, he's telling them that they are going to stay in that jacket. >> this is like the sister with the traveling straight jacket. >> go get it straight or get your own coat. >> super cute. the video going viral, getting a lot of attention, because it is just as funny as it is cute. >> if it's really bad, put the jacket on backwards. you be quiet. >> that's it for today. we'll see you next time on
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winter storm to our northwest.. we're talking snow showers and strong winds. i'll time out its arrival and how it impacts your weekend plans.. its all in your storm team 4 cast. i'm jesse ritka - live at 4 is next.. john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? are you ok? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 50 megs. that's 8x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so.
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today on live at 4 ...the wind is picking up and temperatures will be going down as a cold front starts to move in. storm team 4 now....a big storm system is making its way across the midwest right now.
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meteorologist jesse ritka joins us now with when we can expect that in our area. a strong cold front is moving through the badger state and that will bring a big change in the weather, we already saw a few thunderstorms ahead of the front but many locations will remain mostly cloudy this evening. as the front slides through the winds are really going to ramp up from the west at 15-25mph, top 40mph overnight, pulling in colder air quickly.


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