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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:27pm CST

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portions of eastern, northeastern, north central minnesota into northwest wisconsin where they could see a couple inches of snow, which is good news, if you're a deer hunter, you need tracking. that's the only spot in wisconsin that will give you that trackinsnow. to miles per hour, . they'll stay strong gusting to day tomorrow, starting to diminish very, very late ithe day. temperatures dropping. also, folks, 49 in in madison. those temperatures will be dropping through t e hours. you'll need your jacket. windchills will be in the mid t. going to be a chilly weekend, back with in a few minutes. >> john, thanks. thousands o hunte are expected to be out in tts f the >> ms well be a state holiday here in wisconsin r one, thewee's potential for t snow in the northwest.
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>> and also, new this year, e pink, it ishe new look. 50% of outer cthg abovethist mt this year, back tags. huntson anymore. it's the first time since hunters need those neon green license pla pnr has a new >> it's a pocket ranger. hunters can check in with permits and license, for details, and read rules intr t . ne at 6:00,en jordan srts off oure fm germantown ocking up.t of hunters are >> reporter: good g, evenin charles,shnon, they ca it orange fridayorreon. the day before gun season always one of the bst times the years he ills farm. it is the time of year where blaze orange and w blaze pink
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>> buck fever every year, happens every time. no matter how old i am pauleisf ?i?warmers. s, ammo >> got the truck backed now. >>irime gun hunter, sarah o'neil i'm. >>notxcited toye t. an hopefully is t more dee the up tick, given the late deer mating season. >> all the bucks will be in rut. looking for does. >> welcomed by those in the field, the cool weather, not everything is in the hunterg wr
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deer n move as much. they'll hunker down somewhere. >> weather there after could be a bonus, the one thing is hunter safety. >> we know where everyone is. obviously, you know, you don't shoot what you can't see beyond. >> now, as far as deer population, dnr says numbers have been increasing, especially in the southern part of the states. however, they tell me several low. live in germantown, ben jordan, today's tmj4. >> thanks, ben. new at 6:00, a milwaukee man charged with murdering his wife while the young children stood by. >> dexter gardner shot and killed courtny thornton monday when she came to pick up their kids near 76th and glen brook. thornton was with her friend, who was also shot, but she survived. >> police in menomonee have identified a suspect in the
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arrested, though. the suspect is not a student. he died after being assaulted outside a restaurant last month. police say there's no evidence his death was a hate crime. recognize this clothing. sweat pants like these were discovered along with human remains in april. a forensic anthropologist said the remains of from an ca years old, 5'4" to 6 feet. he suffered from sickle cell anemia. 60th and i-94. if you have information, please contact kenosha police. a kenosha woman is accused of intentionally burning her daughter with a clothes iron. >> erika fullbright is charged with felony child abuse. according to court documents, she burned her 4-year-old
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chd.the girl's teacher sd the tolder that the mom p t iron od laugh aboutit anhat runs three popular milwaukee area restaurants and sentenced to two years in federal prison for a a ras. ?fedel prosecutors say they took more than 3 million dallas from the restaurant and failed to report milwaukee public school students could go back to school earlier next year if the district's proposal worksout. >> the district wants sools t start in august, and end in may, adding an additional month in june. casey geraldo joins us to explain how this this will all work. >> this will take shuffling for parents and teachers and approval from the state's highest elected official. the district has a lot of people i talked with today on board for
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>> while most students can't get enough of their summer vacations, banks likes the idea of an extra month of school. >> we can learn more. >> she and her mom say she would definitely take part in an extra semester in june. >> my policy, the more you learn, the better. >> todd myers agrees, but says this proposed calendar crashes right into his work schedule. >> it would screw up my summer vacation. would have to miss august. >> he knows it's an issue, but they're ready to work with. >> making sure they're aware as early as possible so we can make the necessary provisions, making sure the students have what they need even if they're on vacation. >> for now, provisions are just in theory, since the calendar has to go through the state's approval process. >> it is my hope that the governor takes action on it, and passes it onto the legislature.
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and for mps to improve its performance. >> want to clarify that extra month is optional. the families concern say heat in august, she says the operations team is working to make sure that schools that don't have air conditioning would still be safe and comfortable learning environments. casey geraldo, today's tmj4. >> all right, thanks. lot to get adjusted to. traffic alert, a up just in time for the holiday season. crews have been working for nearly a year on south 27th street. lauren winfrey is live with the latest. >> shannon, many commuters are happy to sue the construction project finally coming to a close. for some small business owners, this project came at a pretty big cost. construction on south 27th street couldn't have come at a
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>> the street was closed, and i lose a lot of customers. >> she said she owned a salon near college and 24th for ten years, but with so much construction in the area, she was forced to close shop and move down the road. >> i was depressed. because, you know, like pay. >> businesses, i ?q? e project started i march of until the beginning ofex year. she doesn't ust?? wt's n't ow why theseeoe tsonhe mino ft. they still haveo alent tff sign restoration work.rtin re live in oak creek,
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champiship?+?? bdokfi ason. so far so good. brookfield east got a record five touchdowns rushing from lloyd to beat 42-36. jaelyn campbell with a 70-yard touchdown, beating notre dame 24-14. franklin trailing in the fourth quarter, i'll update that game in 10 minutes, charles and shannon. while the teams played earlier had better weather, it is getting cold and windy. still ahead, a diet to stop seizures. >> the unique program here in wisconsin, using special
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>> announcer: you're watching today's tmj4, with shannon sims,
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chief meteorologist john malan, and lance allan, sports. drivers, be on the lookout for deer. watch what happens, you can see how quickly one can run in front of your car. dashboard camera caught this crash in winnebago county. the driver was not hurt. you can see what would have happened to that car. it was a total loss. for your health, uw health in madison serving up an alternative treatment for epilepsy. it's one the country offering a special diet to help reduce seizures for patients who aren't seeing improvement through other medications. it is a high in fat and a low in carb diet. >> it does work, it's not perfect, not cure-all. the number that i usually tell my patients. 50% have a greater reduction of
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more than 100 years to treat epilepsy. but, until recently, it was not widely used. coming up, big changes ahead in your storm team 4cast. >> take a look outside. here's waukesha, where the city just lit its christmas tree for tonight. john will be back with a look
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>> firefighters in racine are working to keep kids warm this winter. >> brian niznansky was there as firefighters handed out more than 100 coats to local kids. >> it may and beautiful 60-degree day, but changes are moving in, and just in time, the students at frat elementary will
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>> i'm going to play with it all day. >> it's going to keep you nice and warm, right? >> what's cooler than a brand-new winter coat? how about one personally delivered by a local firefighter? and the firefighters think it's pretty cool, too. >> it's almost selfish, i feel as happy as the kids do getting the coat. it makes me feel amazing giving back to the community. >> 188 coats were are delivered to keep kids warm in winter, but maybe provide much more. >> hav way to school every day is essential to them and their learning environment. i think it helps the teachers in the district just as much as it helps the kids. >> operation warmth provides the coats, but the money needed to purchase the coats is all local. >> racine firefighters charity stepped up huge for us and gave us a very, very generous donation, and we got a grant from we energies. >> the secondary goal of operation warm is to support american jobs and the economy.
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usa. in racine, brian niznansky, today's tmj4. >> if you'd like to donate toward future warm coat delivery to students in racine, we put a link on our web site at >> we're all going to need our winter coats this weekend, but hunters are going to want to know what four expect. john malan is here with this. they're going to be concerned about the wind. >> john: they've got wind, cold, it is going to be a chilly one. saturday, down here, 38?, with a little bit of a very minor mix in the morning hours. check out t though, right here in northwest wisconsin, they could see tracking snow, 32 in ladies smith, 30 in antigo. a lot of sunshine, still a little breezy, up north, 29 eagle river, 31 ashland, and where there's tracking snow, about 33 in hayward. there's your deer hunter forecast. if you're going to minnesota, there's a lot of tracking snow. not for hunting but just for visiting.
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northeast part of the state, winter weather advisory for northwest counties, where the snow is right now, pretty much pounding northeast minnesota. some snow mixed with sleet in the northwest part of our state. we had a couple of showers, even an isolated storm earlier today, notice a couple of snowflakes starting to develop on the lacrosse radar. we can see some of the snowshowers after midnight tonight. wind advisory in effect continuing on until 6:00 tomorrow evening, all of southeastern wisconsin. check out our computer models, f we're already around 20 to 24 miles per hour, sticking around that 20 mile-per-hour range in the morning hours. gusts to over 40. we can see wind speeds up to 30 miles per hour during the day tomorrow, and winds will diminish a little bit tomorrow night. high temperatures today range from 43 into period of 68 here in milwaukee. the 10th day in the 60s this month. temperatures have dropped fast.
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watertown. look at the dells already down to 39?. monroe, 39 also. you'll need the jacket this evening, temperatures will be dropping through the evening hours, as this front rolls through, and it will do so. notice there's a couple of snowshowers toward the morning hours, very quick, by noon, we'll see sunshine around here, clear skies, and very cold tomorrow night. and we'll be sunny and cold during the day on sunday. so, for tonight, again, a snow shower is possible well after midnight. could mix in with a little 31 inland, 34 at the lakeshore. for tomorrow morning, light rain, or snow mix. 38?, windchills 20 to 25? with winds at 25 miles per hour. gusting to 45. and then into sunday, we'll see sunshine, but it stays cold with a high of 37?. windchills will be around 30. so cold weekend after a very warm start to the month. monday, sunshine, 42, on tuesday, could see a shower.
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now, that's above normal once again, 47 with rain likely on wednesday. so, for the travel day, a little on the wet side, but no snow. and then thanksgiving, 46?. partly cloudy skies, not a bad day on friday also. >> but it's changing. >> john: this is going to be windy and cold, making up for what we just had. >> next in sports, lance allan tells us how a record-setting
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beast is a beast in madison. sam lloyd has a record-setting day. elise menaker is at camp randall for the big game. >> three words, sam santiago lloyd. the runningback said he didn't practice because he was nursing
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the state championship win, he had five rushing touchdowns. >> no, no, no. that is not the trick. that's opposite of what coach wanted. had a little boo boo. >> 14-0. eddie lacy, jr. plowed into the end zone, not once...not four times...but five times. setting a state record for most rushing touchdowns in a state championship game. and every touchdown would be needed, as they pull out 42-36 win in their first ever state championship win. >> honestly, it's crazy to even come here, and we won. words can't really describe it right now. >> did you think this was
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game. i just -- always try to take things one game at a time. and, you know, you never know what's going to happen. you try to get better week in and week out, and that's what our kids did. >> head coach ben farley is in his first year at head coach. this is the team's first state championship appearance, and now it is their first ever state championship win. at camp randall, elise menaker, today's tmj4. >> thanks, elise. our monster match-up, pick 6. redemption from last year's loss over the triton's 24-14. final game nearing conclusion. the paper makers with a 55-game winning streak. the sabers scored the first two touchdowns. and gave kimberly the lead. matthews and cook questionable for sunday night. a four and five green bay team is still a team to be feared.
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aaron rodgers coming to town and coach mccarthy, a franchise like green bay is good for a long time. it's a great challenge. obviously they knocked us out of the playoffs last year. we know how good they are firsthand. >> the classic, chris jones with a lay-up, panthers up two, only
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thanksgiving and christmas are creeping closer, get ready. >> steve is up next with the now: milwaukee. >> i'm creeping closer, too, with the holidays around the corner, milwaukee has plenty of ways to get you in the spirit, we'll show you the best the city has to offer this weekend. coming up next on the now: milwaukee, back on channel 4, finally tonight. >> we're talking but, steve. >> yay! >> if you're going out tonight,
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good evening, i'm steve chamraz, welcome to the now milwaukee... the temperatures


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