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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  November 23, 2016 2:07am-2:37am CST

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>> right now, from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4. "live at 10:00." >> new at 10:00, a milwaukee says six years before a man was charged with raping three women he she is ing to keep him behind bars. >> the community needs to know. this is what he has done in the past, this is not his first time doing it. >> jonathan brown is accused of raping three women, one of them 17 years old. another, a poll worker on her way to work. >> one of the victims is now coming forward. >> rebecca klopf joins us now
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>> jonathan brown was 1n hesexu. she was inocial rvices,ust starting her career when he attacked and she wished more people would have listened to her warning about him six years ago. >> reporter: a woman we're calling jessica was scrolling through social media this week when she saw this face. >> i let out this sleek and i said that's him. >> jonathan brown was charged earlier this month with raping three women at gunpoint, including a 17-year-old girl. ss identified because she was a victim of brown's six years ago. she said she was working in social services with one of his family members when he lured her to his home. >> i get another phone call from jonathan brown's household. >> she said he told her his family member needed to talk. when jessica got there, she said brown was waiting. >> before i knew it he attacked me from behind. immediately i began to fight him off of me. >> jessica eventually got loss from the sexual assault and brown ran away.
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9/11 and the police arrived, they searched the house. >> jessica says police never found a family member inside. she said the fact he plotted her attack made her worried about his eventual release. >> i wrote a statement to the court stating he's a danger to the community at the age of 15 >> brown was found guilty of 4th degree sexual assault as a juvenile and given a year of probation. she said she hopes the court listens to her p >> i think jonathan needs to be gone for a very long time. >> jessica has offered to testify in this newest place. she now privately volunteers with sexual assault victims as well. >> continuing coverage, learning moore about the driver of a deadly bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. five children died, 12 in the hospital. >> 24-year-old jonathan walker is in the jail facing charges.
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months, no one was hurt in that other crash. >> let's take a look at wisconsin's highways and buy ways. little back up right now. things are expted to get worse as we get closer to thanksgiving day. >> let's go over to john malan, he has our holiday forecast. >> the rain is pushing into the area. showers, heavier showers, northern part of sheboygan coty showers across jefferson county, more rain out to the west, even a little bit of snow on the radar. it's basically north of our viewing area in central wisconsin, back through oh, claire and northwest wisconsin, lots of rain coming in from the south and west. if you're traveling up to southwest wisconsin, up to royce lake, hey ward, superior, winter weather advisory. tomorrow's travel advisory, all
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but snow in the north woods north of a line about north of green bay all the way through eau claire. >> i'll have more traveling forecast maps coming up in just a few minutes. new at 10:00, a federal judge blocked an obama administration plan to pay over time pay to 4 million workers. the judge agreed with 21 states including wisconsin that the rowling wruling was unlawful. >> the common council approved a state granted to that will be used to demolish and rehab 200 homes. it will also award money to developers who use local workers enrolled in trade programs. a father-son hunting trip turns into a family nightmare, the son found dead, the father found nearby barely breathing.
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are trying to determine what happened. >> the father and son were hunting for a weekend. they were staying in a cabin. family asked the dodge county sheriff's office to check on their loved ones monday after a 69-year-old milwaukee man and 46-year-old son didn't return from a hunting trip. the sheriff says a father and son were staying in the southwest part of the county. knocked on the door, looked through the windows and they saw somebody laying on the floor >> deputies broke into the home and found the 46-year-old dead. the 69-year-old was unconscious. >> we believe there's a potential it could be a carbon monoxide related incident. >> the furnace was running without gas in the cylinder and there wasn't a detector in the home. investigators are determining the cause. the sheriff has a word of
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season, people are going out there, drinking alcohol, bringing other appliances into these residents, camp sites and they need to be careful the use of those doesn't create problems or create carbon monoxide situations. >> the father is in the icu in madison. no word on his condition. reporting in dodge county, coreen zell, today's tmj4. every year at least 430 people die in the u.s. from poisoning. about 50,000 people are hospitalized. there are steps you can take to protect your home and family. first of all keep vents and flus free of debris. never use a gas obvious to heat your home and change the batteries every six months. if you suspect co poisonings, symptoms are similar to the flu. head to the hospital right away.
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death. >> katie crowther talked to the mother who wrote about her daughter's death. >> carol and george, it has been seven years since ashley love was murdered and still no suspects. milwaukee police say it is an open investigation. meanwhile, ashley's mom is on her own journey for justice peace. >> they had a choice up until the minute they pulled that trigger and did this to her, they had a choice to walk away and not do it. >> tammy love is on a mission to find her daughter's ashley's killer. >> i'm not going to stop until the day i'm gone. >> for tammy, writing a book on dpraef and unsolved murder has been therapeutic, but it also brought back the pain a man
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>> he ripped the heart out of my chest, i literally wanted to die. >> she did find the strength to go on living, but thanksgiving is always hard. it was the first holiday after ashley's death. >> i had people contacting me, you have to do this for your son, light a candle, and i do. she is there. >> to this day they still light a candle at the dinner table for her, a christmas tree of angels is also up in ashley's honor, along >> i love looking at pictures, it helps me remember. >> there was a time i thought to myself, i'm going to forget. >> she knows how she can never forget. her daughter will always be part of her and this thanksgiving, she is counting that as her greatest blessing. >> reporter: and the book, tammy love contributed to is called grief diaries, project cold case. it is available right now on
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in more than 40,000 stores nationwide. reporting live downtown, katie crowther, today's tmj4. first know no smoking, now no he smoke less tobacco. miller park ban. it now goes to the mayor for final approval. the move is meant to discourage major league baseball pla during games. >> tis the season to give and the milwaukee bucks are showing the winning spirit off the court. >> 150 families were fed today by parker donating holiday dinners to those in need. while parker was busy at the house of peace, his teammates held thanksgiving dinner give away and helped food for
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screenings. the coach of marquette's men's basketball team is target of a car -- >> thieves allegedly made a strange purchase using credit card information. plus, don't follow this guy's leads. the bizarre series of events that led to him being run over by his own truck. coming up next on today's tmj4. one surgery, for the price of two? this woman said a local hospital dole so show called the i team. how her medical billing
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>> you're watching today's tmj4, with george mallet, carole meekins, storm team 4 chief meteorologist john malan, and lance allen, sports. >> we could title this one bad choices. a man leaving an orlando club was too drunk to the pickled drive drove off, didn't get far, fell out of the truck, truck ran him over. he's on the run still. a minnesota family was almost on the hook for 4,000 after they thought they got a donation from the head coach of marquette men's basketball team. >> the family has a gofundme page for someone battling cancer. earlier this month they got a notification that he donated $4,000.
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card fraud. gofundme says the family will be able to keep the funds they were promised. so that's good. one surgery for the price of two? a local woman couldn't believe her medical bill and was having trouble getting answers. courtny gerrish is here for what you should watch out for on what you think you could do. >> if you don't pay attention to your medical bills, this story might make you more diligent. always go over an itemized list of charges befor >> karen lake works on a computer all day. >> very sore >> about a year ago, typing became painful. >> i had a cyst on this knuckle and one on this knuckle. >> she had an outpatient procedure on both fingers. everything went well until karen got the bill. >> i thought, that's not right. >> karen says she knew going in her doctor would charge for each
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hospital to do the same. >> i found that they had charged me twice for the surgery, because i only went into the surgical suite once and possibly was there 20 minutes. >> they showed the two charges, around $4600 for each finger. her insurance company paid toward the bill and she now owes the hospital $3,000. >> i want to know how they came up with the bill and never given an explanation, it's taken a lot of my time. >> yes. >> which is where an expert like jane cooper can end up. >> people end up at the mercy of the system. >> she started this company in 2001. it helps people navigate the healthcare system which includes billing errors. >> when we investigate a claim or billing issue, 28% of the time we find a mistake. >> something cooper says should be handled by insurance, but that's not always the case. >> we reached out to patient
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the legitimacy about billing twice for basically what is a very similar procedure in the same operating room. >> the coe of the orthopedic hospital of wisconsin does not disagree it was billed as two procedures. she was charged for what happened, an iv and antibiotics and procedure on her right middle finger and right index finger. >> you can certainly argue that that seems too expensive. >> but the practice doesn't break any lawless. according t school professor, allison barns. she is says it's important to keep in mind hospitals are businesses. >> rather than what they used to be, which were charities. and so they're in it to make a profit. >> here. >> karen is determined to fight half the bill and hopes her story makes people more diligent. >> don't just get a bill from a doctor or hospital and see a $40
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>> so we checked with other surgery centers in southeast wisconsin about how they bill using the same procedure code. several were at a less expensive rate anywhere from a couple some bill that same way, others discount and others -- >> a lot of discrepancy. is there anything people or we can do before we have a procedure to make sure we're not getting some big surprise >> that's the key, you have to spend the time before you have the procedure. find out what it will cost, compare hospitals. understand what your benefits will pay and after the procedure as karen mentioned, don't just pay the bill, always get the itemized list of charges. volunteers in our call for action office have helped a lot of consumers, give them a call. >> nothing is easy, that's for sure >> it always takes work.
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more evidence that the holidays are very nearly here. >> to hartford we go, this holiday light display already warming hearts with lots of water ago. >> we have lots of wattage this weekend, meaning heat. that's gone away, but we are going to be around average temperatures. rain in milwaukee, 42 on thanksgiving day with mostly cloudy skies and for your shopping convenience, maybe lighra if you're traveling tomorrow across the midwest, make it a big travel out of it. in northern wisconsin there's snow there, rain in southern wisconsin, cooler temperatures across minnesota with snow, not much going on in lower michigan on thanksgiving dashgs lots of clouds around for the most part. we'll start to see snow redeveloping western portions of minnesota. then on friday some of that rain-snow mix pushes across wisconsin, but not bad travel
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today we hit 43, which is the average temperature, so very average, finally, day. look at our temperatures holding on a southeast wind bringing warmth off lake michigan. we're going to watch rain move in all evening, mixed with a little bit of sleet at times, but very, very light. you can see this is sleet actually right here, sleet mixing in and snow in the rain bands out to the west as we pull way out, big storm system. we're going to see a lot r coming in, but all the snow stays in northwest wisconsin, southwest wisconsin, if you're traveling up to points of the north and west, winter weather advisories until 6:00. snowfall, way over doing it in the madison area. i think there will be nothing there, but five inches in waukesha, five inches in -- general three to five inches across the north woods.
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morning hours, rain showers in the early morning and afternoon, before everything moves out and thursday we get a break, just lots of clouds. there's the next storm system moving in that could bring a light mix into friday. 39 degreesvernight tonight with mid-30s inland. then for tomorrow, 43 with occasional showers at times through the dashgs cloudy skies, but at least worry seasonal as far as temperatures, more of the thanksgiving, 42. 7-day forecast, on friday, as i mentioned, mix in the morning hours, still 42. saturday, 44 with a little sunshine. 46 with rain moving in late on sunday. and then 50 degrees on monday, with a chance for showers. so we're really warming up early next week. check out riley sullivan, six
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>> welcome back, it's back to school for tony grenado, the new men's hockey coach balances the books while trying to bring back the glory to the badgers. >> tony is the men's hockey coach at the university of wisconsin. he played 13 years in the nhl. >> announcer: he scores.
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biggest off ice challenges. >> what is it like to be 5 two years old and be in that classroom learning? >> i think the whole idea of having to go back to school came up, i was really nervous, how am i going to fit in. i think the biggest thing is you don't want to disrupt the class. >> he left university of which is 30 years ago, 16 skies of his degree >> what is it like to walk the beautiful campus 30 years later? >> it's exciting.wh was really nervous. it was like the first day of school when you're a kindergartner. >> on this day he attends his racial and ethnic family class. >> how often do you get, hey coach? >> a little bit. this class here, especially, i'm kind of incould go knit to in there, un--
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grenado. >> when the job position became available, the chancellor said, you could hire this guy, but he's got to get a degree, that's a requirement. i always wanted to. >> he doesn't worry about his studies like he did before. >> i haven't woke up in the middle of the night, like i did back in college. >> but it's still competitive with student athletes. >> do they challenge you with your gpa >> no, they're hoping my combchl pgpa higher. >> no pressure on i do well. >> while he gets to the business of restoring the past hockey glory, he reflectivelies in the -- >> well there's a will, there's a way.
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>> tonight wisconsin is hot in hawaii. the badger basketball team. the badgers hammers the boys of georgetown, look out below, bronson tickles the 2009 for 20,
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invite. >> reiardtets through the alphabet o soup. i'm going to lead the with 22. and the pride of homestead high, my man, two points, marquette rolls to 104-79 victory. >> gwen jorgensene has been all over the place and she's glad to be home >> it's great to be home and just the same, i came home, mom had lunch on the table, great to see everyone and be back home.
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>> and here are your winning mega million numbers, 1, 43, 45,
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>> and our numbers start out at 39, up to 42, occasional rain >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! >> what is it? >> booze day, tuesday, november 22nd, also happens to be national cranberry relish day, in case you were wondering. >> are you for real? >> it's a big day in your family. >> it is a huge day. it's the day my brother, adel, was born. we are going to celebrate his birthday with my entire family. all on the train.


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