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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:26pm CST

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now at noon -- deadly shooting investigation underway in new berlin-- two people now dead. the shooting happened around 6:30 this morning. officers found two people inside a home, both with gunshot wounds. julia fello is live in new berlin with the latest. police knew to come to the home in this quiet neighborhood because a man inside called 911... he would
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then the line went deawhen new berlin police arrived to the home on hickory trail--the front door was open for them, and they could smell gun powder in the air. they found a man and woman in their 70s who live at this home with gunshot wounds. the man was dead. the woman died at the hospital. we sll donowxact what happened...police to learn relateth t lipp julia fello todays tmj four. to weather now
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30s, to lower 40s ??al lakebrisk se wind at 10-20 mph. if you a travelg toheno wisconsin, it s be snowing all night, and that will continue today, with 2-4" of accumulationfrom wausau d nort about 1-3" of snow. it will be a ld rain in southern wisconsin with highs in the low to mid 40s. the rain tapers off before 10pm with patchy fog, and lows in the
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thrush to get home for the holiy ?;has started .across the country about least 50 les scmiivpeghway. b over a mitchell international flight. ter o fig lines -- many ended up passing the timeth so far no problem what so ever. so we're flying to atlanta and then driving to pensacola. so we'll miss most of the triple a forecasts nearly 4 million americans will fly over the anvi holiday. according to the navigation app waze -the worst day to trav back is sunday -- between the hours of 11 a.m. to 6 p.m the state department of transportation says it's
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roadwork ahead of the holiday weekend. crews have completed their major projects for the year. but there are still lane and ramp closuresn some areas-- including several near the zoo interchange. travelers can get updates on road conditions and traffic delays good news from the milwaukee d-p-w... they will ?not be enforcing any meter parking on thanksgiving and no overnight parking will be enforced tonight into thursday and thursday into friday... overnight parking rules resume friday night. official t tohe he thatamtrying to steal your infoation. especially online. pete zervakis explains online, cybesure you don't coer aut0 rct during the ho shopping season. reportrom cyber security company "kaspersky lajust more opportunity there's more peoplepingthe president
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business bureau says inweeks... kinds ofemailsri scountals."phishing" emails... gnlegimate me stores or your bank. never send a check or credit card because of a link in your email you can always visit that store or you can look at your bill, call them, verify it also look out for fake websites offering sale products. if the site address doesn't contain "https" ... it's not secure tbu the old saying if it's too good to be true it is, it probably is and if you're shngnl ofe shops. if there a on neth.. yo onalrsinformation be compromise ..oday's tmj4
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transitionconfmslecept the u- t during senate confirmation hearings for the cabinet-level position. some computer scientists are urging hillary clmpai to ask fo in three key statesthe scientists sathe should includwisconsin, pennsylvania, and igan. they say it's possible machines were manupulated or hacked because ceivedseven-percent fewer votes in counties that use elonic ving machin. they ow evidence of fraud. the shern ?jnehb will soon recieve two million dollars to improve qualit forr on counl state grant tuesday. the money will be used to demolish and rehab nearly 200 homes.. the council will also award money to developers who use ?local? workers enrolled in a trades training program. the university of wisconsin says it's experiencing an
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students over hate and prejudice.the problem hitting the stevens point campus particularly hard. last fall semester, the school had one hate and bias incident reported. this semester, there have been 14 reported incidents already. it's unclear if more are happening, or just that more are being reported. the chancellor says the incidents range from racial slurs written on resident hall doors to m dangerous situatioli se"tre alt ge ev co tospread ran thtop five when it comes to rearchthlatest rankings put u-w in sixth pl wis down two spots from the last rankings. first that uw-madison has not ranked
12:08 pm officials said it has been a challenging ar, d disifrisinitrank inthgre d infe ta e ooou faok p au ent t televisi. perform tomorrowren today's tmj4. l tht-- the services the u-s postal offiarson look inside their packages without even
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it's the busiest travel day-- taking a live look at our d- o-t cameras. people expected to hit the road-- going to family and friends homes for thanksgiving. but the weather could put a damper on travel-- depending on where you're headed. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at your forecast...
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light rain moved in overnight with temps in the mid to upper 30s, to lower 40s along the lake, and a brisk se wind at 10-20 mph. if you are traveling to wisconsin, it has been snowing all night, and that will continue today, with 2-4" of accumulation from wausau and north. minneapolis could see
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a cold rain in southern wisconsin with highs in the low to mid 40s. the rain tapers off before 10pm with patchy fog, and lows in the 30s.thanksgiving cloudy and seasonal with highs in the low to mid 40s, and a light breeze. another storm system rolls into the area on friday with a slight chance of
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morning, and then cloudy with highs in the lower 40s. this weekend is sunny and seasonal with highs in the mid 40s. a few showers are possible by sunday evening. we all know that the holiday season is a prime time for thieves. thousands of packages are stolen off of people's front porch every year. as joe pagonakis reports-- the u-s postal service is offering a
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"i check the security cameras on the house and there i saw it someone grabbed the packages off the porch."early holiday season packages nate kelmes and his wife will never see.surveillance video of a hooded crook making the grab and run in front of their university heights home. kelmes has now added this sign to instruct all delivery personel and added even more security. a lesson that has kelmes offering advice. "have the packages delivered to the back porch, back door, garage. somewhere out not in front of the house."the us postal service is also offering wisdom and a wide variety of services when it comes to holiday deliveries. like signature confirmation and a mobile app that allows you track your package all the way to your door. and if you suddenly find out you won't be home the postal office has a new service. "usps package intercept is what it's called. it's a service we provide, where you can actually change in transit where your package is going when you know it's
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to post pictures or comment about big ticket deliveries on facebook or twitter. "well anything on social media is open for the entire world to see. you don't know who might be reading that, so it's probably a good idea to not talk about those things. and one final step taken by kelmes and his wife..."my wife was very disappointed, so she's not going to buy anything on- line anymore. we'll see how long that lasts." the u.s. postal service says stealing package off a front porch could be counted as felony and may include of the items that were taken. just in time for the holidays, amazon is giving customers the power of x-ray vision.its smartphone app for i-phone-- now lets customers scan the barcodes on amazon shipping boxes to see what's inside before opening. that means, you can keep your gifts secured in their box and don't have to worry about your spouse or kids ruining any surprises. amazon's package x-ray only works on your own orders-- so thieves can't see
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why the prices of many prescription meds are skyrocketing and -- alternative treatment-- how medical marijuana helped a woman battling breast cancer and the warning doctors have
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for your health-- epipen's recent price hike of 4-hundred percent sickened a lot of those who need them, and made headlines everywhere.but there are many other drugs that have skyrocketed in price. remicade-- used to treat crohn's disease-- among the prescription meds that rose 2- billion-dollars last year. an
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10 cents a pill to 10-dollars a pill. amount of money""the reason for that is because the pharmaceutical industry is not regulated. they can run a muck and charge any amount of money" drug companies are known to tweak an old drug and call it new. this allows them to extend their patent, protect them from competition and keep prices high. drug makers are raking in huge profits, critics say, due to a lack of government oversight. drugs are increasing-- that's according to the centers for disease control and prevention. one out of every 250-americans visitied the emergency room during 2013 and 2014 due to an adverse drug reaction.the c-d-c found that out of all of the groups-- elderly people ended up in the e-r at a higher rate. about 35-percent of all e-r visits in the study were people 65 or older. florida recently legalized medical marijuana-- opening the flood gates for people
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for an array of health conditions - including cancer. gayle guyardo spoke with a woman who turned to cannabis oils to treat her breast cancer. at her 6 month check up tammy levent shows no signs of cancer - a year and half ago she was diagnosed and refused traditional treatment.."they thought i was absolutely insane - they're like it's not gonna work - you can't be doing this - and i was like it's my body and this is what i want to do! and of course it was illegal at the time"now that florida amendment 2 passed levent up her prescribed medications at 'trulieve' - instead of traveling out of eduardo palanca who now oversees levents care, says while her successful experience, is like many others, ? anecdotal? - "we will be able to come up with very good studies that support - that yes indeed - we are on the right track in looking for another cure for cancer."dr. palanca is quick to point out cannabis is not a treatment - but studies do show thc has a strong anti tumor affect."it actually not only retards
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cells from forming and new cells from dividing."and the fact that levent's tumors markers are now at zero."when i looked at tammy's blood work the tumor markers were all zero - and i couldn't explain it."three months later when i went in for my mammogram i had one doctor come in and then another and another and i was like is it bad or good - can you just let me know - we're not sure we've never seen anything like this in our lives" not only gone it was growing healthy tissue." again it's important to reiterate that cannabis oil is not a treatment protocol for cancer patients. doctors point out that - it can be used as enhancement to traditional treatments that are coming up... holiday sprit-- how you can watch an admirals game and help feed people in need. and -- surprised guest--
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raiding his fridge-- the two things the animal snacked on before running off. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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heading into the holiday's the admirals are trying to do their part. tonight they host grand rapids at 7.. and if fans bring in three non- perishable food items they'll receive a 10-dollar voucher for a ticket to a admirals game. the food will be donated to the hunger nasa astronaut shane kimbrough sharing details on how the crew will spend thanksgiving on board the international space station. "so of course we're going to have, our foods a little different so, here's our turkey right here, so it's in a pouch we're going to heat this up and it's going to taste really good just like you're having at home. a few more items, we got cherry blueberry cobbler for dessert,
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thanksgiving is complete without football.kimbrough says mission control will send up some live games for the crew to watch thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to feast together, but one florida family had an uninvited guest raid their fridge this week. the homeowner say a bear in his garage. but what really surprised him-- is what the bear decided to eat-- ice cream and cake. just like that.""very trained to open the freezer, it kn what amazed me most, matter of fact, this is what a talenti ice cream comes in, it's this type of container and he literally put it to the ground and unscrewed it, just like that."the bear sprawled out on the driveway-- unwrapped the cake and started snacking. a neighbor captured this video before the bear ran off. live at 12:30 is up next-- high speed chase. the amazing dash-board camera video from a police pursuit up north... and
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the also... virtually legal. the local community where thousands are pushing to drastically reduce fines for marijuana posession... and the debate on that city council
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. across the country about 49 million people will be trekking at least 50 miles to eat a feast with family and friends. here in wisconsin about a million drivers are expected to hit the highway. triple a forecasts nearly 4 million americans will fly over the thanksgiving holiday. the southeast wisconsin o-w-i task force will be stepping up patrols this holiday weekend. officers in milwaukee and


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