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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:18pm CST

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piin up the mail,king sure he gl where it's supposed to go. describes what happened when hes thursday. its malked u saying boxes we his. he saide dn't have id but his fend wouldring it. his friendaid the boxes were his. t neither man could show their id. wh t heed to eve look, t la run an i warrant i heard my dogark, there w a tas of yelling. >> reporter: he said stop this is a fe federal offense. that's the house where he was trying to deliver the package when the men tried to steal it, they ended out here fighting over the packages, ting them down to yard over there. >> i noticed the mai men and
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mailman was yelling call 911. >> he did call 911. milwau police department confirmed they responded to a robbery, arresting one man, but say they are still looking for the oth. according to the usps handbook, mail carriers are required to protect all mail, money and equipment in their possession. beller did just that and luckily he was not hurt in that fight. live in milwaukee, today's >> shannon: glad he was not hurt. the attorney for convicted murderer steven avery says a judge signed off on a new scientific testing. it will be a happy thankings givifter all. he's appealing hise l sense sentence. earlier this year a judge overturned the conviction of brendan dassey.
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remain behind bars as the state appeals. >>ou shod know this,hi ison thes of the year. here is a live look. showers are making a wet dve across the area. aaa wisconsin expects a million people to make a trip through the state for the holidays. scott steele is live in glendale with the today's tmj4 storm chaser. scott. >> reporter: charles, it is moving along remarkably well. we are on overlooking 43. northbound. and as i say, surprisingly so, the traffic moving along quite nicely. earlier when we were out and about, 43 was a parking lot. so things improving nicely, perhaps folks getting an early start. our weather conditions, 44 degrees right now in glendale. wind chill not too bad because the wind is n so bad. just a smattering of showers across you southeastern
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litt drizzle going to encounter damp pavement across southeastern wisconsin. one thing our computer can do, remarkable situation here, we can show you wther related traffictionere indicates fog. and there is a lot of fog and area, south andt.the metro down through nor central illinois,in some dense fog there. up to the north, close to the valley, along lake winnebago, dense fog there. north of green bay, towar the u.p., damp pavement, wet roads there. the white here an indication of snowy condition so far there has been about two to four inches of snow in northwestern wisconsin where roads from rice lake the shall a land are snow covered and we have one final message from the steel boys. what do you say?
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>> reporter: reporting live with storm chaser along 43. drive safely. >> charles: great job. well delivered. if you're not of taling, chances are you went to the grocery store today. she is live at the metro market to tell you which items most last minute shoppers forgot. >> reporter: most grocery stores will stay open tonight and open tomorrow m forget anything or in case you just need to do shopping in general. here is what to make sure you write dow on the list. >> iring allhe food, grandma does theooking. >> reporter: she is a last minutepp s and has a cart fuf thanksgiving necessities. >> we h the green, the turkeys, the?? drinks. >> rte she is confident she didn't forget anything but many grocery stores know that people will be running in tomorrow. >> might be a can of milk, o
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miss that small recipe. >> cranberries, the biggest one of the tt's the one everyone runs in?j?2 tomorrow. >> reporter: meijer compiled a list of theost k commonly forgotten items, cream cheese, but a l of pe forget tter. >> we sell it more this time of yehan other times year. >> reporter: a lot of people also tend to overlook another meal. >> everybody wakes up o after thanksgiving, or thanksging morning, and they don't have enough breakfast items. 'll hreakst items for them to come and pick up. >> reporter: another trend a lot of sores are seeing, peoe want premade food, stuff theye t preheated orcook itenal like meaegt,ehing that if you no bring something family, itil b, very e
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rikki mitell. >> charles: thanks. >> shannon: morale call news.ope pere dead after a shooting in their home. talking with police and neighbors there. julia. >> reporter: police are not saying who the shooter was, only telling us that they're not searching for any other spects tonight. we found mistaking a computer, and bags full of evidence from the home. a nine when one call by a man led them to discover what happened. >> said that help was needed here. the dispatcher asked for more eils repeated that help we. dead.pter: then the line went when the arrived at the home, they found a door wide open and could sme gunpowder in the air. a 76-year-old man and 71-year-old woman were found in their bedroom with gunshot wounds. the man was dead. the woman died at the hospital.
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them as a quiet couple who loved animals. >> this should not happen around here. >> reporter: another neighbor too devastated to get on camera told me she thought they were great people, great neighbors, loved tirnd would nnvtion,dithe' names. julia happened aroun n day.wednes li scared off by a passer by. here cse look athe n,ou recognize them call kenosha police. a sheboygan man faces burglary charges after a homeowner caught him in t
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acrding to the cmina colaint, lewis freot?@ in the home yesterday mning, through an unlocked back door. confronted the guy and held him at gunpoin until police arrived. >> shaonpackers ext the injury b continu to biten bay. eddie ly andam shields baing i?t inak is live in gen news cone hferencd coach mike mccarthy said it's a long shot for tj tola mday against the eagles. that eddie m shlds are doneor season. >>ever. are theo i an, it's a game of football. weave 63 p buildi a rdy to win
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i can't say this enough. i said it during training camp we got the right kind of men here. this group of men, we're going to get to where we want to go. i'mnt int. therocess, theppach, the we're goi to get this the w we goto win. that. it'sboutp pgoinh, to keep stokie ande're going to do ething that do this weend philadelia. >> reporte t road trip inhiladea mondeay eagleav?= yet toos a gym at home this season. at lamb befie, elise menaker today's tmj4. >> shannon: foball is a anging tradition and so is parade.rl th a expecteune in nnon: on theve othvent hear froe
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for 300 localntsden new york city t march in the thanksgiving day pare. just one of dozen high school bands thatereel o of 200 that appli. we talked to bd >> i'm nervous for having all my fand people i k watching mevut the millions of people like -- that's live and they're really close to you, so if yess that'sasr forhe see >> shannon: coverage of the 90thnnual parade begins tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and you can watch it here on today's tmj4. the greendale hig school band should reach the macy's
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the parade stops they can ckback and relax. a real long shot. >> shannon: the rare trophy one
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>> charles: check out this surprise. finding out his trophy buck isn't a buck at all. he shot a eight-point doe monday afternoon. he realized somhing wasn't right when he started dressing the deer. >> this is the trophy of a lifetime. i'm go tave a full body mount done on it. and i hope my wife will let me put it in the living room. >> shannon: that's a long shot. >> charles: yeah, that would be.
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antlers, caused by high testosterone levels. the navy's blue angels are checking out plans for the 2017 air and water show. >> shannon: the crewells brandon it's like a homecoming >> the navy's flying team is returning to the lakefront and they say it will be a homecoming. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: next summer they'll be wowing crowds once ain. it's been a while since the blue angels were on the he milwaukeen will be something sal. >> really lking forward t a great. >>ter:rganizers canceled th ande air water show due to lack of funds. s as a sponsorng the milwaukee traditnac next year. >> everybody is brought into bee airshow. staff is excited.
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we're thrilled to give that back to the community. >> reporter: the show isex genen $1 million for the cit o tat lew u the cni great. they'v opened u so many doors for us. >> reporter: next year the airshow is scheduled for the middle of july. it will be the first of two stops in the state of wisconsin. from the air national guard base, today's tmj4. summer to arrived.wait for the holiday weekend. >> charles: lot of people looking forward to this, and, of course, many people still traveling, john. and they want to know if they're going to get there if time. >> john: i don't think we have a ton of traffic problems right now, or weather problems impeding your travel plans for thanksgiving. if you're down here in southeastern wisconsin, check it out. not bad at all. clouds tomorrow. 41 degrees. friday there is a small chance of a rain/snow mix.
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partly cloudy and 44 on saturday. actually we should see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. on sunday, partly cloudy and 48 if we get any rain it will come in towards sunday night. for tomorrow, traveling around midwest, everything looking just clos u for low 40s, more of the same into frida a small chance, as i said, of rain/snow mix. that cld move into michigan so andhen into saturday, lots of sunshine peeking through. look at the 57 in des moines, 44 green bay, and 44 here in milwaukee. we should have an average high of 42, but look at what we got up to. 45 degrees today. the overnightow aeryild 41 're a44 n rig ilw rine,ortwaingd in waterto couple light rain
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we could still see a sprinkle or two after that. the snow staying in the northern part of the state. clouds way back out across minnesota, so we'll see lots of clouds tomorrow. this low moves out overnight tonight, leaving clues around. here comes the front. and anything that develops will be very weak. clouds will stick around through everything moves out before midnight. could see fog around, a mild 36 degrees. for tomor 4h mostly cloudy skies, westerly winds. and into shopping day friday, more clouds around with small chance of a little light rain/snow mix, 42. weekend looks great. sunshine saturday, and 44. rainoves in towards sunday evening, most of the rest of t y hooks great. look at the temperatures. up to 48 degrees.
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a chance of light rain and we're still above normal into the middle of next week.
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packers experience a loss on each side of the ball. both ruled out for the year, for lacy as a free agent it could be the end of his packers career. for shields it could be the end of his career due concussion history. >> reporter: today we learned that eddie lacy is done for the season. he'll remain on injured reserve. it als hasn't seen what it can do withly auired chris ton myael.irst detting outere,etti, nninheall, touching i so feel good. >> reporter: how do you -are you excited to g out tre >> aolutely. ablute.
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>> reporter: whinkhat do y you can bring to the run game? >> you have to be seen in the offense. what he's done it's been pretty spectacular. he's scored six touchdowns this year, which obviously put him first in our squad. wasn't on the street that long, just couple hours until he was claimed. i'm excited about getting him out there. >> reporter: it's just b busines as usual without lacy. he season, but head coach mike mccarthy said he was having his best season. at lambeau field, elise menaker. >> on the other side, philly is still fighting. doug peterson is coaching the young but growing eagles. >> when you look at it we're like the eighth,th team in thefc that has shot. it's still a one game mentality. we got to win this game and this
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anything. >> rorter:onathe racer, theinner of the allen driv proam championship. the 24-year-old one the 2 national title in the slinger racer follows last year's racer. there is a lot of racing talent
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meal may have a negative impact on our water. >> we tag along with scientists as ty see what they found the three most common thanksgiving items they typically discover in the water after thanksgiving. here is a hipt. it's not cranberries. coming up next, we're streaming it live on facebook or through >> charles: this better not mess up m thanksgiving. >> when something is in the water -- >> charles: something is in the air. >> john: something is in the air and it's rainfall. you might have a very light rain shower, 8:00, 9:00 o'clock, but most of that rain is movut of the picture by 10:00. 40 degrees right through the evening. that's mild this time of year. >> shannon: all right. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> charles: the "mike mccarthy show" is next.
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with the straight scoop on the packers from the man who knows them best, it's the mike mccarthy show with larry mccarren and the coach of the green bay packers, mike mccarthy. >> hello, everyone, and welcome to the mike mccarthy show where the packers are getting ready for a monday nighter in philadelphia and, mike, first of all, is this another game, the umteenth one this season where you're gonna be mixing and matching personnel due to injuries and if that's the case, could you talk about the challenge of doing that. >> well, i mean, you know, it's part of the challenge each and every year. we're frankly just working through that and we're in the game plan phase here early in the week so you kind of have to


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