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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak  NBC  November 24, 2016 6:00am-6:49am CST

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yesterday was dreary, damp and foggy with scattered rain showers and highs in the low to mid 40s. the rain minished before midnight, and it has remained cloudy with lows in the 30this morning. today is cloudy and seasonal with highs in the lower 40s, and a light breeze. rolls into the area tonight with isolated light rain and sn ?until friday cumulation is expected. those oking to burn f a few calories ahead of their
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cedarburg thismorning.. that's whe pete zervakis is live with a preview of the turkey trot. thturkey trot starts and ends here in front of st. franciborgia school - which organizes the event. it's an annual, thanksgiving run/walk. the running course is just under mi runners in a loop through a mostly rural part of town. the walking route - which is 1.8 miles - is all onlocal streets. they're expecting a big crowd here - the website shows registration for both the run and the walk as full. the race kicks off at 10 am. live... pz... tmj4
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right now... if you're traveling today... it's good idea to leave a bit early. triple a says... more than 48 million people will travel more than 50 miles or more from home from now until sunday. that is an increase of one million compared to last year, and the most in nearly a decade. most of them will be on the roadway. you can thank low gas prices for that.the national average is about 2- 13.... but here in over 2 dollars a gallon. and stay safe out there.... triple is reporting more than 4-hundred people die in alcohol or drug-related crashes each year over this holiday weekend. the attorney for convicted murderer steven avery says a judge has signed off on new scientific testing on evidence for avery's appeal. kathleen zellner also tweeted out a message fr avery saying "it will be a happy thanksgiving
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sentence for the 2005 murder of teresa halbach.earlier this year---- a judge overturned the conviction of avery's nephew brendan dassey.last week --- dassey was ordered to remain in prison as the state appeals the judge's decision. yelling and commotion.""i heard my dog start barking and there was a ton of yelling and commotion." a bizarre ment for one milwaukee resident on the eastside who saw a mail carrier ke extraordinary action to make sure his delivery didn't end up in the wrong hands. criminal complaint... carrier... scott peller. was delivering packages... when two men claimed the xes he was caying were theirs. weve.. neither would show their i-roved to ptheir story. when peller leave, the complaint says the men knocked the boxes out of his arms.that's when peller and the men started fiting... in a resident's yard. 'call 9-1-1""i notice one was a mailman, one was another gentlemen and they were kind of just going back and forth
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9-1-1" lamb did call 9-1-1... and man... however... they say they're still looking for the other. a pilot's strike is teoron hold... meaning your holiday orders from world wide carrier --- d-h-l --- will arrive on time. a federal judge ordered pilots for ---- "a-b air" to get back to work late last night. they went on strike becue they felt they were understaffed. the carrier operates 35 flights --- a day f gemen --get your wallets out... it's the biggest ping time ofhe year. but before you venture out... remeerthere is help to get you rough the day. take advantage of your apps., they can helsave you cash -- and keep you focused in stores.if you're headg to the mall -- try uses yo lo?9?d?
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to help plan what deals you want to use. finally --- shop savvy allows you to compare prices online from different stor. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--holiday travel.. how mother nature is impacting some plans in northern wisconsin.. then -- escaping danger.. the scary situation one group encountered caused it to happen..
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happy thanksgiving everyone. today we are enjoying time with our families and hope you are too.we'll be back tomorrow with a special black friday edition of the morning blend. see you at nine. the realnventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread.
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foggy with scattered rain showers and highs in the low to mid 40s. the rain diminished before midnight, and it has remained cloudy with lowsn the 30s this seasonal withighs in the lower 40s, and a light another weak stsystem rolls into the area tonight isolated ght rain and snow until early friday accumation is expected. it looks like most of the midwest will steer clear fr ow the next few days. it
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whin nther?n parts of the state saw last night. check out this snow in "eau claire" as people were on their way home from work. and to our nieghbors to the right of us... in minnepolis also hit hard with some nasty weather. sleet and slick roads pushed drivers off the road. a sixth child has died from injuries sustained in a school bus crash in chattanooga, tennesseetoxicology reports on the driver of the schoolbus show no trace of drugs or alcohol. police say 24- year-old johnony walker is will likely change. the government looking at ways to cut the number of fatal crashes blamed on distracted drivers. regulators are calling on smart phone makers to lock-out most apps --- when the phone is being used by someone driving a car. traffic deaths spiked more than ten- percent in the first six months of this year. ten-percent of fatal crashes ?last? year involved distracted drivers. a man in newyork lucky to be alive this thanksgiving after
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his pocket.take a look at this security camera video. you can see the man's pocket start arking and then all of the su...the e-cigarett explodes several times.he was was taken to thospital and is in stable condition.. but his hands and legs were severned. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--shopping fety.. what you need to ow before logging on r those sweet deals.. not just computercausing headaches for some.. what you n need to look for at the gas pump to keep your card information sa.
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mar, o like black s.e upbett
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. antheye degn to lo legitima u mighgetretailers are itarer going to overwhelm you with ads this season your inbox will be email, facebook, all over the place and scammers know this too 43 so they'll be sending out phishing emails that look very similar to what you might get you should also avoid network like at a coffee shop. hackers on those networks can steal your information. be careful when gassing up on the way to your thanksgiving party. more card skimmers have been found at gas pumps in wisconsin.police in madison say a skimming device was discovered earlier this week. that makes a dozen in the city this year.the devices are usually installed inside the pump. storing your card information when you swipe.
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and pay inside if you're unsure. amtrak is beating its own records... already this week, it carried more people than it did last thanksgiving... in fact, trains to and from milwaukee and chicago have been so busy amtrak has had to add trains. all of the trains running during the holiday require reservations, but there is still availability... amtrak has one piece of advice- give yourself extra time and be patient. now to the st weather center with meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday was dreary, damp and foggy with scattered rain showers and highs in the low to mid 40s. the rain diminished before midnight, and it has remained cloudy with lows in the 30s this morning. today is cloudy and seasonal with highs in the lower 40s, and a light breeze. another weak storm system
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snow until early friday accumulation is expected. friday afternoon is cloudy with highs near 40. this weekend is finally sunny and pleasant with highs in the mid to upper 40s. a few showers are possible by sunday night, and rain is likely along with gusty winds and
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y ho for it thrning mairport. cae of trel astrel expertgiou ty of me to get checked in in just a couple of hours into the annual macy's tune thanksgiving day parade on n-b-c. thare
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you can catch nearly 300 you can catch you can catch nearly 300 greendale muscians perform in the parade later this morning. they were selcected out of 2-hundred bands across the country that applied. they've been living it up the past couple of days before the performance... but not without lots of practive. they ran through a quick dress rehearsal this morning before
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to band members after their practice last night. coverage of the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving parade begins at 9 am right here on today's tm.the greendale hi schl band should reach the 's cy stornt 1 up n ext onve alidaybreak on today's tmj 4 --we're just rst of three n-f-l mes today.. and onof them has a big impact on the packers season.also-- meet a fan who's made a courageous pledge -- as colder weather
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it's thanksgiving which means an afternoon jam-packed with football. the vikings and lions will get things started at 11:30 this morning.. both are six and four on the year. then at 3:30 it's an n-f-c
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cowboys. the steelers and colts wrap things up right here on today's tmj4 at 7:30. with the packers on e brink ofa 5 game losing strike... it's not easy being a packers packer faithul is so sick of his team losing... so he's braving the cold and promising not to wear pants until his team wins a game. "i'm going to wear shorts until they win and ill probably wear shorts after that but then i'll wear pants then too" endure this whole winter with him in those shorts just to see how much of a hardcore fan he is."keep your pants on keep your pants on glenn--- the packers are four and six.their next game will be against the eagles monday in philadelphia. and glenn, carson wentz and company aren't bad.
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today's tmj4 --a local mother shares why she's thankful for nurses and doctors at children's hospital...also-- police still investigating a double shooting in new berlin.. what police say tipped them off to a problem
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happening now-- then -- the president-elect sending a message on twitter.. what donald trump says we need to do as a country this thanksgiving. and taking a live look outside-- welcome to live at's i'm susan kim.and - i'm ann sterling. let's get a look at your weather and traffic together-- with storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday was dreary, damp and foggy with scattered rain showers and highs in the low to mid 40s. the rain diminished before midnight, and it has remained cloudy with lows in the 30s this
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seasonal with highs in the lower 40s, and a light breeze. another weak storm system rolls into the area tonight with isolated light rain and snow until early friday accumulation is expected. a thanksgiving tradition continues today in cedarburg. about a thousand people will spend this thanksgiving morning, running or walking. pete zervakis is live with a preview of the turkey trot in cedarburg. what better way to work up an appetite for that thanksgiving
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the annual turkey trot here in cedarburg is put on by st. francis borgia school. the route for runners and walkers starts - and ends - right in front of the school. the running course is just under 3.5 miles... taking runners in a loop through a mostly rural part of town. much of the trail isn't paved. the walking route - which is 1.8 miles - is all on streets. live... pz... tmj4 a local mom says she has so much to be thankful for this year, even though her child has cancer, and they are spending thanksgiving in the hospital.malisa mireles is
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childerns hospital of wisconsin. elysia is recovering from her second bone marrow transplant.she's been in the hospital since february. mireles says the doctors and nurses there have become the family's home away from home even though we're not at home and doing the exact things we traditionally do we're still in a good place and we still have a lot to be thankful for the family has a big feast planned.... and says elysia is allowed to eat hi right now -- a car bomb attack targeting a turkish government building kills at least two people and injured 16 others this morning.. the attack is the latest in a string of deadly bombings ... that have rocked turkey for more than a year.the attacks have been carried out by kurdish militants or isis. video shows several cars in the parking lot caught fire after the blast. of those injured in the attack... we know several are
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we're waiting on more details this morning about a mysterous shooting in new berlin. police say an eerie 9-1-1 call brought them to a house on west hickory trail. where an elderly couple was found in their bedroom with gunshot wounds. the man was pronoucned dead at the scene. the woman died at the hospital.police will not release any updates, including the names of the victims until tomorrow. new serveillance video shows burglars trying to break-down the front door at a home in kenosha. noon last wednesday near the carthage college campus.police say the men were scared off by a's a closer look at the two men they're trying to identify.if you recognize them... call kenosha police. green party candidate ''jill stein'' has until tomorrow to file for recounts in wisconsin... michigan and pennsylvania. some election lawyers and data experts say.... there is evidence that election results may have been
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could impact hillary clinton. if the recount shows clinton actually won those three states, she could swing the election. president-elect donald trump is using twitter to wish people a happy thanksgiving. trump posted a video urging people to come together as a country .....and put their differences aside. god bless america."let us give thanks for all that we have and let us boldly face all the exciting new frontiers that lay ahead. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america." the most dangerous question this thanksgiving may be "who did you vote for?'a lot of americans fear politics could ruin an otherwise pleasant thanksgiving dinner.a new c-n-n-o-r-c poll finds 53- percent of americans dread the thought of talking about politics on thursday.they might be the majority.. but the bad news is another 43- percent of americans say they are ?eager? to talk politics
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58-percent said they are generally eager to discuss politics.of the democrats who responded, 63-percent said they are ?dreading? it up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--it's a busy time.. and it's almost a guarantee you forgot something you need for your feast.. which places are open this morning to help ease your stress.then -- it's been a week.. and they haven't budged. what's on these die hard shoppers'
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where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays
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yesterday was dreary, damp and foggy with scattered rain showers and highs in the low to mid 40s. the rain diminished before midnight, and it has remained cloudy with lows in the 30s this morning. today is cloudy and seasonal with highs in the lower 40s, and a light breeze. another weak storm system
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snow until early friday accumulation is expected. there's still time to pick up those last minute groceries before your start cooking today. many stores in the area will be open early this morning for those forgetful shoppers. some of the most forgotten items are things like cream ch mushroom soup... and butter. and if you don't have time to cook... places like metro market is offering pre cooked items -- like veggie dishes -- meat and cheese trays and of course baked goods. people are still camped out in front of best buy this morning in delafield a group of die hard shoppers who met nearly 10 years ago made finding a place in line on black friday an annual tradition. the shoppers aren't exactly roughing it.they filled their tents with a queen bed, a television and heaters.
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open until midnight. southridge mall will also open at 6.. and stay open until one a-m. individual store hours may differ from the mall's hours. for a full list.. head to tmj4 dot com. today's health. if you'll be gathering for cocktails with family and friends tonight ... be safe and don't overdo it.experts say you should mindful of how much alcohol you are consuming. one drink is equal to 12 ounces of beer--- five ounces of wine or just one and a half ounces of hard liquor.try limiting yourself to one drink per hour ... or have some water or a soft drink between each drink. and remember -- do not drink and drive.many ride services -- like uber -- are offering discounts tonight. most people look forward to the holidays... but not the calories. there are ways to
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experts say to remember to stay active.use exercise to offset the extra calories... with a short jog... or even just a walk around the block, up next-- on live at daybreak on today's tmj4a hunting surprise.. what's unique about the deer a hunter in oconto county nabbed this year.then -- why you won't have to
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every hunter has a story about that incredible shot or the shared memories hunting with family, but for many outdoor enthusiasts, it's that prize bu. so imagine a hunter's surprise when his ''prize buck'' this year actually turned out to be a doe. look at this 8 point doe --- shot monday afternoon in o-conto county. the hunter realized something wasn'tt - ri- when he started field dressing the deer. lifetime.">
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time is windg down on the ends this sunday. so far numbers are down thiyear. last weekend hunters killed this year than last year er according to state wildlife officials. offials blame onthe coertemperates. w to the or 4 m team weather center with meteorologist brian gotter.
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foggwithscattered rain amp and showers and highs in thlow to 40s. the rain
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with lo in th30s this morning. today is cloudy and seasonal with highs in the lower 40s, and a light breeze. another weak storm system rolls into the area tonight with isolated ght rain and snow until early friday accumulation is expected. iday afternoon is and pleasant with hig in the mid to upper 40s. a few showers are possible by sunday along with gustywinds and
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people across the country are thankful they're home this moing after a stresfull night of trg.nothing as bad as the traffic nightmare in downtown los angeles last night. .take a look at this.... drivers at a in both directions. if you are hitting the roads... it's a good time to fill up your tank. right now in milwaukee you're going to pay about two bucks a gallon...but in some places you can find prices as low as 1-89. that's a steal compared to the national average which sits at about 2-13 a gallon. good news from the milwaukee d-p-w... they will ?not be enforcing any meter parking on today... and no overnight
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overnight parking rules resume if you didn't have to travel this thanksgiving.... there's a good possibility your expecting relatives later today. we camped out hell internatiol r a while ere we caught some antsy famliy members waiting for loved ones to arrive home. 24:13 - 19 how happy to ve the family together? very happy. she's excited. of course she gets to go home and help me do some cooking. for many parents ... this was the first time seeing their kids since college in august. we also caught up with more than a few reuniting couples. it's awesome."19:10:52 - 19:11:00 "how do you feel right now being home? great. nostalgia is great, so, he always picks me up. it's awesome."despite it being a busy day at the airport, delays were few and far between at mitchell international. plenty to do this holiday
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you can check out the candy cane lane lights. .it opens tomorrow.the drive-through display raises money for the macc fund.this year organizers are hoping to raise 100- thousand-dollars.the candy lane will be open through december 26th. and there's still time to buy a macc star ...and helpure ildhood cancer. it costs 10 dolls and isvailab at bal--tri sen-dik's food markets and buddy squirrel stores. before you eat yoturkey... check out the turkan other animals athe milwaukee county zoo... free.admission is free today for milwaukee county residents.the zoo is open from 9-30 to 2-30. still ahead on live at daybreak-- the four things you need to know before you start your day.including... where you and the family can go if you don't want to worry about picking up the mess of a thanksgiving meal.. and taking a live look
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before we head to break... we want to see how your celebrating the holidays. snap a picture of your thanksgiving celebration and post it to the today's tmj4 facebook page. you might even seen it on air
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now it's time for your "four to know" this morning.we start with... pete zervakis who is live in cedarburg. what better way to work up an appetite for that thanksgiving meal than to run 3.5 miles the annual hen francis borgia hothe ute for runners and tslker and front t schl. the running st u?du
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pu wifi networlike at a coffck thos tworks can steal your inrmatio pn at out todaere are several restaurants that are open."bob evs" will be open with a special menu f--- rom eight a-to eight p-m.cracker barrel'' will begin serving up a thanksgiving-inspired meal --- beginning at market and denny's are open as we. off their "in-store acck tonight... sat six-m in-store sales will start at five m.macy's departme stores will also open their doors onurkey day. se
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good morning. unprecedented. security stepped up across new york city with the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade about to get under way. a record 3,000 police officers at the ready as ll gather for the festivities. we'll talk to the nypd's new police commissioner -- live. up to speed? donald trump's holiday message. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> as officials reveal he's turned down several intelligence briefings since winning the white house. this as trump picks a second woman for his cabinet. mixed reactions to his new


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