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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Sunday  NBC  November 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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>> right now at 5:00, a nice day but rain is on the way, and it's busy on the roads. let's get right to >> we've had great weather today. mild temperature, 42 degrees. that's actually the high temperature for the day. humidity way up. dew point way up. winds south at 13 miles per hour. those clouds are ahead of rain. here's our storm max radar. you can see showers developing across southwest wisconsin, starting to push into rock county. very, very light right now.
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going on right now across southeast wisconsin. as i pull out, look at that mass of rain. all of iowa covered with rain, pushing into south dakota, all the way south into missouri. we'll have a couple of tornado warnings across nebraska. there's a huge storm system out there. the clouds are here ahead of that system. this area of rain should get in here about 11:00 tonight. it's going to drop some pretty good rainfall. could see 41, wishful thinking, at 8:00. 40 degrees at 10:00. the rain should be around by 11:00. we could see heavier rains pushing in and maybe thunder and lightning. i will be back with that in a couple of minutes. >> thanks, john. an a fire at an autorepair shop, the building was engulfed in flames when the crews arrived.
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escaped on his own. >> he had cuts on his hands from trying to get the big door open. we're not going to take him to the hospital. he did, unfortunately, lose his dog. >> no word on how that fire started. >> we're hearing from a family mourning the loss of a father and mother. 39-year-old ken daily and his daughter -- the a the family's home. the daley family said thank you to the first responderer from the surrounding areas. we recognize that this tragedy touches the lives of more than just our family. we're grateful for all the love and support we've received in these trying times. a fundraising site for the
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we have a link to that site at >> still no word from police on the extent of injuries from a crash last night. a frirst responder on the scene -- the crash shut down sandy beach road for several hours. >> state officials get to work first thing tomorrow morning on creating a process for the recoun presidential election. the recount comes at the request of green party candidate jill stein. her effort has now been joined by hillary clinton's campaign. president-elect donald trump is not too pleased with this development. trump tweeted just moments ago, in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions
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that claim. >> jennifer johnson with more. >> reporter: as donald trump ends his holiday weekend in florida, he's angrily tweeting about hillary clinton's decision to join a recount effort in wisconsin. on twitter, trump quoted clinton as previously saying we have to accept the results and look to the future. >> green party candidate, jill stein has made the request. also looking at wisconsin and pennsylvania >> our voting machines are very open to hacking. >> this is a fundraising notoriety driven fraud by a person who won few thousand votes in wisconsin to -- now that a recount has been initiated in wisconsin, we intend to participate in order that the process is fair in a
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trump is moving on, speaking regularly with obama and building his white house team. mitt romney as possible secretary of state is proving to be controversial. >> we didn't even know if he voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were nothing but awful to donald trump for a year. >> but others in trump's camp say rival or not, he's going to hire the best person possible. >> officials are expected to meet monday on a possible time line but are already saying they may not finish by a deadline of jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> once again, all eyes on wisconsin. among those scheduled to meet with trump tomorrow is milwaukee county sheriff, david clark. a spokesperson tells tmj4 that clark is not only being considered for secretary of homeland security but for a number of other positions as well. >> and coming up next, terror in the heart of new orleans. what left one dead and eight others injured.
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rescue crews couldn't find the
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>> chaos in new orleans today when someone started firing shots in the busy french quarter. one man was killed. nine other people were injured.
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>> police in san jose, california are investigating a threatening letter sent to an islamic center. the same letter was sent to at least two other california mos bodys. it -- mosques. it praises donald trump and threatens muslim genocide. the council on islamic relations is calling for more police protection of mosques. >> now to an incredible story out of arkansas where an 8-month-old child was thrown from a car. when investigators the crash scene, they couldn't find her. reporter jeff ferrell picks up the story from there. >> reporter: it was a chaotic scene friday night when firefighters arrived on scene in the eastbound lanes of interstate 30 in texarkana, arkansas. that's where an 18-wheeler clipped a car changing lanes, causing it to flip. >> family members wither saying the baby -- were saying the baby
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>> they began searching the thick hay. >> a good samaritan was out here searching from the baby and said he heard something from this general direction. >> reporter: it was a drainage grate about 25 feet from the road. they began moving hay when they spotted the baby in the grate. >> the baby was sitting up in the grate and looking at us, waiting for us to pull her out. she wasn't screaming. she wasn't crying. she was just sitting there waiting for she had her hands up, waiting for somebody to pick her up. it took three of us to work her around the grate and get her back through. >> remarkably, medics found little more than a scratch on her forehead. >> there's so many times we go out and find that things are not okay. during the holidays here, to have a positive just feels good. >> officials say the family is from hope, arkansas. none of the other four people in
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the hospital. >> and police have confirmed that the child's car seat, which was found outside the car, was not properly installed, and that the child was not properly restrained in the state at the time of the wreck. that's one lucky little girl. >> left for dead, that's what a father says a hit-and-run driver did to his daughter. it happened the night before thanksgiving. now the family is hoping someone comes forward with information that will help police find driver. we're live at the location where it happened. veronica? >> reporter: katie, you can see the blood stains from the person who left the car. she had just moved into a new home in this area. family struggling to pay her bills as she recovers in the hospital. >> her eyes are still closed. >> bill hasker is relieved his daughter is out of intensive care. still, she has a thereon and
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to recovery. with a broken arm, ribs, and a skull fracture. >> the day before thanksgiving, you get struck by a vehicle that didn't yield the right of way, that's just one example of how dangerous this intersection really is. >> peggy's family said on wednesday night, the mother of three was walking to her car around 10:00 p.m. >> she's crossing 55th street. this is a crazy intersection. somebody hit her. >> and the driver who hit her did not stop, according to her father. with no surveillance cameras around, west milwaukee police told them sharing their story could encourage someone to come forward with information that will lead to an arrest. >> the person that hit her doesn't have a heart. >> neighbors say this five-point intersection is flat out dangerous with drivers making illegal turns and rolling through stop signs. >> they're confused on who goes because it's so uncontrolled and such a big intersection.
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patrolling, residents say it's time to get traffic lights up here. well, it won't help haskers' daughter, they hope it will prevent another tragedy. >> they are not giving us any details on camera. the family asks if you have any information on this story, please contact police. >> hopefully somebody knows something. thanks, >> coming up, what to expect for the work week ahead. john milan joins us with the
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>> well, you've had thanksgiving dinner, likely went out and bought some gifts. why not head out to that perfect christmas tree. a lot of people are doing that this weekend. we found some of them here at the greenhouse on humble. love that place. a pretty nice play to be outside checking out the trees. chief meteorologist john malan. the temperatures, 48 yesterday,
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today we hit 43. mostly cloudy skies, had a couple breaks of sunshine early. for the most part. clouds are rolling in. so is the mild temperatures. look at the temperatures, 53 today. almost 50 in des moines. we could see temperatures in the mid-50s by tuesday. temperature at 42 degrees, 40 in white water. upper 40s just about everywhere else, kenosha, sheboygan. i don't think the temperatures are going to change much. they may go up later tonight. the winds are from the southeast. they stay that way and start to pick up a little bit overnight as a weather system rolls through. throughout the day tomorrow, they will see the breezy conditions continuing on. all right. we'll start off with a satellite and radar combination. a lot of clouds across southeastern wisconsin. a few scattered showers starting to develop. widely scattered, pushing into
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again, these are just light rain showers. what we're looking at is this area across iowa. some very heavy pockets of rain around waterloo to cedar rapids. this extends to quincy, illinois, everything moving east-northeast. we'll see this hit us at about 11:00 tonight. our computer models show that also. you can see the large area of rain. maybe a large thunderstorm. in the morning hours, here comes the scattered showers. they continue into the and overnight on tuesday night. by tuesday morning, we clear out. this is the day we could see some very warm temperatures around here. so for tonight, 41 degree. your overnight low, breezy, a chance of rain showers rolling in about 11:00. the heavier rain, that is, maybe an isolated rumble of thunder. for tomorrow, we'll be mild once again. cloudy skies. they will be around the area.
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breezy. south-southeast winds. right on into tuesday, variable clouds, i think we'll see a lot of sunshine. much warmer, a high of 55 degrees. here's your storm team forecast. temperatures go the other way. 45 on wednesday. that's seasonably mild for the last day of november. chance of a rain and snow shower on tuesday. first day of december. look at the temperatures. they're more decembik upper 30s and 40s saturday and
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>> packers will wait until monday night football to see if they can now they have to ground the eagles's special teams. chris marrigos is the lead tackler and philly has four special team touchdowns, three in the last two games. the packers better be ready. >> they have great dynamic returners. they block well. we have to be fundamentally sound. we have to play hard. it's a great challenge to us. >> as for today, the bears with
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the cubs bring out the world series trophy, a championship this football team won't see for a long time. shockingly the tie -- titans, tennessee wins 27-21. wild one in new orleans. former rufus king and tight end lance kendricks for the rams. drew brees fires a strike to tim hightower. watch as he makes alexander kneel in prayer. the saints roll the rams. on saturday, despite beating minnesota by two touchdowns and keeping paul bunyon's ax for the 13th season, the badgers dropped
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coach's rankings. [crowd noise] >> that certainly can't dampen the series of the badgers. that's exactly what i asked t.j. watt. >> it means a lot. i want one on as soon as possible. i've seen my brothers put these on. i wanted to put one on for a long time. finally got one. >> 293 going into the 4th quarter, minus seven in the 4th what happened? what was your perspective? >> having fun, playing badger football. >> especially on the defensive side, just getting back to having some flagger as a defense, we emphasized that at half-time. have swagger. just have a blast. that also does stuff for us. >> the cambridge native comes home, signing autographs in madison. he talks about why despite
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nearly two decades, wisconsin will always be home. >>it's always fun to come back. it surprises me how many people show up. i thought it was a busy shopping day. seriously, i thought it was great to see the fans and all the support and kind of come out and get caught up with everybody. i don't get back here often. it's fun when i do. >> it's small business saturday. >> they're buying camry >> what do you like? >> i've been gone for a long time, but it's fun to come home. it's fun to bring the kids back, especially as they get older, show them places i hung out when i was a kid. i enjoy that, and seeing the people i don't get to see very often. >> and how much does family factor into what you do right now? >> it doesn't necessarily factor in with my job, but it makes it
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>> it's fun to get in the racing. >> good to catch up with matt. >> hosting purview and a&m. one of six badgers in double figures, ethan messed around and got a double-double. ni nigel hayes, and zach showalter hitting 3-3. wisconsin >> milwaukee native nearly became the replacement for rob jeter. cody wickman goes down. they run all over the jackrabbits. whitman comes back to hit six threes in the 2nd half alone, but the panthers fall 81-58. and the bucks just under way in
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bucks 15-13 midway through the
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>> your estimated jackpot for the badger lotterys
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. on this sunday night, questioning the vote, president-elect trump claims millions of americans voted illegally saying that's why he lost the national popular vote. uncertain future, new reaction from inside fidel castro's death and many wondere what's next for the island country. >> bourbon street shooting. ten people shot in the new orleans french quarter. hometown hero, melania trump, tiny hometown in europe, the residence hopes her success will make it a tourist hot spot. a busy travel weekend,


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