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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CST

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now at noon -- university on alert-- at least eight people taken to the hospital following a shooting on the ohio state campus. one suspect is reported to be dead. a shelter in place order has been lifted and classes at o-s-u alert was issued for an active shooter on campus shortly before 10 a-m local time. the alert said
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hide fight" and named watts hall, which is the material science and engineering building for campus. one student talked about the incident. been in here since. i had headphones in, i was walking to class and then when i saw people running in all different directions, i took them out to see what was going on and i heard 2 or 3 shots and then i was grabbed by some guy and told "get in this building" and i've been in here word yet we'll bring you the latest information on air and online. more news now-- the wisconsin elections commission met this morning to officially lay out a timeline and process for recounting nearly 3-million votes in the presidential election. the commission rejected a request from green party candidate jill stein to conduct a hand recount. instead, the commission voted
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to determine the method they would use for a recount. the recount will begin thursday-- if the state receives payment tomorrow. and so each of the 72 county canvassers, we would request to have them start by december 1st and to work continuously until completion on tuesday, december 13th.president-elect donald trump narrowly won wisconsin. there's no evidence voter results were hacked or electronic voting machines were compromised. clinton's campaign formally joined stein's wisconsin effort over the weekend. milwaukee county sherriff david clarke in new york today to meet with donald trump. clarke is in the running to head the department of homeland security. a trump spokesperson tells today's tmj-4 ... clarke is not only being considered for "secretary of homeland security" but for a number of other positions as well. it's a big day for bargain hunters. up to 122-million americans are expected to shop online during this "cyber monday." pete zervakis takes
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the action... at the amazon distribution center in on this cyber monday packages here are being prepped for shipping to go out to customers all across the world package on conveyor at this amazon facility in kenosha... cyber monday means a boom in business. last year on cyber monday customers ordered 629 items per second it's one of the busiest days of amazon's year... clanging guy on ladder so with more than 25-hundred workers here... staffing on different increased accordingly. we've probably got close to 1,000 people on site right now packages are picked up... boxed... address on package and addressed before carriers transport them out to buyers. online shopping as a whole continues to grow in popularity. each year it's actually gotten bigger i think it's because people love being able to shop from their couch or on the way to work a spokesperson says this year's most popular items will likely be electronics like e- readers... speakers... and of course toys. stamp/address put onto packageamazon says the
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up through xmas in kenosha pz tmj4 amazon says if you laid out all of the conveyor belts inside of its kenosha facility... they'd run for more than 10 miles. an estimated one billion packages are expected to be delivered to homes across the u-s. that means it's a perfect time for thieves to steal goods left at your doorstep. amazon encourages buyers to use its locker checking out... cutomers can select the nearest locker as the pick up location. you will receive a text to your phone with the code, show up at the locker, type in your code, then a locker will pop open with your package. after a sunny and mild saturday with highs near 50, sunday was foggy and damp, and rain moved in by late evening
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lows in the lower 40s. it remains cloudy with scattered rain today, highs in the upper 40s, and a south wind gusting to 30 mph. rain showers dare likely this evening once again with another .5" possible until 2am,
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a warning from the u-s coast guard-- the south pier in sheboygan is closed today due to dangerous conditions. officials ask that you follow this advisory and do not go onto the pier. there's no easy answers for solving the state's one billion dollar transportation budget shortfall that's according to state lawmakers. they're trying to figure out what to do about wisconsin's crumbling roads and massive 'ongoing highway projects'. governor scott walker says he doesn't want a gas tax or vehicle fee increase b republicans say other options are limited. the nine-day "gun-deer hunt" in wisconsin came to an end just after sundown sunday. preliminary numbers from the wisconsin d-n-r shows central farmland area harvest numbers are down about seven percent. however... far north they're up more than 20 percent. statewide, looks like things will still be down about three percent. the meat manager at ray's butcher shop in greenfield counts on hunters bagging those bucks.
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all weve been doing and making our smoked sausage has been going 24/7 with the summer sausages and the sticksdon't count anyone out yet, the final gun deer harvest numbers will come out tuesday. packers extra now-- a big game for the pack tonight-- as they work to put their season back on track. the team has lost four games in a roll. but aaron rogers doesn't seem worried. he's predicting the packers win the rest of the games this season... including tonight's game against philadelphia. favored in this one. you can catch the game on e-s-p-n... kick off is set the badgers football team making their 4th big ten title game appearance this weekend. but they are not facing off against the confrence heavy weights the ohio state or michigan. this weekend it's the penn state nitty lions... who get into the title game by virtue of tie-breakers... having themselves beaten ohio state earlier in the season. if the badgers win... there's a chance they could be picked to be one of the four teams in
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playing for a naitonal title. still ahead... targeting children. the popular app sexual predators are using to get in touch with kids. then... november twister. the same system hitting us now has a violent past. where this tornado touched down to the west of wisconsin. ?? attention medicare beneficiaries living in these... milwaukee area counties. now is the time to review your current medicare coverage.
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a tornado caught on camera in southeast nebraska. it damaged some farm buildings sunday as it moved across a mostly rural area of the state. th the tornado was reported around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the storm knocked over a farm outbuilding and several irrigation systems, but didn't damage the home. here at home-- cloudy and windy today plus rain. taking a live look at port washington and waukesha. meteorologist meteorologist
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after a sunny and mild saturday with highs near sunday was foggy and damp, and rain moved in by late evening with downpours overnight, and lows in the lower 40s. it
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40s, and a south wind gusting to 30 mph. rain showers dare likely this evening once again with another .5" possible until 2am, brisk winds and lows in the lower 40s.the sunshine returns on tuesday with highs in the and a sw wind to 20 mph, ahead of the next cold front. the front arrives tuesday night, and will cool us down into the mid 40s for wednesday, thursday is mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles and highs in the lower 40s, and despite
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weekend will only warm up into
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doctors in the u-s have long recommended that women start getting mammograms in their 40s. but there has been ongoing debate on the age when women should stop getting the screenings.some experts argue that there is not enough evidence to endorse mammograms for women 75 and older. but other experts contend that older women can benefit from suggests that there is no reason for older women to skip mammograms and that such screening decisions should be based on a woman's health. new research reveals electronic prescribing of certain drugs may increase falls among the elderly. the study of nearly 300 patients who fell while in the hospital-- found 62-percent had recently taken a high-risk medication. in more than half of those cases - the electronically prescribed default dose was higher than recommended. as youth karate and taekwondo
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want to be sure children are protected from injury. although most martial arts injuries are minor-- there is a risk of neck trauma, concussions and fractures. the american academy of pediatrics recommends children do not participate in contact based training until they are emotionally and physically a popular app among kids and teens are being used by predators. now there's an online petition demanding changes.the " app" allows you to lip sync to your favorite song. the app has more than a hundred million users. but predators have targeted kids on the app and video searches can pull up pornographic content-- even with privacy settings turned on. kids on this app." "after looking at the application, that this is not a place for pornography - there's a ton of kids on this app." the group launched an online petition-- demanding "" delete all pornographic and adult content immediately. more than two thousand people have signed the petition. coming up-- finding deals--
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average over the holiday weekend and -- uber versus lyft-- which one of these ridesharing companies is considered the safest and what riders are saying about them. there's a new medicare plan in town called network health. and member events like this, are just one way we make medicare person to person. we've been serving northeast wisconsin with a personal touch for more than 30 years and now we're here for milwaukee. call now and learn about plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare,
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cription drug coverage. network health.
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consumer news now-- americans spent less over the holiday weekend, amid a flood of discounts.the national retail federation says shoppers spent an average of 289-dollars since thanksgiving, down three- point-five percent from a year ago. more people shopped -- 154 million -- but many did so
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number of people who bought online. which one is safer-- uber or lyft?turns out -- there is a difference between these two rideshare michelle boudin found out... it's not just about the driver but their car as well. it has become the norm"about four times a week"hopping in an uber"i'd say on average once a week"grabbing a lyft "at least four times a week" "it's not just to leave bars and restaurants., now people are taking them to an and despite some high profile incidents this woman in atlanta who got a black eye after she says an uber driver punched herand a charlotte man who says his uber driver got violent after talk turned to politics last month."it was pretty shocking"we even found a website called "who's driving you" that claims to promote for-hire vehicle safety and track every incident with uber and lyft there are pages and pages of entriesbut passengers we talked to say they feel perfectly safe"i've never had
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when we pointed out a pretty big difference we discovered between the two companies."i didn't have any idea about that"both companies do background checks.but lyft often goes one step further. "you have to do an in person interview" michael gasper applied to work as a driver for both companies.q: "what do you think of that that lyft goes that extra mile?" "i think it's pretty important because i know someone has put eyeballs on who the driver is" he says they also inspected his car in personbut here's something else we learne it appears neither company of recallton average, 20 percent of drivers don't bother to fix the problematic part.lyft told us "drivers have a strong personal incentive to make sure their car is in a safe operating condition. in addition to a safety inspection, drivers make a continuous representation that their vehicle meets the industry safety standards and all applicable state department of motor vehicle requirements of its kind." uber told us only - "under north carolina law,
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inspected annually, and the same holds true for rideshare drivers that partner with uber."frequent riders told us that's just not something they think about."its a great experience i've never had a bad experience"when you call for a ride, check the drivers picture, license plate and make of car and compare that before you get in. coming up-- getting in the spirit-- the christmas tree now up at lambeau field. when the "festival of lights" celebration kicks off. and -- reliving the world series-- how long it took a chicago cubs gingerbread replica of wrigley
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an avid cubs fans and chef used his artistic skills to relive the world series. gerald madero made a gingerbread replica of wrigley field-- weighing more than 400 pounds. and it's all edib made out of legos. madero says it took him and his chef's more than 70 hours to build it. the lambeau field christmas tree went up today in harlan plaza. the "festival of lights" tree was harvested and donated from margaret and suzanne berkovitz in green bay. the tree will be decorated throughout the week. the "festival of lights" celebration will take place this in downtown milwaukee... bmo harris bank opened it's holiday display this morning. the display will run through january third. for each
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bank will donate five dollars to love looking at christmas lights-- be sure to check out candy cane lane in west allis. the drive-through display raises money for the macc fund. organizers are hoping to raise 105-thousand-dollars. candy cane lane is open from six until nine during weekdays and from five until ten on the weekend. the holiday light display will remain lit until december 26th. a reminder: you can still buy a macc star and help cure today's tmj4 macc star was designed by bailey dove. the star costs ten dollars and is available at balistreri sendik's food markets and buddy squirrel stores. live at 12:30 is up next-- no more alcohol-- the wisconsin community looking to ban hard liquor sales in convenience stores. also ready to strike-- when hundreds of workers at chicago o'hare plan to walk off the job and what they're
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. at least eight people taken to the hospital following a the university campus. one is reported to beea classes have beencancelled. an alert was issued for an acti shooter on campus shortly before 10 a-m local time. no word yet if there were multiple shooters. we'll bring latest information on air and line thsconsin elections mmission officially laid out a timeline and process fo recounting nearly 3-million votes esidential election. the commission rejected a requt from green party candidate jill stein to conduct a handecount.


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