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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 10:00am-12:00pm CST

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this morning on "today's take" get ready for double the fun with a couple of hot properties. drew and jonathan scott. then we'll celebrate a christmas of many colors with jennifer nettles and schroeder. plus winter must-have trends, all coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i'd rather look small and al look small. >> welcome to "today" on wednesday morning, november 30th. >> we're battling. >> so here's the deal. we've got, of course, the scott twins, the scott brothers, jonathan and drew hanging with us. >> what are the problems here? >> normally this is not the way
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end. can we play some christmas music? whenever the music stops we're going to sit. >> the scott brothers are really tall. they're as tall as the christmas tree on the plaza. >> drew has got to go downstairs. >> she didn't move. >> she has on a tight skirt. here's what happened. originally al was here, scott brothers here and i'm here. i walked in executive producer who's watching, al looks too small next to them. >> it makes it sound like she normally doesn't watch. >> you're fun size. >> but i feel better looking tiny than having al -- you're an average height man. >> a little below average. >> can we just get a phone book for al. >> how tall are you fellas? >> 6'4". when i wear my stilettos i'm more around 6'6".
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spurt? >> i remember in grade eight we were small and getting picked on in school. by the end of grade eight we shot up almost a foot and nobody picked on us anymore. >> you know how to make them look normal size? put them next to the rockefeller christmas tree. tonight we are going to light that up. 83rd annual lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree. it's a 94-foot norway spruce from coney island, new york. about 50,000 lights, lights, ge lights, on five miles of wire. >> oh, wow. >> which is pretty impressive. >> i thought i put up a lot of lights. >> do you? >> i do. >> how tall is your tree? >> well, it's our tree. almost 20 feet. >> y'all live together? >> we have a big place in vegas. >> we did a reno. we have a slide coming off the second story. you didn't see that? >> no. >> al comes over all the time. >> i know, it is a party. speaking of parties, we've got dolly parton tonight, garth
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rockettes, and it airs tonight at 8:00 eastern/7:00 central. you were talking about your decorations, i think we've got pictures. >> can i see? >> we like to do very classy. >> that's your home? >> in vegas. >> we sold our own places and got this place. our parents come down from canada. the whole family gets together. we usually have about 15 people staying at the house. >> look at those doughnut wreath things. >> you can't eat those. on the road filming all the time. we only get home for about ten days at the holidays. is that too much work to put into just being there for ten days? >> no, because it's two of you and so you can split the work. >> i don't do all that work. i'm the dad who sits on the couch and then i'm like -- i dictate. you do this, you do that. >> that's every mom in the country. the whole family gets involved, does one ornament and mom does the rest. >> in my house that's what happens. i got the ladder out and the
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it's like you will come down here and you're going to enjoy this. we're going to play music, you're going to drink hot chocolate and you're going to get in the spirit. >> ho freakin' ho. >> in 15 minutes, they're gone. >> my mother is the same way. she wants the christmas tree up and then as soon as we open our gifts, it's got to go, done. my mother does not play. the tree has to come down the minute the gifts are open. >> we use a fake tree now down. when we were kids we would use real trees. >> we've got a squirrel in the house because my dad brought the tree home and there was a squirrel in the tree and we could not get it out. >> you got a tree and you guys would plant the tree. >> afterwards. >> you cut it down outside, we dragged it in, needles everywhere. there was a squirrel that got loose. it was in the tree. >> how do you plant a cut tree. >> not that tree. in the early years we would get them still with the root system and then plant it.
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squirrel thing. >> tell us about the squirrel. >> so what happened -- i mean how did you get the squirrel out? >> it was going in behind book shelves, flying under the sofa. we thought as kids this was the greatest thing ever. jonathan wanted to keep it. >> it was jumping from like the cabinets and my mom was freaking out. >> did a moose get in there too? >> this is canada. you've got moose coming through there and we don't have a very big igloo, right? it was crazy. >> i like pranking jonathan that was my inspiration. i put an alligator in one of his rooms. >> that's your new show. >> we're in new orleans. we've been going to new orleans for years. it was only three and a half to four feet this alligator that i put in his home. >> only? it's an alligator. >> i hear this rustling in the closet. i turn around and there's an alligator. i'm thinking because i've done projects where we find raccoons in walls and rats. is this a new orleans thing that we find gators?
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empty for 11 years. the family has been out of it because of the devastation of kaert. there's another episode tonight and hoda is on it. >> we've got a clip of something else. >> what channel is this on? >> hgtv. who doesn't know hgtv? >> for those who may not have seen it. boy, somebody has got a big ego. of course everybody knows where we are. >> we have something that can bring their owing owe back under control r so ryan a look at this one. it's a show called "breaker high." >> don't do it. >> this is ryan looking so dapper. but it's not about ryan. take a closer look. keep going. >> oh, wait, wait. >> in the back. >> that's drew and me. >> the two kids as tall as trees at age 7. >> when we first met ryan, that was us. we were on "breaker high." >> and there you go. and there you go. you look like don johnson meets
10:07 am
they go -- >> in wardrobe they say this one? this one? dance, dance. >> they would tell us to come down and bring our own wardrobe, bright, bold colors and these miami vice-looking jackets. >> what year was that? >> that would be back in the '90s. >> so you guys were like child stars. >> we were actors before we got into hosting. we got into real estate as a way to fund our creative endeavors because we didn't want to be struggling actors. so we've been at it since we were 18. >> that's amazing. >> if you had been here us at a little annual tradition we have. our "today" show team holiday lunch. we went -- >> it was delicious. >> i'm not get the invite. >> hoda, kathie lee, willie, savannah. >> what's funny, on your plates. you know how you can blow up things on instagram. for some reason everyone ordered fish, including dylan who normally goes straight for the
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a lot, that's something she's very open about. she ate the biggest plate of meatballs and spaghetti and her theory is, listen, i get to go in now because after i have the baby in a few weeks, i'm getting tight and right. it was so awesome. thank you to them and thanks to matt for hosting us. you, dr. oz today? >> check your local listings, dr. oz was kind of amazed at my knee surgery and wanted to talk about knee surgery. >> is that one on the right? >> that's the one they took out. >> they kept the part? >> but it's interesting talking about -- you know, i've gotten a lot of folks who are -- have been inspired, which is very nice, but some folks who are a little upset to say i'm glamorizing the knee surgery because i came back so quickly. and everybody heals differently. >> that's what i think when i see that big scar on your leg.
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they need to to fix it -- >> you worked hard to recover. >> i couldn't even tell you which knee that it was, so the surgery went well. >> and last night you were at the unicef snowflake ball. >> unicef continuing the tradition of helping kids around the world. it's a great night but this is elias, my date. i took a fashion risk and wore this outfit and now i'm on this fashion blog daily and i or nay. we have to get up so early, i left the event and i'm in the car and all these tweets start, hillary clinton, hillary clinton. i was down the street, gone. hillary clinton comes in. i had my limit. it was like 9:00. and i leave at 9:00. >> i thought you were going to say people thought you were hillary clinton. >> i'm mistaken for her all the time. >> it happens all the time. >> i had a limit. it's like when the sports fans,
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and you get in the car and turn on the radio. oh, the eagles scored. >> she's the late-night party girl. >> so there was no murmuring or buzz in the crowd? >> not that i heard. but katy perry, congratulations to you. >> i'm sorry, you're not on the list. >> elias, her news producer, stayed. >> no, he did not. >> and got a picture with hillary clinton. >> congratulations to katy perry. sorry i missed it, though, but i was there in spirit. up next, you're used to seeing them all done up on the red carpet. now four of stars are going au naturale for a new calendar. so we'll show you the pictures and talk about this trend that continues of not being too made up. >> they're beautiful anyway. >> they're beautiful anyway. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor
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we are back with more of "today's take." and we've evened out the height for your viewing pleasure. shorty and tiny, jonathan, and hakeem abdul-jabbar is here with us. >> you can't laugh at your own joke. >> you obviously don't watch our show. >> al carries a laugh track of his own voice and presses it. the lenldsary calendar is out with big-name celebrities like you've never seen them before. they're telling us no air brushing, completely unretouched. so here for your viewing
10:14 am
beautiful. robin wright. uma thurman. that's gorgeous. julianne moore. she's stunning. >> that's why i did not do the calendar. >> you guys have been on magazines and all that. do you say, hey, air brush. >> no. i never use -- >> the only difference is we're scottish and so we're basically translucent give me a little color. >> can you put some little cheeks in, a little color. >> al, do you air brush? >> not that i -- well, i've been on the cover of "field & stream." >> air brush the fish on the hook. >> exactly. i've never been, not that i know, air brushed. >> something new to try. put it on your bucket list. speaking of makeovers, the white house, holiday makeover. this is exciting. we actually were asked if we would come down and do it and
10:15 am
>> you turned down the white house? >> what? you didn't tell me the white house called. >> our friend egypt sherod went down and it's absolutely gorgeous. >> we have military family members joined the first lady for the obama family's final christmas tree. we've seen the official tree that goes inside the blue room. the first lady got choked up. oh, my gosh, talking about this last christmas in the white house. >> as we celebrate my last holiday season in the white house, i'm thinking back to when we first came here to washington. we promised to open up this house to as many people from as many backgrounds as possible. and we truly wanted to make the white house the people's house. particularly during the holiday seasons. and to all the military families, those of you who are here today and all those around the world, i want to once again
10:16 am
your sacrifice and your love of this nation. it's a love that my family and i share along with you. it has been such a complete pleasure to support you in this time. so i want to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday season. >> i love her. i'm going to follow the obamas around and offer to do their christmas trees every year. >> they have a house now outside the d.c. area so maybe you >> 1200 feet of garland, 109 wreaths, 63 christmas trees. this year a new addition, 56 lego houses. >> that's cool. >> one for each state and territory. >> before you go to weather, what is garland? >> kind of roping. >> like a long skinny christmas tree that wraps around a bannister. >> so it's the green thing. >> people always make it out of popcorn. >> but it's always the beads.
10:17 am
things you need to know. >> other thing you need to know, our weather, because we've had some severe weather out there. in fact we're talking about the storms down in the southeast. we had over 74 tornado and wind damage reports. of course that stretched 550 miles. we've got strong storms again today with tornado watches stretching from louisiana, including new orleans, all the way up to knoxville. we're going to be watching this
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and that's your latest weather. up next, how well do you know the bros? tamron and i get put to the hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really... ...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy...
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crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. we've had the scott brothers on our show plenty of times before but how much do we know about them? >> you're made of steel. this drill isn't working on you. it's time for a little game we're calling who knows the bros. they will hammer us with gez about themselves and we'll buzz in with our toy drills if we know the answer. >> they were just dressed like this. i don't know why. >> i want to do this as a halloween costume next year. >> the coveted prize is your own miniature tool kit. >> and i need a new tool kit because the one i have is pretty bad. >> it's never been used. >> here's what we do.
10:22 am
which is the follow is not the name of a show we've starred in. brother versus brother, brotherly love it or hate it, property brothers at home on the ranch or the scott seed. >> love it or hate it. >> that is correct. >> one for tamron. here we go. number two, true or false. drake was once our basketball coach. tamron. >> false. >> that's true actually. >> actually it is true. in the celebrity all-star game drake was o wee 1-1. >> you met drake? >> he's a really good guy. >> i'll put a good word in for you. >> true or false. we had a top 40 song on the billboard country music charts. >> true, i remember that. >> bonus points, what was the song? >> working 9 to 5. ? hold on, hold on ? ? >> oh, you guys have it.
10:23 am
>> that's a beautiful video. look at you two. >> thank you, thank you. >> we have a new song released in january. true or false, one of us is a member. international brotherhood of magicians. >> true. >> that is true. in fact to prove it -- >> oh, my goodness. >> did you see that? out of thin air. boom. they just had to look at the nerdy brother. >> where are my pyrotechnics. >> question number when we were how old? >> a. >> 18, he's right. >> you bought a house at 18? >> right out of high school. >> i remember reading about that. >> he knows this boss he's basically our brother from another mother. >> something went wrong. >> before we were on tv, we did all of these except for one. name the one we did not do. clowns at kids' bitter day
10:24 am
house painters. >> you go for it. >> c. >> scuba instructors, that is correct. >> you were underwear models? >> obviously. >> cut to the picture of the underwear modeling. >> the reason they weren't scuba divers, when they would go down 20 feet, they were still above the water. >> this is the finale question. >> al is winning? >> even our mom has a hard time telling us apart but there's one way that she says she can always spot the difference. a, drew is slightly taller, c, jonathan uses bigger words, or d, drew has a deep laugh. >> drew is slightly taller. >> that's not right. >> my mom says jonathan uses bigger words. >> thank you, mother. >> al wins, but the side part is you get the tool kit. you have to makeover tamron's face. hey, coming up, gather around the tv toejt.
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mitchell park domes celebrate their reopening... a task force meets again tonight... ...trying to decide whether the milwaukee icon is worth saving in the long run. the domes are offering free admission from 9-5 tomorrow. crews just finished installing protective netting... to prevent crumbling concrete from falling. the domes task force meets for a second time tonight... to consider long term options regarding the aging structures. the county 70-million dollars to replace the domes.
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the great dolly parton is at it again with another tv special that's going to be a holiday classic called "dolly parton's christmas of many colors circle of love." >> last year nearly 16 million of you tuned into "coat of many chapter in her young life. the entire cast is back, including ricky schroeder and jennifer nettles who plays dolly's parents. take a look. >> you can't be mad at me. >> get off me, you big lug. >> look at me, woman, you can't be mad at me. >> i've been folding these clothes for half hour and you come in here covered with grease from head to toe. >> the bible says don't let the sun going down on your anger,
10:31 am
can't be mad at me just because i ain't perfect yet. >> heating things up. jennifer nettles and ricky schroeder. >> i do that same move when i come back to the construction site. >> his girlfriend is like go shower first, go shower. >> how are you? >> obviously you're back, "christmas of many colors." i'm excited. i saw the first project but dolly wasn't in the first project but she's in this one here. withouiv what can you tell us about? >> first of all, dolly makes a cameo appearance as the painted lady. if you know anything about dolly's store e, she readily shares that the painted lady is the woman in town after whom she fashions her style even today. she plays a part in part of the miracles of the show too. >> incredible too. there were so many kids involved in the show as well and they always say it's always a little leery working with kids and twin brothers, but what was it like having so many kids around?
10:32 am
great having their energy, but it was exhausting, as you know. kids -- there was nine of them running around. >> it was like herding cats. >> so they were all different ages and all into different things. i would just give them sugar and i would just be their best friend. >> he was the one. >> i was the one to go bring candy because i wanted to be popular so here's candy. >> so you wanted them on your side. >> they can deal with them later when they're miserable, but right now they need well. were you able to give them some advice when they were on set with you? >> olivia is such a hard-working young girl. i got to get pretty close with her. i just got to be friends with her and let her know that she needs to ask for things when she needs things. she needs to speak up. if she needs a break, if she needs a drink, if she needs rest, she needs to learn to find her voice. >> she's a sweetheart, she absolutely is. i did a christmas movie and i shot in the middle of the
10:33 am
wear coats and thick coats. you guys also did, right? >> we were in atlanta in july shooting all of this, yes, holiday themed. but we had cooling vests underneath our overcoats. i felt the worst for the hair and makeup folks because it was just constant. >> working in atlanta, we learned to sweat in places we didn't even know you could sweat. >> yes, absolutely. >> that is a christmas visual. but a good christmas visual, you performing with dolly. >> yes. >> how incredible is that? >> >> and the song -- i mean the song "circle of love" is one of her originals. it's actually on my christmas album. she honored me by letting me record that. i had to sing a snippet in the movie which is how i fell in love with it. >> there you are with dolly parton. >> my 8-year-old self looks at that and cannot even believe it. as a young girl growing up in
10:34 am
iconic even still is a big-time dream. that's a pinch-me moment for sure. >> there's nobody more worthy or deserving than you to be with dolly because this is such a spectacular talent. >> he's biased. >> i'd like you to see the range that jennifer has. >> i think he's hormonally challenged for a reason specifically. >> we'll leave it on that note, jennifer and ricky, thanks. by the way, jennifer's new holiday album to celebrate christmas is out now. "christmas of many colors" tonight at 9:00/8:00 central right here on nbc. up next, take your winter wardrobe from drab to fab. we'll help you steal the styles from hollywood's most fashionable stars, just in time for a holi i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra...
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10:39 am
sacrifice our style. >> never sacrifice style. "today" contributor lillian vasquez is here with five trends to get you looking and feeling so hot. >> i want to look hot. liliana, nice to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> we'll work on you guys in a minute but we have to start with the ladies. >> always ladies first. >> so you've perused through the racks and put some things together based on celebrities. >> women are always asking what are the trends that i can inject into my closet to update my wardrobe? we're starting with one of my favorites, which is white boots. >> mfa >> so kendall jenner rocks them all the time. very street style appropriate but you can also do them very casually. come on out. >> come on out. >> so here we have our first look which is one of my favorites for the season. >> love it. >> any time you can wear a black boot, you can wear a white boot. . you say that about the coats all the time. >> at our launch party for your style blog, i had white boots on, little short white boots. i love them. >> these are under $50, available at the critical thing is the jean. you want to make sure it's a crop jean so you can show off
10:40 am
jacket from gap -- >> what if you step in your first puddle? >> don't wear them on a rainy day. >> go out with a gentleman. but here's a bigger issue. this is the disclaimer. if your blue jeans are really blue, they may rub off on the white. i'm going to just warn you now, so be careful. >> good point. thank you. >> all right. >> right. next up we have a pleated makes skirt. victoria beckham wore this a few months ago. your dan is showing us how to wear it for the holidays. this is the perfect alternative to a sequin look for the season. so feminine. available at we paired wit a little faux fur stoll. beaded shoes and she is holiday party ready in a flash. >> glamorous. >> winter is coming. >> then brightly colored pants. women always default to black pants. january jones is showing us how to do a bright-colored pant. this is how to do it the right way, as well. again, very festive for the holidays. these pants are available at top shop. i love that they're crop because you can always show off that
10:41 am
solid colored blazer on top. because you don't want to color block. you want a mix of print and texture. >> this is exact same as the home space so i love it. >> festive and the pants, even though it's cold, you have to suffer. your ankles have to be cold. get some leg warmers after you're done with the party. this looks hot. thank you. >> last but not least we have two very stylish brothers giving us a little style. here with a collared blazer and printed sweater. so this is our version here. so i love this colored blazer here, a little corduroy there. macy's. and that sweater from forever 21, under $30. this is the way gentlemen do style for december. >> that's the pretty christmas sweater if i've ever seen them. ugly christmas sweaters, and pretty christmas sweaters. >> that looks so nice. would you guys look that? >> that's based off your look. >> can i just take this from you now. oh, after, after. >> we're going to get you guys into a room. thank you so much. great looks, i love it. al, let's get a check of the forecast since we're now dressed for the weather.
10:42 am
we've got some severe weather to talk about stretching from the northeast all the way down into the gulf coast. severe storms especially down there. snow back through the rockies and the plains. high surf advisories in southern california. for tonight's tree lighting rockefeller center starting at 7:00 on nbc stations and nbc at 8:00, 59 degrees, showers and thunderstorms possible. and then as you can see we've got more drier weather coming into the east. mountain snows out west. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your
10:43 am
up next, must be christmas time because we've got the band of merrymakers here spreading good cheer. the holiday super group will get you in the spirit with a live performance coming up after these performances. don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ? savings ?
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you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ? ? >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> it's the group made up of incredible artists who have a list of hits between first kevin griffin, tyler glenn, mark mcgrath of course, lisa love gave us 90 hits. >> also "american idol" finalist, tony, constantine marules, sam hollander over here, 20 top 40 hits. they put their talents together to create an album called
10:48 am
party." i have your song in my head now. >> tell us a little bit about the fact this goes to charity. >> i'm so proud. it brings you cheer but also brings a lot of heart. a portion of the proceeds goes to music cares, which is the charitable arm of the grammys which we all know. they also partnered with musicians on call which brings musicians into hospital rooms to create this fun merrymaker sweatshirt and all of the proceeds goes to musicians on call. >> we're proud to have you perform, the let's hear it. christmas spirit. ?? ? it's the greatest holiday ? ? good will and peace on earth ? ? finally they don't seem so far
10:49 am
canes ? ? old friends are back in town and once they're home it's just like nothing's changed ? ? so hurry up, santa start that sleigh ? ? it's only merry in your heart ? ? and you're feeling nicer than you thought ? ? when the day ise wishes ? ? it must be christmas ? ? oh, oh, oh ? ? oh, oh, it must be christmas ? ? oh, oh, oh ? ? colored lights are all aglow ?
10:50 am
barely make the mall before it closed ? ? the secret treasures hope the kiss beneath the bough of mistletoe ? ? we're making angels in the snow ? ? when it's only merry in your heart ? ? and you're feeling nicer than you are ? ? when the day is made of wishes ? ? it must be christmas ? ? oh oh oh ? ? oh oh it must be christmas ? ? oh oh oh ? ? it must be ?
10:51 am
? remember those less fortunate than you ? ? because you and i can make that someone, make someone's dreams come true ? ? yeah ? ? when it's only merry in your heart ? ? and you're feeling nicer than you are ? ? when the d wishes ? ? it must be christmas ? ? must be christmas baby ? ? oh oh oh ? ? oh oh it must be christmas ? ? oh oh oh ? ? it must be christmas ? ? oh oh oh ?
10:52 am
? my friends whoa ?? >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. thank you so much. i feel like it's christmas now. they're going to stick around, guys. more with kathie lee and hoda. get the shirt, celebrate christmas. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
we are so excited because our 23rd annual toy drive is under way. if you can't be here to donate in person, you can donate online all thanks to our partner, the nice folks at lori richter is public relations manager there. good to see you. >> good to see you too, al. >> you guys have always been terrific for us. why is it so important for you guys to be part of this? >> despite the best intentions, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to give back to those in need during the busy holiday season.
10:55 am
for people all across the country to contribute to the "today" show toy drive right from the comfort of their own home. just go to add as many items that you want, complete the checkout and we'll get your items to charity. >> what else you donating? >> 250 of these fire hd tablets. this is the kids edition so it's perfect for children. we're donating 250 of them to charity. >> that is so nice. thank you so much, lori, we really appreciate it. you'll make very merry and bright. to all the folks at amazon, thank you. don't forget, starting tomorrow we'll have surprise celebrity guests on the plaza to help collect toys in our 8:30 half hour. you can bring a special gift or donate online at our friends website has all the details. we'd like to thank tiny and
10:56 am
10:57 am
i'm...vince vitrano brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. the wisconsin the wisconsin recount of election ballots should commence tomorrow... we wait to see if the jill stein campaign appeals a judges decision concerning how the recount will take place. stein wanted the court to order the ballots be recounted by hand. a judge in madison said she agreed they should be. but since the campaign could produce no evidence of fraud or computer failure... the law does not allow the judge to order a
10:58 am
against the campaign. again... stein may appeal that decision. meanwhile... elections
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. wow, everybody! it's our favorite day. it's wines day wednesday and hump day, november 30th. >> yes, it is. >> look at our three hunks. >> every day's wednesday. >> piece of chicken, right? >> come on. >> it's really going to be fun. just -- ours until the lighting of the rockefeller tree, which you know --
11:01 am
part of tonight. >> pouring rain! i got galoshes and we are ready. >> and drink and eat and be merry today. a band of merry makers. >> mark mcgrath and all kinds of is a leps. look closely. oh, my gosh is that lisa -- oh, my, is that the guy from -- anyway, they're all there. mark's playing a game of "who knew?" with us. >> somehow we let jill talk us into getting into a bathtub? >> did we? >> yes. revealing best skin-care products. >> been awesome. >> so affordable. >> drug store brands frchlts you're in search of a wonderful recipe, award-winning chef michel nischan is in the kitchen. >> the only man i don't -- >> rubbing a raw chicken in your face is also good for your complexion. >> is that what he said? >> if you kiss somebody they get
11:02 am
brothers? you, two, i didn't realize how big you were. i knew you were huge -- >> they're huge. i'm 6'2" and they're taller than me. >> we were in new orleans together, and -- >> of course you were. >> and new orleans fell in love with these two guys. like one of those moments, but there were two different kitchen re-dos happening and drew and jonathan will talk a little about that, and we're also going to see if we can pick between very high-end cabinetry and the lower priced kind to see if we ca these days, they do it incredibly well. >> right. >> and that's the -- can't tell the difference with a lot of it. pay for the name or have something that's great but still cost effective. i do everything well, just so you know that. >> mostly hair. >> turn to the side. >> he's going -- >> i love that he did it. >> shorter, and look like me. better looking. >> all right. so we're -- this is our wine bot today, guys. two kitchens were, these two
11:03 am
all right. take a look. this is drew's kitchen. all right? >> ooh, i like that. >> the next one, you're going to be voting. so look. the next one's jonathan's kitchen. okay? >> so one more time, please? >> drew's kitchen is klg and hoda/drew. jonathan's kitchen, klg and hoda/jonathan. >> for drew, >> michel should vote, too. >> and do it on facebook or twitter, under the wine bot. >> we won't know until tomorrow, right? >> you guys, when -- >> tonight is the show? >> tonight? >> that is our thing. >> do you want me to tell who won? >> you are not allowed to tell anybody. security! >> remember, do you want me to say? >> we know how much wine you took -- can't remember. >> you can eat chicken and dumplings later. >> oh, yes. >> drew, by the way, is the red
11:04 am
and look at at white wine. >> like that. looks good. >> drew's ahead already. come on. >> can i take a little bit of this, a little bit of the broth? >> guys, time for "words of wisdom," please. settle down. >> here we go. i think the best vacation is the one that relieves me of my own life for a while, and then makes me long for it again. and -- >> i think that's magic. brilliant. >> isn't that nice? >> yeah. or -- makes you realize how much you hate your real life and want to change. >> or that option. that's also there. all right. >> and that -- sometimes -- >> yeah. done with your vacation and think, oh, my gosh, i've got to go back. >> change my life. >> it's happened. >> we changed our life a little yesterday. we went and had a great lunch at our friends, the scottos at fresco on east 52nd street. matt was our host. >> yes. >> only one missing was --
11:05 am
>> very busy out in l.a. we had the best, best time. thanks to anthony and mary and all the scottos. >> wondered if dylan and savannah were going to give birth right at the table. >> bow, did they -- spaghetti and meatballs. big day, everybody. this is the day, my great nephew shecky turns 2. in honor of shecky turning 2 i want to show you some -- no. he's not in the kitchen. >> i'm shecky. i'm 2 years old. >> i live for this kid. he is the funniest kid live. we're going to show pictures? oh, there. ? happy birthday to you ? >> he knows it's out of tune. ? happy birthday to you ? >> oh! [ laughter ] >> whoa! >> he is the most precious. so, and i want to wish his grandfather, bill a happy 80th birthday tomorrow.
11:06 am
wow. >> turning 80 tomorrow. >> and alicia keys son, you wonder if he'll catch on, musical talent, that swizz beatz has? original song called "superboy." ? i am the super boy, super boy ? i'm a super boy ? ?? ?? ? i am the super boy ? >> that kid's going to have his
11:07 am
by the time he's 6, and he's not even looking, i know. looking right at the camera. >> intensity. wow. >> his dad. >> it's in his dna. >> his dad #hardwork. and dedication. good for him. >> that's great. harry connick jr. we knew could play the peen oh sing and entertain, yesterday showed off another skill on instagram and watch what happens when you combine harry connick jr. with stale bread. calls is toa do you believe this? >> he throws -- stale bread into the toaster. look. let's watch. we look, and, in a cubicle, # -- go, go, okay, watch, watch, and go! >> how does he do that? >> how is he doing it? >> #toasttoss. and he goes somewhere else. just keeps doing it. is this for real? >> that's a long way. >> watch, watch, watch, watch. don't cut away. don't cut away.
11:08 am
that is unbelievable. >> okay. we're going to see who can do it. all right? bring out the toaster. >> toast toss. >> in full disclosure you guys, we didn't have any stale toast, because this is -- "today," but we have some lightly toasted. >> come here, brothers. come here, brothers. get behind us. i want to see if it's really possible. >> and this isn't -- >> stale enough. you have to do exactly. let the brothers try. >> the technique, everyone knows it's the under spin so that it practice, practice. >> uh-huh. >> oh! >> all right. >> sorry. >> that's right. >> okay. watch this? >> oh! >> okay. ready? >> it's all in the wrist. >> can we have the bread back? >> hoda, do it. do it, hoda. >> i'm going to do it, right now. back spin. back spin. >> this is the over -- >> oh, my gosh! [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, harry connick jr.! >> he beats me again. >> hold on, in -- bread drop. that's it. >> oh, my god!
11:09 am
>> excellente. all right, now, a quick shout-out to guys, they're all here next week and we need your questions for them to tackle. you'll never really get them answered in any positive way, but it will be funny. almost -- any questions or issues how to handle your partner during the holidays? >> we want to know. go to our website and submit your questions. >> and we brought you yesterday, th started a program called "american gold star christmas." souci welch did it for us. a beautiful, beautiful story. allows those to post what they need help make christmas a little better for kids. almost 300 children on the list. by yesterday afternoon, every single one of those children were sponsored. >> that's so -- because of you guys. thank you, guys, for -- >> sharing your kindness. >> on giving day.
11:10 am
about that. find more information on the believe with me gold star program on kathie lee and >> and everybody affected by the fire, 15,000 areas in the area of the great smoky mountains. so beautiful. >> hundreds of homes and businesses damaged. or destroyed. >> and destroyed. >> more than 5,000 people in she dollywood theme park and the dream resort mostly spared and providing, as good neighbors do, a place for firefighters and first responders to eat and speak. >> dolly parton made a statement saying she was heartbroken and praying for all the families. >> her movie airs tonight. i'm sure promoting it everywhere. you can't be there and take care of your friends and family. >> yeah. >> god bless them all. >> okay. do you want to re-do your kitchen in time for christmas?
11:11 am
>> wait. who's -- oh. there they are. the scott brothers. showing you how to have great everything, plus the kitchen sink, and save some money while you're at it. >> the wine challenge? i'd like to point out -- >> hey, it's a bad angle. you know? we have to move it, but -- >> wait. no, no. i got one next to it. hey, people, people! >> yes, y the honey in honey nut cheerios
11:12 am
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11:14 am
. they became huge tv stars as the property brothers and now jonathan and scott are branching out with another home makeover show. it's called. >> brothers take new orleans. >> they try to increase the property value. >> great job. they tackle a new space and in this episode, hoda happens to stop by to see the kitchens that
11:15 am
you're not allowed to tell us with whose kitchen you picked. >> it's showing what the people -- no, now it's getting closer. since to want's episode is about kitchens, they're here to show you money about the upgrades. hello kid. >> why did i not just think of that. her nickname was wine box. everybody says i love what i see on the show, and i cannot it and magazines show the expensive pictures. it's like why don't we have a game. we're going to show you all of these things and you indicate high or low. you indicate what's the expensive version and not. here we have two cabinets side by side. one of these cabinets is expensive, and one of these -- >> are we allowed to touch it. >> it's scratch and sniff.
11:16 am
one. okay. >> what's the answer? >> the answer is the far one is the more expensive one and that one is $1,100 and this one is $220. >> what? >> so one for you. >> the quality today is like anything before. >> you can tell by feeling. >> grab the cards. kitchen hardware. these two polls here. which is the more and cost affective? >> which is it? >> the hardware poles. >> i think i'm going say the same thing. it has more stuff on it. >> okay. i love how what do we do. >> you're correct. the one on the left is $27 and the one on the left is $2. >> you cannot tell. >> you save tons of money. >> that's the thing.
11:17 am
hardware in the kitchen -- you may have 20 or 30 poles. >> by the end of the game we will get this figured out. which one is the expensive one. >> boom. >> it's like a zoolander. >> boom. boom. >> you know what, you're correct. size does not always mean bad. >> size does not matter. >> it's more expensive here and this is >> by the way beyond the savings. >> we have a minute, we have to go. think. think. >> you have to think faster. which is the most expensive high end sink? >> boom! >> you are correct. hoda is wrong. she is used to it. $250. >> this one is more expensive. >> this fassett is more expensive. >> you can tell by the weight of it.
11:18 am
>> over here. this is an easy one. tiles. which is high and which is low. subway tile. everybody loves it. >> this one i cannot tell. >> i definitely can. >> this is high. hoda is not good at this. >> tie breaker. tie breaker. >> tie breaker. which is high and which is is low? >> this is impossible. >> which is high and which is low for the dishes? >> i think hoda >> you were pointing at the high. >> you were? >> high over here and $403. >> i prefer those too. >> i think in the future we're only going do this with you at home because -- you're good at this. >> hoda is pretty. >> you are too. yes. yes. before we have -- >> one of us is old, which one is it? >> the brothers take new orleans
11:19 am
>> with the property sister hoda in the house. >> yeah. >> tune in to see which kitchen hoda chooses. for the last time what do the viewers think. >> for the final one on the wine box looks like it's drew. >> the real judging happens to want, so watch tonight. >> okay. thanks everybody. we found the cream of the crop when it comes to skin care products. >> yeah, you can getm local drugstores. yeah, and a home cooked meal on this cold wintery day. we can steal these dishes. >> i like these. do you not like these? ?? ??
11:20 am
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11:21 am
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11:22 am
coming over for dinner can be stressful. not when you have recipes of some of the best chefs in the world. >> our chef is -- >> all: michel nischan. >> a great idea. system. also one of the chefs at last summer's greenwich wine and food festival. >> kathie asked what he would cook for her if she was coming to his house for dinner and what did you choose? >> right. >> i chose my mother's chicken and dumplings. >> you love your mom. >> i love my mom. amazing when we were growing up, we didn't always have a lot of money as a family, but she would put this meal on the table, and we felt like kings. >> ah.
11:23 am
princes, and my mom would take the chicken and dumplings, like fall vegetables, put that on the table. >> and we had a garden. grew our own. so even though we were struggling financially we could always put good food on the table. >> she raised a beautiful man. >> oh, thank you. >> you're a sweetheart. >> well, thanks. anyway, we'll kind of get started. so we have, just like a three-pound chick from a grocery store. i like to save all >> giblibs. >> and that's the stuff she liked. please. awesome. >> chicken stock. >> look, hodi's cooking! >> nice. awesome. let it ring. that's for the gods, for the gots! all good, man, all good. >> everyone got one? >> chicken stock. if we got wet, we're delicious. what we do is, kind of bring it to a simmer for about, you know,
11:24 am
then you can see you get a little bit of stuff, you want to skim a little bit. once you get it nice and skimmed, a little onions and carrots to give it a good chicken broth stock soup quality flavor. and here is the chicken when it's finished. and -- here, what you want to do is just kind of -- >> tear it apart. >> yeah. >> got about a -- >> dmo. why don't you -- come on back. >> you tear it apart. >> so you tear it apart, you know, and here you have, you a little bit of flour and then you have some chicken stock. some chicken fat and egg. it's kind of like schmaltz, give this a little bit of a whisk and then you kind of like mix the two together to get a loose dough, which is right here. >> making it. >> which you cut. >> yeah. >> with some chicken. >> like this. into dumplings. >> kath, you want to try? >> and put them in here, like this. and the great thing about this dish is that it's really, really
11:25 am
so affordable. >> yeah. the interesting thing, what we do is we work now in 46 states and we help people struggling with income double snack i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...they're not all the same. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to... ...gently remove more plaque and... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. hi hey you look good.
11:26 am
they're delicious and help keep my body in balance.
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11:28 am
lets get a check of the weather.. a major street in waukesha is finally close to reopening after some construction delays... including a driver moving barricades and plowing right into wet cement. moreland bouelvard near manhattan wi friday.the project was partly delayed after a driver messed up freshly poured concrete. the driver was given a ticket. the mitchell park domes are offering free admission from 9-5 tomorrow. crews just finished installing protective netting... to prevent crumbling concrete from falling. the domes task force meets for a second time tonight... to consider long term options regarding the aging structures. the county estimates it could cost up to 70-million dollars to replace
11:29 am
11:30 am
wines day wednesday. and playing "who knew?." tonight is the 84th rockefeller christmas lighting night. get spirit, trivia. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out $100 to those who get the answers right. those who don't are still oners. what they get -- one of kathie lee's cds. sheer the lead singer of sugar ray, member of the band of merrymakers, mark mcgrath. >> good morning, hoda. how are you? >> and perform for us later in the show? >> of course we're going to perform. that's what we do.
11:31 am
>> let's go. >> across the street. >> lovely lady from chicago. i feel bad because i'm standing in front of a tiny little lady from someplace else and i'm going to reach over to you. okay. here it is. see what you've done? all right. the rockefeller center christmas tree has been featured in all of the following movis except, home alone 2, elf or christmasry >> c. >> she was correct. >> it's not the holiday season until you see "elf" not in my house, anyway. >> excited about the christmas tree lighting? >> are you kidding? one of the hottest things here. >> totally agree. kathie lee? >> lovely lady from north carolina. finishes lyric to this classic christmas carol, please. ? you will get a sentimental ? feeling ?
11:32 am
voices singing -- >>? be jolly deck the halls with boughs of holly ? >> awesome. >> another merrymaker there. >> by the way, what's one of the favorite songs you and the merrymakers sing? >> so many. if i picked one, "snow, snow, snow." all the classics. sold 25 million copies, byes way. >> kath, over to you. which artist does not have one of the top five most downloaded holiday songs. xplicted. mariah carey, justin bieber or wham. >> we'll say, b., justin bieber. >> the crowd is turning on you. oh. >> that's all right. he gets a kathie lee cd! >> yeah!
11:33 am
"wham." >> "last christmas." great song. >> i don't remember that. ? last christmas ? >> oh! ? i gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away ? >> that's a great song! cranking it. kath, over to you. >> from -- >> michigan. >> michigan. every whodown in whoville liked christmas a lot. but the grinch. who lived just north of whoville? he did not. why? a, never got presents, b, heart two sizes two small or c, his pants were too tight? >> b. >> yep! [ cheers and applause ] >> love it. >> that is -- by the way "the grinch" another holiday classic. yeah. >> nbc airing it's 50th anniversary this year, hoda. >> of "the grinch." >> of course. >> watch these anywhere.
11:34 am
night makes it special. >> cozy, warm and fuzzy. >> all right. one more, kath. >> this lady's from florida. oh, shoot. the last one. so sorry. here you go. this year the rockefeller christmas tree is from new york, onianta. what's the city's nickname? >> city of the stars, b. >> oh. >> it was c. it was >> that's all right. >> city -- of the hills. >> city of the hills. onianta. >> okay. >> mark, you're back in a couple minutes with fellow merrymakers singing a fun holiday tune. guys, we're so happy to have them in the studio today. and treat yourself to a spa day every day with award-winning
11:35 am
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there are some people you should give underwear to this holiday. and there are some people you shouldn't . ha ha, nay. you shouldn't give underwear to everybody.
11:39 am
we're only human. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. we brought you the best in hair and makeup and now on this final day of our second annual beauty awards it's all about the skin care. >> yeah. we teamed up -- with "people" magazine to bring you the best of the best in beauty. hundreds of drug store products, tried and tested by "today" and people staffer.
11:40 am
>> all: in the suds. >> leading the way, "today" contributor jill martin, "people" style and beauty director andrea lavinthal. hello, ladies. >> hello, in the jacuzzi. >> so comfy. >> glamorous morning but our final day. >> oh, what? >> super excited. it's all skin today. how to get your skin revitalized. >> the first product? >> okay. we're going to start with simple. our little cabinet here. this is hydrating cleansing oil. this is to get your makeup off at night. you put it on >> called simple. >> i like this brand. >> really got everything off and left your skin moisturized. >> you said every day? >> every day. >> love it. >> leaves skin beautiful. next? >> next is our winning exfoliating cleanser. uses baking soda. great if you have a little oily skin. leaves pores nice and clean but
11:41 am
>> so good. >> it's a little scent but lovely. cleanses your skin. no tightness. >> i like a scent. i don't like it unscented. >> okay. >> all right. what's next? >> okay, hodi. >> day cream. talking yesterday about how great sometimes it is to use drug store products and not expensive products and how well they work. this, our tester said, really works. it really works. this is spf 30 for check, neck and fa cream, not even avoid, forget, on their neck and chest. and really shows aging. >> a good one. >> our tester said this really moisturized and made them feel good and refreshed. >> seems like a much more expensive. >> and smells so good. >> a good texture to it. >> roc. >> i like it. >> next? >> ladies, no excuse not to wear sunscreen, thanks to -- >> hoda!
11:42 am
>> 60? >> oil-free, it's clear. >> just stay in the house. [ laughter ] >> yeah, right? >> i know it's a big deal. >> it's not greasy. it goes on completely light. won't mess up your makeup. no excuse. >> oh, yeah. okay. >> got to wear sunscreen. >> a good one. >> you going to use it, hoda? >> yeah. a har. >> avino restorative night cream. the tester said this was so great, because they woke up, and refreshed and moisturized. you see how moisturizing it feels. >> put it on me? >> i've got it -- >> all on my -- >> star ingredient, blackberry. >> like butter. >> silky! >> oh, smells -- ooh, i love a scent. >> i like that. >> like that. >> love t. all cost under what, ladies? >> so affordable. the most expensive, like $24.99.
11:43 am
>> not even close. guy, looks like a basic bar soap. dove dry oil beauty bar, no basic. the most luxurious bar soap. smell it. like an expensive perfume, right? it's creamy in your hand. you lather it, the lather is so rich and creamy. >> look at the band going -- you want to get in, don't you? >> smell this. after you use it. two more left. wet skin i've been using this. a lot of people forget to moisturize when you get out of the shower and are wet. put it on. don't have to towel dry or anything. absorbs right into your skin and really works. >> the last product? >> sally hansen airbrush sun, not streaky, doesn't smell. leaves you bronzed and beautiful. >> are you sure it doesn't smell like fritos? >> we have before and after. my pal did half her body. look at the difference.
11:44 am
>> shop these items, award-winning comparisons body products head to or pick up the latest issue of "people" magazine on newsstands now. >> the rest of your day will be merry and bright, the band of merrymakers take our stage! >> pump up the volume, you guys. they're coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ]
11:45 am
we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good happening now? the volumized brow! new brow precise fiber volumizer from maybelline new york. our first brow mascara with fiber-infused gel... fills gaps. adds volume. precisely. maybelline's brow precise fiber volumizer. make it happen ?maybelline new york? we're only human. we... get... angry. so cancer, you've got two options. get out of the way
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?? daddy!! did you get my surprise? ?? it's the little things that make life rich.
11:48 am
11:49 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly no matter how hard we try, they refuse to leave the building! [ laughter ] >> talking about the talented singers and musicians, band of merrymakers. >> lingering around the studio for hours. we are so, so happy you stayed with us. about to sing a song off their album -- >> all: "welcome to our christmas party." >> around you five seconds you realize it is a party. huh, kevin?
11:50 am
of merrymakers. intoxicated and contagious's in the midst of a whirlwind tour. tomorrow night, b.b. king's here in new york city. december 15th, world famous trib dohr in los angeles, california. >> fantastic. >> what are you going to sing for us? >> we're going to sing "holiday in l.a." >> in new york! >> you like that? >> band of merrymakers! ? oh, oh, oh-oh, holiday in l.a. ? oh, oh, oh-oh ? oh, oh, oh-oh, holiday in l.a. ? the sun is rising on the pch, there ain't a cloud in the sky ? candy canes are hanging red and white
11:51 am
where every day ap movie, more wishes come true ? the sun on our face can burn up the sleighs, cruising down the freeway ? ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ? but it's a holiday in l.a., oh-oh ? in l.a., it's a holiday in l.a. ? ? and the sun never sets until we celebrate a holiday in oh-oh, a holiday in l.a. ? oh-oh, oh-oh ? the lords of leaping down on venice beach ? there ain't a cloud in the sky jack frost nipping at his nose, melts them every time ? and singing with brian wilson,
11:52 am
and gingerbread, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ? well, it's a holiday, oh-oh in l.a. ? it's a holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. ? when the sun never sets and we celebrate a holiday in l.a. ? oh-oh, a holiday in l.a. ? oh-oh, never raining, everybody's singing when you get that feeling ? then you'll know ? it's a holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. ? it's a holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. where the sun never sets ? and we always celebrate ?
11:53 am
it's a holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. where the sun never sets and it's something we celebrate ? a holiday in l.a. ? oh-oh, oh-oh ? 0 holiday in l.a. snow oh-oh, oh-oh ? 0 holiday in l.a., oh-oh, oh-oh 0 holiday in l.a., oh-oh, oh-oh ? a holiday >> yes! [ applause ] that was awesome! >> band of merrymakers. >> y'all were great. thank you so much. you were awesome. so fun! y'all are such fun. >> all righty. >> thank you, guys. >> merrymaking isn't over yet. >> it isn't? >> no! >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
11:54 am
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11:57 am
it's our 23rd annual toy drive. what about day three? >> about to find out who today's generous donor is. drum roll, please. >> it is -- >> all: learning resources senior project manager tom. >> happy holidays. >> hi, tom. >> i come bearing gifts. >> what you do you in? >> $185,000 worth of them. >> translates to 12,000 individual educational toys and games in the hands underprivileged children. >> so great. >> kids learn as they play, which is -- which -- sorry. >> wow! >> that is what we are all about. learn as you play. >> great because you play and learn at the same time. >> right. what especially this, part of our donation. this is a robot, education learning mouse. what you can do, introduce early coding skills, coding the language of the 21st essentially, what kids are learning, and this is great for
11:58 am
next on live at noon-- shots fired. the frightening scene that played out right by the milwaukee county courthouse this morning... ...and how police were able to arrest the suspect so quickly. then - ready for the recount. how clerks offices -- across the state are getting set to double check 3 million ballots... and the decision -- the jill stein announced this morning. and sunshine out... clouds back in. when we could see rain or even some snow flurries. meteorologist brian gotter has your storm team forecast. i'm vince vitrano. and i'm ann sterling. live at
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breaking news now-- milwaukee police investigating the death of a 7-year-old child. police say the child was taken to the hospital just before 11:30 yesterday morning with several injuries. the child died a few hours later.two women have been autopsy will be performed today to determine a cause of death. germantown police asking you to avoid the area of maple and freistadt. the intersection is closed for an active criminal investigation. we have crews


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