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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-4:28pm CST

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rules from the milwaukee co clerk, ben? the milwaukee county clerk sa everything is in place and ready to go for tomorrow morning. here's a look into a news conference with the clerk from about an hour ago. throughout the day - crews have been moving all 444,000 ballots in large bins from the courthouse to the election commission warehouse where they will be recounted starting at 9 a.m.. all 130 milwaukee county recount workers will be sworn in each day for an 8 hour roughly 30 counties are opting to recount exclusively by hand. not here though. the plan in milwaukee county is use machines gin the dane county ruling. the milwaukee countylerk says he is expecting to see the numbers stay true to their count on election night after the 12 day process. - milwaukee county clerk 46:14 i don't thin're going to see a change in outcome of the winner of the election in
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happen. the publ will be allowed watch atll of the recount locationhowever they will be monitored by security. county clerks be willrequired to send a nightly emaiwith the ta y's te live the courthouse, ben jordan toda tm.
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isting a 3a"n'he hasheld a news coerence since te ly.. l-portant cabinet announcements have been revealed online. ong th latest - formergoldmachs trry se- who ys tanu stehi ant iomtax cusincing reaganwilborna wssssapan ang for secrar
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washington. now back to you. we're told that a decision on the secretary of state post is not believed to be imminent. the mayor of gatlinburg, tennessee says the city may re-open later this week. that's after wildfires forced the evacuation of thousands of residents and tourists. the wildfires that swept through the great smok killed seven people and injured time for our first look at the weather this's getting a little chilly out there.meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the storm team forecast. the same storm system that brought us monday's rain continues to crawl across the country at a snails pace, the center of the low pressure will move across wisconsin today and into thursday, wrapping a bit of moisture
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mixing in with scattered light snow showers will be present this evening and into the overnight hours when more snow may mix in. a shooting steps away from the milwaukee county courthouse steps lands two people in jail. pete zervakis explains what we know thus far. officers remained on scene here into the afternoon... after shots rang out around
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hurt. police say the targets were a 24 year old woman and a 27 year old man.the alleged shooter - a 45 year old man from milwaukee - is in custody police think the shooting may have stemmed from a dispute over a criminal court case. this is crazy those in the area were left frightened. i was like oh my god, you've got to be kidding me kristy dye was leaving the courthouse when officers and deputies followed her into the elevator... rushing outside. she can't believe the shooting occurred right downtown. you over the place, the courthouse right there, and you're going to pick that corner right there to shoot? according to police... this intersection's proximity to the courthouse - and mpd headquarters - allowed officers to respond immediately. as police investigate a motive for the shooting... they're stressing there's no threat to the public. at 9th and state...pz... tmj4 milwaukee police... investigating the death of a
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was taken to the hospital just before noon yesterday with several injuries... and died a few hours later. two women have been arrested. we'll have more on this story coming up on live at the mitchell park "domes task force" will meet tonight for the second time ---- to discuss a long term plan to repair the aging landmarks. earlier this year the domes were closed because of safety concerns. the county board passed a resolution -- to create the domes task force and to allocate 500 thousand dollars to install protective in families in a south-side neighborhood, saddened and shocked tonight. what happened to the boy next door?carole meekins is in the newsroom new on live at 5... charles and shannon,he was just seven-years-old when he succumbed to his injuries yesterday. now, police want answers. who they've arrested and what neighbors knew about the boy and his family.that's coming up on live at how security for the president- elect has a well-know jeweler taking a jeweler well-know elect has a well-know jeweler
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markets at the close of business today.... more money headlines now: the government wants more people to complain about auto safety problems.regulators are proposing a rule that would require all automakers to put labels on sun visors. those labels would have instructions on how to file safety complaints. the goal is to make it easier to spot trends and pressure automakers sleep deprivation costs the u-s economy more than 400 billion dollars a year. that, from a new study by the rand corporation. it finds a lack of sleep among american workers leads to a tired, less productive work force... and the loss of more than one million working days a year. your next airline flight just got more interesting. netflix will now allow users to watch shows offline. that means you can download your favorite shows and movies and watch
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signal. the feature is free with all netflix memberships. watch your facebook feed very carefully over the next few weeks. there are holiday ?scams? lurking.consumer reporter john matarese has an important heads up so you don't waste your money. (john on cam) so you've made it through black friday....but if you are like most people you still have a lot of holiday shopping left to do. then you need to be on the alert for holiday scams.....that could be targeting you ma --------------------------- --------------------- congratulations, you've won! that's the text message many people are getting right on their smartphones. sometimes its a free $1,000 walmart gift card....sometimes a best buy gift card. and the latest version: a target gift card. all you have to do is visit a website called target contests dot com....where you have plenty of opportunities to buy things, but no known way to collect your prize. the security firm mcafee warns
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among the top holiday season scams this year ------------- ---------- 2 secs separator ----------------------- and from the doesn't that stink file, other christmastime scams targeting your tablet or computer: facebook e-greeting cards that contain viruses. ads for ipads at up to 90% off....that are really links to penny auction websites. and downloadable christmas carol lyrics: doesn't that stink? download a bad one, and your computer can end up infected: so much for a joyous christmas. (john on cam) question any story that sounds suspicious...and be skeptical of any offer for a freebie that sounds too good to be true. that way you dont waste your money. i'm john matarese (your station's custom sig out here). storm team 4 now.... more winter-like weather... slowly creeping into southeast wisconsin.meteorologist jesse ritka's standing by with the forecast. a few flurries will linger
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possible but little to no accumulation is expected because temperatures will remain above freezing overnight. thursday afternoon will be mainly cloudy and cool with highs in the low 40s but it will feel colder with a brisk westerly wind at 10-15mph.we'll see a bit more sunshine on friday but there will still be clouds around and with a northwest wind it will be cool with highs only in the 30s. upper 30s are however and that's where the temps will stay for saturday with partly cloudy skies. the clouds increase on sunday with another wintry mix possible.
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many companies around the world are capitalizing on their association with now president-elect, donald trump. but as clare sebastian reports - that's not the case for one iconic new york jewelry store. when it comes to prime retail locations it doesn't get much better than york's fifth avenue -- home of the flagship tiffany store since 1940 and a symbol of new york glamor...unfortunately even if the location is perfect, you cannot always choose your
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hollywood glamour of breakfast at tiffany's since donald trump's election barricades have been put up. there's a major police presence and traffic has gridlocked.partly the result of the constant stream of visitors... protecting the u.s. president- elect is said to cost new york a million dollars a day, according to city officials... and now it's costing tiffany. in its latest earnings release, tiffany' noted quote "some adverse effect on traffic" in its 5th avenue store...tactfully avoiding mentioning the new president-elect by name... instead referring to "recent election-related activity." (clare sebastian) "the security outside trump tower, has that impacted your shopping at all?""yes, it's difficult to access every store.""if you're on a mission for tiffany, you're heading into tiffany."tiffany says this store accounts for less than 10% of worldwide net sales...still a significant part of its business...the hope now is people will keep coming for the diamonds...
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rough exterior.clare sebastian, cnnmoney, new york. severe severe weather continues to ravage the southern u-s. that's next.and coming up at 4:30, a mother of two, feared kidnapped. why her family believes her husband is behind the disappearance. that's new at 4:30. need help with problem? our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495. or request help online. just click on the icon, on the front page of tmj
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storm team 4 now: the death toll has risen to five, after powerful storms tore across
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possible tornadoes doing much of the damage. three of those killed were in alabama, two in tennessee. lousiana and mississippi were also we'll see a bit more sunshine on friday but there will still be clouds around and with a northwest wind it will be cool with highs only in the 30s. upper 30s are typical for early december however and that's where the temps will st f cloudy skies. the clouds increase on sunday with
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we're back with a holiday- filled night of programming on
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there's still time to buy a 2016 macc star. this year's star was designed by bailey dove... who was diagnosed with leukemia last year. proceeds from the sales help kids who are living with cancer. the star costs 10 dollars and is available at balistreri sendik's food markets and buddy squirrel the white house is taking shape for the holidays. take a many of which feature some of the military families president and mrs. obama have met over the years. others honor soldiers who lost their lives serving the country. this, of course, the final holiday season at the white house for the obamas. new york city's rockefeller plaza-- gets decked out for the holidays tonight! and you can see it right here on today's tmj-4.there will be performances by tony bennett, neil diamond and josh groban... plus celebrity
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lighting of one of the most famous christmas trees in the world. the annual tree- lighting ceremony kicks off tonight at 7 p-m. here's the entire prime-time lineup for this evening: "christmas in rockefeller center" is at 7. "dolly parton's christmas of many colors" is at 8, followed by more local news on "live at
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now at 4:30, storms are helping to douse wildfires in tennessee... but for many, it's too little, too late. hundreds of homes and buildings have been burned to the ground. many people... now living in temporary housing.
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tennessee... where the threat is now over. in the gateway to smokey mountains-- home to popular tourist destinations-- a historic wildfire, reducing homes and buildings to rubble, is finally letting up. sound tammy leng gatlinburg evacuee :10-:12"it was literally like driving through hell."the largest fire for the volunteer state in more than 100 years--- leaving four dead and several missin natural sound tammy leng's husband gatlinburg evacuee "watch as we drive past, to see a huge flame."tammy leng and her husband are among more than 14-thousand forced to leav rushing to get to safety through ash and smoke.. sound tammy leng - gatlinburg evacuee :30-:34"you could see glow from the fire coming coming at you but all you could think was we got out but we are going to die."now safe in a shelter -- they're anxious to know the status of their homesadly, jeri and jeff morgan -already learned theirs. natural sound jeff morgan "that was our big beautiful stone wall. recently remodeling their pigeon forge house parts are now burned beyond recognition. sound jeri morgan - lost home, pigeon forge, tn :49-:56"my mom and my grandmothers wedding dress


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