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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CST

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tennessee... where the threat is now over. in the gateway to smokey mountains-- home to popular tourist destinations-- a historic wildfire, reducing homes and buildings to rubble, is finally letting up. sound tammy leng gatlinburg evacuee :10-:12"it was literally like driving through hell."the largest fire for the volunteer state in more than 100 years--- leaving four dead and several missin natural sound tammy leng's husband gatlinburg evacuee "watch as we drive past, to see a huge flame."tammy leng and her husband are among more than 14-thousand forced to leav rushing to get to safety through ash and smoke.. sound tammy leng - gatlinburg evacuee :30-:34"you could see glow from the fire coming coming at you but all you could think was we got out but we are going to die."now safe in a shelter -- they're anxious to know the status of their homesadly, jeri and jeff morgan -already learned theirs. natural sound jeff morgan "that was our big beautiful stone wall. recently remodeling their pigeon forge house parts are now burned beyond recognition. sound jeri morgan - lost home, pigeon forge, tn :49-:56"my mom and my grandmothers wedding dress
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chest."with the prospect of starting over now top of mind ---others are still in harms way. more than 200 firefighters are taking the brunt of the blaze-- but with 8 new fires overnight and storms toppling trees and power lines, their jobs are becoming increasing difficult. sound greg miller - fire chief, gatlinburg, tn 1:12-1:17 we are experiencing some small mudslides and rock slides" meantime the community is coming together, preparing for another night of uncertainty, hoping to go home soon. (--- reporter tag ---)this wildfire also greatly impacts the economy here primarily driven by touris more than 11 million visit this region per year. meantime officials are trying to figure out how this fire star ruling out arson. sarah rosario, nbc news, pigeon forge, tennessee.
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weather this afternoon. meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the weather.... the same storm system that brought us monday's rain continues to crawl across the country at a snails pace, the center of the low pressure will move across wisconsin today and into wrapping a bit of moisture around it. this means scattered light rain showers mixing in with scattered light snow showers will be present this evening and into the overnight hours when more snow
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a north carolina prosecutor says a charlotte police officer will ?not? face charges for shooting and killing a black man in a case that touched off several nights of unrest in the city. officer brent vinson shot and killed keith lamont scott back in september. scott was sitting in his vehicle when he
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police video showed officers shouting for scott to drop a gun numerous times. scott's family has said he was not armed. but the prosecutor says evidence indicates that he did, in fact, have a gun. the f-b-i says a somali-born student who carried out a car-and-knife attack at ohio state university may have been inspired by the islamic state group. but they add it's too soon to call the rampage that hurt 11 people on monday as terrorism. they're also ?not? aware between the islamic state and the attacker. gun background checks hit a new record on black friday. the f-b-i says on black friday alone --- it processed 185- thousand-713 background checks for gun buyers through ''the national instant criminal background check system' . that's about 400 more checks -- than on black friday in 2015... and a new record number in the u-s. 3 point 4 billion dollars....
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spent while online shopping -- for cyber's actually a record for what's considered the biggest shopping day of the year... and about 12 percent more than 2015. and black friday wasn't too far behind... it generated just 110 million less in online sales. armed robberies, in the last place you'd expect: a local cemetery!it's a story new on live at 6.... one of the victims tells us about his terrifying experience and the unusual him, before stealing his car and belongings. that's new at six. it's not only starting to look a lot like christmas in downtown milwaukee... it's starting to sound like it too. tonight... milwaukee's festival city symphony will present a free "let it snow" - holiday pajama jamboree. the concert is at 7 at the bradley pavilion. it features traditional holiday tunes... as well as selections from
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still ahead... some seasonal parking changes you'll need to know about, next.and it's happened again... for the second time this month... a woman missing, while out for a run. the latest on ?both? cases, next. would you say no to a lot more money? [excited scream] you just won a million dollars! no thanks.
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a strange case out of california gets even stranger: investigators say the abductors of sherri papini branded her and cut off her hair...possibly to send a message and humiliate her. her husband says the bridge of her nose was broken and she weighed just 87 pounds. papini was found on the side of a road beaten, chained, with a bag over her thanksgiving morning. her still at-large. to florida now.. where there is ?another? apparent kidnapping case today.a woman from michigan disappeared while jogging sunday night. as matt luposi reports, her family thinks the woman's husband may be behind her disppearance. s/ joyce newsom / aunt: :02 - :06"when she left she just said, i'll be back ... back in a few."joyce newsom fears something sinister kept niece rachel madison from coming home from a run sunday... rachel, a mother of two young
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her family in ormond-by-the- sea after leaving her husband, jarvis madison, and what her family says was years-long abusive relationship.s/ joyce newsom / aunt: "he's a very threatening and dangerous person."jarvis madison is wanted on a warrant out of indiana ... investigators say he held his wife against her will, and shot at her.shortly after, she was able to seek refuge in a walmart ... where aunt joyce picked her up and drove more than 900 miles to safety....but threatening phone calls have come ever nc aunt: "what he said every time, he says, 'i will not give up, i will get her, you can't stop me.'"s/ andrew gant / vcso:50 - 1:00 "when a gun's involved, when there's the uncertainty of where he may be taking her, we want to get this solved as quickly as possibly."investigators are looking for a silver 2011 honda pilot with indiana tag en2348.and they, like her family, hope someone knows something that will help find rachel.s/ joyce newsom / aunt: "oh my gosh, that's all i want is for her to come home and be
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authorities say madison's husband has even threatened to kill her aunt for hiding her. time to take a moment and get a quick look outside at our weather.for that, we head to waukesha.((ad lib pics)) meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the latest on our
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a few flurries will linger into thursday morning with a dusting on grassy surfaces is possible but little to no accumulation is expected because temperatures will remain above freezing overnight. thursday afternoon will be mainly cloudy and cool with highs in the low 40s but it will feel colder with a brisk westerly wind at 10-15mph.we'll see a bit more sunshine on friday but there will still be will be cool with highs only in the 30s. upper 30s are typical for early december however and that's where the temps will stay for saturday with partly cloudy skies. the clouds increase on sunday with
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it may not seem like winter's close..but starting tomorrow... winter parking rules will go into effect. this means alternate-side, night parking on most residential streets. and remember overnight parking is prohibited on major streets and bus routes, even though there are no signs that say you can't park there. if you don't follow the rules... expect a ticket around and even though there's no snow on the ground, today is ''snowplow driver - wisconsin. the governor declared the day to highlight the important role snowplow drivers play.. in keeping us safe during winter. it's also a good reminder.. to drivers.. to give snowplows room to work and stay off roadways --if-- possible during severe winter storms. let's take you live to
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here's your prime-time lineup for this evening: "christmas in rockefeller center" is at 7. "dolly parton's christmas of many colors" is at 8, followed by more local news on "live at ten." stick around.
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high winds helped to whip-up a number of grass fires near oklahoma city. crews from a number of cities were called in to fight as many as six fires. the smoke is blamed for a number of crashes on nearby roads. one fire was started by a blown tire throwing hot sparks onto the dry grass in the right of way. the man credited with creating the "big mac" nearly 50 years ago has died. jim delligatti was a pittsburgh-area mcdonald's franchisee who
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burger with two all-beef patties, "special sauce," lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun. he was 98. firefighters and wildlife officials in florida had their hands full today... trying to rescue a manatee from from a storm drain. a city crew was doing work in the area they spotted the manatee. they worked for hours to to cut pipes away. they eventually pulled him out. he appears to be o-k. there was a brief disruption at an nba d-league or minor league game today in new york. a young fan decided to run onto the court. one of the players scooped the boy up and passed him off to a woman, presumable his mother, who was trying to corral him. ( toss to weather )
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on friday but there will still be clouds around and with a northwest wind it will be cool with highs only in the 30s. upper 30s are typical for early december however and that's where the temps will stay for saturday with partly cloudy skies. the clouds increase on sunday with
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at next at five, families in a southside neighborhood, saddened and shocked tonight. what happened to the boy next door? who police have arrested, coming up right now on live at 5:00.
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death of a 7- year- old boy. the child had multiple injuries.he died after being taken to the hospital yesterday..rikki mitchell spoke with neighbors today and joins us live from the south side neighborhood where police say the boy lived. several neighbors told us the boy and his mother lived in this apartment building near national and 19th street -- but they only moved in a couple of months ago. to hear something like that it's just real devastating victor diaz says police came to his apartment yesterday asking questions about a family that lived in his building. diaz says the family only recently moved in -- but he had seen the mother with at least two young boys on occasion. her children was like happy her older son was happy i always see him walking to school he says he believes her younger son had some kind of physical handicap. but he never noticed anything that would make him think they were
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of hard explaining this to my children when they see these kids according to police -- the 7yearold boy was brought from this residence to the hospital yesterday morning with numerous injuries. he died several hours later. it's terrible lauri scales lives across the street and saw police and the medical examiners office in her neighborhood. but didn't know what happened until today. i don't even know my grandchildren might have been playing with that kid at one time or another again police did arrest two women -- one is 44 years old -- the other is 47. it's the women are the boy's mother. police say they are still trying to determine how the boy was injured. reporting live on the south side rm today's tmj4. shots were shots were fired outside the milwaukee county courthouse
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allegedly shooting at a 27-year-old man and a 24- year-old woman. it happened near the intersection with police headquarters. you got all these policemen all over the place, the courthouse right there, and you're going to pick that corner right there to shoot? no one was hurt. police say the shooting may have stemmed from a dispute over a case in criminal court. now to the recount in the presidential election. clerks across wisconsin begin re- counting ballots at 8 o'clock torr will be counted by hand, others by machine. ben jordan is live with more on how this will work. the milwaukee county clerk says everything is in place and ready to go for tomorrow morning. after a morning conference call to clear up the rule. we know this is going to be a lot of work in a short amount of time this is a familiar sight for all 72 counties in wisconsin - transporting giant bins of ballots to be recounted. here in milwaukee


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