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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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tonight, double disaster -- a rising death toll as wildfires, then tornadoes explode across the south. new threats, new warnings as a big part of the country gets hit with wild extremes. no charges in a fatal police shooting that spark d protests. why prosecutors say the officer was justified. in using deadly force. frantic final words from the pilot of that doomed jetliner, repeatedly telling air traffic control his plane was rapidly running out of fuel. how could this have happened? art of the deal? donald trump turns a campaign rallying cry into action, saving jobs at carrier, from moving to mexico. what did it take? and making it work -- the big american company where
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and employees couldn't be happier. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, trying times in the south tonight. fire, water and tornadoes, part of twin deadly disasters that have struck over the last 48 hours. violent storms spawned twisters overnight, killing five people in tennessee. which is still reeling from the firestorm that exploded the night before in the great smoky mountains. and today we learned three more bodies have been recovered from the scorched ruins, bringing the death toll to at least seven. we've got it all covered, starting with nbc's jacob rascon in alabama. >> tornadoes reported in six states and nowhere was hit harder than here in rosalie,
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what used to be the town's only shopping plaza. the owner climbed out of the rubble alive. while several of his neighbors did not survive. barrelling through the southeast, dozens of tornadoes reported from florida to mississippi. late today, pictures showing a possible funnel cloud near atlanta. threatening a major metropolitan area. >> it's devastating. i mean, it breaks my heart. >> overnight the town of rosalie, alabama, devastated. the one shopping plaza, reduced to bricks. the owner, greg day, astonished to be alive. nearby, another survivor, bob wright, hoping to find pictures of his family members, who did not make it. >> i lost two, my brother's boy, his daughter, and that boy's, his boy's girlfriend. >> their mobile home tossed across the highway. three people died, two hospitalized. including cynthia
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how do you hope people remember them? >> good old people. that's about all i can do, buddy. >> 31 reported tornadoes in two days. the path of destruction spreading over 550 miles. >> and i thought we were going to die last night. >> including through polk county, tennessee, where jennifer young, her husband and two sons barely escaped. >> my husband saying there's a tornado coming. there's a tornado coming. gehe >> their neighbors, not so fortunate. two people killed. back in alabama, hope after a family of seven took shelter inside the day care center they own. the twister leaving nothing but the bathroom. the family recovering in a nearby hospital. the healing and the clean-up only just beginning. jacob rascon, nbc news, rosalie, alabama. this is kerry sanders with our first
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one of the areas hardest hit by the flames. in the aftermath of the frantic evacuations, now a different chaos, tracking down those still-unaccounted for. no one's heard from alice haggler since the fire raced through her neighborhood. >> my mother call immediate frantically, that the house was on fire. we got disconnected. and because of that, i haven't heard if her since. >> then, there's michael reed. still waiting for news. >> looking for my wife, and my daughter, lily. who is nine. and my other daughter, chloe, who is 12. >> the greatest fear? those missing could be dead. today, the death toll rose to at least seven. this morning, much-needed rain began to fall in the drought-stricken smokies. but it was too little, too late. 17,000 acres here burned. gerry morgan lost all her mother's keepsakes, including
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after her mom died recently from cancer. >> all of her china, all of her silver ware. everything's gone. >> the morgans escaped as the flames engulfed their driveway. they thought the fire department had the blaze under control. >> when you look at this, can you believe this? >> no. we thought they would be able to stop it. >> you prayed? that they'd stop it. >> in addition to the widespread devastation that goes on for blocks here just beyond downtown gatlinburg, today the rain caused problems of mudslides and rock slides. forecasters say tonight the threat of rain here with thunderstorms and through the south will continue, but by tomorrow it should be gone. which will allow folks at least some here in gatlinburg to come back in and begin cleaning up. lester?
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thank you. there are new developments in a deadly police shooting that sparked violent protests. prosecutors have decided not to charge an officer for the killing of keith lamont scott in charlotte, north carolina in september. authorities maintain scott, whose wife recorded the confrontation, had a gun on him. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. >> more than two months after this dramatic video stunned the nation, today the district attorney announced that b police officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott, will face no criminal charges. >> it's my opinion that officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> the shooting sparked nights of violent unrest here. social media catapulted the story into the national spotlight, based on false information, the prosecutor says. according to state investigators, initial witness accounts that scott was holding a book proved to be false. his wife's statement
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false according to investigators, based on text messages the month before about a firearm in his possession. and they say witness claims that it was a white officer who shot scott are also untrue. police say they were trying to serve a warrant to a different man at an apartment complex when they saw scott with a gun and marijuana. investigators say scott ignored commands to drop the weapon at least ten times. >> keith, don't you do it. >> did you shoot him? did you he better not be [ bleep ] dead. >> the prosecutor also released new surveillance video, of scott at a nearby convenience store shortly before the deadly encounter. >> the bulge you see here is consistent with the holster and gun that was later described by officers and located at the scene sbxt what appears to be a hollister also appears on a freeds frame from a camera. scott's family is planning a lawsuit.
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fore, how do you jump from an open carry state to now there's imminent dapger, aggravated imminent danger and therefore deadly force should be used. >> the scott family is asking that any protests remain peaceful. >> thank you. we're learning more information about what may have caused the tragic plane crash in south america that killed 71 people. six miracle survivors found in the wreckage. in the past hour, we got new video of the team on board the takeoff, in high spirits for their upcoming championship. also tonight, air traffic control audio reveals the pilot's urgent final words repeatedly saying he was running out of fuel. we get the latest from nbc's kir simmons in colombia. >> in colombia and brazil, memorials, instead of a soccer match. in the brazilian team's empty locker room, flowers and candles. and tonight, a stunning recording obtained by the
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control tower and the pilot. suggesting the players died because their plane ran out of fuel. we're asking for priority in our approach. we have a fuel problem. the controller tells the pilot he can start his approach in seven minutes. two minutes later, the pilot again asked to land. but is told there's an aircraft below. she asks, how much time do you have to stay put? fuel emergency the pilot responds, i'm descent. a short time later the pilot says the plane is in total electrical failure and out of fuel. the aircraft slams into the side of a hill. short of medellin airport. >> they should have had a minimum of 45 minutes reserve fuel. and they only held for seven or eight minutes. so it's obvious that they were well into that reserve fuel. >> flight attendant jiminez suarez told doctors here the
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three players survived. the team's back-up goalie still in a coma. are you amazed that he survived this? >> yes, i am. >> among the 71 who perished, a player pictured last week finding out his wife was pregnant. his future as a father and the hopes of an entire team wiped out. keir simmons, nbc news, medellin, colombia. politics, the ongoing drama of who's in, who's out of president-elect donald trs during the campaign, trump repeatedly promised to drain the swamp. in our nation's capital. as our halle jackson explains, he's choosing washington, d.c. and wall street insiders to stack his team. >> he won the white house, partly by promising a purge in washington. >> we are going to -- drain the swamp. >> but now, the president-elect's latest cabinet picks panned by democrats.
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accusing him instead of stocking it with alligators. taking special aim at steven mnuchin, officially announced today as donald trump's choice to head the treasury department. >> feeling terrific. >> he was trump's chief fundraiser. a hollywood financier behind movies like "mad max," and a former goldman sachs banker who today pushed back against criticism he took advantage of homeowners during the fi >> we bought it from the government in a highly competitive six-month auction. we saved a lot of jobs and we created a lot of opportunities for corporate loans. >> trump's transition team argues there's no one better to help reform the tax code than private-sector picks like mnuchin and like newly named commerce nominee, billionaire investor wilbur ross. so far, almost all the president-elect administration picks have ties to washington or wall street. and now it's insider and former trump
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lead the state department. his second interview conducted over a dinner of steak, scallops and frog legs. >> he did something i tried to do and was unsuccessful in accomplishing, he won the general election. and he continues with a message of inclusion and bringing people together. >> today the president-elect is announcing that in a couple of weeks he plans to explain how he will in his words, get completely out of business operations for the trump or whether he'll still have an ownership stake. that will be his first news conference in more than four months. >> halle, thanks very much. president-elect also poised to make an announcement tomorrow, delivering on a promise to save jobs at an indiana company. carrier air conditioning says its reached a deal to keep 1,000 jobs in the state, half the number carrier was planning to shift to mexico but what was the strayed-off?
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indy. carrier workers leave with a reprieve. >> our jobs are being saved. >> a different mood from last february's announcement that 1400 jobs were being moved to mexico. >> to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico. >> back then, candidate donald trump pounced. >> if i were in office right now, carrier would not be leaving indiana. that i can tell you. th >> following negotiations over thanksgiving, last night a tweet from the president-elect. we will keep our companies and jobs in the u.s. why did carrier reverse course? well details have not been released, sources familiar with the negotiation say carrier will receive tax incentives from the state where vice president-elect mike pence is governor. sources add carrier's parent company, united
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avoids angering the new administration. >> 10% of united technologies' business, more than $5 billion, comes from the u.s. government and the pentagon is united technology's single biggest customer. >> robert james who has made furnaces for 18 years, has questions, too. >> we need to know what's behind it. is there anything that's going to be asked of the union. >> but for jt bray, raising a young family -- relief. >> some people are saying it's a christmas miracle here. we get to keep our happy. the kids will be having a good christmas, we won't have the worry of daddy won't have his job. >> tomorrow the president-elect and governor pennsylvania will be here to tour the carrier plant and talk to its workers. left centre. >> kevin tibbles in indianapolis, thank you. still ahead, new details in a kidnapping mystery that has captured much of the nation's attention. what a mother of two is now telling police about the suspects she is now telling police about the suspects she my friends think doing this at my age is scary.
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new details in a bizarre mystery in california. authorities are hunting for two kidnappers who abducted a mother and held her for three weeks. investigators say she showed signs of torture and starvation. when she was found on the side of a highway, 150 miles from her home. here's nbc's gotti schwartz. >> six days after sherri papini was found chained and beaten, investigators finally have a more detailed description of the two hispanic women suspected of
5:48 pm
gunpoint as she went for a jog near her home. >> both of the subjects spoke in spanish. the majority of the time. of her captivity. the suspects concealed their faces. >> papini spent hours giving interviews to detectives. >> i will confirm that the suspects did brand her. >> what could that mean? >> maybe a method of torture. it could mean a way of control or exerting control over a person. >> her husband, keith "people" magazine in a statement that his wife's nose was broken, her hair chopped off, her body covered in bruises in beatings. writing she was thrown from a vehicle with a chain around her waist, attached to her wrists with a bag over her head. the same bag she used to flag someone down when she was able to free one of her hands. there are still so many unanswered questions so far no motive or information on where she was held for three weeks. and why her kidnappers released her on
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artist as detectives compare papini's kidnapping to others in several states, while papini recovers with her family by her side her husband crediting his wife's survival with her will to stay alive. gotti schwartz, nbc news, redding, california. up next here tonight, the manhunt for a thief caught on camera. striking gold in ?? as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ?? i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home that was it. ?? now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. can you say thanks nicoderm cq? every great why needs a great how. ?? when you think of saving money, what comes to mind? your next getaway?
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>> say that again. >> you might not know the name, but for sure you know the burger. the man behind the big mac has died. michael james jim delagadi has died. he created the menu item 50 years ago when he decided that customers wanted a bigger sandwich. it went national in 1968 and his son says he ate one every day. so who knows it might be the secret to a
5:53 pm
years old. a tv legend has died. grant tinker was the force behind many beloved shows, including the "mary tyler moore" show which starred his then-wife and business partner. and "lou grant" "rhoda" and he helped turn fortunes around at nbc during his time as chairman. the network launched blockbusters like "cheers" "family ties." he was 90 years police are on a manhunt for a thief caught on camera stealing a pot of gold -- literally. new video show as man taking a bucket filled with $1.6 million in gold flakes from an armored truck here in new york while the guard was distracted. police don't think he even knew what was inside the 86-pound bucket until he opened it. he's now believed to be hiding out in florida. coming up next, work versus family. the popular american
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?? ?? one smart choice leads to the next. ?? the new 2017 ford fusion is here. it's the beauty of a well-made choice. ?? finally tonight, it's one of the toughest things for parents, returning to work after having a child. the popular outdoors brand pat gonna is
5:57 pm
dads on the company payroll. because it's got the kind of parental perks you almost never see these days, here's nbc's jolynn kent with more. >> for hans cole every day is take your child to work day. >> my office is just about 100 feet away from the child care center, so i can look out my window and see him playing out in the playground here. >> outer wear brand patagonia's day care is the squealing, laughing heart of its corporate headquarters. understanding that children are part of life and a part of work. >> moms nurse in meetings, while dads feed in the nursery. any parent can swing by for a quick hello. >> i'm going to meeting. >> the company says offering this kind of in-house child care for 33 years is not a distraction, rather than an investment that's paid off. >> 100% of moms returning to work after leave we figure we recoup over 90% of our costs.
5:58 pm
child, a priceless deal for senior director jenna johnson, whose job takes her around the world. wherever she goes, her daughter and caregiver go, too. all paid for by the company. >> it allows me to excel in my job. but it allows me to excel in my life, really. >> patagonia's model is rare. on-site subsidized child care in the u.s. has dropped from 9% in 1996, to just 2% in 2016. >> often what you'll find in the people understand that something can be positive. but they don't have the tools in terms of how to implement it. >> tyler wellborn's mom, susan, brought him to day care at 18 months, now 30 years later, he designs wetsuits for patagonia and has standing breakfast dates with mom at work. >> it allowed me to not worry about where my kids were when i was busy. it's kind of like an extension of the family. >> full circle for a company that hopes to inspire others to put
5:59 pm
california. that's going to do it for us on this wednesday night, the rockefeller center christmas tree will be lit tonight during a live broadcast. i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and have a good night. >> from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4, live at 6:00. >> now at crime, a man targeted by armed robbers when he least expected it. >> and then the guy came over and he says if you yell one more time, i'm going to bust your mouth and hit you in the face. >> he was paying grave side respects when he says someone beat him up and stole his car. >> police confirmed there have been two armed robberies at the
6:00 pm
>> brandon is live at that cemetery. they say he used a stun gun on the victim? >> yes, george and shannon and he said he was stunned four times before having his valuables taken. >> he was upset. >> and i didn't expect to come here and this is what happened to me. >> just a few days ago he was robbed by two men with a stun gun while finding his parents at the cemetery. >> now he says o he's out of $170 and his car. >> i was yelling and scream and then a guy came over and says if you yell one more time i'm going to bust your mouth and hit you in the face. i hope i get the car back. >> milwaukee police say this is the second armed robbery at the cemetery in the last few weeks. in both incidents victims had their car stolen. patrick and his family heard


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