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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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>> brandon is live at that cemetery. they say he used a stun gun on the victim? >> yes, george and shannon and he said he was stunned four times before having his valuables taken. >> he was upset. >> and i didn't expect to come here and this is what happened to me. >> just a few days ago he was robbed by two men with a stun gun while finding his parents at the cemetery. >> now he says o he's out of $170 and his car. >> i was yelling and scream and then a guy came over and says if you yell one more time i'm going to bust your mouth and hit you in the face. i hope i get the car back. >> milwaukee police say this is the second armed robbery at the cemetery in the last few weeks. in both incidents victims had their car stolen. patrick and his family heard
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they came together to the cemetery as a family. >> i don't know what's going on with people but they're crazy out here. you've got to protect yourself. >> he's at least looking ford to the cemetery providing security for families providing security while visiting loved ones. >> he would like to see more of a police presence as well. >> i would like to see more police officers patrolling here, you know, and for the safety of others. >> reporter: management here at the cemetery and they tell me they will be adding a security guard and security cameras here at the cemetery within the next week. also milwaukee police are searching for those suspects. >> from the northwest side of milwaukee, i'm brandon look with today's tmj4. >> thank you, brandon. >> usc fighter anthony pet is is once again a target of crime. several of hess cars a few weeks
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>> here's new surveillance video. >> he's offering an a reward to anyone who knows who these men are in this video. >>. the latest on the historical recount in wisconsin. >> all 72 counties across the state are laying across their process. >> ben has an update. >> george, today county clerks learned every detail for how this recount will work from logistics to with just one day left to the historic recount, county clerks offices across the state are studying up on the rules and process. >> we know this is a large amount of work to be done in a short amount of time >> while making sure all the ballots are in the right place. milwaukee's 44,000 had to be taken by a truckload. >> you don't move hundreds of thousands of ballots, throw them in the trunk of the car.
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warehouse where 130 being workers will start the recount thursday morning. >> they have voting staff there who is recommending this be a machine recount. >> milwaukee county is one of the counties using a machine after dade county said no to klein's request to be counted by hand. >> roughly 30 counties plan to count exclusively by >> all of the recount workers will be sworn in, trained and expected to work an eight-hour shift each day. >> we could call it controlled chaos. >> the milwaukee county clerk anticipate the process will take a full 12 days, expecting similar nights to election night. >> i don't think we'll see a change to the outcome of the winner in wisconsin. >> that would be extremely rare for that to happen. >> and over at the election
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morning at 8:306789. however, the recount officially begins at 9:00 a.m. ben jordan, today's tmj4. >> thank you, ben. >> here are some of the key dates in the recount. as been mentioned, counties will begin counting the votes tomorrow. the votes have to be certified by december 13th. the electoral college meets and sends its votes to congress on december 19th, congress counts those votes on january 6t weather, it is start to go get cold out there, john. >> we had a temperature in the 40s right after midnight, but since then in the 30s. 35 watertown, whitewater. raining and 36 in madison right now. we'll show you that rain. it is pushing in from the west, kind of looks like it's mixing with snow, but mostly rainfall across the area, mostly rain
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could mix with snow flakes as it pushes in. you see that rain right out to our west, we'll see that continue to move. by midnight it slows down, could see a couple scattered showers toward morning. 37 degrees 8:00 to 10:00 with the light rain moving through. shouldn't cause problems on the road. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. new information on the crash that killed 19 players. the pilot of the plane said he had run out of fuel. the plane crashed into the andes mountain. 77 people abortea board, only 6 survived. >> two players who used to play with p members of the team, they
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>> the cinderella story of the soccer team isn't what most fairy tales are made of. their journey of climbing the ranks of brazilian soccer ended tragically when their plane trashed monday night. >> i don't know what happened, but it's not easy. >> not easy because rafael diaz knew players of the team. the milwaukee was shocked to hear of the crash. >> the forward also lost someone he knew in the crash. >> one of the players, his name is campos, forward with the big afro. he's from my hometown. >> mathis is from rio. the city loved the soccer scar. >> he's living little kids, two kids and a right. he was probably going through the best moment of his career.
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but plans to ban together with his soccer brothers as his home country continues to mourn. >> the president of the soccer club says the team will likely play its final game of the season using primarily a youth team. the state dot and department of justice are asking you to take immediate action. electronic message boards now relay a new sense of urgency and amber alerts for silver alerts detail and license plate information. the departments say this gives driver a heads up while potentially helping authorities in the search. you might actually be behind the vehicle for that -- right there. the chances, you know, as little as they are, but that's important when you have a missing person case. >> both dot and doj base this change off success in florida,
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you're still encouraged to tune to a local radio station or call 511 for information on amber and silver alerts. still ahead, hiding out, the unusual place janesville police found a fell on.
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>> you're watching today's tmj44 with charles bep son, shannon meteorologist, john malan and lance allen, sports. a 14-year-old boy from cheboygan faces several charges. he confessed to burglaries. one neighbor reported that the boy was armed with a steak knife. police found the suspect after a school resource officer recognized the description of the type. green bay family feeling
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when they arrived a second child was unconscious. the three children were taken to apple ton hospital where they were treated in a hyper barak cha bar -- >> it took more than three months, but police in rock county found a wanted fell on hiding in a closet. officers say the guy threw the window of a janesville home, got a in an upstairs closet. the homeowner was arrested on charges of harboring a fell on. >> the mega merger that could create more choices for people who eat chicken.
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introducing the reuben from subway a sandwich as full of intrigue as it is flavor. some say it was invented by deli owner arnold reuben. others, by reuben kulakofsky during a poker game.
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fit of crazed hunger. seriously. the reuben's past may be debatable, but its great taste is not. stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. we don't know where it came from, but we know where you can
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85 people set to lose their job. the company plans on operating three of the plans tissue machines. the nina facility employees more than 300 people. the mayor said there's no warning for the closure. the midwest' chicken producer is being acquired for $350 million. pilgrim's pride says it plans to pay cash for a company. the move helps pilgrim's pride help expand the natural and organic products. it is not clear what the deal will mean for the plants in arcadia, wisconsin. >> a packers fan says he will continue to wear shorts even
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losing streak. he said he would wear shorts only if they came out on top. he says he is going to keep on wearing his shorts, even though the pack won monday night. >> i decided, i think my shorts are good luck, i'm going to wear shorts as long as they keep wing. >> he says he actually prefers wearing shorts. i knew there was something in there, but he's thankful it hasn't gotten too cold yet. >> there is an issue with the voting machines used to count the ballots. >> a claim has been made by the green party. >> jill stein is making a lot of noise about wisconsin's voting machines. she played this claim while making the claim for a recount. >> she claimed wisconsin is using machines that are out laud, illegal. >> wisconsin uses two types.
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and then place it in a box. >> california banned a certain brand of electronic machines because of security concerns and they don't provide a paper trail. >> but the milwaukee senteinel says each state gets to decide what's legal. dollars to have the ballots recounted. politico fact says -- >> pants on fire. >> that's our rating for statements false. her statement made it sound like wisconsin conducted the presidential election. >> charles benson, today's democrat.
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fact stories on line. >> here's chief meteorologist john malan with the weather. >> we're going to see that light mix rolling through overnight. if you like indian summer, this whole month was indian summer just about. the red box right side above normal temperatures. only a couple average temperatures and only three days with below average temperatures. this will go down in the record books as the second warmest november on record degrees. the warm he is was 2001 at 47.5. today our normal should be 37.9, we got up to 44, but that was after midnight. still 37, milwaukee. 36 in burlington and lake geneva with 35, beaverton, out in whitewater. those temperatures are going to be aided by the wibz.
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southwest, turning more westerly overnight tonight. even more strength to that wind tomorrow, you can see temperatures between -- wind speeds of between 10 and 20 miles per hour. tomorrow that will take the wind chills into the lower 30s and upper 20s. you can see rain moving in, looks like it's mixing with snow, but all the reports have been rain so far. it's pretty much what we're going to see as it moves through. o dodge county, jefferson to push across, waukesha county, all this pushes through until about midnight, we'll get a break overnight and then chance for scattered showers overnight. you can see our radar and computer model shows everything lightens up around midnight tonight and isolated to scattered shower or flurry right towards the rush hour in the morning. forecast shows the low pressure system dragging in the cold air,
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for northern wisconsin and by thursday morning, just a sprinkle or flurry left over. a lot of clouds tomorrow, also, and friday. partly cloudy skies and cold air. for tonight, little bit of a mix, shouldn't cause problems, temperatures staying before freezing, very little communication, south winds, 35 degrees. for tomorrow, morning flurry is possible, up to 42 with west he winds up toto hour, it stays cold. mostly cloudy skies, high of 38. storm team 4, 7-day forecast, 37 degrees, sunday could see a light wintery mix and 40. but look at the first week of december. 42 degrees on monday, up to 43 on tuesday with a rain shower possible, up to 45 on wednesday. again, with a rain shower possible that could turn into a
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wednesday night. >> no complaints. >> none so far. >> lance allen tells us about
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>> like the old tammy why net classic, standard by your man, brock osweiler is the starting quarterback against the packers. there's one green bay player you don't h rod burks is at lambeau field. >> his head coach was surprised when he saw from rip as a rookie on special teams. >> rib surprised me with special teams. rip. he jumped off the bus as a rookie last year and made some excellent open field tackles on kickoff and i didn't know he had that in him. but as far as his opportunity as
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earned these opportunities. >> i can probably say the first thing that jumps out at him as a rocky is when you did the special teams. rookie. how gratifying is it when they put you in and you make these big plays. >> it's awesome. any time you step in and work and see improvement, it's gratifying. >> it's a pleasant surprise to see the running abilities. aw ripkowski has done a great job filling in. the packers offense hopes it continues. here with the pack, rod burks for today's tmj4. >> erik than spent three years playing in korea, and it's loud over there. >> they play music all the time, like a party.
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hitting, there's a speaker behind me blasting music, cheerleaders dancing, you hope it will be quiet while you're shooting, but it's all games. >> it's a lot different and great experience and i'm ready to come back here. >> and we rarely see doc rivers like this. the former marquette star loses it last >> that's sam restraining him. >> that's sam restraining him. marquette hosts western
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>> next, "the now" milwaukee goes live on our facebook page. tonight the police department overwhelmed with stuffed animals. how they plan to crack this case with the help of kids. that's now on the now. >> you can see the radar right now, we have light rain rolling in, mixing with a little snow. all in you can see it's pushing into waukesha county, walworth county, dodge county. if you're going out, probably p need the umbrella. but we're not expecting rough roads or slippery roads, and accumulations.
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with the straight scoop on the packers from the man who knows them best, it's the mike mccarthy show with larry mccarren and the coach of the green bay packers, mike mccarthy. >> hello, evn to the mike mccarthy show. through the miracle of television, we are actually taping this program less than 48 hours after the packers beat the eagles in philadelphia so we're gonna spend some serious time on that beauty and, mike, the thing that still stands out the most is your ability to possess that football. possessions of ten, nine, twelve, thirteen and the crowned


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