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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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good morning. i'm ann sterling.. in for susan kim. i'm vince off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist brian gotter. after a great sunrise, clouds quickly moved into the area with temps in the mid 40s, and sprinkles and isolated light rain by evening. patchy flurries and drizzle continue to fall in spots this morning with lows in the mid 30s with wind chills near 20. this afternoon remains cloudy and breezy with highs near 40, and
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wind chills will be near 30 all day. today marks the first official day of the historic presidential election recount here in wisconsin. it officialy gets underway at 9 a-m.. and will end on december 12th. yesterday -- every
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joined a tele-conference with the wisconsin elections commission ... to study up on the rules. one of the first priorities is making sure ?all of the ballots are at the county's designated recount location. here in milwaukee county -- all of the ballots were taken to -- the milwaukee election commission warehouse -- where 130 workers will be sworn in.
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indiana this afternoon to talk about it.senator dan coats/ (r) indiana :26-:30"my gosh, he's not even president yet and he's figured out how to save 1,000 jobs." anthony scaramucci/ advisor, skybridge capital :31-:39"i'm hoping every ceo in america is getting that beacon signal from the new trump administration that we're open for business here in the united states."behind today's victory lap: millions in state incentives...from indiana gov mike pence, who's been in washington paving the way for quick confirmations.mike :50-:56"we're gonna be continuing to work through december and all the way to inauguration day to make sure that we are ready on day one." in new york(linda mcmahon nat sot, "we talked about sba...") (nats, "are you here for a job interview governor?")the parade of potential nominees continues. critics call it a cabinet full of insiders.but so far, no word on which of four candidates will be offered secretary of state.
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elected .. house democratic leader. but u-s representative "ron kind" of wisconsin is staying tight-lipped on whether he voted for pelosi. instead saying -- in a statement -- quote, "this is exactly the type of inside washington politics.. that wisconsinites are sick of hearing about." pelosi beat representative "tim ryan" of ohio. new this morning - deputy attorney general andy cook is leaving the state department of justice. his last day will be tomorrow. cook has decided to return to the private sector.. but did not go adviser on attorney general brad schimel campaign and has been his top aide 20-14. happening today - the man charged with shooting 5- year-old "laylah petersen" is expected to be sentenced today. this past september -- a milwaukee jury unanimously found "carl barrett" guilty of first degree intentional homicide. prosecutors say.. it was a case of mistaken identity... barrett and another man were targeting someone who ended up living just a few blocks away from
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prison for watching her family beat a baby to death ... is arrested again for abusing another child.the woman was one of four people arrested in connection with the death of a seven year old boy. police say the boy was taken from a home near south 19th and national tuesday and brought to the hospital with numerous injuries. the 7 year old died a few hours later. see these 29:29 you know it's explaining this to my children when they see these kids 29:34 one woman wednesday is booked on preliminary charges of physical abuse of a child. that could change as the investigation continues. the family of a missing 11- year-old boy is breathing a sigh of relief -- now that their son is home safe."the grand chute police department" confirms... they found 11- year-old --tupak kue -- tuesday night.the boy had gone on a walk and got lost in the woods. winter parking rules begin today in milwaukee.most residential streets require alternate side night parking.
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allowed on major streets and bus routes.find a link to the rules for your road at tmj-4-dot-com. milwaukee county buses are saving --a seat-- for rosa a seat will stay open on each bus in honor of the civil rights icon. there will be a sign with her picture and one of her famous quotes. parks was arrested after refusing to give her seat to a white man in alabama on december first, 19-55. the arrest led to a landmark supreme court ruling outlawing segregation up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- ties to terror. what the fbi is now saying about the student who went on a rampage at ohio state university. and witness account. air traffic control was in touch with the doomed plane carying a soccer team from columbia. what one operator believes caused the crash. and taking a live look
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quickly moved into the area with temps in the mid 40s, and sprinkles and isolated light rain by evening. patchy flurries and drizzle continue to fall in spots this morning with lows in the mid 30s with wind chills near 20. this afternoon remains cloudy and breezy with highs near 40, and a westerly wind to 20 mph. wind chills will be near 30
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the f-b-i says it's too soon to draw any conclusions about what led to the car and stabbing attack at ohio state believe the suspect may have been inspired by isis and a former al-qaida far there is no evidence that anyone else directly aided 18-year-old abdul artan in the attack that injured 11 new information on a plane crash that killed 19 brazilian soccer players. a recording from the air traffic tower shows the pilot of the plane said.. he had run out of fuel. the plane had depaerted from bolivia -- but crashed into mountains. 77 people were on
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members of the milwaukee wave are remembering those players, some of whom they knew personally. "that feelings that you try to understand such a tragedy, and there's no explanation."the president of that first division soccer club says... the team will likely play its final game of the season using primarly a youth team. starbucks shops in louisville, kentucky are now designated safe areas for people in l-g-b-t-q "safe harbor" program is modeled after one started by seattle police in 20-14. it's the first city outside of seattle to adopt the program. safe places are for victims of any crime, but are especially a refuge to victims of assault or harassment. kanye west is now out of the hospital.the rapper checked out of the u-c-l-a medical center wednesday.he had been under observation since last week.the day before west was admitted to the hospital -- he canceled the remainder of his
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sources say he was treated for exhaustion and dehydration. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- new feature. what netflix will now allow users to do... for no extra charge. also ahead... cheap shot? clay matthews knocked on his butt in monday night's game. how badly he got hurt... and whether he thinks it was a
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. no j-j watt for the texans on sunday at lambeau field. that should be a big problem for houston defense. and so should the emergence of davante adams... ((davante adams says obviously i feel way better. bodywise, especially this late in the season i feel amazing so yeah, i always told everybody once i
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produce. and i'm not going to be perfect. i'm still going to have, you know different, i'm human so but i feel great right now so just keep it rolling.))clay matthews calls it a cheap shot. it all stems from this hit in the first quarter. the eagles allen barbre peeled back and blindsided clay matthews, decleating him in the process. you may remember the two were teammates in 2009. matthews separated the a-c joint in his left shoulder. and he's less than thrilled about it. ((clay matthews says you know, i got a lot more to say about it but i'm going to say it behind closed doors. i mean, it was a cheap shot but it is what it is. i hate it. unfortunately that's kind of, you know, what i've been dealing with since.)) and off beating the world champion cleveland cavaliers, the bucks are back on the road facing the brooklyn nets.for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. interested in being part of the brewers new marketing campaign?the team is hosting fan photo shoots today... through saturday at miller park.just show up -- in your brewers gear and you might see your picture on ads for next season. you can find more
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remember this guy? glenn seefeldt the merrill man said he would only wear shorts until the packers won again... no matter what the thermostat said. finally with the win over the eagles monday night -- glenn is finally in the clear.but -- he says he's going to keep the act "i decided, i think my shorts are good luck. so i'm gonna wear shorts as long as they keep after a great sunrise, clouds quickly moved into the area with temps in the mid 40s, and sprinkles and isolated light rain by evening. patchy flurries and drizzle continue to fall in spots this morning
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afternoon remains cloudy and breezy with highs near 40, and a westerly wind to 20 mph. wind chills will be near 30 all day.another cold front arrives tonight, and friday morning will be in the upper 20s to lower 30s under a cloudy sky and light breeze. get used to the dreary clouds as friday afternoon is cloudy, breezy and chilly with highs in the mid to upper 30s. saturday has a little more sun with highs in the 30s, and sunday is in the mid to upper 30s with light snow before noon, and rain in the
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does your christmas shopping list include a little something for the family pet? you're not alone. new data shows -- we are being especially generous to our pooches this year. brian mooar reports. list this yea(nats: dogs on santa's lap)and consumers are shelling out big bucks for our furry friends this holiday season.tamara gaffney, adobe data analyst"the pet category is seeing a huge surge in sales about 1.5 more sales than we saw last year"so what do pets have on their wish list?toys of course!beyond the pet store ... online retailers are seeing a boom with specialty items for whatever
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"dognald". get it - dognald??? (nats)for the gift that keeps on giving... subscription boxes deliver new items each month...(nats)and what better way to treat your pet.. than with treats!consistent with the health-concious trends of humans... we're buying more organic & handcrafted foods for our pets(nats)and high-tech gifts like pet trackers and cameras are gaining popularity....but buy soon to save(sot: tamara gaffney, adobe data analyst) "right now shopping for your pet the best time is th all in all, our four-legged companions will see an average of 62-bucks worth in gifts under the tree.(nats: pug tree) higher spending ... as more start seeing themselves as "pet parents"... instead of merely owners.(sot: tamara gaffney, adobe data analyst)"i have a 7 month lab puppy and i don't mind spoiling her... they're our fur babies!"fur babies... worth spending a "furtune" on. get it furtune? whatever. here's a cute dog in a shopping cart.brian moore,
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85 people set to lose their jobs.. . after 'clearwater paper' in neenah.. announced it's shutting down two of its "tissue machines." the company still plans on operating 3 of the plant's tissue machines. the neenah facility employs more than 400 people. the mayor says there was no warning about the closure. he is concerned for those affected during this holiday 'the american red cross' teamed up with the green bay packers .. to help ensure cancer patients... victims and surgery patients have the blood products they's taking place at -- lambeau field until 7 tonight. all participants will receive a thank you gift the green bay police department doing its part for cancer awareness .. during 'no- shave november.'all male employees were allowed to grow facial hair and female emplyoees were allowed to wear a "thin blue line" hair extention all month for a donation. this year the department raised close to 28-hundred dollars for special
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your next airline flight just got more interesting. netflix will now allow users to watch shows offline. that means you can download your favorite shows.. and movies... and watch them without a wi-fi or cell signal. the feature is free with all netflix up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- special delivery. what some area scouts are packing up for troops overseas. and... future mechanics. the wisconsin students building a race car from scratch... and who's taken an interest in their handy work. let's take a look at tonight's prime time's all football -- starting at 6:30 bob costas previews tonight's game. from u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis.kick off between the cowboys and vikings is at 7:30. and if the game ends on time.. we have
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taking a live look outside.. check this outa group of cub scouts creating care packages to send to troops overseas. pack 598 from hales corners elementary packed boxes with candy and letters with personal messages of ks the 2nd graders collected all the candy on halloween. one wisconsin high school
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books and computers.. and now it's expanding technology and engineering instructor jeremie meyer loves to challenge his 2007, meyer founded "formula student" --- a program where students design and build a race car from the ground up... "it's like a deadline, it's just like the real world, you need to get it done in a certain amount of time and it needs to be functional and ready to go by that date." after 10 years, the formula student program is now being replicated in australia... an teacher from dubai reached out to him about teaching the course. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--a respond to a domestic violence call turned deadly overnight. plus.. now the white house is now responded to the inferno
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janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what?
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ore? time warner cable's all about giving you more. like the most free hd channels and virtually unlimited movies and shows on demand, so you can binge all day. and don't forget the free tv app. switch to get ultra-fast internet with secure home wifi to connect all your devices. call now. for $89.99 a month you'll get free hd channels, 30 meg internet and unlimited calling. say yes to more. call now. happening now-- and later -- breaking overnight...another officer shot and killed-- and for one
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decades. what happened...and how police are closing in on the suspect. plus.. how an area cemetery is responding to a string of armed robberies. and what community members can do to help catch the suspects. welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm ann sterling... in for susan kim let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... after a great sunrise, clouds quickly moved into the area with temps in the mid 40s, and sprinkles and isolated light rain by evening. patchy flurries and drizzle continue to fall in spots this morning with lows in the mid 30s with wind chills near 20. this afternoon remains cloudy and breezy with highs near 40, and


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