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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:25pm CST

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taking the who was ainlthe most innocent victim (pause) that thisourt has ever seen now at noon -- a judge condemns a child killer thhis ws one of three men convicted in connection th death of laylah petersen will
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prison. a judge handed down ''carl barrett's'' sentence this morning. pete zervakis was in the courtroom -- for the emotional 2 and 1/2 hour hearing. in court today carl barrett maintained his innocence. then the judge sentenced him to 65 years. you will never comprehend not only what you took from us - but who you took from us ylah pete rs's family still mons the ve the year ols death laylah en wlistetting with of ou her granher - inside a home near 58th d ars gordon... started window. her grandfather remembers what happened next vividly. ve hanightmares after that -i'ven sitting at home - can't slp for two or three daysaccording to police... the men targeted the wrong me. e ecutor says - regardless - they
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the other shooter - arlis gordon - will be sentenced next week. paul farr... who drove the two men to the home... was sentenced to five months year. the recounting -- of the presidential election results -- is now underway. green party candidate jill stein requested the recount in wisconsin saying that she wants to ensure ballot tabulating machines were not compromised by hackers.casey geraldo is live in milwaukee with a look at how the recount
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even though the process started around nine this morning, ballots didn't actual come out until about an houagr besides going through the instructionsfor tions tothe county voted to test one of each type of e i recount... the city of milwaukee uses different hae re milwaukee county.a grn party
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public housing will soon be smoke free. e u-s departme of housing and urban development sued a final rule wednesday. while some cities across the country have already made the change, wisconsin's larger housing authorities have not.the state has 130 local housing authorities, 73 already offer at least one residence that is smoke free.housing authorities will have 18 months to implement a smoke free policy. a first of a kind drug mail in it's a partnership between the city of milwaukee... c-v-c... and the drug mail back program. the goal is to help people safely get rid of their unused medications so they don't end up in the wrong hands. to weather now-- the colder temps are sticking around. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at the forecast. patchy flurries and drizzle continued to fall in spots this morning with lows in the mid 30s and wind chills near 20. this afternoon remains
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to 20 mph. wind chills will be near 30 all day.
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throughout the south -- after a line of deadly storms ?ripped through more than half a dozen states...the governor of alabama will be out to survey the damge after declaring a state of emergency. as jacob rascon reports-- dozens of families will also be up digging through what's left. severe weather pummeling the south yet again"the people behind me had a trampoline, it's 20-feet up in a tree.." lightning....torrtial rain... and a possible tornado in south carolina.... after a deadly outbreak of ut the region... "30 seconds later, kaboom, everything hit."james benson anhifamily barely escaping after a tornado ravaged their home in rosalie alabama "scared...but i'll be ok..." (emotional)in tennessee, another twister...the young family salvaging keepsakes... losing almost everything.."i screamed at my husband "there's a tornado! there's a tornado coming! grab the kids! grab the kids!" more than
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six states in 48 hours... at least five people killed... dozens injured.... with dozens of structrures damaged or destroyed..... in breman [bree-man] georgia, high school students sang christmas songs - after a tornado warning forced them to take shelter in the of many close calls... during the first deadly tornado outbreak in this country since may.this morning several people are still hospitalized, some of them with critical injuries. the national weather servicw tornados are confirmed in seven states.. and the city of bloomiton, tn confirms that one of its volunteer fighterfighters and his wife were two people killed in yesterday's tornado.jacob rascon, nbc news, rosalie, alabama. a reminder-- winter parking restrictions parking restrictions go into effect today. most residential
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overnit parking allowed on major streets and bus routes. find a link to the rules for your road at tmj-4-dot-com back slash links. oshkosh police are kicking off their winter driving safety campaign today. the department is partnering with children's hospital of wisconsin ... and state farm... to conduct a "trunk junk" campaign. they'll help teens clean out their trunks and back seats... and replace it with safety equipment -- for winter -- like flashlights and blankets. protecting our ?fresh water source. that's what a --- u-s agency says ?needs to happen in great lakes states. some dangerous chemicals have recently been found in the great lakes including michigan. many of the chemicals found have be banned-- or are being phased out of pliances --- carpets and other products. the agency says if states like wisconsin and michigan don't come up with a plan to clean up the water --- levels could become dangerous to humans and wildlife. milwaukee county buses are
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each bus in honor of the civil rights icon. there will be a sign with her picture and one of her famous quotes.parks was arrested after refusing to give her seat to a white man in alabama on december first, 19-55. the arrest led to a landmark supreme court ruling outlawing segregation on public transportation. a time to celebrate today at the .. the mitchell park domes. a grand opening cemermony got underway this morning -- a way to celebrate all 3 domes now being open. year because of safety still ahead...officer down-- what led up to a police officer getting shot and killed and how long it took officers to take out the gunman. then... some relief-- why firefighters say they don't expect the wildfires in
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more news now-- a veteran police officer was shot and killed in tacoma, washington -- while responding to a domestic violence call. hospital for surgery -- where he later died.authorities shotk gunman --- after a long standoff early this morning. the suspect was using two children as a shield-- but a sheriff's deputy was able to get ?a safe shot? at the suspect... leaving the children a od portofinburg, tennessee remains an evacuation zone as wildfires continue to burn across the area.but after days of destruction firefighters say
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don't expect the fire to spread as quickly as it has in previous far, seven people have been killed and another 53 injured in the fires whh officials say appear to be man-caused.the fires are estimated to have damaged or destroyed more than 700 homes and businesses. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at your forecast... patchy flurries and drizzle continued to fall in spots this mng mid 30s and wind chills near 20. this ?,afternoon breezy with a westerlyd 0 wind chills e ne30 all day.ot front arrives tonight, and friday morng will be in the upper 20s to lower 30s under a cloudy sky and light breeze. get used to the drrylos
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saturday s a little more sun with highs in the 30s, and sunday is in the mid to upper 30s with light snowefore noon, and rain in the
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nearly half of americans say.. they aren't so keen on dismantling the health care reform law.that's according to a kaiser family foundation
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percent of people want president elect donald trump and congress to either expand obamacare or continue implementing the law as it is. another 26-percent want the entier law repealed-- while 17- percent would like the law scaled back.trump and gop leaders have said they plan to repeal obamacare as soon as trump takes office once again, hackers are showing why you should never download apps outside official app stores.hackers have gained access to more than one-point- three million google accounts. experts say... by infecting android phones through fake apps.the hackers managed to steal digital "tokens" -- that give them like a person's email and -- pho collection. coming up... unusl treatment option-- the street drug that could y possibly help people suffering from p-t-s-d. and -- health fad backfire-- the diet that could increase
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the street drug ecstasy could possibly be able to help suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. the food and drug administration says... it will allow researchers to look into it.ecstasy is -- a known party drug and generally gives users a feeling of eu-phoria ... empathy... and a sense of's also being studied as a way to help people who suffer from p-t-s-d -- work through their traumatic memories. small studies have suggested it can help many -- who currently have few effective treatment options. there's evidence white wine
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melanoma --- the most deadly type of skin cancer.a new study from brown university followed more than 200- thousand adults for 18 years. it showed that each per ofhite the risk of melama, red wine and liquor did not significantly melanoma risk. as we age ... we have to take additional steps to stay healthy.we can't always get away with some of the things we did in our kim hutcherson reports-- a new study indicates that -- older women -- a high protein diet might not be the best thing. women older than 50 who eat high-protein diets could have a greater risk of heart failure, especially if a lot of their protein comes from meatthat's according to a study presented at the annual scntific conference of the american heart association.the study examined the protein intake of nearly 104-thousand women -- ages 50 to 79 -- over a five-year period. participants self-reported
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unreliable, researchers also used biomarker data to determine actual protein intake.although all participants were free of heart failure during the study period, about 17-hundred of them developed heart failure by 2005.researchers found that post-menopausal women who follow a high-protein diet had a significantly higher rate of heart fact, the risk was almost double. meanwhile, women who ate less protein or ate vegetable protein appeared to bea the study's authors say more research is needed to determine whether this result is linked to the molecular mechanisms of animal protein, lifestyle choices or other factors.for today's health kim hutcherson. coming up... healthier treat-- what nestle is doing that's expected to lower the level of sugar in its candy. and -- real world classroom-- the wisconsin high school program that's helping students design and build a race car.
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nestle says.. it's made a scientific breakthrough -- that could reduce the level of sugar in its candy by up to 40- percent.using natural ingredients --- the company can change the structure of sugar ... so less can be used in chocolate without affecting the taste.nestle says.. it will start using the new process in 2018. calling all brewers fans-- you could be the next brew crew model. the brewers are hosting a fan photo shoots today through saturday at miller park. just show up in your brewers gear and you might see your picture -- on ads for next's part of a new marketing campiang the team is doing this year. find more details at tmj-4-dot-com slash links. and if you're still looking for gifts for family members .... head to miller park this
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hosting their annual clubhouse sale friday and saturday. fans will see savings up to 75 percent off clothing, hats and authentic game-used items. the sale will open at eight both days. one wisconsin high school class is going far beyond text books and computers-- and now it's expanding overseas.a technology and engineering instructor from "a- shwau- benon high school loves to challenge his 2007 -- he founded formula students design and build a race car from the : "it's like a deadline, it's just like the real world, you need to get it done in a certain amount of time and it needs to be functional and ready to go by that date." after 10 years, the formula student program is now being replicated in australia.30 teachers there are learning how to instruct students in building their first cars. live at 12:30 is up next-- presidential recount-- how the counting is going in wau-kesha
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thanks for joining us this afoo and i'm ann sterling the presidential recount is now underway-- after green party candidate -- jill stein -- requested a recount be done. ben jordan is live in waukesha with the latest.. herecount


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