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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:30pm-4:57pm CST

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now at 4:30 - a new effort launched today.. in hopes of getting potentially dangerous prescription drugs off the street. it's a free program that makes it easy to dispose of unused, unwanted or surplus
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ms to addresthe and opid abuse epidemic. the citymilwaukee is on a mission to safely bactake and dispose of unused medications with a new mail back program that's considered the first of its kind. "as a community and as a nation we're not doing enough." that's the resounding message shared among city officials like alderman murphy and private partners working to address drug addiction in milwaukee. "jt a few short years ago 144 peopd leieof opioid heroin year alone it was 241, this unrtg to more th likely eclipse that." and reports confirm this is true. an analysis conducted by the medical college of wisconsin shows milwaukee county is on e verge of a record setting year of opioid overdose deaths... that's why agreethe city's new mail back initiative is so important. "opioid overdose is the leading cause of death in milwke, itcounty a leading cause of water
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bo k t and saay to ose escripon ugs a effort to curbhe opid and heroinepidemic. "we certainly applaud this efthisfo, is a great step in the right step, but there's much more we di d to do." postage paid drug osal enevelopes are currently avaible to the public at 10 cvs pharmacy locations participating in the program. reporting in milwaukee, lauren winfrey todas returned drugs will be stored by the milwaukee and cudahy police departments. coordinated runs will be made through the dea's office and wisconsidepartment of justice to have the drugs incinerated. a reminder-- winter parking regulations have gone into effect today in milwaukee. most residential streets require alternate side night parking.there's ?no overnight parking allowed on major streets and bus routes.find a link to the rules for your
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slash links. so far, no ?snow? to go along with those new parking rules. meteorologist brian niznansky joins us with the storm team forecast, now. flurries and sprinkles may linger through the evening and skies will remain cloudy overnight tonight. lows tonight will be around 30, but a west ee feel more like the 20s.more seasonal weather stays with us tomorrow and into the weekend. highs tomorrow will only reach the upper 30s, which is right on par for this time of year. a continued west breeze will
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most of the day. we may see a few peeks of sunshine tomorrow, but skies should remain mostly cloudy. we'll see a the death toll is now at five after severe storms pounded the south wednesday. at least 13 tornadoes tore through parts of alabama, louisiana, mississippi and cnn's yasmin amer with more now: devastating scenes across the southeast...after a round of deadly least three tornados ripped through northern alabama, according to the national weather service. jackson county saw some of the worst damage.strong winds knocked down trees and powerlines - and turned some buildings into resident says a large tree collapsed on his house.but given the sheer destruction around him, he says it could have been a lot worse.(jackson county resident) "i'm one of the lucky ones - i've still
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georgia - three suspected rnadoes touchedown in the metro atlanta area. one w injured...but residents describe a terrifying afternoon.(robin cook, wiess) "it was so much wind...everything was flying evywhere. it was bad." (co-worker) "really dark up there...right there in front of us."(robin cook, witness) "the wind was just likeand the whole door just shook."two people were killed in tennessee where weather officials say a tornado touched down in polk county. that state is already reeling from deadly wildfires that have killed seven people so some relief.but it's not nearly enough to quell the region's worst drought in nearly a decade.i'm yasmin amer some people had to deal with more than one problem. a six-person crew that spent all tuesday night fighting fires in gatlinburg, tennessee left the fire scene... only to help respond to a tornado in a different part of the a new survey from triple-a is giving fresh insight into wisconsin's struggle with impaired drivingit shows young adults and bar patrons are
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here in wisconsin. one in five drivers, ages 21 to 35, admitted they drive after drinking at least once a month...young drivers are also the most likely to have five or more drinks in a single day. the suspect in the shooting death of of a tacoma, washington police officer is dead. he was shot and killed by police before dawn thursday after an 11-hour standoff. the man refused to surrender during negotiations and used two children as human shields. the girl and a boy were found un two fast-acting parents in utah disarmed their own 15- year-old son in a middle school. the troubled teen brought the family's shotgun and handgun to school today. his parents noticed the guns were missing and went to their son's school. the boy fired fired at least one round in a hallway ..nobody was injured. the parents held him until police arrived. a gunman took eleven people hostage inside a credit union in jacksonville, florida today. he threatened some of them before they were rescued
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distracted and took the suspect into custody. she refused to give up her seat to a white man on this day, sixty-one years's a story new on live at 6.... milwaukee county bus riders ticed a special tribute to rosa parks today. we'll step on board to see her special reservation... an honor on ?each? and every bus in the fleet. that's new at six. a spectacular, annual sight returns to part of the midwest. that's just ahead.and a community pulls togetho true for a little girl... who
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a beautiful annual sight along the miissippi ri minnesota.. '' tundra swans '' are making their journey -- from up near canada down to the midwest. the swans move when temperatures drop ... and when a cold front comes in, they can travel in fly two to three thousand feet in the air at 80 miles an hour. santa claus ridg into town this saturday for the santa cycle rampage. the wisconsin bike federation their bikes through the ago winter. last year twthousand ople wore red and white itfor th half mile ride through milwaukee. registration for the ride is 35 a little girl dreaming of a
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got her wish... thanks to some very caring people.the two-year-old's mother died in a car crash just days ago. and as chauncy glover reports, so an entire community worked to deliver the ultima christmas gift. --nats--neighbors in this anahuac community working together to create a winter wonderland..."this community has just been amazing."and this is all for a little girl....two-year-old hadley...who doesn't even know without her mother 21-ye old carlie berry....amy may carlie's aunt: "it's justn devastatg for all of us we are a very close family." carlie was killed in a car crash saturday morning.amy may, carlie's aunt: "carly left behind a two-year-old daughter and when she drives around town she would say to my sister while look at the lights all the lights."so amy may decided...amy may carlie's aunt: "i really just put a post on facebook and blocked them from asking if anybody can help her with extra decorations."and this is what she got...--nats--a slew of
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help....casey catney, volunteer: "especially for a child on christmas i have no problem at all with that it means a lot i have a two-year-old and i can ly agin ""she's going to be very ve excite"after keeping little hadley away all evening...the time finally came....(nats....."girl hugging minnie)hadley who loves disney ...couldn't get to minnie mouse fast enough. --nats--and there wasn't a dry eye people gathered to see the finished product... know, her little is in go h has also set hoa little hadley. is there a chance osnow in thforecast?here's a live look from our towercam at
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flurries and sprinkles may linger through the evening and skies will remain cloudy overnight tonight. lows
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american space icon buzz aldrin... in the hospital. we'll update his condition next. here's your prime-time lineup: "football night in america" is at 6:30. you'll see "the now milwaukee" live
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a rhode island man live-streamed his wild, speeding drive on a highway in providence. e cebook live video shows him weaving in and out of traffic. the 20 yr old crashed into a garbage truck and concrete barrier....and was seriously injured. at one point he reached 114 miles an . police are investigating. no word yet if he'll be chard. scary moments in florida where a bus carrying nine people with special needs caught fire. two of those people use wheelchairs.
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to get everyone out safely... with the help of a passer-by the second man to walk on the moon, former astronaut buzz aldris recuperating at a new zealand hospital. aldrin was evacuated wednesy from a research center at the south pole after becoming ill. the 88-year-old is in stable ndition. check this out-- what exactly are we looking at here? that's what authorities in gardener, kansas want to know. they received reports of a possible mountain lion near a local park. so they set-up trail cameras to keep an eye out. well -- the images revealed no lions-- but saw this. the images gave police officials a good laugh. ( toss to weather ) flurries and sprinkles may linger through the evening and skies will remain cloudy
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a west breeze will make it
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would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so. thanks for joining us at 4-30. say yes to more. call now. the news continues with live at five. the recount in waukesha county ?should? have been well underway by now... so what's the holdup? we're live with the answer, and why several already been thrown out. live at 5:00 starts now. right now at five: the recount begins in wisconsin. what, if anything, will it accomplish? 13 days ... 3 million votes to recount. some by hand. some by machine. donald trump won wisconsin by 22- thousand- votes.that's less than one- percent of the total.the
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integrity of the vote. there's no proof of any wrong-doing in the original vote count. the "green party" is paying for the task. it won't cost taxpayers anything. we have team coverage of the first day of the recount.ben jordan is live in waukesha, where they haven't ?started? yet.but we'll begin with casey geraldo in milwaukee county. how is it going so far? _ votes that counted in the initial election were invalidated's all part of the process as inspectors look through one by one- each ballot gets evaluated by an inspector. "make sure that they were filled out properly." but dozens of times- something is missing. "lacking the signature of the witness, or perhaps an address of a witness. in some instances, the absentee ballot applicant forgot to sign"that's when it goes to these people- the milwaukee county election commissioners...appointees of
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"witnessed the individuals sign in order to get ballots, is that right?" the election comission hears out the ballot issue- and gets to decide if that vote counts or not."three ayes, zero noes, motion to accept the ballots from the village of bayside prevails." state statute sets standards for making that call."if it's an error that was made by an election official, then the ballot should be accepted. if it's an error that was made by the voter, then it depends what that error is."czarnecki says if a voter makes a minor ro zip code, the ballot will likely count. another, more unusual situation that came up, a woman voted twice... but her absentee ballot couldn't be located... the commission decided to randomly pull and absentee ballot before they went through the machines. live in milwaukee, casey
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thanks, casey. the recount ?hasn't started? in waukesha county. ben jordan is live with that part of our coverage. the clerk says there were several formalities to get through this morning and the afternoon - that have set them a bit hind schedule. in a room packed full of clerks - tabulators - observers and public - the presidential recount in waukesha county - has yet to involve firing up the optical scanners to count a ri a long time." tabulator fran korthof knew the process would involve some training - however she thought ballots would be in constant motion by now. "like the political process everything moves slow." the morning started with a motion to recount all of the ballots by hand despite the dane county judges ruling against requiring the method. "i think it's a more accurate way to determine the results." steve heric's motion - denied 2-1 with help from clerk kathleen novack "i think it's just critical we go ahead


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