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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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thanks, casey. the recount ?hasn't started? in waukesha county. ben jordan is live with that part of our coverage. the clerk says there were several formalities to get through this morning and the afternoon - that have set them a bit hind schedule. in a room packed full of clerks - tabulators - observers and public - the presidential recount in waukesha county - has yet to involve firing up the optical scanners to count a ri a long time." tabulator fran korthof knew the process would involve some training - however she thought ballots would be in constant motion by now. "like the political process everything moves slow." the morning started with a motion to recount all of the ballots by hand despite the dane county judges ruling against requiring the method. "i think it's a more accurate way to determine the results." steve heric's motion - denied 2-1 with help from clerk kathleen novack "i think it's just critical we go ahead
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motions - came poll books - matching numbers from the general election to their ballot count of around 240,000. time ticked away until mid afternoon until that was complete - putting tabulators behind the daily goal. "i would suspect that we're not for today however i built out a timeline that gives us a potential full last day of no one scheduled."late afternoon was dedicated to more of the same with absentee ballots. "after we'll be opening ballot bags and starting the process there." a lengthy process - but a necessary one - to ensure every ballot will make it through this room with an recount. "they'll get it done, it done, they shifts if the official recount here in waukesha county is now expected to start this evening with absentee ballots. they plan to call it quits for the day at midnight. live in waukesha, ben today's tmj4. wisconsin votes have to be certified by december 13th. the electoral college meets and sends the votes to
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january 6th. michigan was supposed to start ?its? recount tomorrow. but the trump campaign filed an objection. that will delay the start of michigan's recount until next week. ?pennsylvania? has a hearing on monday on steins request for a recount president elect-donald trump visited a "carrier" plant in indianapolis this afternoon. the president- elect announced a deal to keep hundreds of union jobs from going to mexico. he said there will be ?consequences? for companies who "they'll be taxed very heavily at the border if they want to leave, fire all their people, leave, make product in different companies in different countries and then think they're going to sell the product over the border." the president-elect has a speech scheduled tonight in cincinatti, ohio. wisconsin republicans are praising the carrier deal in indiana as a win for all american workers charles benson has their response. we are starting to get details of the carrier e deal and congressman sean duffy likes
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says it's a good sign for rust belt states like wisconsin that backed donald trump. the deal suggests carrier will get seven millionof dollars in tax incentives from indiana. others believe carrier's parent company will also benefit from the deal by preserving its lucrative federal government contracts. but to leverage what ever assets we have - i think is fair to make sure we keep jobs in america and so if mr trump talked abiltiy to contract as much with the united states government if they are sending carrier jobs to mexico, i think that's fair game. house speaker paul ryan also praised the carrier deal, even though he doesn't know the details of the agreement. "i'm pretty happy that we're keeping jobs in america. aren't you? i don't know the details of the carrier arrangement, but i do know ? that mike pence is still the sitting governor of indiana.
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probably had a hand in helping this. and this is what do." both ryan and duffy are promising tax plus changes to rules and regulations to help the trump administration keep more jobs in wisconsin and across the country. coverage of the trump transition continues at 5:30 on the n-b-c nightlnews with lester holt. milwaukee county finds out it owes its own workers more than 17- million dollars for underpaying into their pension fund. the issue dates back to error in how it was paying into the plth reported the error to the i-r-s. it took until this summer for the i-r-s to give the county the final bill. county board president theo lipscomb says because of the wait... the county was charged 8-percent interestevery year. last month the county paid back 11- million dollars. it still owes another six million. the county board will meet tomorrow to talk about all of this. more local news of three men convicted in
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spend more than six decades in prison. a judge handed down ''carl barrett's'' sentence this morning. pete zervakis in the troom -- for the emotional 2- and- a- half hour hearing. you will never comprehend not only what you took from us - but who you took from us laylah petersen's godmother says her family still mourns the five year old's death. laylah was the light toany of our livesjust more than two years ago... petersen was inside a home near 58th and fairmount... sitting with barrett and arlis gordon started shooting through the front window. family friends still vividly remember that day. i have nightmares after that - i've been sitting at home - can't sleep for two or three daysaccording to police... the men targeted the wrong home. the prosecutor says - regardless - they put the whole neighborhood at risk. even though the "wrong house" was shot up the intent
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occupied residence minutes before he was sentenced... barrett said this to petersen's faly: i would just like to say i'm sorry for the family - for the loss of thr daughter, their grandchild but even today...he still maintains ... he didn't do it. i know you mit think i'm guilty - because of the verdict - but i don'agree with it the sentence also includes 35 years of extended survision. in downtown milwaukee, pzj4 the other shooter - arlis gordon - will be sentenced next week. paul farr... who drove the two men to the home... was sentenced to five months earlier this year. the big ten championship challenge facing the wisconsin badgers this weekend... later in sports. and next: a grand re-opening of a milwaukee landmark, just in time for the holidays. flurries and sprinkles may
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skies will remain cloudy overnight tonight. lows tonight will be around 30, but a west breeze will make it
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new at five: the mitchell park domes have been open for a few weeks now.but today was the ?grand? reopening of the famed geodesic structures. and that meant free admission for everyone today. the domes
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of one of the domes earlier this year. veronica macias has this story new at five. "while a task force was mulling over numbers yesterday on the financial options for the future of the domes, today the focus was on the celebration of their reopening."county leaders snipped the floral rope in honor of the domes completed work. visitors are protected from any possible crumbling concrete with steel mesh that was installed over the course of a year. early february that all three domes were immediately shut down when a piece of concrete dropped from the desert dome. slowly each one began to reopen begining with the show dome, because the other two required repairs that were more time consuming and expensive. yet installing netting into all three domes was accomplished on schedule. the longevity of the domes remain in question... with a recent survey showing 49
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rebuilt, 44 percent want to repair them.state leaders say there is middle ground "there's ways in which we can do -- keep a lot of the great things that we got now. expand and build on top. make it more energy efficient. this design is sucking a lot of money in terms of paying for the heat and electricity. milwaukee county has already paid 500 thousand dollars on the short- term fix. it is estimated that repairing the aging landmark would cost a little more than 60-million to repair or today's t-m-j four. northwestern mutual paid for today's free admission. she refused to give up her seat to a white man, sixty-one years ago today. milwaukee county bus riders noticed a quiet tribute to rosa parks today. we'll step on board to see her special reservation, an honor on ?each? and every bus in the fleet. that's new at six. brian niznanski's forecast is still ahead.also coming up:
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look at this video from maine. a snow plow and exploded near portland, earlier this week. someone nearby tried to put out the fire with a fire
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volunteer fire crew arrived on the scene and finished the jout by then the big digger had more or less burned to the ground. it's december first... so that means winter parking regulations are in effect. if you're like me you won't fully embrace the rules until paying that first ticket. here's how it works: you follow the "odd, even" rule. park on the "odd" number side of the street on "odd" number days, "even" side numbered days. you also can't park on major streets and bus routes. "there are in particular narrow streets that are difficult to plow. and in order to keep the streets safe, our main priority is public safety and parking places are part of that ofcourse, but we need to keep these streets safe during the winter months. it's also a good idea to go to the city's website to check streets where you want to park. and you can
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your cell phones. the winter parking rules run through march first. no snow in our forecast. but it feels like december ?should? feel this evening. brian niznansky is here with the forecast. flurries and sprinkles may linger through the evening and skies will overnight tonight. lows tonight will be around 30, but a west breeze will make it feel more like the 20s.more seasonal weather stays with us
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highs tomorrow will only reach the upper 30s, which is right on par for this time of year. a continued west breeze will keep wind chills in the 20s most of the few peeks of sunshine tomorrow, but skies should remain mostly cloudy. we'll see a slight improvement to our weather on saturday. we'll
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and the winds should be lighter. however, high temperatures stay in the upper 30s. sunday is looking a little interesting with a decent chance of
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lady michelle obama and their daughters turned on the lights on the national christmas tree within the last half hour. this is the last time they'll do that. performers at the ceremony included "chance the rapper," "the lumineers," "james taylor" and "kelly clarkson." buy a macc star and help cure childhood cancer. the 2016 today's tmj4 macc star was designed by bailey dove. she was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015. the theme is "shave away cancer" and features a pengui costs 10 dollars and is available at balistreri sendik's food markets and buddy squirrel coming up, lance allan tells us how the texans know aaron rodgers is getting hot... right at the ?wrong? time for
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$89.99 a month you'll get free hd channels, 30 meg internet and unlimited calling to half the world. we can call aunt rose as much as we want now. switching is easy. get our exclusive 1-hour arrival window, a money-back guarantee with no contract to sign. plus get free installation, tv equiment and epix included. really? say yes to more. call now. aaron rodgers is getting hot, right at the wrong time for the uston texans.without j-j watt, a lot of the texans, trying to tame the packers quarterback will fall on the shoulders of jadeveon clowney. who makes us all feel old, with this statement... ((jadeveon clowney says i always watched this guy growing up. a couple years when i was in college, and coming out of high school and
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quarterback so now, it's like...i get to chase him around a little bit. get after him so i'm looking forward to the challenge.)) the packers may catch a break tonight on thursday night football ght here on . vikings had vision problems about a month ago, and has had three surgeries on his right eye to repair a detached retina.spteam prfer wi be the acting head coach. the badgers have that championship feeling. they pl f saturday night in indy against penn state.and they are still coming down off winning the big ten west crown. ((lance allan asks jazz, what does that hat on your head mean to you? jazz peavy says it means accomplishment. accomplished one of our goals. yeah, i feel like that's the biggest thing. one of the goals we had set for this season. we did it. and it feels so great because we had that goal set, you know, back in march and now that we finally got it? it's a great feeling. amazing feeling.))
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have fight, believe it. last night against jacksonville, dan studer had 8 of his 10 in the first half as the uwm bench comes up big. brock stull had 17 points and 11 rebounds in the panthers 72-67 win. yes, the panthers are teammates, but check out studer's eye from practice! ((dan studer says i mean we've tw you know, bigger guys go up for the ball, there's going ppened to catch an elbow to e eyhayou brett prahl.))esing e caers, the bucks are back on the road facing the brooklynnetshilights, at
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attention ll unit
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the "badger five" jackpot keeps growing. tonigh's winning numbers are worth 74- thousand-dollars. "football night in america" is at 6:30. you'll see "the now milwaukee" live on facebook and on t-m-j four dot com. then it's the dallas cowboys and the minnesota vikings on thursday night football...
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tonight, trump's victory lap. as the president-elect celebrates saving jobs at carrier, we now know the cost paid to keep them. tonight the campaign's over, but the rallies are not. without a trace. family members missing wildfires scorching the smokey mountains. why searchers now fear th may never be found. nearly a dozen held inside a floridaank. dmati to acted the gunman, allowing the s high-risk rescue mission to sav legend??@ astro buzz aldrin, falling ill at the sth pole. the bottom of?a the ic world.>>


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