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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:27pm CST

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and when the trooper asked if he had just been in a crash, murphy responded he was walking home from a bar. the trooper could smell alcohol and noticed murphy had glassy eyes and slurred speech. medical personnel took him to the hospital, where he became aggressive and threatened to kill the officer. >> he could have killed. he came close to house during the crash. we're trying to mitigate those deaths and injuries caused by drinking and driving. >> reporter: according to that criminal complaint, this is murphy's 5th owi offense. his last was in 2004. if he's convicted on this most recent charge, he faces up to 6 years in prison. >> well, as the ballot count
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lightly by counties, they have 24/7 protection. >> it is about the integrity of the process. as casey geraldo explains. she joins us live. >> the security is so important here that part of the budget was timed from the milwaukee county sheriff's office to have deputies here in and around the building. >> to some, this is the most critical part of the recount process. >> they're right to be able >> before they get counted, they must be protected. >> ballots are stored in a separate room from where the recount is being conducted. we have a deputy sheriff stationed in that room, and only election officials are allowed in that room to get ballots. >> the deputies aren't only in with the ballots. milwaukee county clerk joe czarnecki knows of 6 in the building, 2 outside, and says the sheriff may have more
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with between election day and recount. >> it's protection of the process. the same reason why election observers, like these men, volunteered, just to watch. >> to give people a sense of confidence that the results are valid and legitimate. >> it gives credibility to the process. >> to confirm that they did it well the first time. >> reporter: an opportunity anybody affiliated with a party, or not, has. these recounts are open public. the counting continues inside here, the county clerk tells me they'll go until the municipalities are through with what they need to complete today. the people counting will be going every week until december 13th, monday through saturday. live in milwaukee, casey geraldo, today's tmj4. >> hard to say municipality when you're cold.
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officially under way in waukesha county. it sure took a while to get rolling. >> that's right. ben jordan is live in waukesha with why recount workers wanted to be a part of the process today. >> the recount here has yet to begin. but that doesn't mean workers haven't been is e busy throughout the day, many with different motives of. >> the beginning of the presidential recount has tabulators in their seats with hands in constant motion. >> i've heard about the recount, and i've been very election. >> recount worker says taking part brings peace of mind. >> we're very polarized this time in the country, and wondering about whether the election came out correctly. >> for tabulator richard
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fair. >> the 12-day process has tabulators in their seats from morning until midnight. >> it isn't just counting the ballots. there's more to it than that. >> with the potential for an overnight shift. >> it looks like it's taking longer than expected. >> time was spent going through formalities, and matching numbers. >> like the political process, everything moves slow. >> a process some don't agree with, but a part of state history they wouldn't miss out on. >> i think it's goofy thaty but as long as they're going to do it, that's part of our political process, and fair enough. >> reporter: and, the county clerk here just told me their recount is expected to start within the next hour. they're going to be starting with absentees, and moving from there. they plan on calling it quits
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costing an estimated $3.9 million. stein is suing for a recount in pennsylvania, as well, a recount is friday in michigan. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke finds himself in another showdown. milwaukee county supervisors supreme moore omokunde is calling for the sheriff's resignation, citing recent inmate deaths in the county jail. the sheriff responded by sending
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that sounds like some character in a science fiction comic book. and he's upset that i helped donald j. trump get elected. today, all passengers riding milwaukee county buses noticed a special seat honoring rosa parks. the civil rights icon who e u her seat to a white man 61 years ago today. >> brandon joins us live with the story. >> all 400 cou road honored rosa parks today, and passengers were happy that she was b regnized. >> tha y apar. osa parks' actio deceer 1, 1955 will forever hold a special plagues in the civil rights movement. a simple but historic act of defines that led to the beginning of desegregation of buses in montgomery, alabama. >> she is a great part of
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sitting next to the tribute on her bus brought by the milwaukee county transit system. >> i respect her, i hon?? whate right to sit anywhere i nt to on the bus. >> all 400 bes in the county street had a reserved honoring rosa. the buses are also leaving their headlightsing repre?z?h to iss >> we want people to take a minute, a second, a she did, and the larger picture of how that really changed the face of our society, and certainly public transportation. >> i think it was a commendable thing this she did. i respect her for it. to do this tribute for rosa an parks everyarea
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doctor if you're tresiba? ready. ? tresiba? ready ?? you're watching today's tmj4, with shannon sims, charles benson, "storm team 4" chief meteorologist john malan, and lance allan, sports. >> a christmas tradition comes to an end in michigan's peninsula, a nativity scene on city property was removed. leaders took it down after getting complaints from the madison-based freedom from religion foundation. menomonee's city manager says the display violates city policy. >> the nativy scene is something of christmas, and we personally understand that, but when it's the government, we have to take a little separation. >> a church in menomonee
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scene, abundant life church and mission said it would put up the scene after fixing it up. they don't have the authority to declare a sanctuary campus for students who came to the country illegally as minors. uw madison student government recently passed a resolution demanding a declaration before donald trump takes office in january,immi.
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house speaker paul ryan
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immigration policy. >> what we're focussed on with respect to immigration, securing the border, making sure that the border is secure, making sure that the resources match the authorization that currently exists to actually secure the border, that's the legislation we're focussed on. >> you may recall the republican previously said they weren't prepared to form a deportation as donald trump said during the campaign. ue republicans serving on th committee, representative mark born and another of nina joined other republicans on the finance committee, it is the lawmaker's first such appointment. to the presidential recount, shawn duffy has been criticalf jill stein complaining of the
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>> first of all, i think that ji stn, hillary clinton, and the democratic party, this i disgraceful,ak go toughhis recount. >> ts uf criticedreside-elect ump' trclaim about any evidence that he wheopar vote, if s mho voted illeg illegally. thicee advs "let it heas t sam 0 voteer there's been any shenanigans in ou elections. >> jill stein pays millions dollars to force a recount in wisconsin to verify the vote, duffy specifically called out democratic senator tammy baldwin. up for re-election in 2018, for criticizing trump during the campaign, when he claimed the election was rigged. >> tammy baldwin should have the back bone to stand up and push back against her party and against hillary clinton and ask
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baldwin, would you like to challenge her in 2018? >> i haven't made any decisions about what i'm doing in 2018. i haven't even got to 2017 yet, i'm enjoying my job representing central and northern wisconsin. >> senator baldwin's office had this response to the recount writing in part. senator baldwin sees no evidence that voting machines were hacked in wisconsin. she doesn't believe a recount will change the there might not be any snow on the ground yet, but parking regulations are in effect through march 1. the city of milwaukee advising drivers to pay attention to the signs during the winter period. most residential streets required alternate side night parking, but there are exceptions to the rule with regards to overnight parking. >> the thoroughfares throughout the city of milwaukee, which are basically arterials, and bus
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2:00o 6:00 a.m.,rn throughout the ehour area, can you visit the city's web site. >> there are others, shall we saw issues, after seeing an up tick in the rat population. they put out this youtube video offering advice on how to k they suggest you eliminate food sources, fallen food for bird seed. rats have been linked to disease. >> the calendar says -- i'm sorry, that last story kind of got me. the calendar does say december 1. and wouldn't you know it...winter weather is here. >> meteorologist brian niznansky, has the chill forecast. but, still, for first day of december, ain't bad, brother? >> not bad at all.
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39?. now here's a look at the november temperatures going back, what a month it was. look at each and every one of these days. each one of these red days here above average. we had a few towards the tail end of the month below average. when you add up all these numbers, 47.3? was our average temperature for november, which is the second warmest on record, look how close we got, just a 10th of a degree away from the record set back in 2001. normal high temperature 38 for today officially, 43. so, again, another above average day to start december. we do have a few sprinkles or flurries still to go. not a big deal, as we look at the storm max radar, we'll zoom to west bend where we've been seeing a couple snowflakes along 41 and 45. really not a big deal. this is a live look in west bend, we'll see if we can get one of those snowflakes. 37 degrees current. milwaukee, 41, windchill at 34
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miles per hour. across southeast wisconsin, everybody is above freezing. 36 in beaver dam, 37 whitewater, 40 in racine. factor in a little bit of wind, and the windchill makes it feel like 27 in waukesha. so, a little bite in the air. weather headlines, a lingering sprinkle or snowfall. seasonal temperatures from here on out, sunday a be wintery mix. not much going. on the other side of lake michigan, there's rain and snow shower vi light. an area of low pressure way to the northeast of us working off our screen, as we head through the day tomorrow on future forecast, you'll notice more breaks in the clouds. i think by tomorrow afternoon, a partly cloudy sky, and then more sun on the way as we head on into saturday, high pressure starting to build in for the first half of the weekend. your forecast for tonight, low temperature down to 32, a few flurries or sprinkles this evening, otherwise mostly cloudy for tomorrow. 38, mostly cloudy skies and breezy.
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the weekend, again, cooler than where we've been, 37 saturday, 40 sunday. right now a rain/snow mixture sunday. if you are headed to lambeau field, stay up with the forecast, not going to be a big storm system, but maybe enough to make things look a little bit halfway like the frozen tundra of lambeau field sunday. another storm system on tuesday with rain and snow there. notice, most of the temperatures above that freezing mark. >> okay. >> >> next in sports, lance allan introduces us to three local athletes showing the introducing the reuben from subway a sandwich as full of intrigue as it is flavor. some say it was invented by deli owner arnold reuben. others, by reuben kulakofsky during a poker game. and some insist it was hollywood starlet marjorie rambeau in a
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en's past may be debatable, but its great taste is not. stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. we don't know where it came from, but we know where you can
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?? texans head coach bill o'brien was an offensive coordinator and coach for t patriots. he was around tom brady five seasons. high praise for aaron rodgers is second to none.
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opinion, to ever play the game. he brings a athleticism to the position that's very difficult to defend. he can maneuver in the pocket like no other quarterback that i've seen as far as his ability to, when something breaks down, he doesn't just fly out of there, he may just move to the right or left, or backwards or forwards and make more time for him on the play. >> how about not one, not two, but three, a youth tennis players from our area making the finals of the midwest indoor championships. a special and rare feat. >> they are at the top of the food chain for tennis. >> a trio of talented tennis players, in all finalists in the midwest indoor championships. >> for any one kid to do that in a program is amazing. for all three to be at the very best is, you know, we could teach here for 30 years and
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happen. >> the 16 and under crown and credits getting pushed by his partners. >> it pushes me to have to work harder to win each point. that transitions to tournament, i work just as hard. >> 18 and under title. >> always been a goal to win this tournament. it's a big one. i still have other goals that i want to reach, too. >> while lexie fell short in the 18 and under girls division. >> i fou back, and i was nailed to pull off the match, sometimes you learn more from losing matches than winning. so, it's all a good experience. >> both lexie and robert will go to madison to try and push tennis to another level in the badger state, and all three are true student athletes. >> robert and lexie are going. a sophomore in high
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where he spent a day at harvard. >> smart kids with a bright future. and there's a new medicare plan in town. one where personal customer service is much more than just words. hello, milwaukee. we're network health. and this is an actual member event where some of our 63,000 medicare members are getting to meet the friendly voices on the other end of the phone, in person. we're new to you,
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next, check out our facebook live page for the now, coming up, thousands of toys for good girls and boys, who is donating all this loot so every child has a gift to open this christmas. that's new on the now on facebook. >> and going out tonight, temperatures are going to be in the 30s.
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not a big deal. >> sounds good. >> football night in america.
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welcome to downtown minneapolis. dallas and minnesota, set to meet in a crucial nfc showdown tonight. rookie phenom, dak prescott and the cowboys, bring the nfl's best record. and will be looking for an 11th-straight victory, as they visit sam bradford and the 6-5 vikings, on "football night in


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