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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 1, 2016 10:30pm-11:04pm CST

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sirles and crawford. >> referee: false start, offense, number 78. five-yard penalty. and replay the try. >> al: sirles, the right tackle. >> cris: sirles moved first. may have been a little movement. but unless you cross that line, it doesn't matter. >> al: now, you have got the 7 yard line, they flex the tight end, rudolph, all the way to the left. three receivers to theht bradford looks over the middle. and whoa. where was that? ten feet high. not even close to keep it at 17-15. and obviously, they try an onside kick and if dallas recovers, that will be that. >> cris: let's see if sam bradford can get this in on the end of the play. a blow to the helmet, could have
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should have been called, a blow to the helmet of the quarterback. enough force we've seen those called. and sam bradford calling for it. tony corrente did not see it. it was to the shoulder pads. it was not. >> al: not at all. that was cedric thornton, corrente doesn't see the shoulder pad as we see. and they get away the it. >> cris: the arm on the shoulder pad blocked the arm on the face mask, from the view of corrente, back off of the quarterback's right. >> al: we know a lot of you joined us late. mike zimmer underwent emergency eye surgery.
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priefer is the interim head coach. and onside kick will determine if this game will go on or not. and witten hasn't caught a ball tonight. but he makes the catch there. so, the streak will be over. but the dallas cowboys are going to be on their way to another win. i just want to quickly acknowledge graham tinker passing at the age of 90. he was instrumental of building nbc into a tremendous network during his tenure. worked for him and all of his pals. our sympathies to the family. he was a special human being. >> cris: got a chance to meet him, thanks to you. it was great. >> al: he was something else. the dallas cowboys will get the weekend off. their next game is a week from sunday night, against the giants
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one. will go in there 11-1. the giants are 8-3. pittsburgh coming up on sunday, to try to keep pace with them. only loss this season for the cowboys was to the giants, by one point on opening day. so, find out about mike zimmer and minnesota's next game is a week from sunday. they two to jacksonville. whether mike can make it or not, we don't know. bradford trying to lead that comeback, comes up short. but coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report. "thursday night football"
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a call for sherriff david clarke to resign. who wants him out, after welcome to "the folks volkswagen gulf alltrack game report." >> the minnesota vikings hold zeke elliott to less than 90 yards rushing since week two. and yet, the dallas cowboys emerge with their 11th-consecutive victory here on "thursday night football." winning a football game. a tight one, 17-15, here in minnesota. heather cox, moments ago, with dak prescott. >> you came into a hostile environment, on the road against a top two defense. what went right tonight? >> we stuck together.
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but we always believe in ourselves. and we stuck together after some turnovers, some bad things happen. things didn't go our way. but we stayed together. >> 11-consecutive wins. and we talked yesterday. there's no stage too big. what's the key to you staying so composed and so confident during this run? >> my teammates and coaches. we have a great group of veterans that have been here that have done this. just keep us all under control, just allow us to go out and have fun. let's go upstairs to al. >> thank you, heather. a year that starts with tony romo in preseason. and opening-day loss to the giants. they're a team you can see it now. and they figure out different ways to win the game. and they certainly did tonight. >> let's say this. that was an ugly game tonight, for the dallas cowboys. they did it in an atypical fashion tonight because the time of possession, much more in
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mistakes and penalties. and end drives. they found a way to win. and as much as anything tonight, they went on special teams. it was the big turnover down there, that led to the go ahead touchdown. special teams, a big difference all night tonight. >> the irony in that, was zimmer not able to coach. and priefer the interim head coach. the one special teams guy that works with everybody. and the thielen play, that was really close, was the play of the game, though. >> and sam bradford hung in there. this is an offense that is struggling to put something together. they did on occasion. and did it on the two-point conversion and get the penalty. and don't catch a break on the officials from the last one. >> dallas, 11-1. and minnesota at .500 after the great start. they are 6-6. we'll have more of the postgame
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"when the ship comes in" by the hollies ? oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ? ? and the seagulls they'll be smilin ? ? and the rocks on the sand ? it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion? all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere. thank you for watching "the volkswagen gulf all you know track" postgame report. >> it's on to "sunday night football." we go to seattle, which means carolina against seat. you got cam newton. you have russell wilson, next thursday night. what a beauty this is going to be.
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and kansas city off of a thrilling win, sunday night against denver. that's your action coming up over the next week on nbc. ? coming up next on nbc, except on the west coast, the late local news. our entire crew, good night from minneapolis. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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while you'll feel an extra no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone. plus up to $650 back. chill in your storm team >> reporter: sheriff clark pokes fun at the milwaukee supervisor's name who called for his ouster. he's upset about inmates who died in lock-up. >> reporter: he says something is not going on right here. and he believes the sheriff is unfit to run the jail.
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clarke. he says sheriff clark hasn't explained why four people died in jail for a six-month period. the sheriff respond this way. supervisor who? that sounds like a character in a science fiction comic book. >> this business doi job. if he doesn't want to be sheriff anymore, he can resign. >> reporter: terrell thomas died in his cell this year. the medical fam examiner's office ruled the death a homicide caused by dehydration. >> if they denied him water. somebody has to be responsible for that. the sheriff has to. you know.
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sheriff clarke should step aside. >> it raises serious concerns about why there is such a lack of leadership and responsibility at this jail. >> reporter: the journal sentinel is reporting the sheriff has threatens the medical examiner's office about the information they released to the george: brian, is the storm going out of here? >> reporter: we continue to have light snow shower activity. but they are starting to wind down. if you are hang on, this is a live look downtown. we had a couple snowflakes on the screen. this not much. but this is a very, very light stuff. let's get in closer here. you can see the green starting to change over to blue.
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you can see stont northwest side, north of miller park, the potential for a few sprinkles or flurry. temperatures are actually still above freezing. 34 in waukesha. 36 in fort washington. 35 in west ellis and 40 degrees in. on the numbers are warm compared to some high temperatures. we'll show you those coming up in a few minutes. here is a live look inside the waukesha county courthouse. george: the prep work has gone on pretty much all day.
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until midnight to get as much done as possible. they have one machine up work, they only got that started about 10 minutes ago. counts and sorting and questioning have been underway for hours in waukesha county. >> we are looking at the absentee envelopes and matching the total numbers of those to the absentee logs. >> that waltz official since then there were no updates. thap. that little while turned into all day and into the night. >> my job stois make sure things are happening the way they are supposed to be happening. that means i'm raising my hand on each of the small issues. if there is an issue on the ballot it goes before a 3-panel board.
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actual tabulation process was going to go. >> it gives me another picture of politics and how it all works. >> they are going to come back out earlier tomorrow morning. they were supposed to start at 9:00. now they are going to start at 8:00. they have to get this done by december 12. and we timed it tonight. it takes 7 seconds to feed one ballot into the machine. for now reporting live in waukesha county. george: the recounting of ballots began at 11:00 this morning. workers are at the elections comikses where officials have two weeks to finish because the deadline is december 12. >> one wisconsin county finished its recount. the recount added 12 votes to gary johnson.
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two votes subtracted from donald trump and one for hillary clinton. george: prosecutors say the defendants shot into the wrong house. the lit girl was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfather's lap. shannon: a child died of two men are accused of failing to stop the abuse. george: a pair of homes hit by bullets in washington county. the sheriff's office says the other happened saturday in trenton. a patio door was shot out before the bullet was embedded inside a closet. nobody was hurt. >> you could be the face of the brewer's next marketing
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up in your team gear and get your picture taken. you could be part of billboard or other ads for the 2017 season. >> we go to games together all the time and we never get a good picture of each other. so it's a great opportunity. >> you can get your picture taken come from 3:00 to:00 p.m. and saturday from 9:00 to noon. the team is items and other merchandise with 70% off. george: mentorring opportunities for officers and children in the community. they are teaming up with the milwaukee admirals to treat kids to hockey games. >> this is important to us. we believe in law enforcement.
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george: for years the organization is selling special wristband as a fundraiser. find out where to buy one at a local tribute to a national legend. shannon: rosa parks was honored today. george: did your garage band get a big gig? shannon: donald trump the state.
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>> i'm here todar reason, to say thank you to ohio. shannon: president-elect trump traveled to ohio to kick off what he called a thank you tour 2016. the rally comes nearly a month after trump's upset in ohio helped fuel his election win. the green party requested recounts in pennsylvania and
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joan * president-elect trump took a victory lap in indiana where he touted a deal with air-conditioning manufacturer carrier. after touring the plant, trump praised terrier and threatened other companies that might be considering leaving the country. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. it's n i'll tell you right now. we are losing so much. george: as part of the deal to keep its indianapolis plant open, carrier is getting tax breaks. house speaker paul ryan defended the deal, encouraging companies to threaten to move jobs to get
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i'm happy we are keeping jobs in america, aren't you? i don't know the details of the arrangement. but i do know mike pence is still the sitting governor of indiana. and i have no doubt he probably had a hand in helping this. shannon: leaders say they cannot declare their campus a sanctuary cam the chancellor said the school will continue to provide important protections including activities that protect all students to the fullest extent of the law. george: 1 y61 years ago today rosa parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to
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shannon: future stars can take the stage at the world's largest music festival. you can find a link at george: winter parking regulations in milwaukee are in effect. part on the odd side of the street on odd numbered days and even on even if you are confused, some of us found things get much clearer after that first $20 ticket. >> courtny has more on the young artist behind this design. >> smiles and laughter fill the dove family home.
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have been take their daughter to the hospital. she was diagnosed with cancer after a night when she didn't feel right. >> they first thought it was growing pains, but more tests revealed she had leukemia. >> we went in our room by ourselves and cried a lot. >> reporter: the most common of childhood cancers and the prognosis is usually good. it takes two years of chemicals being pumped through a child's body. her identical twin bailey was diagnosed in 2013. nobody wanted to believe cancer would strike twice. >> i was confused at first.
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a year ago, but she makes regular trips to the hospital to be there for her sister. >> we all wear mustaches to support her. >> reporter: she also loves penguins. lily designs the 2014mac star. her enjoys. this year the family tries to keep things as normal as possible. but even dad admits they are mature beyond their years. >> the stuff they talk about and think about you wouldn't expect to 12-year-old to think about. so bailey goes for a test. >> reporter: the family
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this. >> we start to understand how little there is for them in trying to be successful treatments. george: you can pick up your macc star. it will cost you just $10. a few flurries in the skies tonight. shannon: let's go back to brian to see with we might see sunshine. 38 degrees. believe it or not we are still above normal. i know it's been cooler the last couple days. 43 for a high today. 5 degrees above the normal high of 38 degrees. we are still getting spoiled. the storm radar across eastern wisconsin showing flakes and sprinkles.
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bends. north of richfield. mainly sprinkles towards grassland. whether you see a sprinkle or flurry we are not expecting issues on the roads. you can see wet pavement in west bend where the current temperature sits at 34 degrees. 38 in milwaukee. even warmer with a with at 32 with winds out of the west at 8 miles an hour. across southeastern wisconsin, everybody is still above the freezing mark. burlington 36. then you factor in a little bit of wind paint feels cooler. the withs 2 in port washington. and 28 in whitewater. let's gothrough the weather headlines. a few flurries and sprinkles. but coming to an end the next hour or two. sunday is the day we are
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another return of some ryan and snow. more on that in a second. the radar satellite across the states, not only are we seeing sprinkles and flurries for us. but notice the breaks in the clouds. that will continue into tomorrow. let's go to our future forecast. overnight tonight breaks in the clouds north of us. the disturbance just east of us. this is noon tomorrow. i think we'll still have quite a bit of clouds around. but more breaks in the than what we saw today. as we head into tomorrow night and into saturday. high pressure settles in and that's when i think we'll see a fair amount of sunshine saturday. and starting early sunday. but you can see peeking on our screen we have a storm system that will combine with energy to the south and give as you chance of rain and snow into sunday. right now it looks like mainly rain for us. you may see more snow.
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mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow a high temperature of 38. we'll have a few peeks of sunshine. saturday more sun and a high temperature of 37 degree. and here is your 7-day forecast. as we head out into the weekend. sunday, a chance of rain and snow. if you are head up to lambeau field, the potential is there for some snow. i don't think it will be a big system, but factor during the game and cover up those hash marks on the field. 43 monday, mostly cloudy, then it gets cooler. notice the highs thursday, only 31. here is the weather kit for today. 38 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. don't bundle them up too much.
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shannon: some things change while some remain the same for


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