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tv   Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 7:00am-8:45am CST

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?? ?? good morning. he's back. president-elect trump switch intoe >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? >> things get ugly between top aides for trump and hillary clinton. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> it went downhill from there. >> road rage? a former nfl player shot and killed in an altercation near new orleans. the 54-year-old suspect stayed at the scene and is in custody being questioned by police right now. south pole rescue.
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recovering in a hospital after the 86-year-old's emergency evacuation from the bottom of the world. this morning the health scare that forced the legendary astronaut to suddenly abort his mission. and one last lighting. the first family flips the switch on the national christmas tree. >> three, two, one! president obama's holiday wish to the country. today, friday, december 2, 2016. "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller mraz. >> good moing, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning and while the family celebrates their last christmas at the white house we are marking your last day on the show until you take off on maternity leave. >> this is it. you didn't want me to giv
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are you excited? >>xcited and thrilled and can't wait to get thi baby off into the wod. >> we'll send you off intyle and eve thergy with the presidential campaignackn full display. donald trump launcd into his thank you tour using it to make a surprisennouncement as members ofis campan clashed with hillary clinton's team during a post-electio debrief at harvard. we have it all covered started with peterxa >> reporter: matt and savannahs good morning to you. the new trump appears like the old trump. last night in cincinnati wrapping up the first leg of what transition officials are calling a thank you tour, trump really soaked up his supporters' adoration and even made a surprise announcement naming his pick for secretary of defense. >> i love you, ohio.
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>> president-elect trump sounding a lot like candidate trump basking in the glow of his electoral win. >> we have the house. we have the senate and we have the presidency. >> going off script, trump even surprised his staff, spontaneously revealing a major cabinet pick. >> we are going to appoint mad dog madus as our secretary of defense, but we're not announcing it until monday my people over there are probably saying. >> a tough-talking marine is admired for his record in combat including his leadership in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. on stage trump's speech was scripted as an ode to american workers and unity. >> now is the time to chae
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of america. >> off teleprompter he was self congratulatory. >> we did have a lot ofun f fighting hillary, didn't we? that triggering the crowd to chant lock her up. and reminiscent of old rallies, trump taunting the media. >> these are very, very dishonest people. i love this stuff. see i go on with this just a little bit longer. and he doubled down controversial proposal protected by the first amendment. >> if people burn the flag there should be a consequence. >> the rally punctted the start of a victory lap. earlier in a carrier plant in indianapolis trump took a bow, touting a campaign promise, deliver. a deal to keep roughly 1100 jobs from leaving town most to mexico. and firing a warning shot at
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leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. >> the deal, $7 million in tax breaks over ten years in exchange for the heating and air-conditioning giant investing millions into its plant, but another 1300 jobs are still headed to mexico. critics like bernie sanders say carrier's parent company united technologies took trump hostage andwon. setting a very dangerous precedent, opening the door for more private sector threats to fireworkers. >> reporter: overnight, arizona senator john mccain called general james mattis one of the finest military officers of his generation. to be confirm would, mattis who is just three years out of uniform will need a waiver from congress that bars anyone serving as secretary of defense within seven years of active duty. matt and savannah.
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thanks. there was a fascinating event at harvard university thursday featuring top members of the trump and clinton campaigns and it shows how bitter and emotional things still are. andrea mitchl was there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt and savannah. i was one of the moderators of this panel and a post-mortem tradition at harvard. this year it was unprecedented evolving at times into a shouting match into the trump and clinton campaigns as they sat right across fromh the campaign may be over, but the emotions are still raw. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> culminating between clinton campaign communications director jennifer palmery and kellyanne conway. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had --? slammed by clinton herself as a platform for white nationalists,
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>> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. >> i am more proud of hillary clinton's alt-right speech than any other moment on the campaign because she had the courage to stand up. >> reporter: conway accusing the clinton campaign of not having a message. >> do you think you could have a decent message for the working people. >> let's also be honest. don't act as if you have a popular mandate for your message. >> conway shot back. guys, i can tell you're angry, but wow! #he's your president. >> the media were pro-clinton. the clinton team complaining far
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>> why didn't we look into his bankruptcies? >> in a biting final comment, longtime clinton strategist maddie greenwald sarcastically said the trump team doesn't get nearly high credit for having a gative campaign with fake news with clinton as ill. >> how unusual is it not only for it to be so bitter, but also for it to spill out so publicly, you know? heard in there. >> not at all. this has been going on since 1972, both sides coming together doing a post-game analysis. it's turned into a book and it's an academic exercise and we prepared for it that way, but it was off to the races and they just were going at each other and this is the first time it exploded this way and it shows how deep the resentments are. usually the winners are gracious. not so much this time. >> did they talk about their
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>> they were certainly very protective and not blaming hillary clinton at all. they reject the argument that she didn't go enough to the battleground states. they do blame the media, frankly, and they also feel that it's basically james comey. the bottom line, james comey, the last 11 days they had momentum and they think it stalled and they couldn't break through. >> fascinating. you were right there. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> good luck to you, we're going to miss you. >> thank you. all right, andrea, thank you. >> also a deadly case of what appears to be road rage near new orleans. it's now under investigation. the victim, a former nfl runningback who was shot and killed in a confrontation with another driver. nbc's jacob rascon has the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the gunman is being held inside the complex behind me after being questioned until late last
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he waited for police to show up after the shooting and turned over his weapon after gunning down a local hero joe mcknight, dead at 28 years old. caught on camera by a bystander, the futile effort to revive former nfl runningback joe mcknight shot in what police are calling an apparent road rage incident. >> there were statements being made that i told you not to mess with me. >> reporter: lance harris was driving nearby. >> all you heard was pow, pow, pow. >> reporte mcknight in a silver audi and 54-year-old ronald gasser in a blue infinii were stopped side by side when an argument apparently led to the shooting. >> mr. gasser di infact, oot mr. mcknight. waiting until wasus standing theolice came and they asked tohim put the gnd hehe in ct o policedrres him. reporter: mcknight was rated
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2007 and spent three seasons at usc before going on to play for the new york jets, the kansas city cefs and most recently in the canadian league. his firstuchdown with the jets, a kickf r 10 longestys history. >> he' in f ttohdown! >> reporter: just eight ms ago in orleans an eerily similar incident. another nfl playerorr snts defensive end will smith killed after another possible road rage incident. friend of mcknight tweeting at p nt did we lose o ability to handle differences like men? mcknight's cousin and coach eric allen. >> this is a tragic momen right here. tremendous kid. tremendous kid. r: ahe ror sheriff's office says gasser, the suspect, will face charg and they're not sure yet. a family member of mcknight told
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to sign a deal to get back in the nfl. >> jacob, thank you. turni to the massive wildfires in eastern tennessee. the death toll there has risen to 11. among the victims, john and janet sme who ei family. o vacationith their tee sons are alive and they're recovering in the vanderbilt burn unit this morning. more than 700 sucturehave beenesoyed in the fires and thisorning residents are being allowed access into the evacuation areas and being warned to use entering smoldering ground. residents in the south are cleaning up this morning a 34 tornadoes touched down across seven states. in alabama, a tornado with wind speeds up to 127 miles an hour leveled the town of rosalie in atlanta. the national weather service is confirming a tornado hit the area on wednesday. the school security video shows the powerful winds that swept through that region and a tree
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now to the investigation into the ill-fated flight that crashed in colombia that killed 71 people. we have new images of the wreckage and it's providing cls a wutt went wrong. keir simmons visitedhesite. he's in medellin. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we traveled for hours and made our way on foot and the bodies of the brazilians will be in the country f a tomorrow. savannah, from what we saw, they didn't stand a chance. >> reporter: the crash site is hard to reach. we trekked through colombian jungle. imagine the rescuers emerging at night and facing this. twisted metal, the entire wing flipped over, trees torn from the ground by the force of the crash. colombian police escorting us closer. >> just here is a shrine to the 71 whodied.
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life vest, strewn around, mplete ction. the people who survived this seems inedible. the loss of life here overwhelming. almost an entire soccer team wiped out. no sign of fire supporting the theory that the plane ran out of fuel. locals told us the pilot was just four minutes from the airport and we found another clue to what happened. >> we've climbed to where the tail of the plane hit the top of the hill and this is just valley trying to get to the runway. he just couldn't make it. and days later no one here can still comprehend how this plane apparently ended its journey without enough fuel. so many lives shattered, savannah. one local told us he found a cell phone in the wreckage. it had multiple missed calls. he didn't know who that phone belonged to.
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keir, thank you very much. we have dramatic video of a woman saved from serious injury with the help of an unlukely source. >> she was standing in an intersection in poland and watch as a black sedan crashes into an suv and careens toward her. the car slams into a pole. the woman was lucky enough to be right behind that pole so she escapes the impact. no one involved in the collision was seriously injured. >> >> niagara falls, officials unveiled a lighting system that will illuminate the falls in different colors. the lights are positioned on the canadian side of the border and they shine over to the american side. it's a project that is environmentally friendly and uses lights that are brighter and use half the power. president obama and the first family mark their final time last night lighting the national christmas tree.
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>> that's pretty. the president and first lady turned on the red, white and blue lights with help from their daughter sasha. performers at this year's ceremony included kelly clarkson, marc anthony, and the president got into the act himself leading everyone into a rendition of "jingle bells". >> the president delivered his final christmas message that americans treat one anothers >> i could hear him really singing. >> i heard when they kind of isolated his microphone. it wasn't bad at all. >> he likes to sing. we all do at this time of year. >> no. >> nice. you had to remember that. >> you know. >> al never forgets. what's going on in the weather? >> we have some wind to talk about especially for our friends down in southern california. santa ana setting up, northeasterly winds coming in and these are gusty and dry
7:17 am
some downed power lines and trees. because things are so dry we
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some are speculating about a possible motive emerging in that chilling abduction of a mother in california and why police are not happy about the victim's husband speaking out about the case. but first, this is "today" on
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alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather..
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northbound near zippermerg on national and 94 eastbound near zippermerge on sunnyslope road, use those alternate
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? santa claus is coming ? we're back at 7:30 friday morning. the 2nd of december. we got a great crowd out on the plaza. and ready to get a jump-start on the weekend, with our gorgeous tree in the >> we'll get outside and say hi to those people in a little while. next week, something to look forward to on "today". for the tenth-straight year, helping "time" magazine reveal its person of the year. we'll look at the short list ahead of wednesday's announcement only on "today." now, a check of the headlines. donald trump made news at his first appearance at a rally in cincinnati.
7:31 am
plans on nominating retired james mattis. he oversaw all u.s. forces in the middle east. >> that was the first stop on mr. trump's post election thank you tour. he had fun battling hillary clinton during the campaign. and vowed his administration would unite the country. country. and we will find common ground and get the job done properly. >> the president-elect plans to hold events across the country in coming weeks. and a state of emergency remains for starts of tennessee. wildfires are being blamed for deaths and 700 homes there. good news for buzz aldrin who had to be medically evacuated from the south pole on thursday.
7:32 am
doctors say he had some fluid in his lungs. but is recovering well. tom costello covers all things space for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: his manager says his it was a grueling medical evacuation from the south pole. his symptoms suggest he may have high-altitude pulmonary adema. that's a dangerous buildup of fluid in the lungs. for 86-year-old buzz aldrin, it was to be another life adventure. on tuesday, he pole, here i come. aldrin signed on with luxury tour company, white desert, traveling from south africa, to antarctica and then to the south pole. elevation, 9,000 people, double the elevation of denver. overnight, his manager tweeting aldrin reaching his destination. that's where the trouble began. aldrin's oxygen level began to
7:33 am
the national science foundation brought in a c-130 on skis, and rushing him back to a flight of new zealand. new footage, shows him walking off of the plane to a waiting ambulance. at a wheelchair as he arrived at the hospital. by the time he was in the e.r., he was smiling, described as stable, with fluid in his lungs but responding well to antibiotics. >> it's important that they it's a life-threatening condition. they can't breathe. they can't get the oxygen to sustain life. >> reporter: it was july 1969, when the world watched neil armstrong and buzz aldrin land apollo 11 on the moon. the two men, the first humans to walk on the lunar surface. neil armstrong died in 2014. >> we were the only people on the earth that ever got there. and we came back. and what do we have?
7:34 am
medallions. life achievement awards. >> reporter: for decades, aldrin has pushed for more manned missions back to the moon and mars. the animated character buzz lightyear from "toy story," created in his honor. >> he never gives up. he never surrenders. and that's a quality that we should celebrate in a whole lot of ways. >> reporter: even in retirement, nasa doctors track the health of any astronaut who is still living. aftersu new zealand, nasa says aldrin is doing well. 86 years young, and looking for a new adventure. no word how long he will be in the hospital. but patients who suffers pulmonary adema are told to stay at sea level for a week until they get on a flight. neil armstrong passed away in 2012. >> all right, tom. happy that buzz is doing well.
7:35 am
>> he is quite the character. we love him. let's show you what we got going on. a developing situation this weekend, the jet stream takes a dip down to the south. that allows a ton of moisture to make its way up into the gulf. so, all that moisture gets in here, we're going to see a system start to develop. and that means we're going to see heavy rain starting late tonight, on into saturday, developing. damaging winds, hail in southern texas. as we move into saturday, heavy rain, into okla mid-mississippi and tennessee river valleys. the good news, it will be a real help for the severe drought. the problem is, we're watching the burn areas in tennessee. there could be heavy rain gating in there and that can cause some flooding. houston, you're in a seven-inch bull's eye through tuesday. and the heavy rain spreads to atlanta, where you could see two
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>> don't forget. geou anytime, go on the weather channel. >> got it, mr. roker. it's a case of mistaken
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we're back at 7:40. and a possible motive emerging of that kidnapping of a mother in california. >> she was found alive after being held and tortured for three weeks. ti california, with new information about this case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. investigators haven't release ed a a motive as to why two women kidnapped sherri papini. 22 days of terror. beaten and chained, her hair chopped off. her skin branded. two hispanic women who spoke
7:41 am
their motive, still a mystery. >> we don't know if she was a specific target or a random abduction. >> that's trafficking. >> reporter: but nbc news spoke to experts who believe this case has classic signs of human trafficking. >> trafficked. that's the number one thing we look for in a traffic victim is a brand. >> reporter: rebecca bender is a national expert on human trafficking and a former victim. >> i've been brandon twice by my of them? >> this is my one. >> reporter: she theoryizes that the kidnappers took papini for a teen. and seeing her face on the news. >> when so much publicity was coming, they said, we have to get rid of this girl. >> reporter: the area where she was abducted is a hotbed for drug cartels and sex rings.
7:42 am
during her disappearance and specializes in sex trafficking cases. their m.o. are signatures of sex traffickers. >> the brutal beating and the hair, these are earmarks of something that i've seen happen south of the border. >> reporter: this, as papini's husband reveals new details about her struggle to get help after her captors speaking to abc news. >> she was coughing up blood from the screaming, trying to get someone to talk. >> reporter: his decision to talk about the case, not sitting well with law enforcement. >> i think that some of the details that he has provided, it could affect the integrity of the investigation. >> reporter: the sheriff won't comment specifically on whether this is a case of human
7:43 am
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on thursday, carson, subtly, gently, mentioned, he is used to a luxury shave after no-shave november. well, carson, we heard you, loud and clear. >> i was simply saying the whole north of november, we do our no shave to raise money for men's health. and i look forward to the big shave-off. it's a big thing every year on the 1st of december. imusually in california and you're here. and we giving the nice shave. i mentioned it quickly. and here we are. >> message received, my friend. how does it feel? >> it feels great. i want to thank john for coming down. i feel like al capone in this chair. >> hopefully it ends better for you. >> and if you want a cigarette, there's a cigarette thing here.
7:49 am
of savannah's last day. let's look at baby names. >> okay. >> this is a list of the top names of 2016. jackson for a boy. sofia for a girl. those are the strong top spots. this is the trend. inspired by the rise of technology and science. you see apple, cloud, and rocket on the rise. that's food for thought for you. and before you leave, to get our prediction. ow. just kidding. just kidding. >> really? >> just kidding. >> really? >> inspired by al. here's my predictions right here. i'm going with gabriel, born on december 12th. >> that's nice. an angel's name. >> i went with notorious fld. >> for feldy, my husband. i love that. that's cute. >> and i'm going with december 14th.
7:50 am
>> i say it's a girl. the whole thing is a mistake. >> oh, my gosh. >> how do you explain this name? >> she's going to name her emmitt. >> that's a cute name. >> for you, emoji. >> and you say december 11th. >> yes. >> you do love me. that's the soonest. it could happen at 9:01 and i would be psyched. >> people want to predict savannah's baby name, send it to #orangeroom. that is sweet. come up here. >> it feels nice. it really does. it feels good. it was for a good cause. matty, are you going to get in line? >> i'm going to hang on for a month or so. >> me, too. >> what am i doing here? >> whining. what's your point? as long as you're happy, that's all that matters. >> it is nice, al. >> we know it will grow back by this afternoon anyway.
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saintroducinthe reuben fm subway ch as ll ointrigue as it islavor. some say it s invented by deli owner arnold reuben. ot gam sl crazensist it was hollywood starlet marjorie ramben a
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. andoming up, trump surpr the preside elect aounc a we e goto dog m aurreta people or tngwe this, ass. >> i wouldn't wan t oyd.
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i'm goingnein >> i'm reayd.uthe and the rests m ht suryou. the pop staopce grnville, south carolina. >>d moy d and brfrom blomington hills, michigan. >> sendi a o love to tennessee. rk. ood morning, ?lton, >> we love you, savannah.
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8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 2nd day of december, 2016. we have a massive crowd out on the plaza. i would imagine that a lot of the people are here, simply to wi savannah well on maternity leave. they're all here to say good-bye. >> they're here because this is a beautiful morng. and a wonderful tree. it's december. we have a gat sign over there spirit. people thinking about those in tennessee. and then, if we go inside, carson is really stretching out this shave business. >> ikn >> look at him. he's getting his eyebrows waxed next. >> when is the mani and pedi, carson? >> going great, guys. nice. >t out carson's new look and jill martin is dropping by this epic
8:03 am
we'll start with baby must-haves. and then, an entire hour on everything from toys to fashion. get the fingers ready to click. >> coming up in the next hour. and grammy-winner fergie is going to grace us with a live peor mansion. so much lined up next week on "today." next week on "today," pharrell williams taking over the plaza for a special december concert. come on down. >> i might have come back for that. i'll be in the proud. >> you'll be on air. >> exactl a check of your headlines. time for the news at 8:00. >> we begin with the trump transition. i'm kristen well kerr, in cincinnati, ohio, where president-elect donald trump kicked off his thank you tour last night, the first of my stops, aimed at thanking supporters all across the country. and itomes against the backdrop of a stark reminder that the 2016 race is still raw
8:04 am
and trump campais erupted into a shouting match at a political forum that was supposed to be cordial. donald trump back in campaign mode, in t state that helped make him president-elect. >> thank you, to ohio. >> reporter: reveling in his victory in cincinnati thursday night. touting the fact it was not a glass ceiling that was shattered on election night, but a blue wall that crumbled with the support of working-clvo >> we didn't break it. we shattered thatsucker. >> reporter: several hundred miles away, the tensions of the 2016 race flared up at a politics forum at harvard university. >> if providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, i am glad to have lost. >> reporter: that's the voice of hillary clinton's former communications director, jennifer palmeiri,hen trump's
8:05 am
tactician. and his ceo, was in charge of breitbart news. >> i would rather lose than win the way you did. >> reporter: trump aid kellyanne conway firing back. >> you think i ran a platform? >> it did. >> reporter: accused the clinton team of being sore losers. >> #he'syourpresident. >> reporter: in ohio,r. was building made-for-tv drama, of his own, teasing the crowd with announcing his secretary of defense. >> i will n tell you that one of our great, great generals. >> reporter: oy to reveal his pick moments later. >> we're not announcing it until monday, so, don't tell anybody. mad dog. he's great. >> reporter: retired marine general, james mad dog mattis is respected throughout the
8:06 am
iran. this, after rlier, mr. trump took a vicry lapn indiana, wheree announced saving more than 1,000 jobs at carrier corporation. >> companies are not gng to leave the united states anymore thwi nsequences. t goi tohappen. orte>> rep ahi know the pridelect's pick for secretary of defense,e is deciding his secretary of state. rudy had been top contenders. now, he is eanding his search to include a former and current ceo with exxon mobil. mr. trump will hold more meetings at trump tower today. matt? >> thank you very much. police in utah a praisg two parents who disarmed their son aer he fired a gun inside a classroom at his junior high school. the 15-year-old son hadeen acting strangely thursday. and realized he had taken
8:07 am
boxes and ammunition from the family home. they went to his school and got the rigfter he had fired a shotgun round into theeiling. heyd t grabbed the gun fm him, as?v? othertudents hid undr thr des. no o is rt. the boys facg chars. police a looking for a motive just ahead, the medical test with a very powerful message for rihanna and prince harry. bill like this into a modf the white use. wed ofiday shad into wed ofiday shad into will and canr mel.?)$e
8:08 am
8:09 am
to brazil it's cyber week at toys"r"us and you know what that means! we overthrow humanity? no, dude. save big storewide and online. rats. it's cyber week at toys"r"us! save big on thousands of toys kids want, online and in store! toys"r"us ...awwwesome! i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding.
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wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1%hen you buy and 1% a theyou pay.uble cash card does. the citi double cash card. double means double. ?? we're back, now. 8:10. it's a good time to trend. and meanwhile, like a behind, your face. >> it is. >> you look so cute. >> my mother is so happy now. >> you lost a little weight, too. >> i'll take it. i'll find it. >> savannah is trending. are you going to trend every day at 8:10 when you're not here? >> i'll be watching. >> let's do it in style. we brought treats and goodies. >> yes. >> dylan dwyer here. >> dylan. >> somebody else about to go out on maternity leave.
8:11 am
>>great. >> you have to try these. >> you should leave every day. >> i know. let me tell you. >> this is why i showed up. i knew there was extra snacks. >> i love it. >> -c >> let's talk trending here. are you ready? if you thought a dollar bill was good for buying things, think again. the white house has put out a new app. it's called 1600. it uses augmented reality to turn a dollar bill into the white house. i have a dollar bill. the app on it. i just focus on it. and watch what happens. >> whoa. >> okay? >> we cutting in to see this, guys? this is happening on the phone in front of me. it builds the white house. there's a narrator providing history of the white house. and you can move your phone around and take a tour 360 degrees of that building. >> that's wild. >> i think at one point the president walks out. and does things like that. how about that?
8:12 am
>> i think it only works with the $1 bill. >> give me a 20 and we'll see. >> no. amazing what they can do on the >> we're eating chocolate. this is for the next story. nestle is moving from science and chocolate are delicious. the candy company has announced its new ccolate formula. and it has 40% les gar. but nestle claims it actually tastes the same. scientists were able to hollow out the structure of sugar molecules, leaving the taste but removing the fat. companies are hoping to get a pattent for this >> ist t company saying it's going to taste the same and if we i -- >> don't kill my buzz. >> made with 40%s l fano. like 200% fat. we have two more .pn >> i'm eingry secondf
8:13 am
i'm not sure we should do th but if the last subject got you to change that. cremation cmo praice after loved ones pass aw. a iew c trying to changehat you do with the ashe afterwards. chronicle cremation designs is making i possible for yu to have breakfast with grandma every rning. the company is offering to make coffee cups, bow and jewelry, out of the ashes of your loved ones. they say this allows you to be those people every day. >> did we run out of photos? >> it is just aittl l-- it's a little macabre. >> creepy. >> what you choose to make. a coffee cup may seem weird. >> but the plate you put up. >> what about a picture frame and you can put a picture of your loved one in that. >> i like that. >> that's good. >> wow. >> here, give me a $20.
8:14 am
segue. how about a "pop start." >> will you do "pop start." >> i can text you. >> you invented "pop start." khieing with mariah wh a about the mystery man, she said this. >> we've s outnd about with yo o >> irefu to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me. >>otise, guilty as all get-out. >> he's cute, by the way. you pick cute men. >> this is so pretty in here. >> what? >> that tree. >> much more of that nonanswer and the interview coming up on kathie lee and hoda.
8:15 am
bravo sunday night at 9:00. prince and harry and rihanna are best buds. they met in barbados to mark 50 years of independence. and now, ty get blood tests done together. all to raisearenfyade het toall him t.?e >> oh, that was not bad. you really made this -- you made me feel like -- >> the test came back negative. harry saying that the instant results made it easy for everybody to get tested. and finally, chris pratt is having fun at jennifer lawrence's expense they wer a press circuit. and pratt had selfies of h and lawren. hes croppg herout.
8:16 am
likely see me of jennifer thatill do itor "pop star" e wrapping up here. >> wre going tt there all right now. odd. hyha pmpter said guthrie. >> i'm sorry. >> 's h? >>u ha do yo a truffle? . u wl lovese. > we a wrappingr team series. stephanie highchoolers cdu exriment steph? >> reporter:?g yave aeenar you see the walking downhe kowy ar to their celphones what w h ife took those phones away? oneoren minutes, ihere my start to freak t. >> for me, getting that little buzz is like anenine rush. >> reporter: these are tengrade.
8:17 am
class. but let's see, it seems a rule made to be broken. >> ieed you to put that away. ph away. >> reporter: before we came, we asked the students to track their phone usage. listen to the totals for a single day. >> 6:38. >> 4:26. >> i'm over nine hours. that was just on monday. >> reporter: the class just watched "screen agers," a documentary that explores teens' devices. the producers conducted a little experiment. would these students give up their phones for a week? >> there's no way. no way. >> reporter: but with some arm-twisting, nine, brave students agree. here were the ground rules. no smartphones. no gaming. lab tops for schoolwork only. and no social media. >> i think i can do it. i'm not that scared. >> i will probably suffer a lot.
8:18 am
>> honestly, i want to two back home and just not do it. >> reporter: we did give them flip phones for emergencies. oh.hones. >> what is this? oh. >> it's a samsung flip phone, like grandpa's. >> no access t social media. facebook. no instagram. no snapchat. everyone clear? >> reporter: then, the moment of truth. >> good-bye, phone. >> reporter: as we suspected, video diaries show a jarring start. >> i'm already really bored. >> it kind of sucks. none of my friends are answering their phone. >> reporter: but a few days in, we saw changes. >> so far, i have done most of my chores.
8:19 am
last night. >> i'm getting a lot more homework done. ?? >> during the week, i learned a song on my ar. it made me hang out with mily more often. and so, it's been nice. >> reporter: but not so nice, they weren't happy when the week was over. >> last day of the detox. thank god. ?? >> reporter: if you could, one to ten, how excited are you to get back >> that scale is broken. >> reporter: here they are. what if i said to you, you have to do another week? >> we didn't sign up for that. >> no way. >> reporter: okay. brandon. >> i'm so happy. >> yay. >> oh, my gosh. >> over 60 missed messages. and over 100 instagram. >> reporter: that many missed messages, are you feeling anxious to check them? >> i'm freaking out.
8:20 am
>> reporter: what was the toughest thing for you? >> the toughest thing was to see other people on their phones. it was a different perspective. i guess i should not going on the phone as much. >> reporter: did anyone else feel something similar? i do spe too much time on it? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> reporter: almost everyone nodded. the teens told us they were more present. >> without my phone, i'm more engaged. like, actually in the moment. >> i went to dinner with my we really just talked the whole time. that was nice. >> how about anyone else? their relationship with their parents? >> i was paying attention and waiting for someone to talk to me. it was nice to talk to people. when you get a text, you sit there and go, how did they mean that? >> reporter: who cheated? >> honestly? >> reporter: honestly. >> it was emergency reasons. >> reporter: one, two, three, four. >> i did think about it.
8:21 am
>> on the little flip phones, you can get games on them. >> reporter: that's cheating. >> it's over. >> reporter: their teacher, dave hayward, kept tabs on the experiment. with some of the kids you saw physical effect. >> behavior changes. some were withdrawn. more outgoing. >> reporter: he was impressed with how reflective the students are. >> students are they understand how the phones control them. and a week without their phone really freed them. >> reporter: you're glad you twisted their arms. >> yeah. this project gets an "a." >> we checked back with the students after the experiment. most have returned to their old habits. one leaves it at home more. another turns his into his parents at night. interestingly, almost all of the kids said the parents gave them a hard time with the phone.
8:22 am
more, than they do. and you know, healthy parental double-standard, right? >> it's absolutely true. >> i was thinking, it's not a teen problem. it's an all of us. could we give it up for a week? >> when i walk my dog, i leave my phones home. and it's a nice 20 minutes of no phone. can't do anything about it. >> your dog probably likes it, too. >> what is cool is thoughtful those kids were. >> stephanie, thank you very much. and we posted tips on how families can disconnect. find more at >> al, how about a weather forecast? >> connect you to the weather. we're looking at cold air. our first outbreak of the season. big area of high pressure up around the north pole. it will be funneling this cold air in by early next week. bismarck will have a high of 8
8:23 am
albuquerque, 36. vegas, 46. these are low temperatures. bismarck, 1 below. look how far south it gets. amarillo, texas, 23. that's 11 below normal. and that chill is as far east as kansas city, oklahoma and into the west, as well. >> that's your latest weather. time for a little football.
8:24 am
america. there you two. carolina, coming into century link field in seattle. it's an open stadium. it will be rainy, wet and maybe some snow, as the seahawks defend against the carolina panthers on "sunday night football" night in america. carson? >> al, thank you very much. all week long, we've been counting down to the biggest steals & deals ever. let's get right to some bargains we have a baby one coming up. and a full hour from 9:00 to 10:00. it's "steals & deals" morning. these robes, men and women. go on to see the retails 220. 100% cotton, machine-washable. the retail $220. and the deal, $65. >> and we have lovely jewelry.
8:25 am
the skinny bracelets. they're great to stack with things women may already have. sterling silver, wire bracelet. comes in the u.s. celebrity fans include kate hudson and rihanna. the deal, $26. >> what a deal. a small glimpse. head to to get in on these deals. the bracelets in front of us, from skinny. and jill will be back the next half hour with bargains on baby gifts. and in honor of savannah's last day. and the meg supersized hour of biggest "steals & deals." >> also ahead, why have you left us for so long? >> i don't know. >> fergie's back. she's going to perform in our studio. just to welcome you back. >> oh. >> doughnuts from savannah.
8:26 am
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i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
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t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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?? [ cheers and applause ] it's 8:30. it's friday morning, december 2nd, 2016. what a great day. we've got want to remind everybody that we are going, we're starting. so if you're going to be down here on the plaza, please bring your unwrapped gift. >> no question about it. >> fergie is about to grab some toys. part of that toy drive. by the way, speaking of toys for the holiday. we'll walk you through the best
8:31 am
they have their toy awards. we'll show you the winners coming up in just a second. >> jill has already revealed a couple bargains from the biggest steals and deals ever. she's got so many more over the next hour and a half of "today." >>first, l's get a check of the weather from al. >> let's look ahead towards the weekend. starting out flooding rains down through texas and the low to mid-mississippi river valley. look for snow showers around the great lakes and then sunday, nd into the lower mississippi river valley. heavy snow back to the inner mountain region and the cascades and lake-effect snow around the great lakes and look for sunshine in the northeast and mid-atlantic states.
8:32 am
>> and don't forget get that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. the shared kindness get away contest is created with our sister company, orlando. with amazing theme parks and spectacular on-se hotels, it's days and nights of endless fun. okay, guys. we are in the midst of our second annual share kindness campaign. we he a goal of 1 millions of kindness and you canhelp. just post your kind acts using the #sharekindness. >> in fact, lego group was inspired and created this huge share kindness vessel to help us count to 1 million.
8:33 am
will add a brick. lego also donated 25 kind acts to help fill the vessel. our elof here in the box is doing that. in fact, thanks to your many acts of kindness, we're already at 47,833, but there's a long way to go. so, we want you to keep up the kindness. >> we're also launching our share kindness get away contest so you can thank the nominate someone who you think is deserving for a trip to four to universal orlando resort and stay onsite at the sapphire falls resort which is beautiful. >> we have 50,000 acts of kindness and we just need a million. >> and then alex can get out of there. he'll be in here until it gets to a million. >> #sharekindness. let's send it over to matt. the stressful holiday is rolling right along. this morning some help finding
8:34 am
laurie from goodhousekeeping is here with her good toys award. >> good morning, mr. lauer. >> matt, please. before we get to the individual toys, what is the criteria. >> we always get asked this question our electrical and chemical engineers are always testing for safety standards first and putting things together and making sure nothing poses a choking hazard. >> and fun. >> we bring in the to 13 to assess the fun factor. >> what is this i'm looking at here? >> first, we'll start with all the $20 toys. frozen science. starts at age 4 and up. adult supervision is required. touch it. doesn't it feel like snow? >> it does. >> it's not real snow but exposes kids to stem. >> but adult supervision because you don't want a little kid eating it. >> it is safe and nontoxic.
8:35 am
kits. you can do everything from string lanterns tathese little trains to dream boards. again, this whole table, $20. affordability is key. for little artists, the kids went nuts for this super doe. remember the very hungry caterpillar. >> absolutely. >> what i love about this and you'll love about it, it doesn't crumble. they're able to keep the shape my dotser playing with it. this is my son, leo. >> he came right to you and said mama. i was hoping there was a relationship. but this is the bead boogie-woogie mat. >> this is like tom hanks. >> you can channel him. leo will you shake your booty and run on this? these toys are great for the whole family. encourages musicality and really get in there and the whole family can play. >> i love that idea. that's fantastic.
8:36 am
this is one of my favorites from my childhood. >> go for it, buddy. show us how it works. hot wheels crisscross crash track. kids love it but parents will love it because it is 16 feet of track it only took ten minutes to put together. the things we test out at good housekeeping. >> what we love about this, it takes that old school pretend costume dress up with gender neutral and likely pairings. this one is docto but then pairs it with modern day technology. you get an app where you can make a movie, credits. >> how much is something like this? >> $60 at toys "r" us. >> matt, we'll wake these guys up. this is part of the furr real friends. there we go. this is one of the hottest toys of the year. it's called torch. >> i've seen this on some of the hot lists. >> what is so cool, he interacts with you and i'll toast this marshmallow. it's water vapor.
8:37 am
the toy testers were all ditching other toys just to play with these. next up, the battle bots. the kids will love this inspired by the tv show. we have adorable gabby and riley playing here. epic robot battle that they will have fun with. >> some kids said we will play this over and over again. >> this is big. look at this. >> matt, this was our absolute number one top toy pick. charlie, can you show us how it works? can i help youut second, bud. you're so cute. we'll show you the cool thing. here we go thomas jumps! this is $100, little pricy, but, matt, deals to be had. as you know, you're doing a big deals segment. right now you can find it for less, but the kids went nuts for this thomas & friends toys. >> carson over there just said i want that toy. >> merry christmas, carson. >> that's so cool. >> thank you so much. >> pleasure to be here.
8:38 am
check out the full toy list on jill is back with baby gift bargains on our billest steals and deals ever.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back. it's 8:40. we have "expecting today" and a special jill martin is back. she's busy this week and especially this morning. >> this is a special one. we're going to miss you. but the next time we see you, there will be another little one. to celebrate you and parents to be, we have a great baby "steals & deals." >> tell us. the retail, $59.95. a six-piece gift set.
8:41 am
two snug caps and two lovies. did val like those? >> yes. i like those, honestly. >> three colors. four sizes available. up to 12 months. 100% organic cotton, comes in a gift box. the deal, $17.99. >> you don't know what you're having, you go with the gray and yellows. >> i love baby girls in gray. >> this is >> the crib set. they retail for $99. you get one fitted sheet, two baby blankets and gender-neutral patterns. this is great for people that aren't saying what they're having. the deal $26. that's 74% off. >> superfabulous patterns. you can choose your pattern. >> everything on and clearly spelled out.
8:42 am
it's a five-piece bundle. the shampoo, the conditioner, the baby wash and the cream and the cradle cap cam bow. safe for newborns. and safe for adults, as well. the deal, $29, 70% off. >> i love this little comb. you put the steal in "steals & deals" and take it with me. >> the steal. >> i will do the steal part. >> you can buy a bunch of them and mix and match the sets. my moms thought of that. >> this is great if you have a baby shower to go to. >> retail, $199 changing pad included. a wipible exterior. 16 fabric stiles available. the deal, $65, 67% off. >> it's awesome. and the baby bottle on the side. cute. >> great to feel -- you need to sit down? >> always.
8:43 am
make sure everybody sees that. the swollen feet situation. >> the retail $69. they call it the love set. two colors, obvious. you get the giraffe, the travel blankie and the plush toy. retail $69. the deal, $20. >> i love you. >> you have great stuff. watching me get up. >> i know. sitting down is a lot easier than getting back up. jill, thank you so much. baby bundle. sets from pure fiber. and original sprout. the lou harvey diaper bags. and plush toy sets from little giraffe. go to >> and you should rest. you have a full hour coming up, next hour. 9:00. biggest "steals & deals" ever. >> i have to get my elf costume.
8:44 am
play hookie. >> i'm staying for the elf costume and the deals. coming up next, fergie will perform in our nbc studz owe. perform in our nbc studz owe. this is "tod perform in our nbc studz owe. this is "tod kisses deluxe chocol. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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8:46 am
"big girls don't cry." >> she has a new single, "life goes on." new album, on the way. can we catch up? you have been enjoying life for several years. yeah. i'm about to come out with my second album, which will be ten years ago, i had my first solo album. i've done four albums with the peas. and i did this little thing
8:47 am
>> how was that little thing? >> it's the best album i've ever made. >> hit after hit. >> i mean, yeah. he just keeps on coming with them. >> are you in full christmas mode for axl, who is 3? >> we're teaching him he's out of halloween mode. he doesn't want to let go of the halloween mode. we're trying to get him -- thangiving is a harder pull. it's all about a turkey. and he's thinking, that's not as good as candy and has he gotten him into golf yet? >> yeah. we have the tee in the backyard. he's about the balls and the sticks, as most boys are. >> yes, we are. >> good one. >> doesn't end. >> morning. >> you mentioned, it's been a decade since your last solo album. how is the music different now? >> the process is pretty much the same. i've been through a lot of life experiences since my last album.
8:48 am
that. and it's a lot of emotional stuff. autobiographical stuff. stuff that doesn't have a place on a black eyed peas album when we're partying and having a good time. let's talk about what is going on in fergie's subconscious. there's the fun stuff. there's dance, pop, reggae, throwback stuff. it's a bunch of everything, like "the duchess" was. that's me all over the place. >> sounds like the title makes some sense. "life goes on" is the name of thsingle. wee happy to have fergie with us. ?? ? mm ? ? da, da, da, da, da ? ? every day, when i wake up trying to read my fortune in the
8:49 am
? it seems like i never finish maybe it's my own superstition ? ? or a protection with a look ahead ? ? oh, oh, oh ? ? still sitting here just watching the sun ? ? go down down ? ? down ? ? life goes on with or without you ? ? it's up to you what you're going to do ? ? you could go or you could stay ? ? who cares anyway ? ? life goes on with or without you ? ? damn it, baby what you gonna do ? ? you could go or you could stay ? ? what who cares anyway ? ? every conversation gets me high on motivation ? ? gets me craving of your own familiar situation ? ? reach the unreachable achieve the unbelievable in midst of all of the madness ? ? still feeling restless thinking i should rest less ? ? work more play hard ready for the encore ?
8:50 am
? in my heart i know, less is more, more, more ? ? live goes on with or without you ? ? it's up to you what you're going to do ? ? you could go or you could stay ? ? who cares anyway? life goes on with or without you ? ? damn it, baby what you gonna do ? ? you could go or you could stay ? ? but who cares anyway ? ? it's time to think it's out of my hands ? ? is it all gonna be worth it in the end ? ? 'cause it's safe here in my comfort zone ? ? never stray too far from home ? ? then again, this way, i'll never know ? ? maybe i should go ? go crazy go insane go for everything ?
8:51 am
your wallet, say cha-ching ? ? sign the dealey, make a mili, found familiar ? ? the rjcy is downeding drilly, for the ma-lli ? really though ? ? feel the vibration of higher ground ? ? love always leads to the highest sound ? ? many conversations people making speculations ? ? as may procrastination due to my revolutions ? ? yourself a rider ? ? you need to speed your loyalty up like bugatti ? ? baby don't understatement my underdog mentality ? ? we about to race ahead ? ? ambition on ferrari ? ? life goes on, with or without you, it'sp to you what you're gonna do ? ? you could go or you could
8:52 am
do ? ? you could go or you could stay ? ? but who cares anyway? you could go ? ? you could stay you could go ? ? you could stay da, da, da, da, da ? [ cheers and applause ] >> fergie. thank you very much. we're back in a moment on a friday morning. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
restaurant. >> shut it down. >> willie, thank you. see you sunday. >> so, the time has come to say good-bye to miss guthrie for the next little while. we don't know low long. hoda could not be here. she is here in spirit. we want to propose a toast to you. >> i hope this is the hard stuff. >> not yet. but soon. >> everyone has been missing my boozing. >> we'll love you. we miss you. we wish you the be little boy. >> thank you so much. >> happy, healthy. >> i love you so much. >> and to mike feldman, too. >> feldy. >> yeah. and bailey, you have no idea what's coming. thank you so much. i love you guys so much. and i feel like my blessings are overflowing this morning. i'm going to miss you guys. and you know i'll be texting you every morning. >> let us know when your water breaks.
8:56 am
pleasure going through this process with you. i've asked so many questions. and you've given me so many answers. i don't know if they're right. >> guilty or not. and cheers to you, as well. >> i'll be with you in spirit. your last day is next week. >> yes. you want to give birth, i want to give it on air. >> wow. >> love you guys.
8:57 am
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brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. vote counters in waukesha trying to make up ground this morning... after not starting their recount efforts until late last night. after more than 13 ho verifying ballots... workers finally began to re-tally votes in the presidential election about 10-30 last night. challenges going before a 3-person panel which votes on any disputes. wisconsin's 72 counties tasked with recounting all the ballots by december 12. one county is already finished. menominee county had 13- hundred-and-eight votes cast... the recount added 12 votes for gary johnson and another 17 for jill stein. donald trump lost two votes...
9:00 am
good morning today tasty gift ideas you can try before you buy. plus how to stay fashionable when the weather gets unbearable. and we'll tell you about the new edition to a popular display of lights. >> it may even involve a talk what? next on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? denise is filling in for tiff today. yesterday you were here filling in for me. today you are here filling in for tiffany. great to see you.


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