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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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just ask tabulator judy lichter-summers "busy hand count, busy work, no time to talk." a process that takes much mortime "these are done." - with several sets of eyes ensuring each ballot is counted properly. "we count at least 4 times every ece of paper verifying that we're correct." schuch-krebs says they decided on the hand count method when they first heard about the recount. "i felt it was a good way to assure the voters that our machines are 100 percent accurate." although the cost - reflects the extra work - 178,000 have been budgeted for the county - adding up to around $2 dollars and 31 cents for each ballot. "right here it's working beautiful, so we have no problems." "although this is a tall task here in kenosha county the clerk doesn't have any concerns of making the december 12 deadline. in
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as of 2:30 this afternoon, kenosha county was through 6 municipalities with very few variations from election wisconsin votes must be certified by december 13th. the electoral college meets and sends the votes to congress on december 19th. congress will tally those votes on january 6th. the recount in pennsylvania already shows a change in trump's margin of victory. trump still leads by 49- thousand out of six million cast. the change comes with the counting of overseas and provisional ballots. final counts are still pending in philadelphia and other places. new at five... some university of wisconsin- milwaukee students crying foul because the school has booked a controversial public speaker to speak on campus.brandon rook talked to some of those students and he joins us live from u-w-m's campus with more. george and shannon,the
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protest when milo yiannopoulos comes to campus in a couple of weeks. "i will continue to be as offensive as possible."milo yiannopoulos, a controversial british journalist and speaker is coming to speak on u-w-m's campus later this month and it has students feeling unsafe. "it makes me very sad for this community, the students here he's being brought to the campus by the student organization turning point usa. but cecilia ponce and happy musonda tell me they don't want him on campus. they say yiannopoulos of hate and danger."i was shocked."a few months ago milo was permanently banned from twitter after the company says he engaged and targeted the abuse and harassment of others when he got into a spat with actress leslie jones."i feel like there is a fine line between freedom of speech that deals with hate against humans, that's not acceptable." that's why students have been reaching out to university to stop him from coming on
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university and chancellor mark mone sent me this statement saying: "while i understand that people may object to the content of yiannopoulos's speech, the university, as a public entity, is limited in its ability to regulate the content of such events and must apply the same policies to them regardless of any person or group's objection to messages with which they disagree. that being said, uwm does not endorse the speaker's views. additionally, no tuition or segregated fee funds are being used to support the event." "at this time we are aware of the groups forming to cancel the event. however these groups have not affected our process of moving forward with this event. turning point usa is artia nonpn group. it is our job as an organization to educate the public on a variety of topics and viewpoints, as we will be bringing a variety of speakers to campus." live from student
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the wisconsin badgers play for the big-ten football championship tomorrow night. elise menaker is here with a look ahead. the badgers sad there's no more playing at camp randall but as t-j watt s.. they're on to bigger and better things.they certainly are playing penn state tomorrow in indianpolis for the big ten title. the badgers ten and two on the season... their only two losses... in overtime to ohio state and a seven point loss to michigan.but even with a win tomorrow... those losses could cost them a trip to the playoffs.but all that playoff talk hasn't overshadowed the importance of tomorrow night. ((2:37 not for us, this is a big that we're here. one quality that i've appreciated
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year is making the most of the moment.... i know this is a big deal for us and our players....)) and in sports... find out the key person who may not play in tomorrow's championship game. will aaron rodgers be able to play on sunday? an update on the quarterback's condition, later in sports. also coming up: the debut at the zoo. three new siberian tiger cubs
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we can cuddle the whole winter! the unemployment rate is at head and shoulders' dry scalp care its lowest in 9 years. private employers added 178-thousand jobs last month... lowering the point-six percent. nearly every economic report since the elction has shown strong growth. new at five....brace yourself for a story that is truly warm and fuzzy.the milwaukee county zoo today introduced three new tiger cubs born back in september.and nobody will judge you if you need to let out a prolonged awwww. their mother, amba, doesn't much seem to care that her new cubs are the must-see exhibit at the milwaukee county zoo.
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repeatedly blocked the view of her girls bernadette and eloise--- as she licked the glass of the big cat country enclosure. she's been an excellent mother this is her second litter so she did a really good job. the boy, kashtan, could be seen in a separate enclosure playing with a zoo keeper. the male did have to be pulled because he had an infection, so we had to hand raise him at the animal health center. so we weren't able to put him back in. while at a glance--- these bright- eyed, soon-to-be big cats-- peak the meters on the cuteness scale--- there is substance to this exhibit. wild, siberian tigers are nothing short of a scientific treasure. amur tigers are extremely rare. they're endangered in the wild. they think there's maybe 400 left in the wild. so to have these guys as an ambassador for conservation of wild tigers is really important. large carnivores are likely to sleep in the middle of the day when the zoo is busiest--- the new cubs, though, provide the added benefit of animating the entire exhibit. that is, after
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you heard the zoo keeper refer to the cubs as amur tigers--- while i called them siberian tigers. they are the same thing. siberians, by the way are among the biggest living cats... weighing roughly a hundred pounds more than a typical lion. families on edge tonight, after a sexual assault in a south-side milwaukee neighborhood.courtny gerrish is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and happened near the tippecanoe park... mere steps from an elementary sc only concerned for their children's safety, but upset with the, the brewer determined to warm-up the season for local kids... who's giving away ?thousands? of free coats, coming up new on live at 6. jesse ritka's weekend forecast is still ahead. and next: the generous gift to needy kids, just in time for
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new at five... governor scott walker helped turn on the lights of the state christmas tree. the big balsam fir stands in the capitol rotunda. the tree is decorated with handmade ornaments made by students all across the state. a family from eagle river donated the tree. hundreds of kids at kagel school recieved a new coat to keep them warm this winter
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marcus hanel.hanel's foundation koos for kids made the donation.not only did they get the chance to meet a pro- baseball player they were surpised to learn they would also get a new coat to make it through the winter. its super cool it has a sweater and its a coat and all my friends are jealous. its large but i think i can grow into it. and i can use it for next year too.over the course of the winter koos for kids will give away one and racine it finally ?feels? like winter is here. jesse ritka is here
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sendik's food markets and buddy squirrel stores. coming up in sports... number 12 is celebrating the big 3-3. what the birthday boy has to say about sunday's game and
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badgers quarterback alex hornibrook is questionable for tomorrow's big ten championship game against penn state.last saturday he wasn't able to finish the game against minnesota after suffering a concussion. all season head coach paul chryst has been using both hornibrook and bart houston. chryst said earlier today if hornibrook is healthy... he would not hesitate to q-b's.but houston has shown improvement since the start of the season. ((2:38 any game you play in, turnovers, takeaways play a big factor... he's done a better job of protecting the football and we're going to need that out of bart, alex, running backs, that's going to be a big part of this game is making sure that we protect
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the good news... it's number 12's birthday... aaron rodgers turns 33 today.the bad news... he's listed as questionable for sunday's game... but don't panic... mike mccarthy indicated earlier this week rodgers should play.and perhaps a birthday wish of his... a vikings loss to dallas last night. since their week six bye... the vikings have won just one game... after starting out five and oh.the packers now just one game behind minnesota with a chance to even things up with a win over the texans sunday.the lions st the n-f-c north at seven and four.but we all know sunday is no guaranteed w for the packers. ((12:45:30 we're 3-2 at home this year. we have to finish up 6-2 if we want to have a chance, so starts with this one. it's an uncommon opponent... ((butt)) 12:45:54 it'll be important for us. we need a great effort from all three phases. we need a great effort from our fans with the noise this week and hopefully we can get back to 500.)) there was no drop off... the bucks beat lebron james and
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tuesday.then last night in brooklyn... a giant third quarter helped catapult milwaukee to their third straight win. the bucks scored 38 points last night in the third.the most they've scored in a quarter all season.they also scored a season high 15 three's in the 111-93 win over brooklyn.giannis antetokounmpo led the way with 23 points eight assists and eight rebounds. the bucks play the nets again tomorrow night at home.we'll
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the "badger five" drawing keeps growing.tonight's winning numbers are worth 122- thousand-dollars. and the "mega millions" jackpot is 30-million-dollars. we'll have the winning "mega millions" numbers tonight on "live at ten." comi up on "the now milwaukee", at 6:30: he says the biggest opportunity of his life is happening ?tomorrow?. meet a local veteran, about to enter the pro-wrestling ring... had a bullet lodged in his jaw! that's new on the now. "ct cannon" is at 7."dateline n-b- c" is at 8, followed by more
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news on "live at ten." the n-b-c nightly news is
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hoice of aarp medicarecomplete plans. ?? tonight, fatal encounter. a former nfl star shot to death in an apparent road rage confrontation. where police say the driver, who admits to pulling the trigger, has been set free without charges. high drama. in the trial of slager, seen on video shooting walter scott in the back, the jury tells the judge, it's deadlocked. trump's controversial calls. late word on the president-elect's phone conversations with foreign leaders, raising eyebrows around the world. hidden danger. one child nearly every month, killed by one of the top hazards so many people have inside their homes. a family sounding the alarm, hoping to save even one life. and the dancing principal. our friday "inspiring


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