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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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you know, and play basketball at the courts, and like all the neighbors that live near know each other, it's a nice well knitted community. i would never picture that something like that would happen here. >> parents of clement avenue school are not only shocked, but they're also upset. >> i'm very concerned about this, because, not getting another -- from the school, i leave, courtesy, they're they're investigating, or something like at >> according to millie, she learned via facebook and questioned why the school didn't notify her first. >> i would like to know that answer. i'm trying to get that same answer from the school. >> while she waits for that answer, she says she plans to be more proactive and vigilant as she works to protect her community. >> as a volunteer, you know, like we can actually set up parents in different areas, such to watch for our kids.
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of our kids. >> reporter: i spoke with a representative of milwaukee public schools. she says the school sent out a notification to parents today. >> lauren, thank you. today -- day two of the recount. >> a slow start rebounded in one day. >> the actual counting didn't start until late last night. they say they're right on schedule as of >> we did get -- after lunch. >> every since they've been reading ballot after ballot. >> the process is moving faster, as we go. >> a much different sight from yesterday when the morning, afternoon, and much of the night was spent on prep work, matching numbers from the general election to their ballot count of around 240,000. >> it started out very slow. i think it's going to pick up. >> as of friday afternoon, tabulators made their way around five municipalities with very
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we've done, we have a plus one-on-one. >> thanks to leaving cushion, county clerk kathleen novak said they're in good shape for the deadline. >> we are going to make it. i don't have any concerns about that. >> 20 tabulators will be working until midnight, they'll be back at it in the morning at 9:00 a.m. live in waukesha, ben jordan, today's tmj4. >> a busy friday night for them. a federal judge will allow recount in the presidential vote even though two trump supporting action committees and a wisconsin voter wanted to stop. >> our casey geraldo is live with the report. >> reporter: just a couple of hours ago, that judge rejected the request to stop all of this counting right away. but, this lawsuit will still get heard. >> on day two of counting, ballot after ballot, this
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time. we think it's a waste of time because it's not going to change the outcome of the election. >> candidate jill stein's campaign asked for these ballots to be recounted. they believe these machines had a flaw during the election. they don't believe this lawsuit will succeed. >> they have to prove that counting the votes as to actual voters in wisconsin will cause irreparable harm. that's the standard. that it will injury the counted. >> the lawsuit cites the 2000 election recount in florida as an example. it claims wisconsin process of letting boards like this one debate on fraud ballots taints the outcome and it could cost the state and worried they won't finish in time. the commission has no comment. stein campaign paid for it. if the recount is stopped, they
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decide who foots the bill for this work. >> the stein campaign did agree to pay for it, and if it does stop midway, i would hope that the stein campaign would still be liable to pay for the cost. because i don't think the taxpayers should have to pay for it. >> the attorney general's office is representing the witness elections commission in this case. the attorney general tweeted that their response to this lawsuit will be due on the 7th, arguments on the 9th. live in milwaukee, casey >> casey, thanks. michigan's attorney general announcing today he would file a lawsuit to stop a recount requested by green party candidate dr. jill stein. michigan's election board deadlocked over donald trump to prevent that recount. that means the recount will start next week, unless a court intervenes, stein is defending her decision to request a recount in michigan and pennsylvania. gloomy day, we're going to carry this throughout the weekend. >> let's hope not.
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it will. >> yeah, cloud cover it going to stick around. we may see a few rays of sun tomorrow. more clouds and sun into the forecast, especially into the weekend. right now, certainly feeling like december, 35 degrees at the moment. wind from the west northwest, and dew points at 20, which means we've got very dry air. maybe crank on the humidifier. 32 degrees in west bend, around 30 waukesha. beaver dam, 31, and 35, again, in the city. a little bit of a wind, not much of a problem the weekend. that will be changing around from the south, however, as we get into your sunday. watching a storm system way up to our north and to our west. this is going to bring our first measurable snow into our forecast this weekend. the next 12 hours showing the cloud cover staying strong. that's going to keep our temps mild overnight. i'll tell you more about the first measurable snow of the season, which day you may need to shovel, coming up. >> there's that shovel word
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milwaukee, you're looking at beloit and mitchell, a vigil is being held to remember a mother of three hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk. she was taken off life support following a hit-and-run crash the night before thanksgiving. police are searching for the suspect. the family is offering a reward of $5,000. an investigation into medical care after four people died in recent months. the investigation will focus armor correctional health services, the company that contracts with the county to provide care. the deaths, including that of a newborn are under investigation. milwaukee county's chief medical exterior, dr. brian peterson telling the milwaukee journal sentinal, sheriff david clarke verbally pummelled and threatened him over the information peterson's office made public regarding the deaths of two inmates. the medical examiner told us
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and has no further comment. sheriff clarke calling for reopening a case against a milwaukee county supervisor who called on the sheriff to resign over the jail death. today, clark released a statement saying in part, the american people have grown tired of these progressive liberals, like supreme solar system moore making victims out of criminals. well, still ahead on live at 6:00, a new report puts a price tag on rebuilding the park dome. >> and why milwaukee county is forced to janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more?
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. you're watching today's tmj4 with charles benson, shannon sims, "storm team 4" chief meteorologist, john malan, and lance allan, sports. >> milwaukee county board of supervisors held a meeting today to discuss the $17 million pension error.
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million in lump sum pension payments to correct underpayments made to county employees who retired between 2001 and 2008. some board members want to know when the county executive knew about the error, saying they could have acted sooner. >> this is administrative error. the administration is the one who needs to work on it. and if it's a high priority, then has to be done as quickly as expeditiously as possible. >> a spokesperson for the county executive told us they only recentis and are working to fix it. the board is set to meet again next week. >> today chris abele cost on mitchell park dome, report from an engineering firm contracted with the county, confirm estimated 50 to $70 million price tag to rebuild the domes. the firm says the most expensive option would cost around $64 million. a commission appointed by governor scott walker recommending the expansion of
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commission identified 19 challenges facing families, including unplanned pregnancies, and lack of education. more vouchers were among the suggestions. the report does not include a cost for the recommendation. coming up, how a dentist may have exposed veterans to hepatitis and h.i.v. >> politifact checks another hot
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway,
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bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. only at subway. a baraboo man faces several drug charges after police found $16,000 worth of meth in his house. a drug task force also reports that they found marijuana and painkillers, a second woman
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charges may be filed. a 26-year-old manitowoc man is in jail accused of driving drunk causing multiple collisions. the suspect took out several traffic lights, including this one that fell in the road, and blocked traffic. a volkswagen emblem was located. >> in the process of notifying nearly 600 veterans who mayav been infected with hepatitis or h.i.v. the va says the dentist was cleaning and reusing his own equipment. it came to light when someone filling in noticed what was going on and reported it. >> it was purposeful that he was violating va regulations. during all of the orientation he used or equipment, he used it appropriately, it was purposeful from what we saw in our investigation that he knew
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used his own equipment against procedure. >> the dentist has been removed from patient care and is working in an administrative role. free screenings and free medical treatment for those who test positive for the infection. it was a hot button issue and still controversial. politifact wisconsin looks at a claim by sean duffy about the black lives matter movement. >> republicans have been critical of the black lives matter movement, and president obama' wisconsin congressman sean duffy recently claimed the president was not doing enough to shut down the violence from what he called a left wing extremist group. >> his claim was that black lives matter, the protest activist group has been attacking police officers, and barack obama invited them to the white house. >> first, let's look at duffy's claim that protests at black lives matter events are attacking police officers.
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isolated incidents on officers during some, but it's not always clear who is responsible. next, duffy claimed president obama invited black lives matter members to the white house. politifact wisconsin found two activists were invited to a forum. but a wide variety of other organizations were also at that meeting, including law enforcement. >> it really is a bigger problem when you connect these two things, and say that president obama somehow endor giving his seal of approval to any attacks on law enforcement officers. that's just not correct. he's made direct claims condemning that kind of violence against law enforcement. >> politifact relates the claim mostly false. to read more about our politifact stories with the milwaukee journal sentinal. go to our web site,
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after hours of searching, deputies got a call from matt and gail mccabe, the couple say they found the child walking along the side of the road. they stayed with him until police arrived. >> as luck would have it, for law enforcement, and for this family, they did, and they took all the proper steps to stop, and take care of the child until first responders could get back over to him. >> the boy was co hurt. >> good to know. you may be looking for your shovel this weekend. feeling a little bit like winter. a little dusting of snow could help us get in the holiday mood. >> especially after the second warmest november, we're kind of due for a little bit of winter. snow lovers are going, yes, about time. today we had a high of 39, which we're supposed to be in the upper 30s for december, of course temperatures falling off.
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freezing mark there. 33 shorewood, 31 oak creek. 35? in milwaukee. we are going to keep the clouds around overnight, which is actually going to help keep temperatures from dropping too much farther. 33 kenosha, 30 in paddock lake. washington county in west bend, 32. right at the freezing mark, a couple folks already dropping into the 20s. 29 jackson, 29 in hartford. temperatures up to our north and west are in the 20s. and that was the h them up in international falls in minot. the cloud cover blanketing temperatures. tomorrow, high pressure is going to try to scrub out some of that cloud cover. i do expect more clouds than sun, maybe a glimmer of sunshine throughout the afternoon as high pressure tries to work away at that cloud deck. sunday morning, by 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, we're going to watch the leading edge of
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above the freezing mark in the middle of the day, we're going to see a little bit of rain mix into that. that will be a wet snow, and really kind of limit the snow totals. because temperatures are going to, again, rise above the freezing mark. we'll see a wintery mix. how much snow to be expecting? some of us may be shovelling between a half an inch and an inch-and-a-half. could see that in green bay. if you're headed up there for the packers game sunday, get ready to deal with snow. overnight tonight, 30? agn, saturday should be good, if you haven't put up the christmas lights yet, and you don't want to deal with the snow, saturday is your day to do it. sunday, again, morning snow changing over to a little bit of wintery mix by the time the afternoon as the temperatures rise up to 38?. a little warmer weather coming into the forecast for your monday and tuesday, with a wintery mix on tuesday with a potent cold front that is going to be bringing our temperatures way down. we go from the 40s to the 20s.
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certainly going to feel like december once again. about time. >> go find that shovel. >> next in sports, all this big ten title talk, but no playoff love. how the badger's head coach would react to a big ten title, but no chance at the 14 playoffs.
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packers quarterback question for tomorrow against penn state. whichever plays, maybe both, the key will be to limit turnovers. should the packers win tomorrow, there's a chance we will not go to the playoffs. if the badgers win, and be bowl bound, who would chris say about
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we're big ten champions. that's huge. and it would mean that we were able to find a way to score one more point than penn state. i've been fortunate enough to be a part of the big ten in a number of different ways. when you can say that you've earned the right to be called big ten champions, that's a heck of a statement. and that's pretty cool. >> aaron rodgers and questionable for sunday's game against the texans, but not to worry, there's no probable status. rodgers hamstring, he had 313 yards, two touchdowns, still he needs to play better. >> always need to play better. you look at every performance with a very critical eye, and the other night, there was really good things we did, some things we can definitely improve
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and my preparation is a routine we stick too. it is a matter of executing better. >> rob ronkowski to undergo back surgery. he'll likely miss the rest of the season. this is his third back surgery. the first place patriot in l.a. sunday playing the rams. >> it's a tough loss, but we still got a big challenge ahead, and we're going to try to do the best we can do. we have a lot of good players, is. >> tiger woods shoots a bogey 3, 65 in the second round. tiger birdied 7 holes. tiger shot a 1 over 73 yesterday. tied for the lead before falling apart on the back nine there's a new medicare plan in town. one where personal customer service
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the biggest opportunity of his life, and it's happening tomorrow. >> george is up next with the now: milwaukee. >> thanks, charles and courtny. get ready for the blizzard brawl. this army vet is about to enter the pro wrestling ring. he is a real life tough guy who once had a bullet lodged in his jaw. you can see his signature moves coming up new on the now. that's next on the now: milwaukee. >> all right, george, thanks. >> a gloomy weekend.
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going to be making snow on the ski hills. 37?. seasonal, sunday, especially during the morning hours, snow likely, going to be kind of that wet snow. this is not a major snow system, generally around an inch, a lot of this is going to be melting on the pavement.
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good evening, i'm george mallet, steve is off tonight. welcome to the now milwaukee... you don't often hear about people wanting to take a tour of what's coming


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