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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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arrives, it will look like winter as well. did i leave the snow blower back in march? >> you can answer all but that last question. >> we're talking about some snow. we have seen our first trace, which on average, october 28th, this year didn't come until november 19th. typically we see our first measurable snow november 19th. we first measurable snow. the first one inch is yet to be seen. i don't know how much you're going to see. i'll have the full forecast in just a little bit. a high of 39 degrees in milwaukee, 34 today in waukesha as well as in sheboygan. temperatures across the area right now, typically are in the 30s and falling into the 20s away from lake michigan. we do have cloudy skies, and that's the way they're going to stay overnight tonight.
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bit of a break. may see a bit of sunshine. this is the storm system i'm watching. it will make its way to milwaukee. i'll tell you how much snow to expect and when it's going to arrive. >> we're looking forward to it. thanks. new at 10:00, family and friends gathered in west milwaukee to honor the memory of peggy. they held a vigil at 55th and beloit mother was killed when she was struck on thanksgiving. people are encouraging people to do as she did and donate their organs. >> several people will be able to celebrate christmas with their families because of peggy's arrest. >> there is a reward.
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anderson. >> there is body camera vid r footage released. >> reporter: a meeting was postponed until monday. linda anderson says she and her husband have been on edge. >> i've been nervous since day one. >> reporter: nervous to find out if the district attorney will charge the wauwatosa police who shot and killed her son five months ago. she says thanksgiving was tough. >> i laid in the bed for two days, and i just looked at videos and looked at his pictures. i couldn't find myself to get out of bed and do anything else. >> reporter: she says looking toward christmas is painful. >> i put the tree up because
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still see that there's a christmas here, but i confined myself to put the lights on. >> reporter: the family is supposed to see fbi-enhanced video of the shooting death monday. >> to me, the d.o.j. video was clear. i seen what i needed to see -- that my son was killed. >> reporter: she's hoping for good news. >> it would be to release the videos, it would be that this officer is going to get charged for what he did to my son. >> don't want to be let down at christmas. >> it's already hard, and for to do it around christmastime, i think that that would be, like, the biggest mistake ever. >> reporter: the anderson family has met with the d.a. a handful of times already. no one knows for sure what will come out of monday's meeting. >> thanks, core yooen. the presidential recount continues here in wisconsin. >> a federal judge rejected
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request to stop it today. more arguments are expected next week. two counties haven't submitted any recount totals yet. the process didn't even start in racine until this morning. the county clerk says they spent thursday bogged down by prep work. >> people get a little more experienced, learn what to sort out, so we'll make up time. >> she is confident they'll be able to go through 97,000 ballots by the deadline. >> two wisconsin counties are already finished with recounts. the 70 others have ten more days to get the job done. back here in milwaukee, a teen pleads not guilty to cha charges. she faces a list of felony charges including second degree reckless homicide. acourting to the complaint, she wvi more than 80 miles an hour before crashing at 27th and capital
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police say she's never had a valid drivers license and was speeding away from officers when the crash happened. a former teacher is sentenced to two years in prison for having sex with a teenaged student. elizabeth dill was a kinder garden teacher at st. peter emanuel lutheran school. officer ruled one of four deaths from dehydration. all four are under investigation. a tractor trailer is sheared open. the truck was merging onto 43 north from highway 23. deputies believe the load of paper shifted, causing the truck to tip open. the driver, sent to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. the wisconsin badgers
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>> the team's in indianapolis for a matchup with the nittany lions. >> both wisconsin and penn state, 10-2 on the season, the badgers only losses coming to top five ohio state and michigan. penn state beat ohio state earlin theyear, landing them a spot in the championship game. a win over the lions may not put the badgers in the playoff picture. >> one of the thingo ri the ef that you team is ayin it it lks teo m that they are, and it's a team that ok like they're playing with confidence, and looks like theyike pling, so those are things that i admire abou their team. >> i thi is going to be a real challenge. i mean, they're built up front on the o-line, 6-6 across the board, they lead the country in time of possession. defensively, they front seven is how they're built.
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coming up in sports, more from the head coach and what he's most excited for this weekend. >> all right, a chill in the air, and snow on the way. starting to feel like christmas around here. to get in the spirit, we sent rebecca on a mission to find -- cue the jingle bells -- the most dazzling displays in southeast wisconsin. >> reporter: the holiday season is in full effect all around the milwaukee area. that includes here in the downtown, where reindeer have landed. the sights and sounds of the holidays are popping up all over southeast wisconsin, and it has people coming out. >> this is our kickoff. >> reporter: miller course holiday lights opened tonight. fake snow and the dancing light display in miller valley. pewaukee as a country christmas, billed as wisconsin's largest drive-through light display.
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>> we love this little thing. >> the tunnel? >> it's really cool. >> reporter: candy cane lane is all aglow in west allis. people decorate and collect money for the mack fund. it all started when a kid in the neighborhood got cancer. they've raised $1.6 million for research. the holidays got off to a bang. besides the firk carolers, kids also got to see santa's reindeer. >> they're really soft. >> reporter: of course it's just to prepare to meet the big guy himself. are you excited to meet santa? >> yeah. i've done it a lot of times. >> reporter: the free event in the third ward starts up again tomorrow at noon with a visit from santa. for more information, go to our website about all the
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tmj4. >> proceeds benefit the mack fund and the fight against childhood cancer. coming up next, what the hunter thought as he saw this fashionista of a fawn strolling after dumping on trump, cashing in on the president-elect. the tonight show is next. here is jimmy fallon with a preview. >> we have music from john legend, do not change the channel!
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ta sandwich as full of intrigue as it is flavor. some say it was invented by deli owner arnold reuben. others, by reuben kulakofsky during a poker game. and some insist it was hollywood starlet marjorie rambeau in a fit of crazed hunger. seriously. the reuben's past may be debatable, but its great taste is not. stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. we don't know where it came from, but we know where you can
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a wauwatosa business owner says sales have spiked since he rep'd republicans and donald trump. >> the owner of penzeys said the republican party openly embraced racism. his sales are up 135%. the mitchell park domes are back open, and we have
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it's going to cost to fix them -- from 14 to 16 million dollars, according to a new report from an engineering firm contracted by the county. the cheapest option would extend the dome's life span five to ten years, the most expensive could last 50. building a new facility could cost $70 million. for the first time until five years, some milwaukee county transit fares are increasing. starting next of a seven-day pass jumps to 19.50. the price of a single ride, however, has not changed. two girl scouts are on a mission to feed hundreds and bring some christmas joy to the village. last year they collected enough food to bring the holiday train to wauwatosa for the first time. this time they want to collect more than 13,000 pounds of food.
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nonperishable items. >> the act of giving feels so good, and i feel like that feeling is really in the air. >> the holiday train is in wauwatosa on tuesday, it's scheduled to arrive at the hardwood crossing at 4:45. a dickens of a christmas in greendale. horse-drawn carriage rides, dickens era costumes, and stories with vince pet rano. if you frequent facebook or youtube, you've probably seen a deer sporth a red scarf walked right up to a hunter to say hello. the video has gone viral.
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white-tailed fawns walked up to a hunter -- >> you have a nice set of horns. >> reporter: -- he couldn't help but chuckle at the effort to protect it, by placing a scarf on it. >> somebody did a smart thing, because he's very friendly. i was very thankful that somebody was smart enough to do that. >> reporter: the sociability of the deer affected the make sure people see the orange. you're going to need a scarf and maybe a snow shovel this weekend. snow is moving in, eh? >> we have snow on tap for sunday. you have one more day if you haven't brought in the patio furniture, tomorrow is your day to do that before the snow arrives. we're not talking a huge system, but especially when
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we had a high of 49 degrees at midnight. afternoon high temperatures were in the upper 30s. it did feel very much like winter because of the cloud cover. our temperatures dropping below freezing, away from lake michigan, 30 in waukesha, 34 above the freezing mark in milwaukee from port washington down to racine. 31 in whitewater as well as in watertown. a very light wind from the west. that won't be too much of a problem this weekend. winds staying light throughout the entire weekend, going to seer the wind change around to being from the south for your sunday, which is good news if you don't like the snow. temperatures now, 31 in glendale. we have the clouds hanging out with us for tomorrow as well. wanted to point out and highlight the snow over in canada pushing into montana. this is going to make its way into our neck of the woods for sunday. notice there is a little bit of a gap in the cloud cover.
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scrub away some of the cloud cover for your saturday. there will be a little bit of sunshine. sunday, 6:00 a.m., starting to watch the leading edge of that snow move in, should be in milwaukee by about 8:00. light snow showers. by the middle of the day and into the afternoon, could see a little bit of rain mixed in with some of that snow. much of that should be done by about 4:00 in the afternoon, could see a sprinkle, but overall, half an inch to an inch and a half, some place wills get up to two inches. it will compact pretty easily. a lot of this will be on the grassy surfaces. closer to home, lighter amounts near lake michigan where it will be warmer. less than ain much along the lake, an intoch an inch and a half away from lake michigan as far as your snow is concerned.
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overnight, we're not going to get warmer, 36 degrees with mostly to partly cloudy skies f. you're going to be headed to the packers game, look at the packers planner. temperatures going to hover just above the freezing mark. they could see a little bit of rain mixed in with that snow. it is going to look a lot more like winter come sunday. monday and tuesday, some of that snow will be melting with 40s arriving, a wintry mix with a cold front on behind that cold front, though, windy and chilly, highs only in the 20s and lows dropping into the teens into next week. >> i don't want to put you on the spot, but i have the sense we won't have any balmy days. >> it's over. >> no more indian summer. >> it lasted a long time. >> it did, all of november. >> which was surprising. >> second warmest november on record for us.
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it's championship weekend, and the packers taking on penn state in the big 10 title game tomorrow night, an exciting time for the big 10 coach of the year, more exciting for his play sneers what i'm most excited for is this group of players, and this is their window of opportunity. and for them to do what they
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to earn the opportunity to play tomorrow night, really proud of them. i don't spend time trying to think what it means to me. what it means to our team, and what's it mean to those pla players. >> badger hockey in wisconsin. the badgers come back to win in a shoot-out, 4-3. tiger woods shoots a round of the world challenge. seven holes put him at seven ubder at day two of the tournament, and he moves into the top ten. lebron james in chicago. he and dwayne wade of besties. they agreed to dress in the
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aaron rodgers is listed as questionable, but earlier this week mike mccarthy indicated that rodgers should play. he injured his hamstring on this play, then he had to go to the tent to get his leg taped up, clay matthews also listed as questionable, after a shoulder injury. myad it's not the years in your life but the life in your years, and the father of one packers player is making sure he's living those years to the fullest. >> it's the happiest day of his life. he was thrilled, man. i never heard him, you know, sound like that. >> he was already talking trash to the guys and going back and forth. >> reporter: at 55 years old, joe thomas, senior, is believed to be the oldest division one football player
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his son watched from afar. he was travelling with the packers. >> it made my day to see him carry the ball like that, after such a hard road to do it. >> reporter: a three-yard road that was filled with pride and ended with pure happiness. >> i felt young, i felt about 20 years old. >> reporter: a few years ago, joe senior went back to school to pure and a dream. >> it's all about doing what you need to do. a lot of people don't follow up. >> you always try to outcompete me, so i knew he had it in him. back in the day, he used to be a body builder and stuff like that. he always took care of his body. >> reporter: but in that uniform -- >> he was a little chubby, he had no swag, no gloves,
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i told him the field was pretty quick, but after that, he started tiptoeing. i said drive your feet, drive your feet, lower your shoulder a little bit. >> reporter: at his age will you be doing what he's doing? >> i don't know, but i hope i'm in the shape he is. >> reporter: would he hit
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here are tonight's megamillions numbers. we're looking at a very winter-like weekend. saturday is your okay day, 36, typical, little bit of sun maybe if we're lucky. then sunday morning, snowflakes will be flying, and they little bit of rain late in the day as the temperature rises above freezing, but if you're going to church services or headed up to green bay, you'll run into the snow, generally half an inch to an inch and a half.
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island y-baked rye bread. only at subway. [ eers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chelsea handler.


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