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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Saturday  NBC  December 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:15pm CST

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noat five: dry roads tonight across soutast onsin. fit real ?snow? of the season bearing down. good evening, i'm julia off. a winter weher ?? ?advisory? s been ed for the today's tmj-4 viewing ar. we want to get righ ovo storm team meteorologist jesse ritka for the specs inter blast, jessie: we're in ?al winter and it will certainly look more like it on sunday as a trough of low pressure sweeps through southeastern wiscsi to bring us our fi measurable snfall of e season. night is b cloudyst aew flurries ssible, most of the
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milwaukee and along the lakefront so if you are driving up to green bay for the packers game, try and get a head start before the flakes
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dow is a great time to load the storm shield app. you can ?track the snow as it moves in real .. atime.. get alerts for ?your exact location? sent to your mobile device. the app is available for android and iphones. and a reminder that milwaukee's winter parking regulations are now in effect. follow the "odd, even" rule...
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towed. park on the "odd" number side of the street on "odd" number days, "even" side of the street on "even" numbered days.also, you can ?not? park on major streets toal ?news? now: for two months, two young brhe we starved and one is beaten side. the women accused of abusing the children, are now behind bars.veronica maas is live from the milwaukee county jail.. with the signs of abuse investigators found. to say these children suffered is an understateme. thes boys were malnourished rtured, according to this criminal complaint. the surviving boy says the itll allegedly happened at the hands of mary martin martinezappeared in court couldn't hurt fly. only she
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- striking the boys with extension cords and belts. tieing them up and inflicting a cigarette burn on seven year old trevion winningham. the morning of november 29th the child was unreonsi. ctors said he suffered severe abuse and neglect which resulted in his death. etter hughes who cried during her court appearance took him to the hospital that morning. hughes is a cousin of the boy's mother. she moved into martinez home on 19th street two months ago. today the judge ordered a 150 dollar cash bond for the woman ...which mainez wanted
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a madison d-j is among the dozens of people who escaped a burning warehouse in oakld,lifo a party was being held. fifty to 100 peoplee believed to have bn in the building people are confirmed dead. but officials pe the death to go as high as 40. joel shanahan of madison was amg those performing. one of shanahan's friendus he is very distraught: (("he is safe and he is waiting to hear about the people who are still missing.")) one of those missing a friend of shanan, wh der the stage name
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11:30 friday night?? in a warehouse which housed several artists' studios?? people who escaped say there was a party happening on the second floor?? and there could have been 50 to 100 people in the building at the time.s/ bob mul+? / escaped fire:xx - :xx "it all happened really quickly. the fire went up really rlly quickly."?ifire investigators say there were no sprinklers?? and no clear
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and artwork?? s/ teresa deloach reed / oakland fire chief ere was onlyay up and one way down. it's my understanding that that stairwell was makeshift, like they put it together with pallets."police saythe search bythe sheedestio? r s/ sergeant ray kell/ al:xameda :xx"it's just a task to get through the front with all the debris and wreckage that is tre oaanfialnot sure whsed aue rerit now, they're just tryin aner the questi bcved one survive?"chs the details still developing byhe moment, much more on this story coming up on the n-b-c nightly news at 5:. now, to day three of the presidenti recount.the unting continued atnine thisrng nyilntinue into the night to meet a december 12th deadline.a fel ??judge rejected a prump su ters request to stop it
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expected nexweek two wisconsin counties are already finisheditcounts. menomonie...and iron county. the 70 others counting. to save hundreds of jobs in nald trump is ng on ?rexnord.? inoctobemo is edly announced its 300 jobs, to mexico. trattacked the company' plin night. comment aof yet from rexnord. tensthousandpatheir respect m oa soccer club..kied crash. that'sust ahd.and ?sine owners get their first t look a wildfire-ravaged gatlinburg,
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20-thousand people filled a tiny stadium in brazil today, to s goodbye to members of a soccer club who died in a plane crash.monday's ash cr the colombian ans claimed staff as they headed tthe d fils of onof america's most imrtant cl tournants. of
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are confirmed dead. nearly a thousand buildingsg were damaged... leaving the tourist destn with an uncertain future. meteorologist jesse ritka... with the latest on a wier weather advisory for our area, just ahead. and no... your eyes weren't playing tricks on you. there really were ?thousands? of santas hustlin' through downtown milwaukee today. [ tower pinging ] tling ] we've a problem, friend. half o smanyphone for anyone who switches? wh the problem? yeah, but anyone s hofny smaphon even the? ah, ansmartpho call the b guy!
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((signbangg)) hour ovethe mountains, canyons, and passes. hureds people are without electricity due owd there is a winter storm g...warninn ?hawaii?. you hed atit's in f& effect for the mountain summits of hawaii's big island now this shou get you in the christmas .. agive
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rochesne its twstory beer keg tree. it's f 1- hubeer kegs.. stacke26 feet high. thousands of santas to.. youtric oyou: ((na of ru)? w6th annual ???cat vete runners essed in red hats and big white bearook part in the 5-k. proceeds benefit the "keep greater beautiful" well as toys for tots. not a bad day for doin' the hustle. but some verywintweatisn teogist ss here ??inter weather advisory for all of se wisconsin from 7am-6pm sunday???snow is likely throughout threst of
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mperb e snflak in e ternoosome may melt and a few esindrops may mix in, cially lakeside with the help of sse wind so ow will blower along lake michig: 1-2" is ssaw ow ?vwith isolated locati?ons pickup d tespoton t adways so it slas
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possible. lows will dip below r freezing so o?edre-fezing ree slice mo mild and mostly to part deees in milwaukee. a ld sweeps throug tuy to ?nin ance awintix, esally ithfar t soheasre g oureal shoof
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it's a big day and a big ga fothe wisconsin badgers footballteam tonight.. as they look to knock off penn state in the biten champiship game in indianapolis and this game should be a
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showdown, playing some pretty good football.since their september loss to the michigan, e 8th ranked nittany lions ha ed of eight straight wins heading into tonight's game which includes an upset win over over number 2 ohio state back in's badgers head coach paul chryst on penn state ((paul saywhs)) i admire abr out thteamth yeais that there a team that has gotten beer as a coach one ofthings you strivefor ll at the end of he footis i don't know but it looks like they are i think that it's a team that playlyhard they are playing wi they like pyi th players everyone including head coach mike mccarthy, expects aaron
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texans tomorrow even though he's dealing with a hamstring's rodgers on his teammaking a run, at the playoffswith five games left in their season ((aaron says)) we' got les homat where three and twat home this yearwe've got to finish up 6 and 2 if we want to havea chance it starts with ne it's an uncommon opnent there's got to be extra study cainjury youhave more time laying down on your back and getting treament the entiretime we need a great effort from all three phases we need a great effort from all of our fans thiwe 500 division three playoffs, quarterfinalsbetween whitewater and john carolltoday .1st quarter, rodell golphin with an eight yard touchdown runthat put john carroll up 7 nothing .2nd quarter, whitewater would get on the board, thanks to this quarterback snk by cole
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"meg-lin" hit's "nee-co" james wi the 9 yardtouchdown pass. john carroll ends whitewaters unbeaten season, .with a 31 to 14 win the wisconsin badgers are back on the court this afternoon hosting oaklahomaat the kohl ceer weick this one early in the hayes wi the miss from outside and kahlil iverson grabsthe rebound..and he finally finishes with a thunderous dunk in the paint and the foul. take another look and the work that iverson is doing underneath..nice effort sooners driving, and theyget the alley -opp dunk to go down their up six.later on nigel soonerup at tho the triple.. 37.2nd half, vitton brown findsnigel hayes with the bouncepass and hayes throws it downbadgers up 51 to 50. happ kicks it ou bronson han "kay-nig" who drains the tryfecta, wisconsin up 60 to 58 .wisconsin got a big game from
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long range threehe had 28 po.badgers outscore the sooners53 t30 in the 2nd half .wisconsin wins.90 to 70 and the bucks are beating the nets at half-time.50 to 40. that's sports wereback after
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your estimated jackpot for the badger five lottery is 148- thousand dollars. and here are last night's ga-millions numbers: 3-33- 35-49-51-1. the megaplier, times two. timeor a finacheck on the upper 20 and it will thanks to a more of the same for mostly cloudy breezy wind and highs dropping into the low 20s,hich is will stay through saturday. another snowy system approaches late in the day on saturday and into sunday to reinforce that winter has finally arrived. thanks for joining us on live at 5. we hope to see you back
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news is next. onhis saturday night, deadly in dozens trapped and feared killed in california after fire breaks out, and the ceiling collapses at a warehouse party. issues being raised as love ones for missing. controversial call. the precedented phone conversatn ben present-elt tmp an taow it esident of could alter u.s.-china relations. global reach, the expanding ambitious of the right wing media company that championed don?rald trump for president and sees a bigger portunity after his election. and inspiring america. two young athletes on two different tes.


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