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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  December 4, 2016 7:00am-7:59am CST

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there are a lot of questions being asked. ohio state will be stronger, having come through this. i'm going to bring jobs back to our >> go! good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on this first weekend of december. i'm willie geist. a lot of news to get to this morning, including a horrific scene in oakland, california, a warehouse art collective still smoldering at a deadly fired rip through it.
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but officials are worried there were more with many unaccounted for. later we'll turn to the divine miss m, whose latest stop is on broadway. >> a few blocks from where we're sitting right now, you're getting ready to return to broadway. >> yes. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm at not broadway weight, i'm unnerved, game. let's turn to the horrifying scene with dozens of people trapped inside a warehouse, many of them unable to get out in time. this morning we're learning a lot more about the building and history of complaints against it. miguel almaguer is on the scene in oakland for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. authorities are still continuing their grim search. as you mentioned, at least nine
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still be inside. what began as a party, ending in a horrific scene. the blaze so explosive firefighters were forced to pull back from the inferno. the fully engulfed oakland warehouse hosting an underground dance party, becoming a death trap for those unable to escape the blinding, billowing smoke and shooting flames. many of those inside young and feared dead, like 22 years old mikaela gregory. >> if i -- if my brother is there, i want to find him. >> reporter: a look inside the warehouse known as the ghost ship before the fire shows a building cluttered with wooden furniture, antiques and a maze of lumber that may have been difficult to escape. >> it was a creative, beautiful space, but also, you know, very
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>> reporter: witnesses say the tinderbox allegedly converted to a legal loft for artists had one stairwell to reach the second floor, where some of the victims were found. bob mulet tried to save one of his roommates. >> i was pulling him out. he's a larger gentleman. there was a lot of stuff in the way. the flames were too much. too much smoke, i had to the fire department says the building has no sprinkler system, smoke alarms or permits for residential living. >> there are a lot of questions that are being asked and a lot of answers were looking to find. >> reporter: with city officials launching an investigation into the warehouse just weeks ago for illegal interior building structure and other complaints, the owner's daughter reportedly
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didn't know people were living inside the art collective. this morning the investigation into this tragic fire just beginning, and so is the heartbreak. at this early hour there is still no cause for this fire. arson is not suspected right now. the dance party was to go until 4:00 a.m. authorities say had this fire broken out any later, the death toll could have been much higher. in a few hours, we do expect another willie? >> we will be watching for this. two gentlemen join us now from oakland. bob max, i appreciate you being with us, on an an inconsiderably different morning. i understand you suffered from burns. how is your health in? >> physically i'm alive. >> where were the burns, bob?
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i had a blister on my shoulder. if i wasn't wearing my vest, my whole back -- the whole back of my -- >> wow. >> so that's charred, the back of your vest is charred from the flames. >> yeah, if i didn't have this vest on while i was pulling out pete, i don't know, it would very me too, probably. >> >> bob, tell me about piece. a friend who you tried to rescue. tell me about that experience. >> you know, after finding an extinguisher and it not working, i ran to go get my cam are from my space. on the way to my room, i saw pete on the floor. he's a larger gentleman. he must have broken down his
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i tried my best. there was just stuff in the way. some stuff had fallen. it was just -- it was hectic. i mean, that thought of him in there hits my brain, you know. >> max, all the creative director, you are working the door on friday night. can you describe what the scene was like in the place before the fire and what you saw as the fire broke >> prior to the fire there was i believe around 70 people or so in the venue enjoying the music at the time. i was downstairs. i heard someone sort of offhandedly say, is that a fire? it wasn't said with a severity that rang, but a second later someone else said, fire, and we were all head indeed that direction. i saw an orange glow coming from
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i immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher. i ran back, got one squirt and realized it wasn't going to do anything. the roof had already call and the flames were coming forward at an alarming rate. it took about 15 seconds to go from notification of a fire to completely engulfed. >> max, based on what you saw or maybe what you've heard from fellow survivor in the last 24 hours or so, do you have any sense of how this fire may have started? >> from what i've been hearing, it sounds like it was an electrical fire. that's what it sounds like at this point. there's been a lot of information floating around. i'm just trying to make sense of it. >> the fire department said there were no sprinklers, no smoke alarms, no exit signs. is that true? >> there are mo sprinklers in the building. there were none installed in
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warehouse. it was an as-is basis. we tried to be communicating with the landlords, and they were not very helpful with us with our struggle with the electricity here. my first instinct is to think that some of the building's wiring had somebody to do with it. >> max, did you communicate those concerns to the landlord at any point before this fire? communication with myself and the owner of this space for at least three years. the electricity was a major issue prior to my coming on board. i know that they had had some talks over it, but it was never fully resolved, and not resolved in the appropriate channels. >> max and bob, i am so sorry for what you guys have been through. i'm so sorry for the loss of your friends. let's hope for the best on some of those missing, and i really appreciate you being with us this morning on what's a very, very difficult time.
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all right president-elect donald trump in other news taking some time last night to attend a costume party while still dealing with backlash while taking a phone call from the president of tie can. kelley o'donnell has more and what the president-elect is saying about last night's snl. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. there are still some very being jobs for donald trump to fill in his cabinet. some of that will go , might be one of the last sort of sleepy sundays he has before taking office, but on saturday night, the president-elect was in party mode. donald trump attended a villains and heroes themed costume party saturday at the long island home of robert mercer. aides send trump went as the 45th president. top adviser kelley anne conway as a woman of steel, but the fun
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trump's controversial phone call with taiwan's president. china state tv reported that trump call to millions of viewers, as an affront to u.s./china policy, which does not recognize taiwan. asia experts say taking the call was risky. >> it does suggest we have a president-elect coming in who is very unfamiliar with some of the diplomatic challenges that the united states faces. >> reporter: allies say even with delicate diplac will go hen own way. >> he's a different type leader. that's partof what he's been doing, talking to leadership in the pakistan, philippines, leaders all over the word. he's showing an open door. >> reporter: but a calls light was on saturday when former vice president dick cheney warned about the challenges trump could face. >> there's no question about what mr. putin is a very dangerous man.
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looking for his own top diplomat, a secretary of state, after high-profile meetings with mitt romney, rude sdwri julianers, david petraeus, and bock corkers. 9 sources close to to the search say he's intends to interview more prospects, and a decision will take more time. while advisers say it could come this week, they're certainly preparing us to wait a little longer. a bit of pa parody treatment with a skip that deals with him claiming some early victories. ? oops i did it again ? >> mr. trump, please stop retweeting all these random real people. you're not getting any work done. >> that's not true. i was eye electriced 25 days ago, and already unemployment is
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millions of people have health care and osama bin laden is dead. >> yes, yes, he is dead, just like my soul and all of my hair. in that life imitating art, art imitating life continuum we seem to be living in, donald trump took to twitter again to critique "saturday night live." he said unwatchable, totally biased, not funny, and the get any worse. sad. that didn't go unnoticed as well. alex baldwin through his foundation decided to respond in kind, yew twitter and well, and says sense he starts releasing his tax returns, he'll stop, stop with the bad xwrnation that trump says is not so good, but the audiences seem to enjoy. >> keeping track of twitters for
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player joe m mcknight was kille on saturday night. they spoke out about their son and brother, and they're shocked about his death. here's air sara dahloff. >> reporter: his mother is in child was gone, and he didn't ask for that. >> reporter: his sister missing the younger brother she describes as a hard-working athlete and loving father. >> he always made sure he never lost of big kid in him, and he's running around with his son. he was our brother, our protector. so -- he's going to keep protecting us, no matter where. >> reporter: this morning the man investigators say has
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free, authorities released ronald gasser from custody friday, saying they need to conduct a thorough investigation before deciding what, if anything, he will be charged with. >> this investigation is not going to be moved, influenced, coerced, changed in any way by any external force. >> reporter: according to the everson parish sheriff, gasser was at the same intersection ten years ago. official say charges were ultimately dropped. amid the shot of mcknight's death, growing frustration. >> we think a black man was lynched yesterday. we're demanding answers. >> reporter: answers a heartbroken family waits for as well. >> we just want things to be taken care of.
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in pedestrian. all right. let's swing over and get a check of the weather from dylan. galveston texas has already picked up 7 inches of rain. up through chicago, into parts of wisconsin, we could see about 2 to 3 inches of snowfall on the colder side of that storm, even some saturdayed flood warnings, this whoa storm syst pumping in moisture, so we are going toss at the rain stick aross eastern texas and we're already seeing much needed rain
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that's your latest forecast. dylan, thanks a lot. straight ahead the highs and louse of the weeks with dylan, including the couple who had a dance in the middle highway. one man, his parrot and a mug shot. we have the back story. with some of the best content streaming into your home and phone, where does that leave the old-fashioned studio if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card.
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seeking for a job. he's he became an international web sensation, as his situations wanted ad spreads. work wanted, senior citizen 89 seeks employment. still able to clean, light guardening. i have references. old own airborne forces, save me from dying of boredom. he lost his wife two years ago and says plainly he's he lives off a pension and told a paper i want to be my own man and pay my own way. after choosing from many offers he as work at a local cafe, the owner saying, quote, joe is perfect. joe says it all feels a little something like this. >> the way you feel when you have won 1,000 on a -- or something like that. >> i love that he's no longer
7:20 am
and after. he says i'm sitting around, and i should be out helping. >> and it's nice that people still read ads on the paper. the sharp-shooting guard during a game against the bucks, j.r. flat-out forgot where he was. this is happening during a live nba game action. j.r.'s number 5, but he sees an old friend sitting on the bucks' bench. that leaves his mad wide open for an easy dump. the explanation didn't really help. he went off the court and hugged jason terry and snug got a lay-up. >> i didn't even know i was in the game. our next high goes to making the most of it when you hit a
7:21 am
the bride and groom, were stop still half a mile from the reception by a five-care accident. they got out of the car and this their first dan there. a stranger in another car found their song "when you say nothing at all" on spotify and blasted it out the windows of his car. the come later made it to the reception and said they were moved by everyone's kindness relieve that no one was injured in the crash. >> also a good type to grab the waze app. >> they have the improv thing making the morse of it. well done. the feeling you're arrested and you have nobody to watch your pet parrot. an organ man showed up on misdemeanor theft charges, not expecting to be locked up, left his parrot named bird in a tree
7:22 am
the man told officers his parrot was outside. he kindly letted him get the macaw, who kindly accompanied him for a photo. reunited in the mug shot. a friend eventually came to pick up bird while the man worked out his legal situation. >> bird looks as disinterested as he does. the high tailing, as he was changed by an a guy and his dog out for a leisure will run, but apparently the jogger looks tess elk the wrong way and he says it's on now, player, then the guy is like, he's coming for me, full sprint. the best part is we don't know how it ends, because he turns the corner still with the elm in
7:23 am
teen in next week. >> it goes to a feeling experienced by anyone who has owned a pair of glasses. you search high and low, and they're sitting on the top of our include. it happens to the best of is, including aiden. >> i need my goggles. >> where are they? >> somewhere. >> do like this. open your hand and do what. what are you looking for? >> my goggles. >> where are they? >> i don't know. >> you don't know where your goggles are? >> he was finally told, and -- there you go. we've been there. >> i've done it with my phone. i'm on the phone and i'm like, i can't find my phone, i've got to go. coming up next, breakfast with bette midler, and head over our special today is the seared ahi tuna,
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good sunday morning. i'm coreen zell. it's 7:27-- crews with the department of public works already have a plan to attack the snow once it hits the roads.a spokeswoman says they've been out laying brine -- or a salt
7:28 am
milwaukee. 100 salt truck drivers are on stand-by to report to work once the flurries start to fall. here's meteorologist brian
7:29 am
7:30 am
is it a great fit, though? i mean, it kind of just sounds like all you're doing is like, what? oh, me? oh, wow, no? what? >> is it >> what? but that's a -- what? no, i don't do that. >> jennifer aniston making a special guest appearance on the "saturday night live" update desk with emma stone last night. bette midler han divine
7:31 am
she strutted around a dark club caused the continental bass. today she's getting ready to strut across the stage on broadway as a lead in the hotly anticipated rival "hello dolly." we sat down at the famed 21 crib restaurant. for the divine miss m, we have a divine setting. >> i'm knocked out. >> we brought out the fine china. >> i'm very impressed. >> for the past five dead cases, bette midler has been on stage and on screen. ? you don't know me ? ? >> putter her in a class of starts that can be identified by only one name. but even an icon has to start somewhere. >> tang the inside the continental bass about 1970.
7:32 am
the owner put chairs down and people came. you had to surrender your clothes at the door. i didn't think anything of it. i don't know why i thought nothing of it. i just took it in stride. it was a job, more money than i had ever been paid. i was so happy to have a job. and they loved me. that means to a person. for an audience to totally understand. >> what do you think it was about your act that was so room. >> i think i was pretty outrageous. d delta dawn ? ? what's that -- since the "divine miss m" she has told more than 30 million records. now 44 years later she's come full circle remastering and re-releasing the music that made her a star.
7:33 am
re-release it. >> it's some of mice best work. it's the work i worked on the longest. this is the stone the jeweler has polished for a long, long time, and i'm proud of it. well, maybe one song i'm not crazy about. >> which one? >> i'm knoll going to tell you. >> i would say the excitement i've seen speaks to your transcendence of generations. what do you chalk that up to? >> i kind of don't really kno life, you sleepwalk a lot, and i think this record woke people up in a way to a kind of music and kind of happiness and joy, and sorrow too that they hadn't felt in a long time. ? don't you remember you told me you love me baby ? >> what does it mean to you personally? >> it meant a lot. it was my struggle.
7:34 am
way, instead of going around them, they stop the car. >> what were the room blocks around the. >> you don't like rik, too tall, too fat, too lean, too maul. i'm beautiful, dam it. >>. ? you've beautiful damn it ? >> how do you describe yourself? >> i call myself an entertainer. i'm never called artist. so i'm gratified when people call me an artist. i'm an interpreter of other people's thoughts and feelings and writing. that's really what i am. >> when you walk down the street and people come up, what's the first -- >> first of all they never come up to me -- no, no, no, they don't recognize me. >> what do you mean? >> i high in plain sight. >> oh, c'mon. >> i'm completely
7:35 am
? you've got to have friends ? >> if you have to pick your favorite movie? >> "hocus-pocus." >> another glorious movie. i have to saw i'm flawless in that movie. first of all it's the only time i've never actually disappeared behind a real mask, and it was so will be rating. it was so much fun to find this way of moving, and this w holding your hands and this voice. it was just great, so much fun. >> i will say when i mention the word beaches to a woman of a certain age -- ? did i ever tell you you're my hero ? >> oh, there's some reaction to that movie and the songs and -- that had to be special. >> it was very special. everything about it was special. the music was great
7:36 am
wings ? >> so a few blocks from where we are sitting right now, you're getting ready to return to broadway. >> yes. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm at my broadway weight. i'm excited, unnerved, utterly game. i love the character, i know the score. i'm learning the dances. we don't start rehearsaling unjanuary. i feel like i'm prepared. what i'm not prepared for is the size of the stage, and i tell you, i've been a solo act for years. >> it's interesting to hear you talk about the big production, the big show. that's what you're known for on tour. you put on a big show. >> and the shows just kept getting bigger and bigger, and finally they exploded. >> well, i imagine your decision was validated when you heard the news that the first day ticket sale set an all-time report in the history of broadway. >> i was more than thrilled. i hope that -- i hope that i do them proud.
7:37 am
more broadway? >> i tell you something, i think about all the parts i didn't get to play, because i was so busy making a living and being a start, and having my daughter and the successful marriage, so what i'd like to do is scale it back maybe and do those arts places, those performing arts places, you know, where they -- they're very elegant -- i always dreamed i would wind up as mabel mercer. >> not a bad place to end up. >> no, not -- >> just you, a stool and a microphone. >> exactly. the way i started, really. you heard bette say it's hock fuss pock cuss is the movie -- she sell ever year she floats the idea of a sequel and still hopes it happens. she beagaining previewers on
7:38 am
edition is available. and why she wishes barry man lo would still speak to her, it's on the web. next week jessica chastain, we'll talk too her about her life, her career and the new role that has people talking about another one of those nominations. that's next week on "sunday today." dylan is back with the weather. >> she seems as wonderful as you hoped. she's the best. >> the first blast will start pouring in, especially by the middle of the week, with temperatures in the 20u, low temperatures in the teens. well below zero through the dakotas, also starting off with storms in the pacific northwest, another round later in the week. that stretches into the northeast late in the week and also looking at heavier rain with a flood threat down through
7:39 am
that's your latest forecast. dylan, thank you very much. next on "sunday today," streaming services like netflix, amazon and hulu have changed the entertainment game. can the traditional box office walgreens presents, a holiday mini miracle. hey! hey! ?? this is for you. did you really? didn't have too! ??
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since then it's been an arms race, including stars and directors who in the past would never have strayed from the big screen. what does this competition mean for the good old-fashioned box office movie? joe fryer looks into it. >> reporter: this holiday season movie theaters across the country hope to stuff their seats like stockings. >> what are you guys to see? is. >> fantastic beasts and where to find them. >> bad sanity 2. >> reporter: it's a welcome time for the movie industry. after a roller coaster year filled with big-budget misfires had some -- reboots like "ben-hur" and sequels line zoolander 2 among the disappointments. the movies are really repetitive. >> com score says out of 14 sequels this summer, only three outperform their predecessor,
7:44 am
look at challenges facing the movie instrument. >> i think there's some fatigue in audiences. they sort of know what to expect. >> what does that say about movie goers? >> i think it's that they're smarter than hollywood thinks they are, and people still want great movies. it's just complicated, because the scale has to be big so studios can make a profit. >> ticket prices ur $8.51 while streaming and tv services offer low cost alternatives. >> i think it's great you can stay indoors rather than going to the cinema. >> it's a any bur at the same time world. >> hey, you want to know where the cameras are? >> just ask lori petty. how have things changed over the years? >> everything has changed. everything. >> this is how we want, girls
7:45 am
>> i'm ready right now. got to sign something? >> early in her career she was known for movies. >> and now i'm on the biggest show in the world, which is on your iphone. >> it's a beautiful morning. >> she says these days shows like hers have freedom to be creative. >> where with a film it's like, this is costing us $100 million. so all these guys being paid have to do >> reporter: but she knows movie are far from dead. >> we're aviv netflix watchers as well, but nothing replaces the feeling as going to the cinema. >> last few weeks have had a slew of successes, and with the "star wars" spin-off rogue one, this turbulent year could end up being one of the best at the box office ever. >> movies will always rise to the challenge, always.
7:46 am
for a reason. i love them. >> a love that enduring through these changing times. >> no "sunday today," joe fryer, los angeles. coming up next on "sunday today," an art sale unlike anything you have ever seen as super eight sells off the gallery of hotel room ?? [makes siren noise] i'm watching that. every christmas is memorable. but a gift from kay jewelers... makes it unforgettable. because it's more than a gift. it's a memory she'll wear forever. save 25% on any citizen watch. proximity, powered by light, with bluetooth technology, at kay, the number-one memory-maker in america. every kiss begins with kay. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting...
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luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit
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7:49 am
. if you've stayed at a super 8, you undoubtedly chose it for its art collection. they're gathered in miami beach, for the annual festival known as art-bozzle. it's a collection of art, from all places, the super 8 hotel change. dylan explains. >> reporter: if you're an art aficionado, this is the place to be, miami and art bozle. you have a huge arrays to look at. >> reporter: collectors and looky element ous, prices if you have to ask, you can't afford. >> i would say we start from
7:50 am
million dollars. >> reporter: but this year, something different, a any exhibition, where the paintings are truly priceless. >> come on in. >> this collection called when the art comes down, curated by super 8. yes, that super 8, proving everything old is new again. >> we're not your grandfather's budget motel anymore. >> reporter: after more than 40 years, the economy hotel is with attention to art. but with all the new art moving in, what to do with all those bygone beauties of yesterday? >> we didn't want to create a mountain of waste. rather than let it go into the trash, we thought we'll bring it to life one last time. >> reporter: earlier this year super 8 set up a hotel art gailry. the old kitcheny pieces free to the discerningite.
7:51 am
this is for one of your rooms, because you like themes. >> i truly do. >> i thought i would name this lovers or brothers. >> oh, i love this one so much. >> it may remind you of bob ross. while he didn't create the super 8 paintings, he was the artists inspiration. >> shoot, i think we have a finished painting. >> reporter: super 8 is in miami at art bozle, with 65 paintings of what some will sayre beautiful forests, and charming butter flies, all up for grabs through a raffle. >> i'm fairly certain my grandmother had at least one of these in her home. >> while everyone isn't a fan -- >> that's kind of boring. >> reporter: -- others are already making plans.
7:52 am
i have room there. >> reporter: the old saying never more appropriate -- art is in the eye of the beholder. >> so is ugly, i guess. i may not want this in my house, but somebody wants this art. >> number 87! 87. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, big winner. >> i'll take that one. >> cassie glenn, it's all yours. office. >> i legit want one. should we go in together -- >> yes, we should, considering that a lot of them were given away for free. thank you, dylan. another life well lived. grant tinker set out with his actress wife to create a different kind of tv show. his wife was mary tyler moore. ??
7:53 am
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girlen and i close this morning with some predictions for ahead. joe biden makes a trip to this weeks to meet with justin trudeau. our canadian friends will hold a dinner in the vice president's honor. we predict in keeping with his personal diplomatic tradition, prime minister trudeau will make his toast while completely shirtless. this this tuesday we get the
7:58 am
makes hi acceptance speech completely shirtless. >> everyone is shirtless. i have one more. "time" announces person of the year, donald trump the obvious favorite, with hillary clinton, julian asang on the board. we predict the upset winner of "time's" person of the year will be -- you guessed it -- gary busey, so chosen for his brave fight to bring back the mcrib to mcdonald's full-time menu. >> but he's got a shirt on. stay tuned for "meet the press" chuck todd joined by mike pence. and good luck to our good friend dylan and her husband brine, this week her last show as she heads off to have a beautiful child.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, after a post truth election, do the president-elect's words matter? donald trump's first campaign manager says, maybe not. >> this is the problem with the media, you guys took everything donald trump said so literally. >> when candidate trump says -- >> we're going to drain the swamp. >> what ds he mean? what about repealing obamacare or the conversations with the leaders of taiwan, pakistan and the philippines? this morning, my interview with the vice-president-elect, governor mike pence of indiana. post-election bitterness. we're bringing together top campaign figures from the trump and clinton campaigns.


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