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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  December 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano. look at these photos - posted on facebook.the wisconsin state patrol already lost a cruiser .. thanks to the slick roads sunday.trooper dave
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in the car protecting a crash scene when someone rammed into him.he suffered minor injuries. i-41 southbound near slinger had to be closed for more than an hour sunday-- to clean up a nasty chain reaction started when a driver lost control in the northbound lanes. the driver ?behind her swerved into the ?opposite lanes of traffic.. causing ?two other cars to lose control anas fast for the conditions is blamed for all of this. grafton fire shared another strong reminder of why you need to slow down in this weather. a car spun out and crashed into a median cable barrier at i-43 north at highway 32 yesterday afternoon. this driver was taken to the hospital, and is expected to happening today - wis-dot will
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repair work in the mitchell interchange. the work will require the left lanes of both the northbound and southbound i-94 to be closed, from layton avenue to 13th street. the closures are scheduled for the next three days... workers are repairing damage caused by always, the schedule of work is weather dependent and subject to change. also happening today... the family of a man shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer is set to meet with the district attorney today. jay anderson was shot wh the officer says anderson was reaching for a gun.police dash cam video has yet to be released. anderson's mother, linda says she is hoping to see the f-b-i enhanced video of the shooting during the meeting. police are on the look out for a brazen robber who held up a b-m-o harris bank..and demanded money.this happened saturday at 70th and national avenue in west allis.these are pretty clear images of what this robber was wearing. police also mention, that he
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took off with an unknown amount of police say thieves broke into a shorewood couple's home and used the garage door opener to steal their car. it happened saturday night at a home near capitol and morris boulevard. the couple says they just moved into the home.. and were away when the burglary happened. when they came home.. they noticed the back door open.. and their car missing. shaken by it53:20 moved to shorewood thinking that its one of the safer neighborhoods and the folks in our neighborhood have been here 20 30 40 years somef to them this morning the neighborhood is pretty shaken by it 53:40 the crime happened in the same neighborhood where police say three armed men stole someone's car at gunpoint. there are new developments this morning on the presidential election recounts in michigan and pennsylvania.
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considering new possibilities for secretary of state.tracie potts reports. today the green party - led by former presidential candidate jill stein - will ask a federal court to intervene in pennsylvania's recount after state courts canceled a hearing michigan a overnight that state's recount must begin today at noon. wisconsin's is already underway.("fox news sunday") super burned in(sot: jill stein/ fmr will not be frightened by having to jump through all these legal hoops...we say, what is donald trump frightened of?"president elect trump is fighting recounts in all three states as he considers new names for secretary of state:former ambassador to china john huntsman...and admiral james stavrides.the list is expanding.kellyanne conway/ sr. trump advisor)"more than four but who knows how many finalists there will be and..." also today:(trump nats, "mad dog mattis!"){applaus}the formal announcement of general james mattis as defense secretaryplus: an aide says
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hud secretary. that could be announced today.meantime mr. trump continues tweeting out his foreign-policy:defending a call from taiwan's president that angered chinathe press") super burned in(sot: mike pence/ (r) vice president- elect)"the waters here seem like a little bit of a tempest in a teapot."and warning american businesses that move jobs overseas they be making a "very expensive mistake." tracie potts, nbc news, washington. two wisconsin counties are already finished with recounts. menomonie... still counting. they have 7 days left until the december 12th deadline. more arguments regarding a lawsuit filed by trump supporters to try and stop the recount in wisconsin will continue harley-davidson is hiring. the milwaukee motorcycle maker looking to fill both part-time and full-time positions for 20-17. they're holding a hiring event on thursday at the wisconsin training partnership building at 38th and wisconsin. things start at 9 a-m.
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today's tmj4--a deal that shakes up the media landscape. what the sale of time warner to at&t might mean for ?you. plus.. oakland heartbreak. the search for victims in the aftermath of a warehouse fire continues. where the investigation stands in learning the cause.
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beyond wisconsin now - the death toll from a fire that tore through a california warehouse now stands at crews are starting to get deeper into the building to find more victims. steve luke reports. inside what's left of the warehouse turned artist collective...workers continue to search through a 10 foot blanket of ash and rubble.sgt. ray kelly/alameda county sheriff's office :09-:16)"so we have people around the clock and we will be here for days and days to come."known as the "ghost ship"....the structure went up in flames friday night as people gathered for a dance party.the fire department says the building did not have a
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alarms.survivors say they had only moments to find safety. max 1-:37)"it was like a sheet of fire rolling towards the door and it was advancing so fast."inside, it was a labrynth of art and wooden furniture with a stairwell made from pallets to the second floor....there were also recreational vehicles on the ground floor used as living spaces.the building did not have permits for residential living, but those who who lived there say it was home to more than 2 dozen artists(nikki kelber and carmen brito:55-1:10)"it was a beautiful and creative and amazing space that was our chosen home and our chosen family""we were a family we all looked out for each other we all helped each other it wasn't just like this was my roomate...these were my friends."a family now ripped apart by tragedy.steve luke nbc news oakland. in north dakota - a victory for the opponents of the dakota access pipeline.after months of protest.. the army
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permit for the pipeline to be built under a lake. the corps said in a statement that developers need to look into alternative italy's prime minister will hand his official resignation to the country's president this afternoon. this after the constituional reform referendum he championed went down in defeat. matteo renzi claimed the reforms were vital to modernize italy. renzi took personal responsibility for the cubans are visiting the tomb of former president fidel castro. former dictator were placed in the tomb earlier during a private ceremony in santiago. his monument is just a few steps from the mausoleum of cuban independence hero jose marti. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--who saw the most snow and when it moves out... in your storm team 4castplus.. the holiday must have that's got hundreds lined up outside
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good morning everyonei'm rod burks for the one minute drill on this monday morning .the green bay packers kepttheir playoff hopes alive with a win over the texansyesterday at lambeau field..aaron rodgers threw for "209" yards and two touchdownsdespite playing with an injuredhamstring.the packers would strike first in the snow..wh hit randalcobb with a nine yard touchdownin the 1st quarter....pac7 nothingafter the texans tied the game up at seven in the third quarter rodgers would find his favorite target, jordy nelson in the enzone for the touchdown nelson, with eight catches for 118 yards.the packers beat the texans.21 to 13.the badgers found out yesterdaythat their headed to the cottonbowl to play western michiganafter their loss to the penn state in bigten championship game, that bowl game will be played on janauray 2nd.former brewers owner and commissioner bud
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.selig, will be enshrined on july30th, in cooperstown .also the bucks who are on a four game winning streak are hosting the spurs tonightat the b-m-o harris bradleycenter. that's your one minute drill have a great day everyone after going a month without a victory... that's two wins for the packers in a single week! wtmj radio voice of the packers wayne larrivee by to talk about the snowy game at lambeau... and look ahead to the seahawks. he'll be in the studio later on.. at 6-50. think warm for the brewers spring training games in arizona go on sale today. only 70 days until pitchers and catchers report. more news now - the c-e-o's of at&t and time warner will defend their 85-billion dollar mega-merger before a senate antitrust subcommittee on wednesday. a big concern is that less competition could
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experts say in this case, it could improve prices, as at&t will be a supplier of content. the price of gas nationally is hovering around $2-20 a gallon. opec has decided to cut production by one-point-two million barrels of oil a day from the world supply.typically, when that happens prices rise. analysts say consumer should expect a 10-cent increase in the near future. things are looking good in wisconsin. under two-bucks. according to gas buddy... parts of pewaukee, menomonee falls and northwest milwaukee are seeing the lowest prices at $1.92. in oak creek.. people will have to pay $1.99 at the pump. now we head into what's supposed to be a festive, fun-time of the year.. but experts say it's also one of the most dangerous.especially, around the household. chris clackum (natsound/pro decorators)the
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holidays.. keeps getting higher....we're up to about 200 americans a day... suffering decoration-related injuries.founder "angie's :18 ) "when decorating for christmas, you need to be careful of both falling off ladders as a common hazard or fires with your christmas tree" that's why angie's list founder angie hicks...and other home repair experts... offering up new, safer alternatives to doing the decorating the guys you hire to cut the grass or clean the gutters.ot list" :32 - :43 )"handymen, landscapers, lawncare companies are all gonna have the know-how and the equipment in order to do the holiday so, ladders and special equipment they'll have on hand and know how to use"going that route, she says, is much more affordable than hiring professionals who design as well as decorate.and both will know better than to overload one electrical outlet with too many decorations(sot/ angie hicks / founder "angie's list" : 57 - 1:02 )"i can speak from experience on that one. i did
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eve"proof that even pros need tips on to safely deck the halls.chris clackum, nbc news check out the line outside a toys-r-us in georgia for two of the hottest and hardest to get items of the holiday season. participating stores announced the sale of the nintendo nes classic and the breakout toy "hatchimals" on saturday.. and that night, crowds of people started lining up. both toys sell for about 60-dollars each. the white house wants to capitalize on the success of "pokemon go" by launching an augmented-reality app called "16-hundred."when users point their phone at a dollar bill, the app focuses on george washington's face, and builds the white house on top of it. you can watch events like the annual easter egg roll, and even discover hidden items, including various past
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the holiday train-- is heading for wisconsin.the decked out-- canadian pacific train is in minnesota right now... making its way toward wisconsin.if you want take your family to see the holiday train... it pulls into its first badger state stop in sturtevant at 5:25 p-m.. then milwaukee at 6:50. to see when it will be in your neighborhood, head to our website tmj4 dot com. it can take a village to get the whole family reafo families whose children have autism never get that chance. it's too overwhelming. southridge mall hosted a special day to give those families a christmas experience of their very own. julia fello reports. seeing santa can be daunting for any child...but for families with children living with autism.. the sensory overload can be overwhelming.. lightly shaking the bellthe lights were dimmed.. and the event was held before the big shopping rush. much quieter
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just feels more comfortable southridge was one of 180 malls across the country to host a calmer, quieter space for children with special needs to meet santa--im gunna hug your mom too! who is that? me!this day meant so much for ashley knipple and her two boys who came here from franklin. her little boy didn't want to leave santa's side. our youngest has autism ive never seen him actually just go up to santa and sit next to him and want to talk to him its a white beard putting a smile on not only the children's faces..but parents too. yay good job! julia fello today's tmj4 up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- winning off the field: the numbers are in for the toy drive at lambeau field. how many families will benefit from the generosity of fans. plus, holiday grinch. which neighborhood is seeing packages stolen right off residents' doorsteps.
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we have "the now milwaukee".. followed by "the voice" at 7. the show "timeless" is on at 9. and then more news at live
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graphics this morning: no snow in site right now, but that was a different story yesterday. milwaukee recorded its first snowfall of the season... veronica macias talked with people-- excited to finally see a sign of winter! 151931 "i think it's esthetically pleasing. 152017 "it's just beautfiul - it's like a snowglobe. 152020in wisconsin the first snow fall of the season wouldn't normally come this late in the year. so people are enjoying strolls through their neighborhoods where they are
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scenes. 152116 "alright well have a fun day" 152119children covered up and headed outdoors. and while it wasn't much - only 1 to 2 inches in places like wauwautosa it was enough to pat into slushy snow balls. portia purfeyat 30sec 151948 loving it. and making things out of it. and throwing it for my dogs, because they act soo confused when they can't find it. 151955nats: 131556on the roadways the snow and slush caused some dangers for drivers. in slinger, traffic on i-41 south-bound came to crawl after a car lost cause other collisions. and dot reported several accidents around south-eastern wisconsin. officials reminding take it slow. 135850 nats in little switzerland people were hitting the slopes. on this sunday - only two runs were open as they prepare for a week long of snowmaking -- opening competely up on friday. the three to five inches of the real stuff is drawing skiers to the mountain. mike schmitz 1:13 133923 this is awesome and
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than a little natural snow. 133926the season's first snowfall meant skiers on the oconomowoc ski team could practice --- though skiers like macy meyer didn't forget to enjoy it134554 i've always been a fan of frosty the snow man so i always think that like going outside and sking or building a snow man on the first snowfall is my favorite. 134602 that was veronica macias reporting. you can track the snow with our "snowcast" app. it tells you how many inches of snow will fall in your neighborhood right now, later in the day, or 48 hours. it costs 2-99 to download. the 39th annual kennedy center honors gala was held sunday night.the honors recipients are recognized for their lifetime contributions to american culture through the performing arts.this year's honorees are pianist martha argerich, actor al pacino, gospel singer mavis staples, singer-songwriter james taylor, and the band the eagles. 30 students from around milwaukee are competing in a contest to encourage learning
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doctor martin luther king junior.we energies sponsored the contest - where particpants read from king's "we shall overcome" speech.the winners will perform their winning speeches at the city of milwaukee's m-l-k junior celebration at the marcus center january 15th. a big boost for kids in the green bay area.members of the u-s marine corps collected more than a thousand toys and close to 19 thousand dollars at sunday's packers game.the toys for tots collection at lambeau field is a part of green bay initiative up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--coyote attack: the warning after a local family loses ?two dogs-- because of the agressive relief in sight? rain and high winds are rolling through the smoky mountains.. aiding firefighters as they continue to fight the blaze that's
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now at for survivors: what could help
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battling a deadly wildfire in tennessee this morning. plus...something's brewing-- at pabst. ?your first look at ?new restaurants opening ?later today at the old bottling building. let's take a live look outside this morning... welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your


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