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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  December 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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now at noon -- combing through debris-- a california warehouse that doubled as an artist's housing-- went up in flames-- killin but the death toll is expected to grow as investigators continue to search the building.officials have activated a criminal investigative team to look into what some are calling illegal housing.steve luke is in oakland at the scene latest. structural concerns put the search on hold in the tragic warehouse fire"we will not put our firefighters in danger at this point and we will not put alameda county sheriff in that precarious situation with us."
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of origin for the deadly fire. "we feel very strongly we have the area of origin where the fire started firefighters spent the weekend sifting through ash and debris, in some places 10 feet deep"we have had to deliver a lot of bad news to people."officials expecting the death toll will rise.this is what's left of the warehouse called the "ghost ship," home to dozens of artists, living in labyrinth of cluttered wood furniture and a make shift permitted for residential living. the fire department said the building didn't have sprinkler systems or smoke alarms. the fire started in the back of the building. nearly 100 people were listening to a dj play music. residents said they only had moments to escape. "i saw 15 foot flames and what appeared to be a fireball coming towards me" the building's owner tells nbc news he was unaware anyone was living inside. with the work stoppage
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investigation into what lead up to the tragedy continues. steve luke, nbc news 30 percent of the building still has not been examined so there is concern that even more remains may be found. to weather now---the snow is melting and temperatures are slightly warmer today.taking a live look outside. meteorologist brian gotter
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the family of a man shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer is set to meet with the district attorney. jay anderson was shot while sitting in a car last summer. the officer says anderson was reaching for a gun.police dash cam video has yet to be released. anderson's mother, linda says she is hoping to see the f-b-i enhanced video of the shooting during the
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he's open to having the state help pay for a new juvenile corrections center in milwaukee county.right now-- the state's two juvenile facilities share a campus north of hills school for boys and copper lake school for girls have been under criminal investigation for allegations of prisoner abuse and child neglect.milwaukee county officials want to keep juvenile offenders closer to police say thieves broke into a shorewood couple's home and used the garage door opener to steal their car. saturday night at a home near capitol and morris boulevard. the couple says they just moved into the home and were away when the burglary happened. when they came home -- they noticed their back door open and their car missing. shaken by it obviously we moved to shorewood thinking that its one of the safer neighborhoods and the folks in our neighborhood have been here 20 30 40 years some of them i think everybody from talking to them this morning the neighborhood is pretty
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the crime happened in the same neighborhood where police say three armed men stole someone's car at gunpoint. harley-davidson is hiring. the milwaukee motorcycle maker looking to fill both part-time and full-time positions for 20-17. they're holding a hiring event on thursday at nine a-m--- at the wisconsin regional training partnership building, near 38th and wisconsin. speedway is looking to hire more than 150 new employees across the badger state. needs to fill positions like shift leader trainees, customer service reps and food service specialists. it's hosting open interviews at dozens of store locations on wednesday from 11 to three. we've got a full list of those stores in the links section of tmj four dot com. a group of new restaurants have opened up downtown... in one of milwaukee's most iconic buildings. pete zervakis shows you the excitement and the history. pizza dough the five food spots that make up "the
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morning. filipino food fryer but the building is more than 100 hundred years old. it's the old pabst bottling house... first built in 1889. there's so much history here it's such a beautiful building the area is up and coming some of the wood and metal beams date back to the early 1900's. this sign might too. it just appeared in a crate they were cleaning some things out in storage and there was this beautiful pabst sign tina and girls. gouda girls they say the pabst building's history... is one reason they decided to expand what was just a food truck... into their first, brick and mortar restaurant. we want to share what we can - to be in the pabst building and share our cheese and our heritage here they hope foot traffic from the nearby courthouse... and other government buildings... will mean plenty of business. owners say this is the largest, combined restaurant opening in dt milwaukee snice the grand ave. opened in 1982.
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the pabst building also contains student apartments. those opened earlier this year. this week is national influenza vaccine week. the center for disease control chose this week because many people think it's too late to get their flu shot. influenza can cause serious illness and secondary infections like pnemounia. it can even cause death or hospitilization. while most people get their vaccine in late fall-- experts say late. the vaccine." "influenza can start anywhere from october through may. and the peak of the season really starts around january. so while it takes two weeks to build immunity, you really still have enough time to get the maximum benefit from the influenza vaccine." it's recommended that anyone over the age of six months get a flu shot.. unless they've had a severe reaction in the past.officials say data showed flu mist isn't as
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gift of a fresh holiday meal - enjoyed right at home. today's tmj4 is proud to partner with hunger task force and raymond james on "home 4 the holidays." it's a virtual food drive to provide our neighbors in need with one or all of the ingredients for a nice holiday meal. just go to hunger task force dot org and look for the "home 4 the holidays" button. still ahead... cost of jobs-- what trump is threatening to do to u-s companies that move their operations overseas. then... keeping their old cars and how it's helping the auto industry. and... need help with a consumer problem?our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495... or request help online. just click on the icon... on the
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a nearly 20 foot deep sinkhole in texas swallowed two cars woman who saw the the second car go into the sinkhole helped to rescue a 60-year-old man from his vehicle.officials said the man and a woman were injured during the rescue. crews are not sure if the sinkhole was caused by a massive sewage leak nearby or if the leak caused the sinkhole. a warning to drivers to be cautious on the roads after our first snowfall. take a look at what slick roads did a this wisconsin state patrol car.trooper dave schmidt reports he was sitting in the
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when someone rammed into him. he suffered minor hopefully no snow related problems on the road today-- as temperatures are expected to be slightly warmer.taking a live look at mitchell interntational airport and downtown milwaukee. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at
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president-elect donald trump is threatening heavy taxes for u-s companies that move their business operations abroad. trump took to twitter early sunday morning to announce a 35 percent tax on products sold in the u-s by any business that fired american workers and built new
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comes on the heels of the president-elect's deal with air-conditioner maker, carrier to keep roughly one-thousand jobs in the u- apple finally revealing its official thoughts on self-driving technology. apple's director of product integrity wrote to u-s transportation officials saying apple is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas including transportation if you are driving a car built fact a new study finds average vehicle in america is now almost 12 years old-- a record high.phil lebeau reports on why old cars are actually good for the auto industry. don't call 'em beaters. this is how america rolls."if it breaks down then i will need to go to the next, but i am keeping my cars for the long time.""as long as it runs, the life of the vehicle it is ok
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stopped working i would get a new car, but until then i am happy driving this, it gets me where i need to go."the age of autos in america has been steadily growing and now averages 11.6 years.why?well with vehicles selling at a higher price, people are stretching out their auto loans to keep monthly payments as low as possible.meanwhile, cars and trucks have become more reliableso people hang on to them fact, those buying new vehicles today own them, on three years longer than back in 2001."the economics are driving the consumer to hang on to that vehicle longer and the fact that the vehicle is technologically better these days that certainly allows them to hang on to it as long as they need to because of the economic factors."all of this is good news for the auto parts stores cash in on people replacing brakes, spark plugs and other components in old cars.and if
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themselves, they're taking their cars in for service. which means new car dealers have more opportunities to convince customers, it's time to trade in that old model,..for a new one with the latest features. "there is so many great technologies that are in new vehicles today that 14:07:38 if you are driving a 10 or 11 year old car it's like still calling people on a rotary the cars built in the 90's and early 2000's bells and whistles of today's cars-- but they will remain on the road for years to come. in fact, by 20-21, it's estimated therer will be 20 million vehicles in america at least 25 years old. coming up... increased health spending-- the four services that people spent the most on in the past two years. and special homecoming-- the big welcome pearl harbor survivors received to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the
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it was an emotional and warm homecoming fo harbor survivors and world war two veterans this weekend. american airlines sponsored the flight that carried around 120 vets to hawaii for the 75th anniversary of the attacks on pearl harbor.the veterans were greeted by volunteers and service members with hula dancers, music and hugs.pearl harbor survivors say it feels great to be back in the aloha state. "i feel great, i think this is a great honor and i'm proud to be here.""i'm very overwhelmed and very excited to be here and i just cant believe it,." "we can't take that for granted and what they did here during wwii all those many
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benefit from that."greeters included children in traditional dress, along with dozens of uniformed military personnel. for your health this afternoon-- health spending has increased significantly, especially in 2014 and 2015. according to the centers for medicare and medicaid services--- spending increased 5-point-3 percent in 2014, and nearly 6 percent in 2015.some of the major payers in spending growth include private health ysiciaand clinical tion drug services, and hospital spending. cancer now affects more than 17-million people and is the second leading cause of death data from the university of washington reveals cancer cases increased by 33-percent between 2000 and
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aging population.prostate cancer was the most common cancer in men ... and breast cancer topped the list for coming up... serve and protect-- the number of new recruits that will soon join the milwaukee police department. and -- all aboard-- the two wisconsin cities where the canadian pacific holiday train is
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the milwaukee police department is swearing in 58 new recruits today.this is the second class to go through the academy this year. the recruits will undergo six months of training and are scheduled to graduate in early june. this class includes 46 men and 12 women. former brewers owner and baseball comminsioner bud selig was voted into the baseball hall of fame this weekend.selig, who grew up in
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was the game's ninth-ever commissioner, and served for 23 that time, four teams were added to the majors. the traditional election will happen in january. the canadian pacific railroad's holiday train making a stop in wisconsin this week.this train travels from canada and makes it's way through the upper midwest covered in festive glowing lights and decorations. its first stop in wisconsin is at the sturtevant amtrak depot at 5:25 milwaukee's amtrak at 6:50 p.m. tomorrow-- the train heads to wauwatosa before moving on to hartland. each stop is about half an hour long and is free -- although donations are encouraged. live at 12:30 is up next-- turning in his resignation-- what a dentist at the tomah v-a was accused of doing to hundreds of veterans. also... major deal-- under armour scored a deal with major league baseball.. what the
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm shannon sims. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories the family of a man shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer is set to meet with the district attorney. jay anderson was shot while sitting in a car last summer. the officer says anderson was reaching for a gun.police dash cam video has yet to be released. anderson's mother, linda says she is hoping to see the f-b-i enhanced video of the shooting during the debate continues today over wisconsin road funding. two g-o-p senators spoke out against raising the gas tax, saying they will never support


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