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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  December 5, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm CST

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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm shannon sims. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories the family of a man shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer is set to meet with the district attorney. jay anderson was shot while sitting in a car last summer. the officer says anderson was reaching for a gun.police dash cam video has yet to be released. anderson's mother, linda says she is hoping to see the f-b-i enhanced video of the shooting during the debate continues today over wisconsin road funding. two g-o-p senators spoke out against raising the gas tax, saying they will never support
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republicans support raising the gas tax as part of the assembly committee is holding a public hearing tomorrow on the state department of transportation's budget request . five new restaurants have opened up at the former pabst brewing co. bottling house. it's called the restaurants at "eleven25."owners hope foot traffic from the nearby courthouse and other
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a dentist has resigned from his position at the tomah veterans center-- amid accusations he treated hundreds of patients with dirty equipment.the hospital's acting medical director said that an investigation was launched after a dental assistant reported last month that the dentist hadn't
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nearly 600 veterans who received care from the dentist can receive free screenings for hepatitis b, hepatitis c and h-i-v. the director says the risk of contracting an infection is low.the name of the denist in question has not been released. in an early morning announcement--- president- elect donald trump's transition team said he plans to nominate ben carson as housing and urban development chief.the retired neurosurgeon is the first africa pick for a cabinet-level post. carson was once a rival to trump during the primary process but later became a trump a statement, the president-elect said carson has quote "a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities." michigan is moving ahead with the presidential recount.a judge issued an order early this morning for state election officials to begin counting ballots.the ruling follows a request from green party presidential candidate
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electoral votes.stein has spearheaded a recount effort in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. two wisconsin counties are already finished with recounts. menomonie and iron county. the 70 others are still counting. they have 7 days left until the december 12th deadline. more arguments regarding a lawsuit filed by trump supporters to try and stop the recount in wisconsin will continue more news now-- jury deliberations ve today in the high-profile murder trial in south carolina of a former white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man.on friday the jury asked the judge to go home for the weekend after a dramatic day in court.gabe gutierrez reports. the family of walter hoping that a holdout juror....might change his mind."we do believe within our heart that we will see justice for my brother."while former north charleston police
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charged with murder in scott's death, also waits.."well we'll just wait till monday. see what happens monday." jurors...going home for the weekend...after a dramatic day in court...where the panel of eleven white people and one black man...said it was elesy d it considered murder....mans laughter...or an acquittal.a single juror sending this note to the judge. i still cannot without a reasonable doubt convict the defendant. at the same time, my heart does that the man who killed their son, brother, and father is innocent. but with the choices, i cannot and will not change my mind."in a follow-up note....the foreperson...c learly seemed frustrated. "that juror needs to leave. he is having issues."the 11-to-1 deadlock nearly led to a mistrial...but the judge told the jury to keep trying."we
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month--long trial....slager told the jury he was in "total fear" for his life...and shot scott in self-defense...after scott ran from his car....and grabbed the officer's stun gun during a struggle."i fired until the threat was stopped, as i was trained to do." previous jury questions seemed to indicate that the panel was heavily considering a manslaughter conviction... not's not clear how long jurors a group founded by families who lost loved ones in the sandy hook shooting launched a new campaign.they released a video on youtube to support the 'know the signs' campaign. the campaign is designed to help the public realize how easy it is to miss dangerous behavior that could lead to celebrations continued into the night-- after protesters standing against the construction of the dakota access pipeline learned of a major victory.the u-s army
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final permit for the pipeline to pass through land that protesters consider sacred.for many in the protest camp, the celebration was months in the making-- though some admit the fight is far getting winning this thing but there's going to be a few battles to go through to win this." news of the easements denial started hitting protesters yesterday afternoon. the army corps says it will do a full environmental impact study order to consider alternate routes. under armour is hitting a home run with major league baseball. the league announced today that the sports wear company will provide players with on-field jerseys, training gear and outfit players with fitness technology in a new 10-year deal .it's the company's biggest deal to date with a pro league.under armour is already the league's official shoe provider and sponsors over 4-hundred athletes in the majors and minors. still ahead - we'll get a look
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afternoon... and -- check your freezer-- why millions of pounds of "ready to eat
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taking a look at the market right now...dow is up 46 points.nasdaq is up 48 points. s and p is up 12 points. nearly two million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products are being recalled. the reason..... they may be undercooked and at risk of containing dangerous bacteria. some of the products have and others have a "distributed by national steak and poultry" label.the u-s-d-a says you should throw the chicken out or return it to the store where it. a diet containing nuts could help people to live longer. london researchers analyzed several published studies that included cases of stroke, coronary heart disease and cancer.they found that a handful of nuts could ?decrease? the risk of cancer by 15 percent, coronary heart
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and premature death by 22 percent.hazel nuts, walnuts and even peanuts-- were among those included in the study. so, now we head into what's supposed to be a festive, fun-time of the year.. but experts say it's also one of the most dangerous-- especially around the household.chris clackum reports. the number of dangers associated with decorating for the holidays.. keeps getting higher....we'r to about 200 americans a day... suffering decoration-related injuries."when christmas, you need to be careful of both falling off ladders as a common hazard or fires with your christmas tree" that's why angie's list founder angie hicks...and other home repair experts... offering up new, safer alternatives to doing the decorating the guys you hire to cut the grass or clean the gutters. "handymen, landscapers, lawncare companies are all gonna have the know-how and the equipment in order to do the holiday decorating. so,
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like that, they'll have on hand and know how to use"going that route, she says, is much more affordable than hiring professionals who design as well as decorate.and both will know better than to overload one electrical outlet with too many decorations"i can speak from experience on that one. i did that one and had to have an electrician out on christmas eve"proof that even pros need tips on to safely deck the halls.chris clackum, nbc news here's a live look outside. snow already starting to melt but more flurries and colder temperatures are on the way. meteorologist brian gotter is back with the storm team
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here's your prime time lineup on tmj4.the now milwaukee at 6:30.followed by "the voice" at seven and "timeless" at nine.then it's more local news on live at ten. another challenge is making its rounds. a u-f-c fighter came up with the 'super sage apple challeng - with your bare's become an online sensation -- with lots of folks posting
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? ? ? ? ? ? la vie est belle. la vie est belle.
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oral-b. brush like a pro. >> claire: okay, so, my mom-- she is just always trying to run my life, and she's even trying to do it from hong kong. right? 'cause last night, on the phone, she was just, like, grilling me about how many hours i'm studying for finals. >> ciara: oh, no. you poor baby. how can you stand it? ? ? >> claire: i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. i know how much you must >> ciara: it's okay. i'm just... i worry about her all the time. >> victor: we all do. your mother's sentencing was a travesty. but she's strong and smart. >> ciara: what gets me is, the reason that she went over to stefano's house that night-- it's not even true. i mean, yeah, stefano did horrible things, but he never kidnapped and tortured my dad. that was somebody else, someone who hasn't paid


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