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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  December 6, 2016 4:30pm-4:59pm CST

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now at 4:30 - the move president elect donald trump has made to try and show voters he's already shaking up washington. donald trump hates paying retail.critics charge he hates paying, period. and trump tweeted, today, he would cancel the order for reports it was a move by the president elect to try to force federal contractors to charge less. donald trump surprised camera crews ... on the surprise issue the cost of two new air force ones, to replace the old 747 used today by president obama and its backup.the pentagon confirms: boeing will bill at leas4 billion dollars."i think it's ridiculous i think
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of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money"cancel oer. trump tweeted. boeing promised: "to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the american taxpayer."but just today, the washington post reported: the pentagon hid a study revealing 125 billion in wastetrump is warning contractors"that this government is not gonna be taken as a sucker. that they're gonna find good deals anthat that's how he plans on running the government" trump vows a foign trade deals warning he'd slap tariffs on goods from chinaand mexico ... so jo stay in the u-s. convincing mike pence, o'd opposed tarrifs"i'm for us putting erything on the table in negotiations"not tariffs, say republican leaders in congress. china could tax our products"we think the real solution here iscomprehensive across the board tax reform whichis wt we're going to be hitting the ground running on"in new york, trump was back at the cameras. "this is masa of soft bank
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agreed to invest 5io dollarin the united states and 50,000 jobs,wow!"details are unclear. but trump is taking credit.m steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. tonight is stop number two of his thank you tour. north carolina... where trump is sure to say he's already bringing back meanwhile house speaker ryan is talking about the top goals of the republican dominated hoe co 20-17 .. cutting corporate taxes.ryan argues it will help keep companies' headquarters and jobs in the u-s. the problem we have largely speaking is we tax american businesses at much, much high tax rates than our foreigcompetitors tax theirs and therefore we are losing we arlosi headquarters of companies because of our tax codes. if you make money overseas, you can't even bring it back to re-invest it
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of sunday's 2-4" of snowthis morning remains mostly cloudy and chilly with lows in the mid 30s along the lake and
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a community organization is trying to give 250 boys from the 53206 zip code a night on the town.for many of the young men it will be their first time wearing a tuxedo and eating a three course meal at
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finest. i remember you from last year you have grown a bit elliott torrence has a tall 12.52.25-2.29 how does that feel i'm put my finger right there and that give you a little breathing room. outfiting 250 young boys and their mentors in tuxedos. 13.00.51 unity in our community is what this whole tux event represents outside of the love of course 13.01.01 the 500 tuxedoevent is more than a night to dress up its a labor of love for and? lee ellis this year we are going to te the ofcial photos on the orange ?ujumpsuits. 13.33.23- 13.33.30 when they are in oran jumpsuits you refer to them as crimils when they are in tedos yoha to rer to ty geneman. threyears ago some community m an his wi dith he realized they had ner been downtown for a nice dinner.that got him to thinking he organized 50 mentors to take 50 boys out for dinner from the 53206 zipcode . last year that
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wants 50013.30.54 this year we will be in the crystal ballroom of the city center hilton hotel i think is a fantastic opportunity for our young men.james harris and his son are participating for the second year... nicholas can't wait to slip on his tux. 23.54-56 i get to look professional its more than just a night out ... these young men are being groomed for 13.10.48 i get to inspire where i come from see that it is not just the movie stars not just the people on tv that reach the ultimate success you can you can do it too to sponsor a young man or to particapate as a mentor it only cost 75 dollars to rent the tuxedos. we have all the information linked to this story on our website at tmj 4 dot
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for high school students.. coming up new on live at 6.. its an idea that isn't sitting well with many parents in the school district.. tonight. why they are concerned with earlier start times.. that's coming up new on live at 6.. still ahead on live at 4-30... the new proposal the f-d-a says will dramatically cut down on skin cancer.also ahead...the latest study results on driving drowsy and how greatly it impacts your
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data shows restricting the use of tanning beds among minors-- could save thousands of indoor tanning before the age of 35 significantly increases the risk of melanoma -- the most deadly type of skin cancer. that's why the f-d-a has proposed an age restriction banning children under 18 from using tanning beds.a new study control estimates the policy could prevent 62-thousand melanoma cases and over six- thousand deaths from the disease. a rare superbug has been discovered on a u-s pig farm. ohio state university researchers are raising concerns the mutant gene could get into the human food supply. however -- experts stress there's zero evidence that's happened.the gene is extremely rare. it makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics used
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a new warning about the dangers of drowsy driving. a new study from triple-a reveals drivers who get less than seven hours of sleep-- nearly double their risk for a crash.and sleeping less than five hours had a crash risk comparable to someone driving drunk.nearly one in three surveyed drivers admitted they had recently driven when they were so tired - they struggled to keep their coming up next on live at 4-30...the two singers battling for the top awards at this year's but first, here's a live look from th meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the latest on our
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothinless. so we got the sirloin, the chuck d the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that.
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a cold front moves through the area tonight with westerly 20. wind chills will be near 10 by wednesday morning. wednesday is partly cloudy and
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near 30 with wind chills in the teens as winds gust over 20 mph. thursday is mostly cloudy with flurries, winds gusting to 30 mph, only in the mid 20s. wind chills will be in the single digits all day. friday is sunny, breezy and cold with
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highs in the low 20s, and a brisk wind to 20 mph.
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beyon? and adele are going head to head for this year's top grammy awards.both are up for: record of the year, song of the year and album of the year.nominations for the grammy awards were announced today-- with beyon? leading the pack with nine nominations. james corden of the "late late show" will host the year's ceremony set to air february 12th. former n-b-a player shaquille o'neal has a new job.he was sw in clayton county, georgia-- making the 7-foot tall celebrity the tallest deputy in the county's history.the sheriff told shaq quote "welcome to the crime fighting family."the sheriff's post is creating quite a buzz online. it has been shared nearly 3-thosuand times. mcdonald's mccafe is getting a makeover.the burger chain has
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says the golden arches is "recommitting" to mccafe and knows consumer preferences are changing.changes include new seasonal flavors, enhancements to the beverage line up and a rewards program through the mcdonald's mobile app. the royal family's wax figures are now decked out in festive holiday gear at london's madame tussauds wax museum. royal waxworks are wearing holiday sweaters to help raise awareness of a children's charity.the charity, called save the children, is holding its annual christmas sweater day on december 16th. the holiday-themed display will run through the month of december. a chicago family has gone all out with their holiday decorations, using the attention to help charities. the family says they spend all year on the display.and this year added a twist-- to honor
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year they raised 25-thousand dollars for several charities.. this year they hope to double that. still ahead...a suspect has been arrested and charged in the death of a former n-f-l player.what police say lead up
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beyond wisconsin-- charges have been filed against the man who shot a former n-f-l player during a road rage incident. the jefferson parish sheriff arrested 54-year-old ronald gasser late monday and charged him with manslaughter. the sheriff said the dispute started when, according to gasser, joe mcknight cut him off on a bridge.the two men weaved in and out of traffic and came to a stop where they had an argument that
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shooting mcknight. investigation is just getting started on the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california-- that killed 36 people.officials say the warehouse was never suppose to be a living space.but it was home for many people. the man who leased the building 3 years ago says he built it as an artist's colony.the investigation is now moving into the building and it's owner. an f-b-i agent has been arrested for firing shots at a police officer near a gym in grand rapids, michigan. officers were called to the scene after the suspect was seen brandishing a handgun inside the planet fitness. authorities say the man shot at a police sergeant when he tried to speak with the suspect.authorities say no shots were fired by the police and no one was injured in the ( toss to weather ) the next chance for snow is
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highs in the mid 20s, and the snow continues on sunday with
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. next.. theives praying on your holiday spirit.. the wine exchange scam you'll want to avoid this christmas.. live at
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the big story at five, less than 24 hours after learning that a wauwatosa police officer would not face criminal charges in the shooting death of jay anderson -- anderson's family now seeking federal charges.. anderson's family is determined to see that the officer who shot anderson faces charges.brandon rook spoke with the family attorney today.he's live in wauwatosa with more. george and carole,the family attorney didn't waste any time in seeking federal charges.the family feels like someone ed after waiting 6 months since the shooting death of their loved one. jay anderson's family learned that no charges were being brought against the officer .13:53:52"accountabilit y is very important."that's why family attorney jonathan safran tells me that the fight for justice isn't over.13:49:48 "my clients are quite adamant." speaking one on one with safran today he says once the district attorneys office came up with the conclusion to not press charges against officer joseph mensah. jay anderson's
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feel that what he did and what was shown in the video was clear that their loved one jay anderson was literally in a park asleep.and he adds that hey are willing to wait until justice is served.13:53:17" it is a long process that we have to go through to know what the us attorneys office and the doj is going to do."13:52:49 "generally these types of things take months, a lot depends on the resources they have, the number of cases, they're safran also tells me that the family will also pursue a civil lawsuit after the federal wauwatosa i'm brandon rook with today's tmj 4 storm team four coverage now... southeast wisconsin dodged something of frozen bullet. case in point: this is what it looks like in north dakota.
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about to take over our corner of the world.. let's go over to john malan in the weather center. a cold front moves through the area tonight with westerly winds to 20 mph and lows near 20. wind chills will be near 10 by wednesday morning. with temperatures expected in the 20's in the coming days --


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