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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 7, 2016 2:07am-2:37am CST

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new at ten ... off the streets and into a shelter. some . new at 10, off the streets and into a shelter, local women make it their mission to help >> for most of them is a lifetime struggle. >> that's a why this group is helping them. >> this is the area where the inner beauty center works. a group of women with a mini van, and hugs. the mission to get exploited women off the streets.
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the street. but she's not out to meet her friends, she's looking for men to pay her for sex. >> i was prostituting when i was 14. >> now 22, she says she shouldn't be here. she grew up in the suburbs, and the reason, heroin, but her life was spiralling before that. >> i was raped when i was 11. >> she's not alone in her struggle. paris grew up in poverty. >> i was late to school, on my way walking home, and a grown man [inaudible]. i hopped in. >> he was a pimp, and started selling her at 14 years old. it's a familiar story to one nonprofit. >> there's a vulnerability created in their life, whether it's from sexual assault, abuse,
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>> they run a drop in site for women working the streets, to get clothes and food, and a chance to get out. they know it's hard, once a week they go to the women. >> tonight we have hand warmers, hats, gloves, and food, like gra nola bars or applesauce. >> i don't have a home, guys i meet on the street, i get to go to their house, change >> last year the center tried to make contact with 200 women. just in this section of the south side. they spoke to 90, half of them, just once. >> they disappeared, they're gone. >> every stop they urged women to be safe, but told them we're here. >> we're not here to judge, but to walk with them. >> the police department started a new prostitution action plan
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partner is the inner beauty center, they're both working to get more women off the streets. >> good to see them trying to help. thank you very much. breaking news now, a man propositioned a 13-year-old girl for sex. that man drove past her three times, and he was last seen near swift, driving a blue or gray colored four door sedan. a white guy in his late with a brown chest length beard. if you have any information, call the police. a driver had to be extricated from a car, after a crash. two vehicles were involved, one driver was tiebl walk away the other flown to the hospital. and first, everyone is bracing for cold. >> how long until the big chill?
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of year, it was mild today. 41 degrees, but tomorrow, look at the drop in temperatures in the state, from 20 to 21 in wausau. these are highs. barely to 30 here in milwaukee. we have to break the clouds out there and the flurries that were out in western wisconsin. it'll be a cold night tonight. we'll drop to 22 in milwaukee, under mostly cloudy skies and highs in the 20's, and windchills in the teens and single digits for the next three or four days. i'll be back with that in a few minutes. >> ouch, thank you. for all things weather, go to for the live radar and other weather information you might need. the health center in kenosha could be the focus of a federal investigation. leaders of the center have troughed answer questions. >> they want to talk to them,
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needs to be investigated. >> the executive director, says she doesn't have to answer the city's question. one mom just wanted an apology. >> mostly we don't want other kids, right, not to hurt other kids. >> this is what her mom says her lip looked like after going to the health center in 2015. the doctor diagnosed it as a burn. >> it hurt bad, and stinged. >> it's an example of stories that they shared. >> i have more calls from people across the city on this. >> they're leading a charge to start a federal investigation. the concern started when they were award a grant by the city to respond. while laying people off. >> it kind of evolved from a simple thing of let's find out how the operation is running, to
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>> the executive director says that lay offs happened at the downtown location, when dentists left. leaving no work for hygienists. they expanded to the left side, to serve more people. they didn't attend the meetings, she couldn't share the information of the private company in public. >> i don't feel obligated. we answered the questions in a bl so, beyond that, i'm not sure what we're answering. >> and she says she's prepared for a federal audit. >> it's part of our work. >> why do you think it comes to this? >> i have no idea. because like you and irhaving a -- i are having a nice conversation, we could do the same. >> today's tmj4. >> if you have an issue with the health center, the executive director says she'd like for you
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and ask for mary coffee's assistant. a vigil tomorrow for a little boy who was beaten and starved to death. they'll be outside his home where the 7-year-old lived. charged in his death, martinez routinely beat him, and refused to let him eat. hughes is accused of failing to stop the violence. not to charge the officer who killed jay anderson. the family has decided to pursue federal charges against the police officer. >> feel very strongly from what they've read and seen, that the officer should be charged criminally, and that's what they're hoping for. >> a spokesman says they've received multiple threats of
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coming weeks. donald trump has added votes to his victory margin. in the recount issue. election officials say that voter error is to blame in the variations. >> someone will take a ballot and circle the candidate's name and not connect the ends of the arrow, the human errors, but the tabulating machines were co and jefferson are all about half way through their respective recounts. jill stein pushed for recounts in michigan and pasztor. in michigan, the federal appeals count, upheld the decision to start immediately. new at 10, a major milestone tonight, the 40th anniversary in
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of their story of success. >> stars are shining at the hotel, 500 people are here to celebrate 40 years of fighting childhood cancer. the cofounders have a message of gratitude. >> what would you like to say everyone? >> that you're special. and when you go to these events, it's moving, because you care. and you're doing it for the right reasons and for the of people. >> this belongs to everyone, including the super stars at the hospital, that work with the kid. they in and day out, seven days a week. >> 43-year-old, inspired the creation of the mack fund when he was diagnosed with leukemia as a child. >> it's a message of hope and promise. we're not at 100% yet, continue to support the mack fund and their efforts.
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brett's are why this crowd is here, hoping for more life saving miracles. >> i'm not embarrassed to cry, because these children deserve everything we can give them, and that's what tonight is about. the separation. -- celebration. >> they're hoping to raise $1 million from tonight's event. today's tmj4 is a proud sponsor, join. remember, buy an macc star, it was dined by bailey dub -- designed by bailey dub. it features a penguin with a mustache, it costs $10, and available at these places.
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in these zip codes a night on the town is a rarity and a dream come true. a grass roots organization is on a mission, to pair them up with mentors, for a night out. there's one week left for mentors to sign up. >> i need you to come forward and make sure the young men have mentors to sit with them, and share with them, teach them etiquette of what to use, and have conversations on how to treat a lady. >> it for each boy and pay for their meal. >> great cause. gone are the days of free sandwiches, and complimentary pillows. >> a fee imposed by an airline with customers out raged. >> the holiday train keeps the christmas spirit on track, we'll tell you where.
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federal investigators say a refrigerator, may be to blame for a deadly warehouse fire. crews continue to search for more, the investigators have gone through 85% of the
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social media, no more free overhead bins on united. >> the fees for extra leg room, and headsets, sit with your kids, you may have to pay for that too. >> it didn't immediately get a lot of attention when united airlines announced the basic economy fare, and that changed when the senator, cried out, sick of being nickelled a dimed. the idea of paying for the overhead bin is going over like a led balloon. >> it's ridiculous, you're flying all over the world and nobody is doing that to us. >> she used the increased fee with resignation. >> we're in a distress, you would charge someone to somehow
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want to think, where is this coming from, what's still latering that? >> mary seems to think out rage. >> that's outrageous. that is horrible. >> she's laughing but it's outrageous. >> judy is sad. >> i think that's terrible. i think we pay enough with our air fare, that we should be allowed a free >> now united and another major airlines, match fares to compete with budget carriers, but the larger ones believe it doesn't make sense to give the travelers the same perks as someone paying a higher fare. the holiday train is making a stop, two local girl scouts worked at the stoi make it happen. and because of them, the families got to enjoy the
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train and a visit from santa. >> i liked it, it was pretty. beautiful, i like all the colors of the lights. the train was so big. >> dazzling, the train benefits the food pantry, it'll run tomorrow, and end the wisconsin trip in lacrosse. we have an update on a story we told you on thanksgiving day. the mercy mats, the plastic shopping bags to make sleeping as a result of our support, they received hundreds of bags and many volunteers have signed up. way to go. change is coming to the wisconsin gas building's iconic forecasting change, the new owners will use a series of sensors. the signals will stay the same. when the flame is blue, there's no change in view, when there's
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or rain. >> john malan knows that poem, and speaking of weather, a major shift in the weather pattern. >> people had layers to stay warm. here's a shot of downtown kenosha. is our fall over? >> i thought you would break into a red sky at night, sailor's delight. we're looking at the jet stream, canada, the polar jet, and we're on the south and eastern side of the jet stream, but it roll over us the next couple of days, the cold air will be over the midwest, and it'll continue to the weekend. just to the south, and actually continue into early next week. so we'll put up with cold for a
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these are highs. 0 in white horse. 5 in edmonton. and it's hit yadiel rivera of montana and wyoming. 28 in racine, but, add in the brisk wind we've had, all of the windchills milwaukee, 14 waukesha, west bend 12. and the overnight lows drops in the teens. actual temperatures. 18 fond du lac, 22 milwaukee, and 24 racine. and the winds causing the windchills to go down and the winds right now in the mid teens to 22 miles per hour, look how they stay up all night. the morning hours, when the kids dress for school, the windchills
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as the winds and they continue tomorrow night and right on into thursday. a cold couple of days coming up. we had a couple of breaks of sunshine earlier this afternoon, and evening, the ground color, that's not any snow. we're seeing the back edges of the cloud mass, and some sunshine, the computer model shows the front passing through. we'll see sunshine in the morning hours, but it'll broken, and still see clouds around, and clearing, and off with the clouds and flurries, the cold air sticks around in the weekend. tonight, it's getting colder. 22 milwaukee, 18 inland. brisk westerly wind, strong winds again tomorrow out of the west. a high of 30 degrees, and that'll be the coldest high of the autumn season so far.
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the seven day forecast, friday, 24 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, watching the snow system for late saturday, saturday night and early sunday, 26 on saturday, getting all the way up to 32 on sunday with snow especially in the morning hours. tuesday we're cold once again. and in the morning hours, check out this handsome young man.
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the rebuilding process temperatures for your milwaukee brewers this off season. they trade tyler thornburg to the [inaudible]. he took over as the brewer's closer. and he did a great job and appeared in 67 games last record. he'll be the setup man in boston, and travis shaw, the brewers get a left-handed bat, who'll play 3rd base next season. the packers linebacker, clay was good today. here he is on how close he is getting to the packers all time
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receiving [inaudible]. (clapping.) >> this place has been here since 1919, you have all kinds of accolades, will that one when you cross that mark, and hopefully it's next week, when you cross that mark, will it be really special for you? >> first off, i want to play reggie for not playing his entire career here. gunning towards. with a few left, it'll mean a great deal when i pass it, at the same time, i have a lot left in the tank. and hopefully that number keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> and he's playing hard, the packers are getting bad news with mike pennel today, he's been suspended by the envelope for four games for violating the league's substance abuse policy.
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games of the season. if they go to the playoff, he'll be able to play. could the golden eagles
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the golden eagles back on the home court, looking for a win over the bulldogs. taking control early in the game, bangs a triple. marquette, opening thing up. will hit the triple from the wing, that puts them up 22 to 6, and led at the half, 47-28. carter, workedd bulldogs down five after trailing by as many as 22 points early in the game. the golden eagles kick it to the freshman.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello,verybody! it is booze day tuesday. it's december 6, and it's a good day, because not only do we have "sweet caroline" by neil diamond above us, we've got "sweet caroline" neil diamond in our kitchen. >> hi, neil. >> merry everything. >> same back. >> congratulations on the new


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