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tv   Today  NBC  December 7, 2016 10:00am-11:46am CST

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this morning on "today's take" the top viral videos of the year. you won't believe who's number one. plus why the royal family has everyone doing a double take today. and the ultimate gift guide for all the special women on >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. it's a wednesday morning, december 7th, 2016. al, tamron, dylan all joining together. we have cookies on the table. >> yes. >> because yesterday we talked about a christmas cookie challenge. >> you randomly mentioned a christmas cookie challenge.
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for cookie recipes and i've agreed to go to your home and cook cookies in your house. i'm going to stay. >> in fairness -- >> no really. >> just to check with our producers because i had heard earlier that tamron might not be able to go. is she going? >> we'll try to make it happen. >> i've been told pending my schedule. >> i just want to say depending on your schedule. >> okay. >> we don't want to disappoint people. or we'll bring somebody to york. we can bring them to you. >> it's a win-win. >> you'd probably like that even more. >> i'd prefer to be cozied up on your sofa. >> see i picture me being on your house with your blanket on the sofa, maybe you have a couple of kids, we watch football. that's what i pictured. >> this sounds like a weekend. >> tamron is moving in. >> i'm moving into your home. >> we want you to send us your favorite holiday cookies. however, dylan first in, although she's not eligible -- >> she's disqualified.
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my aunt tillie used to make these cookies. it wasn't thanksgiving or christmas without these cookies. they have that anise in it, that licorice flavor and i know that's not your favorite. they're best dunked in coffee. i don't know if they're delicious because it's comfort. >> it's almost neglible, so this is good. >> it's not a >> i'm simmering on it, okay, okay. >> it's very good dunked in coffee. >> i like the frosting. >> so the competition is on. so here just so you know, you have to go to our facebook page and share your recipe. now, this is a strong start, it's strong. >> and the interesting thing is, it's royal icing. >> what's that mean? >> it's the kind of icing that is made. >> that's what it's called? >> and we have a picture of the royal family like you've never
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>> decked out for the holidays in ugly christmas sweaters. >> that's not real. >> yes, it is. >> that's madame tussaud. >> that's the mannequin challenge. no, they are from madame tussaud's wax museum. but they agreed to this. madame tussaud asked them could they do this and it's honor chrimas jumper day on december 16th. they're asking people to donate. >> what's a christmas jumper? >> it's a kind of a thing that you wear. >> a sweater. that's what they call sweaters. >> it's british for sweaters. >> is that dog real? >> yeah. everybody else is fake but they have got a live dog. >> i've never seen a wax dog. have y'all seen that? >> i don't think he's wax. >> what is he? >> taxi? >> no, no.
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know. >> can we see that one more time? >> yeah. if you notice, like harry's hair isn't made out of wax, it's hair. >> it looks like a stuffed animal, not like a real live stuffed dog. >> oh, i understand now. >> suddenly it took an ugly turn. >> i just saw the dog. >> so you can donate to save the children's charity at madame tussaud's and we'll put it on our website. >> these cookies are good. i like that they hold up. i like it, i i didn't want to rush to judgment because i didn't want you to taint the cookie pool. >> i'm obsessed with these cookies. >> that didn't sound -- going to taint the cookie pool. a little algae in the cookie pool. >> i want this to be a purist experience. i want to love your cookies. >> when i eat a batch of these, i will eat one or two or three -- >> it's almost a combo with a cake. >> it doesn't have that crunch. even when i was little, this was
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me dunk it in coffee. >> it's got that consistency, so that's another thing for your notes when you're sending in your recipes. i'm more of a texture. i do like crunchy but i like soft too. >> a little trivia question for you. according to "forbes" magazine, what is the highest grossing movie of all time? >> the answer is "home alone." it says it right there. >> you can play along. >> remembe >> i would have thought "christmas vacation." >> really? >> maybe that's the most quotable. >> chevy chase? i could see that. >> "home alone" is correct. and now you can own a keepsake from the beloved film. >> what is it? >> your very "home alone" bobblehead. jerry, would you bring them in. >> and look how jerry is moving his head.
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>> it's such a random time to bring out bobbleheads for "home alone." >> it's christmas. >> they're going to follow up with john mclean from "diehard" which is going to be fantastic. >> i had my dog moment and you wondered why "home alone" is relevant. this is because we work too much. >> her body is thinking for two. >> i am not firing on all cylinders lately. >> so battlef we all have a little collection of bobbleheads here. >> sadly we do. >> al starts out with his bobblehead collection. >> i've got two mr. ts. i've got one in the van. you have to have a backup. >> manny, mo and jack? >> somebody stole my mo. but i also have the maytag repairman. >> how did you get that? >> i know him.
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>> and then you have one of yourself. >> my collection, this was a gift actually. the first time i ever hosted "nightly news" about two years ago. yosef gave me darrell from "walking dead" to give me some confidence and it's never been out of the box and never coming out of the box. >> before anybody says anything, let me just ask you -- >> you're trying to ignore -- >> who do you think this is? >> bill without a guess. >> mary matalin maybe? this is tamron. tamron hall. >> you're cringing. >> that's the least of the problems. >> that's me. well, the ear rings are right. this is how kind the folks were who made this. >> you look like natalie with a tan. >> they gave me -- look. >> it doesn't look anything like you.
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>> your face shape is totally different. you don't have those cheeks. >> it's not happening. >> well, they gave me a change of outfits so she got a business blazer. >> by the way, do you know what your dress reminds me of? >> you already told me. >> you look like the snapchat ghost. kind of snapchatty. >> i look like the snapchat ghost. coming up, which big star has been named entertainer of the year? we'll reveal >> i was surprised. >> i don't know who it was. we'll we back after thes i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel,
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prompter. who do you think? >> i'm going to say drake. >> nope. i know it so i can't say. >> i don't know it. >> i thought it was beyonce. ryan reynolds. >> oh! >> is that why his photo is bigger than everyone else's on that cover? >> it's like a where's waldo on the cover. >> it had a lot to do with "deadpool." >> life changing seeing "deadpoo a "sausage party." >> "deadpool" is the second highest grossing r movie. i shouldn't talk. >> it's kind of like watching tamron going back and forth. huh, huh, what? >> i can't get the words out. >> second highest grossing movie of all time. >> what's number one?
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>> i didn't see that one coming. >> he's got an amazing wife, two beautiful daughters. blake lively is his wife. they were hanging out with taylor swift back when she was dating that guy. i mean they're in the loop. >> that guy. back when she was dating that guy. >> i'm going to stay in my pop culture lane. that movie, i love it. >> do you guys make christmas cards? >> i do some >> i'm a little lazy with christmas cards. >> really? you've got such a tool there. >> i don't have the energy to do it. >> come on, dylan. how many more weeks? >> like a week. >> your husband, the photographer, you've got a bump that's there for like -- >> i feel like we could have done -- >> if you have your belly exposed and you put a santa
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>> just a bowl full of jelly. >> i was thinking a nativity scene but leave the manger because you haven't had the baby. >> i don't think i'm giving birth to jesus. >> it was a joke. it was a joke. so according to "the wall street journal" the standard pose christmas cards is replaced by the silly candid christmas cards. >> what do you mean by this? >> it's kind of like candid moments. for example, we've got this kid rolling his eyes at his sister. >> was that intentional? because that looks like -- >> it was probably supposed to be. >> how about the family on the beach. everything pretty good, right until the frisb comes in. >> did it hit dad? >> yeah. >> a grand dad upset when the christmas tree falls over. >> does he have on pants?
10:15 am
is adam miller's grandfather hearing a crash. >> adam miller is one of our producers. >> he heard a crash. >> adam is who knocked it over. >> who's looking at the tree? he's got no pants on. >> that's why everybody loves coming to see grandpa at christmas. >> i think the best part is it says happy hannukah. >> that's why the tree fell. there was no use for it. >> it's not a christmas tree, it's a hannukah bush. >> it can't hold all the ornaments. >> so we're going to take our christmas card pi oh, man, i wasn't ready for this. we're going to go to weather after this. >> i'll grab the baby, come on. so we want to go camera this way. and i'll do like this. >> hold on. >> i've got to take it. i'm going to grab the baby with
10:16 am
one-handed delivery. >> this is working out well. weight, one more. >> god, that's wrong. all kinds of wrong. >> let's do it -- i'll jump. oh, that's so offensive. you have to say -- you go 1, 2, 3, and i'll jump. >> 1, >> what happened? >> you're a little blurry. >> that's okay. story of my life. >> why don't you tweet us your funniest holiday cards that you like with the #todaystake. >> sorry i exploited you for our humor. >> let's check your weather. we'll show you what was going on. >> it was dylan's idea to do the birth thing, by the way. >> we've got some snow in new england, snow making its way through the midsection of the country. another big storm coming onshore, but the colder air is
10:17 am
through the plains. teens, 20s and single digits. we're looking at temperatures in the 70s and 80s down in southern florida. you can see lake-effect snow coming across the western great lakes. look for more rain and snow moving into the pacific northwest and northern california. that's w >> that's amazing. the birthing of dylan's baby, this picture is my christmas card for life.
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weather. up next, what were the top viral videos of 2016? >> the thing we just made. >> you'll find out if your favorite made the cut. we'll reveal which took the number one spot, coming up next. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too. look who's here! lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy
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so just a few more weeks until we ring in 2017, so it's time to look back at the year that was in viral videos. kevin is youtube's head of culture andnd around through some of the top trending videos of 2016. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> this, i remember seeing this first video and i busted a gut watching this thing. it is the perfect sibling prank. i wish i had been able to pull this off. >> this is one of those classic viral videos. this is brothers convincing sister of zombie apocalypse. two brothers convince their little sister who has just gone through dental surgery.
10:22 am
do you want funfetti or chocolate? no, no, this is important. this is what we're living off of. which un with, funfetti or chocolate? >> they got the cat involved. >> that's right, that's right. this one has been watched over 20 million times. >> this one, dream travel accommodations. think everybody is their dream travel accommodations. >> this is the $21,000 first class he's got a huge following, had a big year on youtube. he shares his personal experiences from his life. he got upgraded to first class on a transatlantic flight. showing all the fun things that happened when that happened. over 4 million people subscribed to his channel just this year alone. >> very good. tamron has some more. >> it was all about the challeng video. >> huge years, mannequin challenge, the running man challenge, the water bottle
10:23 am
and they are the trick shot masters of youtube. >> look at them. so they're the masters of trick shots. >> they have been doing this since 2009. 14 million people subscribe to their channel and they had the most epic of all the water bottle videos we saw this year. >> did you see mine? >> i heard. >> you heard but didn't see it? >> no, i saw it. >> i made it. >> that's a big part is the aftermath. somebody we love grace, her video, tell me why it went to the point of being viral. let's play it. ? i now know my name ? ? i don't play the rules ? >> where was this? >> so this was from "america's got talent." we've had "britain's got talent" in the past. they have had a huge year on youtube. hundreds of millions of views. grace has built this huge
10:24 am
of subscribers on her own youtube chanl. >> i'll send you over to dylan. >> top trending video of 2016. ? hello ?take a look. ? hear me ?? i in californiaeamf w used to be ? ? it's no secret that theot ? are running out of time ? >> i mean we're all obsessed with that song. how many views did ts get? >> over 135 million views. car pool karaoke has been such a huge thing this year. james corden had a huge year on youtube. over a billion views thisye te nht shows in general. >> the amount of time people spent watching late nht cli was nearly doubl overt year. >> i
10:25 am
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ma guit fored presents and gifts to hp lax. 'veote th s nico have you ou producers have picked o someamazing, unique items from sy so i'll let you walk us through them starting with a re a so many ways that you can rsonale. i'd love to start with this designer he this is emily jane designs. what can do is tnsfe your handwriting, your children's artwork or even a fingerprint onto the jewelry.
10:31 am
gets. i'dove t t?a atttion to shop recca tolion r way is with an initial,bi or . rebecca made one especially for you here, dyer in the dd has the dember hs y forr baby boy coming. >> oh, my gosh, that's so sweet. and receiving it, it's a wonderful gift to give to people because it is so pernalized. >> the lockets, the birthstones, the dates, all $44. >>ng t put the jewelry in. >> thisugar and chicop i is a really great option for your girl squad because you're able to get the exact same pre o irur bffs but customizing it s. >> that's perfect for wding >> explain this one to me. >> thi is jordan grace owens. i think al would probably
10:32 am
jordan is an illustrator. so she is custozildng f like to have, what your hair color is is is by wood life prints. you send them the picture, customized messaging and they do it on a beautiful sb >> looks so awesome. dana, thank you so much. tamron, up to you. >> thank you, dylan. instead of material presents, why not give someone an unforgettable experience, a lifestyle expert is with us, yvette rios and she has a fantastic list. this is awesome. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> the first one right here is cooking classes. >> i love this. one of the best gifts i've ever received in my life was a cooking class. >> everybody wants to feel a little more comfortable in the
10:33 am
recipes, so there are cooking classes in 80 locations all around the country. they start at $59. what's great is it's like going to a show and getting dinner at the same time. >> and they also do great knife lessons. next up on your list. >> so everybody wants a little clarity in their lives, so why not get the women in your life a psychic reading or some tarot card reading, even an astrologer. a companyle living has astrology for all around the country. you can get your chart read and get a little clarity in your life. >> this is $95. >> $95. and figure out what's going on. >> i am that type. >> i am too. >> this is crazy. >> okay. so a lot of women want to be adventurers. check this out. >> they get a helmet? >> a helmet and goggles. no, there are classes for three hours. you can learn to be a stunt woman, jump out of a building,
10:34 am
experiences like that. also for those who want to go skydiving that don't want to spend a lot of money, for $80, two people can go indoor skydiving. a company called i fly. >> the last one? >> i know you're a fashionista girl and this company will allow you to custom make a handbag. you can use all the materials. you can use the colors. >> nice. >> then if you order it, you get this fabulous gift card and they can watch the bag being made. >> that's fantastic. let's send it to al everybody repeat after us now. ahmmmm. today lilliana, what do you have here? >> these are meditation pillows for the stylist meditation maven. you can do them vertically or horizontally. they cushion your bottom so we can meditate in peace which we all need after holidays. now let's talk about cozy pajamas. these are under $50.
10:35 am
you are not going to want to take these off. >> and once you put your jammies on, you want to put your head on a pillow. >> you do, but you want to make sure that you're rejuvenating. these are silk pillow cases. they prevent wrinkles, anti-aging and help you not have bedhead and you can have them monogrammed and personalized. >> mini staycation in a box. >> this is from simone leblanc. it comes with a face mask, body candle to bring tranquility into the home and sun tea eye bags. these are made with japanese green tea. they help depuff and destress the eyes. only $8. great little stocking stuffer. >> and then a bath salt shot. >> so this is a shot without the hangover the next day. you drop this in your bathtub and then look, it starts to suds. these are made with essential oils and have really fun names. my favorite shot in college was a kamikaze shot. >> kind of like a fun mr. bubble.
10:36 am
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i liked his way. cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey! lkint geg outhat moneeeey! savings rth the hype. now that's progressive. yes, you know emmanuelle sor usher in theie "in probably know her hbo sies "entourage now she's bringing her sr po t wlayi a captivating hypnotist named gina. it's so go you. >> thank you. >> we just gave away -- well, we gave the idea of giving ay a visit to a psychic as a good christma gift. thinking about this journey for you, this character, wou you want this as agift.
10:41 am
no. >> because you think what? >> because you're just not sure if, you know, they're foreal or not. mea ielie tthere are some authentical gifted peop, veryuitive and otherwise, tn i believe n ehow you'v goteam artists. psychics and%s con artist and it a very,ery thin line between the t them. >> yes. sctaty that?ink se' >> i mean, people have such strong opinions heing a tstuff.d, you know, someeople a such big believers and some aren't. i ink tre a real fear bend it to?inkrsieve like that f t. i ero interest. and tn i think there are peop that natally gravitate to you know, believing that there' sething more thane can see. whh i definit@?elye.
10:42 am
>> did believe any of it? >> i did. did. you know what i love is a gd astrology readust because that's based in sciceo. i mean that's old, old, old science. there's something comforting about that. >> were you surprised that this is a world that really hasn't been delved intobefore? >> it was part of the intrigue o i. you know, all the characters are so left of center and fascinating, but world, i was scked htn't been eloit every corner see these psychic shops and you're like how are these people in busine? >> and of inntourage do you thin is there going t a sequel to the film, dyou think? >>oh, i wish. i don'thi so. >> oh. >> i know, it's sad.
10:43 am
if ever the oprtit t seque told your bi. >> isyrt>>t fe >> u. oh, my >> happy birthday. >> we're going to wheel this look at that! >> happy birthday. >> oh, thank you so much. >> we hope you like chocolate. >> i love chocolate. >> alorked on this flower all night for you. he put his heart and soul in that th ing. >> guys, i am so speechleso >> what are you doing for your biay & b. havg a dance
10:44 am
>> hunk ofit, go ahead. it's dense. it's a frozen cake wow. >> it'ske,t's cardard. >> tt's your latest weather.
10:45 am
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walmart. find gifts, groceries and more this season. >> all right. this morning we've cooked up a $20 challenge sponsored by walmart and now it's all about to go down. justin host of food & wine's mad genius tips, all hahn dra is a "today" show taste maker. >> they selected fresh ingredients to create a family dinner for $20 or less. dylan and i get a chance to taste what they came up with, with our favorite. i think we're going to like them both. guys, good to see you, good morning. we're going to start off with justin here. so justin, what's your dish? >> with my$20 i started with some brussel sprouts, some pears and apples. i julienned them and popped them in here. >> is this like a slaw? >> exactly, because i'm going to make crunchy chicken. it's a classic slaw with unusual
10:50 am
stir in some vinegar, some celery seed. these are pantry staples. >> why celery seed? >> i like that classic slaw flavor. that gives it to it. add it in here, give it a nice toss. these are really fresh ingredients. we have the pear, the brussel sprouts with the mayonnaise dressing and that's going to be so perfect with this chicken schnitzel that we're making. so i just mixed with egg cayenne pepper here. >> a little spice. >> yes. we're going to mix it and this is going to be so good with the fresh salad here. >> is that panko? >> this is panko but you can also use crushed pretzels or whatever you have in your pantry. pretzels or plain bread crumbs if you like. >> because these are boneless chicken breasts, these will cook up quickly. >> yes. and this is under $20. obviously that's the challenge.
10:51 am
schnitzel. >> so to fast taco. let's talk tacos over here. >> i went full vegetarian with this. if you do seasonal veggies, it's a great way to save money. >> so dress up the root vegables. >> i'm using some smoky spices. i've got paprika, cumin and chili powder. now, with the delicious roasted veggies, spices. >> in olive oil. >> in olive oil, put them in the oven, 25, 30 minutes. roasted, caramelized, so sweet, delicious. then we're making a creamy cool sauce. >> using goat cheese. >> yes. you can also use cream cheese. this was part of my challenge here. i'm adding lime zest and lime juice. so you're saving money, you want to get as much flavor as possible out of your ingredients. a little dried cumin. mix that all up.
10:52 am
so corn tortillas. they're so great for making quick meals. >> heat them up. >> and then we can build our tacos. so spread a little sauce on there. >> we already have some made. i'll grab this one. >> i've already tasted. >> i'm going to steal one of your tacos. >> drum roll. >> i took a bite out of that one. >> and, the winner is both! yes! fantastic! >> oh, my goodness. >> that's amazing. you can see their full recipes at and they'll be wearing silly hats. we're back in a moment, but
10:53 am
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10:55 am
our 23rd annual toy drive is going well. here is amy with her adorable boys, liam, lucas and james. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. thanks for having us here. >> absolutely. tell us a little bit about your donation and thank you for this. >> avon is always happy to give back to the community. i'm proud to be able to let $450,000 worth of some of these wonderful toys that are part of our full line of collection of items for everyone in the family. >> you started selling avon as a hobby and now you're a leader with 500 people. >> some of my people are here frozen smile, beautiful smile. you're the cutest thing we've ever seen.
10:56 am
10:57 am
i'm... julia fello alongside brian lets get a check of the weather.. the racine unified school district is looking at starting classes 15 minutes earlier... and they're early already. instead of 7:15... they'd like to start at 7 am.just two years ago... the american academy of pediatrics issued a policy statement -- urging schools to start no earlier than 8:30. the district says the change was proposed to allow for more professional development days for teachers -- and help the district bus more students. a
10:58 am
anything it wouldn't happen until the 2018-2019 school year
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hoda woman, do it. >> you got t. we figured we can get through this today. wines day wednesday and hump day for many of you. december 7th. of course, the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. a day which will live in infamy "thunder in the rain" with us in a little bit. >> one of the biggest stars in country music. here with his big posse waiting to perform, performing his
11:01 am
television show. so we're excited. speaking of country music stars, all you nashis, connie britton. taking you dehinded scenes. the living room. >> saw deacon. >> sure did. >> and actually going to be on the show interviewing people. anyway, it's going to be fun. >> such a nice die. >> deacon is such a nice guy. deacon is. and jill talking us into getting to a bathtub. >> not getting into a bathrobe. even for jill, who i'd do pretty much anything for. >> and the celebrating "hairspray" a fun edition of "who knew?." >> and seth, who's crazy. >> i love seth. i cannot wait for the musical, guys. live, an audience and going to be good. >> i just think it's going to do -- i don't know why, do really, really well.
11:02 am
wisdom." >> i think we are ready for some. >> if you make your business about helping others, you'll always have plenty of work. >> hmm. so true. never run out help. >> that's chris -- >> chris -- he's french. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> what about jennifer aniston? what is it? >> jennifer aniston suffered a wardrobe malfunction this week. >> leaving a movie screening. >> paparazzi caught her -- with her coat and a -- tag on >> good for her. >> human like the rest of us. >> and european size 36. went to our calculator. u.s. size 6. >> which she's not. she's much smaller than that, but you know, they cut things differently in europe. tinier. it's a smaller cut. >> smaller, but do you ever leave tags on your stuff? >> no. i hate tags. they bug me. i take off tangs all the time. >> ever had a tag -- i like a tag you yank it and it pops off,
11:03 am
>> i have rip add few things. >> you know when they have the kind you can't rip and it's on the tack and you need scissors? i leave those alone. because it's -- [ laughter ] >> how difficult to get a pair of scissors, hoda? >> no. >> those things flapping on your back? >> i was at -- totally have your tag hanging out. oh, it's that find. just stuff it in. she stuffed it -- right -- >> some people have their tags out and shall remain anonymous. >> so they can return. >>ea >> to return things she has worn. >> or intends to return. >> watch jo ann try to dodge the camera, on the other side of that screen. she's well known. jimmy -- too late. >> doesn't do it anymore. >> she doesn't do it anymore. a guy named milo ventamigl a. proved one buff guy.
11:04 am
supporting his adopteded son doing push-ups with his son on his back, and it was a bonding father/son experience. so when he was on "ellen" he told ellen i can do the same thing for you. so she said, okay. >> put him to the test. >> let's take a look. >> just put my legs on the ground. >> yeah. hang on. you can float them. here we go. ready, set? >> oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ] >> sure. okay, okay. >> go milo. >> she tried to return the favor. >> first of all, she did two push-ups. >> good for her. i mean, that's hard. >> yes! >> oh, my gosh. >> good for her. >> this is us by the way, the best show on television, it's on thursday nights on nbc. the best show on tv "this is us." >> waiting a long time to say
11:05 am
it. it finale is coming up, start it and just continue. >> another name you might have heard is cruz beckham? okay? 11 years old, third and youngest son of david and victoria beckham. the kids are gorgeous. >> yeah. >> seems to be taking his mom, not his dad, because he's got a record deal. >> got a record deal with famed talent manager scooter braun who reps justin bieber and many others. >> yeah. >> and 11 years old. does kind of look like justin when he was just sign we understand that he's dropped a single. >> cruz released his first single, it's a christmas song called "if every day was christmas." keep in mind, he is 11. take a look. ? what i can run to when i'm feeling down ? life is all good when you're around? ? >> it's cwedeno and from the passes beating you right now kaa i'll take you home? >> girls are already swooning.
11:06 am
>> good for him. his mom victoria posting videos of his singing on instagram like most proud mommies do. >> so amy schumer is fighting back. >> and she knows how. >> over it. i love this. she is over it. she's been chosing to be barbie in the barbie, upcoming barbie film. a bunch of haters went on social media to pound her. she should not be playing the iconic doll and she post add bathing suit s this is not the one she posted because we couldn't get the rights, but another one. this is her in a bathing suit. >> too expensive. >> thanked everyone for kind words of support and writes this -- my deepest sympathy goes out to the trolls in more pain than we will ever understand. >> uh-huh. yeah. i want to thank them for making it so evident that i am a great choice. it's that kind of respons that let's you know something's wrong with our culture. we know that. and we all need to work together
11:07 am
the fight for anybody who's been bullied. >> the thing, the whole point, she is a different looking, doesn't fit in barbie world and goes into the real world and discover, she has great value as an individual. so it's got a great teaching moment, but -- >> sure. >> who was -- i think -- somebody used to say, don't worry about it. hurt people -- hurt people hurt people. a nice person's never going to go on the internet and say nasty things to -- so you can always are hurting. >> right. >> you know? and they lash out by trying to hurt other people. >> and i was conflicted whether or not you should call out people saying that kind of stuff, because i watched someone we love retweeted something and i not going to say who, retweeted, i feel sorry for you. why are re even listening to those people? acknowledging -- >> empower them when we listen to them. yep, hoda woman. >> we need to laugh at haters
11:08 am
yep, yep. all right. >> an important question. >> yes. >> is it okay to keep certain things from your partner? secrets? so spoke like a therapist broke it down this way. anything you would not keep from your best friend, you should not keep from your significant other. >> so they're looking at it the opposite direction. >> nos your husband, boyfriend, an issue. a lichte of things is okay to hide from your no intention on acting. >> totally agree. >> nobody's business. >> somebody hit on you, you did not reciprocate. >> totally agree. >> agree. >> both will make your partner unnecessarily jealous and create a person if you happen to run into that person and stuff. >> not interested. why would you point it out? okay. what if it was your husband's good friend? or your boyfriend's really good friend? then would you say something? >> i would. >> i would, if it was that. then it's awkward.
11:09 am
>> depends. >> try not to criticize parents, wisdom. if you don't like his mom's lasagna or dad's never-ending stories, let it go. >> eat the lasagna. >> eat it anyway. >> don't reinforce insecurities. for example, bad at karaoke, don't need to keep pointing it out. always losing everything, you know? like, i know. >> and don't have to point out their best friend from childhood is annoying. they probably know that, too. >> exactly. >> all righty. we want to give a big, quick shout "everyone has a story." ? everyone has a moment ? >> no. is this a standing up moment? >> depends on how much of the song they're going to play. ? in that moment ? nothing will ever be the same ? again ? >> and if you have a story that is uplifting or inspiring or just fascinating we do want to know about it. especially if it has something
11:10 am
do it quick, david and i need to write it. go on the website and, please -- >> airs tuesday nights on nbc. not thursday. did i say thursday? >> once in a while we get something wrong. >> every now and then. not often. heading down to the bluebird cafe h. is a good time. catch up with the stars of "nashville" guess who's joining the cast? we are! >> right after this. we're only human. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it.
11:11 am
, let's all say what we want for christmas on the count of three, ok? one...two... barbie town house!!! ...three. sorry, got a little excited. we noticed. buy one, get one 50% off all barbie dolls, play sets and more!
11:12 am
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coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ]
11:14 am
it's not secret i've been a huge fan othe show "nashville" long time and bummed after the show was cancelled after four season. >> and a brand new season and new home on cnt. we were invited behind the scenes and got appear in an upcoming episode. >> before we show you what happened in "nashville" get you up to speet on the am connie britton plays rayna james. >> fabulous. >> veteran superstar, returns around highway 65. next? >> that's deacon played by charles esten, singer with a heart of gold, sometimes can not escape his sordid part and he and rayna just got rigid. >> and playing maddie and daphne. >> adorable. >> maddie is deacon and rayna's love child. don't worry. everybody knows about the secret and daphne's daddy is in jail.
11:15 am
died. come over here. >> played by claire and sam, called theexes. why?>> bse they broke up. >> yes. >> scarlett dropped the l bomb. >> love >> o -- >> onunner again. so now we've got to wait to see what happens. >> all that, anywho! take a look at the trouble we got into down in music city. ?? >> look at this. >> oh, wait a minute. is this it? >> world famous -- bluebird cafe. >> and original. doesn't it? >> really does. said it's an exact replica. >> says the best songwriters in the world pass through this door. darn right. >> there you go. >> you guys have been singing together for how long? >> since, honestly -- >> so long. >> so long you can't remember. >> always just sang together. >> we're in the bluebird. >> yes. >> the famous bluebird. >> and feel we should be sitting here watching you two, sing. >> yeah. come on.
11:16 am
? i belong with you, you belong with me you're my sweetheart ? i belong with you, you belong with me ? [ cheers and applause ] >> whew! >> hoda, you must befreaking, you're such a huge fan of this show. >> let me pretend to be rayna washing dishes. oh, wow. how about rayna? sniffing >> there's a lot of -- >> and why don't you put your finger in a pear? something fun. >> by the way it is kind of cool. the whole kitchen. >> rayna and deacon are getting along these days? >> yes, they are. >> that's good. is his temper under control? >> yes. i think they've made out here many times. >> deacon, tell us -- >> oh. >> hello. >> going through our kitchen. >> yes. hoda, look, left a thumbprint in one of the pears. i apologize. >> no.
11:17 am
stella not long ago could not resist putting our thumbs in though pears. so how soft -- mush. so -- you're not the first. >> mazy. >> they are awesome. first of all, we're so happy you're back on tv. >> cmt themselves said that "nashies" like you are why we brought back. it wasn't even close. ? hmm, baby, you need ? >> you and connie have crazy chemistry. right? >> well, you know, it's so funny, because -- >> either that are or great actors. >> she's a great actress. she's amazing and i was a fan before i even met her. ? you surrender to me ? >> i like other shows, watch the show, done, remember it. with us, they get music they get to take with hem. >> so intertwined so creatively. >> uh-huh. >> i've always agreed. never a thing you're doing a scene and now here's the song.
11:18 am
fabric. it's just. it's there. woven in. >> for my character, the thing where, maybe not, he doesn't want to say too much. so, but you put him behind a guitar and -- >> exactly. you hear his heart. >> hey, guys. >> there she is! >> hi! >> howyou? >>ou were f say yes? >> no. if they had, i probably wouldn't be here right now. >> that's not true. they knew you had done regional theater stuff. >> yes. i had a really honest conversation about it and i said, i used to sing but it was a really long time ago. i haven't sung in probably 20 years. but i would, you know, i would love the challenge of that. i think it would be a really, really exciting thing to try to do. and they were both, like, let's
11:19 am
>> artists she can count on. >> she can count on us. >>y gu you guys will be in our show? in your show. >> yes. >> any pointers for intervies you two crazy kids? >> like scarlett seems so weird. ah, don't look at me, most of the time. >> expect many takes? >> yes. >> i would guess. >> you guys are pros. >> not really. >> pregame. >> and -- go. >> okay, >> how do we do it. >> all: day after day? [ whispering ] >> they're going to have to wait to see us, hoda. don't want to spoil it showing our entire cameo, but you'll get to see it a lot sooner than late perp can't say when. >> "nashville" starts back january 5th. so glad they're back. >> and southern hospitality to
11:20 am
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it is wines day wednesday when we check in with our nutritionist joy bauer. >> in the orange room with today's viewer question. who's it from this week, joy? >> thik teeion iom j in massequ york, who writes if i'm stuck eating at the food court while shopping at the mall what is the
11:24 am
so definitely stick around. and now,ack to you, ladies. >> all right. we got -- i can't wait to hear theoo court food. going to be good, joy. aright, s you late a diet question for joy go to? x gandhodaomnd hit connect button. back to you, kath. >> and hottest new name in countr hoda >>kd get out youif jill has presents f the.+ perso everything. >> and brush upn your show tunes. >> why? brdw witham " ?k my budget used to be a real downer. especially around the holidays. my budget used to be a real downer. i made a list of everyone we need to get gifts for this year. but thanks to, we can shop over 700,000 items from brands like samsung, kitche a lego. all with low mthly payments. just click on over to
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six days of recounting the votes for president in wisconsin... not much change... in donald trump is actually increasing his lead in some counties. the recount continues on behalf of the jill stein and hillary clinton campaigns. as 23 counties complete the process... trump has gained 143 votes on clinton. larger counties including waukesha and colwaukee are still ting... but expecting to finish by next week's deadline. changes coming to the wisconsin gas building's iconic weather forecasting flame. rather than manually changing the colors of the flame, the new owners will use
11:29 am
signals will stay the same. when the flame is red, it's warm weather ahead. when the flame is gold, watch out for cold. when the flame is blue, there's no change in view."
11:30 am
it's wines day wednesday and we're ready to play our weekly trivia game "who kne." to get youn the song and dance irit, tha loud music, w thought it would be fun to test k hoda's across the street at the shop at nbctuos and 3 rock ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions even better if you don't you get a signed book set. and seth radebt sradebtsky.
11:31 am
show, when? >> january 14th of 1952. >> our origil viewer here we go, honey. what movie is the highest grossing film adactation of a broad wray musical? "sounds of music" a greece" or "chicago." >> i hate this, but i think it's "sound the music." >> "soundfsic"sht? n buzzer ] >> oh,yeah. i would have said that, but it's wron what i >> it's "greece," aegnd hitsiden trol do you know who was hle?ro henry winkler. rned itdown, too fonzie and -->> right. bayooda woman. >> your name, sweetie? >> chris. >> from -- >> lakela, right near lake >> this musical "hairspray" about young tracy who wants to
11:32 am
who does harvey fierstein play? tracy's father, mother or >> iri i won your -- book. it's his mother. >> his mother. yes! [ bell ] [ cheers and applause ] >>eah. harvey's the best. a little damage. more scoop fyou. wh did the movie, do you remember? -- >> john travolta. >> yes! >> before even that happened. the first practice go. kthuf hoda? >> your name? >> madonna. >> perfect. you've got to finish a lyric. to this famous pop tune featured in "on your feet." ? what's happening to you ? and before this night is through ? ooh, baby ?
11:33 am
>> the rhythm is gonna get cha! come on, baby. >> too nervous. ? rhythm is going to get cha ? >> i love the way hoda chooses any key. >> what was worst? lyrics or hoda singing? >> hoda sings fine. sings fine. just pick as key she likes. >> bravo, hoda. you still got it, in quotes. >> give that to her. she got "the rhythm is." >> she got it? >> right. >> it's. ? the rhythm is going to cha ? ? >> next one? >> i cording to billboard which had thert det? le miz, sound of music or "hamilton"? >> i'm saying, "le miz". [ buzzer ] >> yes, >> they're excited because they're getting a book. >> you can buy a book with the money! >> that's true. they could. >> all right. so the answer is -- "hamilton."
11:34 am
"hamilton." "hamilton," first musical with rap. what was really the first sical with rap? ? well you got trouble with a capital t ? >> "music man." >> sorry, everybody. he was so great. come on back, hoda. >> i won $100. >> i love you to pieces. a great show on sirius xm. and catch "hairspray" tonight 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. and gifts for everybody on your list. whether they're naughty or nice. right, jilly? >> right! ?? tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto?- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook.
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with two weeks to christmas and hanukkah, probably still have a lot of people to shop for. >> personal gifts are always appreciated. >> here with a shopping bag full
11:39 am
only -- >> all: jill martin! >> hi, darling. >> i feel you can get the best gifts. really excited. start wit robes. these are pottery barn. cozy at $65. ha, obviously. just faux fur, comfy cozy. all kinds of different iterations of it. i want to take a nap. fabulous. pan down. this is a splurge item. had to show these. $199 if i could have a picture of blake, hoda's dog, you've seen a million pictures of. blake has been turned -- you know what i mean? into slippers. so it's funny. we were talking before how to react. >> freak and start growling but i love them. >> and then bambino. >> this is bigger than bambino. >> yes, they're bigger -- >> little bam. >> how much of these, jill? >> $199.
11:40 am
>> had to. >> and shut per fly. >> i love shutterfly. >> these are, cassidy and cody. i know you have that picture. top moments from 2016. >> oh, my gosh. >> the whole family and moments we took often your social media. not to sound creepy, and then put them in the book and told a story of them. they have all different ones. grandma's brag book, for your mom. >> oh, my gosh. going to love that. >> fantastic, jill. and still not, too late to get these? >> no. everything delivered in time. one of my favorite gifts >> i can't. >> which i made cassidy and cody, a little old for his this, but hannah and ellis, you have to match up, the match up the pictures. >> adorable. >> so cute. >> that is next level. jet set candy. make any price point you want with this. look at your wrist and neck, which you didn't realize i put them on, probably. it has everything that represents i know about you. a tag for dubai, a tag for l.a.
11:41 am
crab for annapolis, maryland. >> oh, my gosh, jill. >> and do one charm. send the charm for someone to add to a necklace they already have. jet set. and under $200 for uncommon goods. what i love about mom. a mini book. fill in the things you love. >> fill it in yourself. >> i'm humbled by your -- you learn different things about your family you wouldn't normally know. >> that's >> you can't see up there, but these are doormats. [ laughter ] they're music. so i have kathie, i have joel and hoda. the kotbs. >> i love el -- side one. adorable. >> i can't handle this. >> connect four, that's personalized. >> what? >> look. your names. >> and ella and hannah and cassidy and cody. connect four, need to get four
11:42 am
is that fabulous? >> oh, jill, john, g.d. and marty. oh, my -- >> wondering, i think that's her family. >> yeah. then have a different last name. not married, anyway -- and this has everything that represents someone's hobby. there's lipsticks, there's -- look at all the different things here. >> candy? >> it's chocolate candy. >> all of it? >> yeah, and delicious. so there's all different price points, comes in a beautiful box. it is the ultimate gift for a foodie. >> you are the ultimate gift for >> you know what? is there more? >> no. i'm so happy. with all -- with everything i brought for you. >> these are awesome. thank you, jill. >> all right. >> become one of country music's fastest rising stars with five number one hits. >> a performance right after this, cane brown. >> come on, cane. >> bring it, bring it, the humble potato. pudgy, dimpled and plain.
11:43 am
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series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. he's been called one of the country musical most promising newcomer and you're about to see why. >> we love our kane brown, whose performances racked up more than 100 million views. and new album calledhat else? wil kane brown! >> had to wor name. yeah. >> get it out there. >> an album you learn about me and learn about my, the biggest people that mean so much to me. >> and how you grew up, your how many home town and what you're sing about now? >> i'm on tour. >> let people know. >> i'm on tour. >> go out and sea kane brown and all of his guys.
11:49 am
? mr. jackson cuts his grass after church on his tractor listening to the countr countdown ? hebs three-chord sessions giving lessons from dive bars ? he just smiles can't help but grin when he turns that dial on the f.m. ? here's an old friend he can't lieve it ? ain't that what it's all about, yeah ? all i want to do is make my hometown proud, make them turn up proud waiting for it to go down ? all i want to do is make my hometown proud, going to give them that sound ? everybody's talking about ? that same old same old southern poise ? l got thatam o we're singing now, all i want to
11:50 am
make my hometown proud, make my home n to proud ? i was grinding out the years all the fashion and the tears, man, it paid up a ? all the places that we see all the pple that we immediate it feels like a dream we're living on ? it ain't the lights and fame it ain't the smoke and flame ? it's that sweetheart that's on my mind ? l hometown proud, they can turn it up loud ? put them windows down ? all i want to do is make my hometown proud going to give them that sound ? ? everybody's talking about with that same old, same old, same old southern poise ? still got that same old, same old southern poise ? we're singing now, all i want to do is make my hometown proud, make my hometown proud ?
11:51 am
? every song, every way and every move i've ever made ? >> that's right. northwest, georgia! where y'all at? ? every song, every way, every move, everybody babe ? >> the "today" show! turn it up! come on! ? all i want to do is make my hometown proud ? make them turn it up loud with their windows down ? all i want to do is make my hometown proud ? ? going to give them that sound, everybody's talking about ? give them the same old, same old southern poise ? still got that same old, same old southern poise ? ? we're singing now, all i want to do is make my hometown proud, make my hometown proud ? ? old mr. jackson cuts his grass after church on his tractor only after listening to the country countdown ??
11:52 am
yeah! >> yes! hometown. >> kane brown. >> kane, beautiful. >> thank you, guys. >> how much fun was that? >> go out and see the guys on tour all over the country. makes you want to crank it up! right? y'all are awesome. does all that holiday shopping make you hungry? >> joy the got your snacking solution and diet s.o.s. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> that was awesome!
11:53 am
? ? ? ?
11:54 am
belle. la vie est belle. the eau de p lan?mearfum,
11:55 am
all right. it's time to get answers. beautiful. waiting for the answer to joy's diet s.o.s. question of the week. >> joy, what's something healthy viewers can eat while they're shopping? >> okay. jen, lots of options under 500 calories and won't wreck your diet. if you want a burger, you're going to hit johnny rockets or shake shack. order a plain burger and remove that top half of the bun.
11:56 am
california pizza kitchen. they have thin crust yummy pizza that is topped with a lot of vegetables. two slices. you could go to awe bahn pann, pizza, panda express, grilled teriyaki or beef and broccoli or starbucks, protein bistro box. there you go. >> you got it. joy, thank you. now for a big contribution to our toy drive, the generous donor -- >> all: drum roll, please. >> it's laura monahan and her kids. >> denny and mckenna. hi, kids. >> you guys look like a ralph lauren ad. >> yes, you do. >> what have you donated today? >> we are donating over $150,000 worth of baby strollers. >> what a gift. >> it really s. those kinds of needs. >> pricey for people. >> why is it so important for
11:57 am
of year? >> we feel it's really important for families to have safe transport for your children. >> and how about your cute kids? hi, guys. >> you ready for christmas, for the holidays? >> yeah. >> do you know what you want for christmas? >> a laptop to do my schoolwork on. >> to do her "schoolwork." we're on to you. remember, donate toys on the plaza or online, >> oh, okay. >> watch what happens. >> i'm hitting the streets in disguise as a meter maid. gets scary. >> and lou manfredini helps silence creeky floors for good. >> and ambush makeovers. have an awesome wines day wednesday, because tomorrow is what? >> thirsty thursday.
11:58 am
next on live at noon-- rise and shine. how early one school district wants kids to start waking up for class... and the push back against the proposal. then - hacked. the u-w students who's personal information may be at risk... and the warning from university officials. and cold today... getting even when the coldest temperatures of the season arrive. he's got the storm team forecast. i'm vince at noon is
12:00 pm
now at noon -- headed to trial. the man accused of a tragic drunk driving crash that claimed two lives... in court this morning. levi ruohonen is accused of killing a father and daughter in a drunk-driving crash last month. a court commissioner in racine county this morning decided there is enough evidence to put him on trial. pete zervakis reports. now out of custody, levi ruohonen appeared in street clothes and said very little in court ruohonen waived a preliminary hearing this morning. then entered three not guilty pleas. he's charged


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