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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  December 8, 2016 9:00am-9:39am CST

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good morning today holiday giving made easy. a simple way to feed the hungry without leaving home. a local neighborhood that is feeling the energy. why businesses and people are movingn. and it is christmas breakfast done right. e gog swou make a dh nig that's next onle on the morning
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spy. i when i was made cameo at the did fire side years ago >> yes. >> it was just like a?bvi made r hudson last night that gave me aostike i almo made herassut. lmostassed o watch hirebl tt twd wondful.moment i w most ianehava
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potivecommercials about uncollusivenandov uch beaut tevle tghasly
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>> no. >> the whiz live. >> but they did peter pan live too. >> this one was flawless. incredible it was great. >> our soundoff is what is your favorite musical? what is your five? >> lesmis. >> our high school is doing that this year. >> my favorite always i think it is so beautiful. >> there it is on facebook what is your favorite musical. >>i also like avenue q. have one for you today. this picture is kind of small. >> i love this. >> this is a butter hack. >> use this for your holidays. >> this is so cool. right here is a butter hack from real simple magazine. that's a great shot dave thank you so much. what they say to do a lot of people have to use smaller chunks of butter so maybe it's like you're going to serve it for example as a little like pats of butter you could use what they have here is the egg
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use a egg slicer. the other way is to chop a butter into small pieces like if are you making pie dough or dotting it on vegetables. you can slice it one way, turn the butter and slice it the other way so it's even smaller squares that is super cool. the other thing to make cold butter spreadable for toast, sliver off pieces with like a vegetable peeler. >> it still won't spread though. >>t should say. here's a couple hacks as well for your house. cleaning your dishwasher which i rarely do it. leave a bowl filled with white vinegar on the top rack and run it on the hottest possible cycle with no other dishes. >> will the vinegar come out if it's sitting up like that? >> i don't know it just says leave a bowl of vinegar on the
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>> this one says the hottest possible. >> to clean a coffee grinder use uncooked white rice and grind it up and clean it with baking soda after. leather furniture use shoe polish. grease stains on the walls you ever get these? >> yes because i have kids. >> here's what they say cover it with shake after a few -- chalk, after a few minutes wipe i it's clean. >> no way my son throws stuff to see if it will stick to the ceiling he's not supposed to so i have all of these stains on the ceiling so i will try it with that. last thing four alka seltzer tablets and leave it in there for a few minutes then run it through.
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>> the other thing i have heard is put them in a microwave. we got you all set now ready to have company over for the holidays you got your butter and cleaning hacks. before we move on we're going to take a look at our art's cameras plus picture of the day. >> sharon sent us this beautiful photo of her 4 month old daughter nora. >> i want her. >> nora is a very happy baby until she just kidding. >> can you bring her in so i can suck on those cheeks. i want to look at her. [laughter] >> she is so cute. >> send another picture when she's in the snow i want to see if that's that happy. >> she probably will be first snow is always all right. if there is someone special in your life you would like to see on tv make them our pictures of the day email us at first up this morning, a lot of people are going to make ham for christmas dinner.
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>> a way to use the left over ham and take it up a notch to make something that will wow your family the next day. chef kate is back from the jones dairy farm with a ham and cheese waffle strada. i think people are always looking for something fun to do. they have thanksgiving left over turkey, but a lot of people for christmas will do ham. >> this is that great recipe for the left over ham. if you are going to have people over and having over night guests this is better if you let it sit, let the eggs soak in and bake it the next morning. >> that's the best. have something in your refrigerator that you pop it in the oven the next morning it's stress free. i love that. >> is this easy also? >> totally easy? >> . the star ingredient is the jones dairy farm ham. all of the hams we have different sizes. they come in all different sizes
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large ham to feed a lot of people or if there is only two or four of you you can buy one of the smaller hams. >> you got your papa ham, momma ham and baby ham. >> we also have the ham steak that you only have maybe one or just cooking a small meal for one or two people. >> single slice there. >> tiffany's favorite the canadian bacon. >> this is always in my refrigerator at all times. >> you can use that for this recipe too. >> i had a called i love ham steak all of my friends know it i would sing it every morning at brunch. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> i bet it never got old. >> it did not they still to this day know that song. >> you can sing that while you're making this. christmas night. okay. so as we know with the jones dairy farm ham certified gluten
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for 100 years. never any liquid smoke used. it's smoked in the jones smoke house using only real hard wood hickory chips. >> you can really taste the difference when have you this ham. as you know i love my ham. >> this is going to be the finished product over here. we start with a 9 by 13 pan make sure to spray it really well. six waffles in the bottom. there is a recipe attached to the recipe for the waffles. if you don't have a waffle maker just go buy frozen. try to get the buttermilk so they are thicker and toast them before you put them in here. we have the waffles i have six in the bottom going to top with another six. we is six eggs. >> oh, look at that. >> i never have seep that before. seen that before. >> do it again just hold on. >> look at that. i never have seen anybody use a
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bowl it's easier to do it that way. >> we have two cups of milk. >> you just changed the way everyone whisks eggs forever. >> do it again. [laughter] >> you're going t me a mess. >> then we're going to add in a little nutmeg and a little cinnamon and some vanilla. >> okay. >> then just a little bit of salt and pepper. >> there we go again. >> that's great. >> that's awesome. you can use whatever, -- >> there is a little breeze cheese you want in this recipe i'm using swiss. if you want to do it with cheddar that would work really well too. we're going to layer first with the ham. these are nice slices if you have any kind of left overs they don't have to be perfectly oval or round like this whatever you have left over. >> perfect for the waffle size. >> yes. very very well for this. >> which one was that do you know was that the dainty or the family? >> this one was the family.
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cheese on top. this really is soasy. it really is. >> i love it. >>um. >> yum. >> that's going to f feed a lotf people because it's dense. >> you can serve it with fruit. >> got some blueberries i love blueberries. >> then we're going to layer the waffles on the top. that goes on the very top. >> oh. >> you want it it's kind of like a play on you have that french toast egg bake and you dip it and then you cook it. >> i'm glad you brought jam in front. i was going to say a monty christo is so good with strawberry and raspberry jam. >> i have red and black raspberry preserved. this just gets poured over the top. >> okay. >> look at that. >> so you are really getting it in there too. >> if you make it the day before you allow all of that egg to soak into the waffle. >> exactly.
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christo the over day i never knew what that was. >> usually monty christo is ham and turkey so if you have left over turkey put that in there. >> we have other jones dairy farm products. they make great sausage, we already showed the ham and canadian bacon, but a lot of >>.er great products youanfit yo his ishe f noise. that's fun for t kids. >>h, my g. [lter] >> youe?/ refrigerate that at lst 3 minutrniwoul top it with whatever you want. we haveck rpberry and
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>>kayk at usg 'm goi to give some ae ofthiver. infoion.neireo ht.urys0 a. 9:0 a wonderful ac to go. lo ofat j d farmpr a of other local wisconsin th h other great >>tu>> gakos.oisoood. so easy. >> uh-huh.e.
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welcome back to the morning blend. today we are going to make giving to people in need easier than ever before. most of you are super busy this time of the year. now you can help feed families right here in our communities using your computer. >> it is that easy. today'stmj4 has teamed up local families this season. it's called the home for the holidays virtual food drive. gary sievewright and sherrie tussle are hereit thanks for beingere you h guys. >> thank you. >> i see you on today's tmj4 now all the time. i see your commercials and i love it. >> thank you. >> i think everybody wants to be able to give this time of the year. sometimes we get so caught up with running around getting everything done that we just don't make stops where we wou like to do them. so this is an easy way for people to sit home, be able to
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james virtual food drive? >> it's very easy. most of us do shop online. with an extra click peoe can purchase a sgle ham, a turkey, a full family meal orormultip f. i allows us to be able toov people nit a holiday meal. >> i love invtment nningir whyoes it mse f this? >> the people that hunger task force serves are children. 2 out of 3 children experience hunger. so that in and of itself is what drives us. when you factor in the holiday time a lot of us take for granted that we are with friends and family and eat great food. you just experienced it. not everybody has that ability. >> did you notice?
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forefront a way we can easily give and make sure everybody does have a proper meal. >> how does it work. everody is like this sounds greaant t to take part what do i do? >> there is a link at tmj4. you get out your credit card you make a contribution a local hury fy i n >> one of thi y alway people ary around. so is n hunger doesn't take a break i things like that. but why dooueelgin the holiday sseason, ith mmporta gs?enou >> well it's an important time because people a thinking about not just their family, and strangers.nds, but,omplete people across town. it's a time when your heart is open, you're feeling generous and you can take that first step on being charitable and maybe in january and februy help us out as well. >> how will you distribute the
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ve us a deal.ntributors w of f so wean get a m?tt deal. >> whatever you get goes a lot further. so when people give you areving gi lot more than what you think even if y are giving $20. >> we encourage people to be generous and think about the fact there are people in the community that have that need. their huge difference in somebody's holiday. >> you can do as little as $10 d help feed a family. that's great. what are some of other ycan hoe? >> turkey or ham or an entire holiday meal. >> simple. >> what is included in the full holiday meal? >> not only the full holiday meal, but other things like cereal, milk that is going to stretchhat holiday meal into
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>> it's a holiday week. >> for all of us it is why not make that speci feoneor s else. >> wonderful >> it's great gary that today's tmj4 has been able to partner with your company and the hunger task force in doing this. we're super proud of it. i told you on today's tmj4 partners with someone i feel likey dt right. it's wonde suprt important and that it helps people right here in our community it is wonderful. herehat you need to do. you don't hav t leave i he know everybody isus everybody can do this becse from your home for the holidays it's a virtual fo drive go to hunger task force .org now through the end of the month through december 30 you can make a contribution and help a hungry family eat this holiday season and make memories with their family and friends. great to see you. >> happy holidays thank you. after the break a great place to do business andork we're going to tell you which local neighborhood has become an economic engine for the city.
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holidays shine. easy diy ideas to have an
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ood on theest side.eighborh
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more than 300 businesses have set up shop there and more than 14,000 people work there. >> that must ab good place. everybody is go there. what so great about granville anyway? mary hoehne is the executive director of the granville business improvement district. why this place deserving your attention. great to see you again. >> good do see you guys. >> i love talking to you during the summer about the food truck. do you fun stuff out there to bring in the community, share some lunch, people on the job can stop food. let's talk about the area. which, what boundaries are we talking about >> granville starts on brown deer road where brown deer ends. granville goes out to 4twe go but business improvement district stops at 95theet. we start at good hope road north to ce're really large. >> what is the deal why is it so popular?
9:26 am
manufacturers in the state of wisconsin. >> gotcha. >> that's why we've got five largstridu parks. r durial pks a reion made a huge come back. right now we only have one building for sale as far as a manufacturing facility. that's very small and a facility that really is o. everything else is full and weaf businesses in granville areng w newbieses in they want t stay the.'s th is really c we found that o when we had ser annual meeting usinesses say we love it here ande're looking granvillnotooking outside o milwaukee ty so businessesant ty they are thr it like. is that whatakes i so great. arewhat the reasons you sell it? what do you think the reasons that granville is wderful place to wor and diness? >> our real positive is our
9:27 am
yo of probably the waukesha county, washington county, waukesha county. you can work there and live almost anywhere. now we want to turn it around. one of the goals granville bit ten years from now people will be working in granville and wanting to invest and live in granville. we see a renaissance coming. one thing we really noticed people are now calling it granville. it was the northwest side of milwaukee. we're hearing that word out there in the press. people are talking. so, -- >> name recognition. >> we've made a bit of a change that's where we feel like we're looking towards the next ten
9:28 am
called granville 2030. >> that's a big thing coming in terms of investments and development opportunities. even though it is busy and you have all of this stuff and people living and working there and businesses. you also have this opportunity for investment and development. >> we have a huge opportunity. everyone else knows we once were thriving in the other area which would have been commercial retail that pretty much fizzled throughout the years for many reasons of which we're trying to turn that around. we know people will come. we know if we bui come. we know the area is safe. we know it's a good area. so we have paired with milwaukee and uwm we have taken five humungous parcells of land so we're getting the main investors. let's pretend there is nothing on this land. let's take where the old menards and 76th and dean.
9:29 am
let's pretend it's not there. we're taking five parcells including north ridge, pieces of land and discussing how can we build this community? >> to redo it. >> redo it and what do we need in the next ten years? so that's where we see that the opportunity is endless. absolutely endless. we look at our strengths our businesses, manufactures, car dealerships so we know people will come. >> it's like a blank canvas it coulbe >> exactly. to service our amazing rederesidential communities. we have an amazing diversity of everything income people, all ethnic groups and that's what we want to keep there. >> and you're having fun too. we mentioned the food truck. think that is super fun for people to look forward to one day a week you are also doing an art walk. >> the only way we can get
9:30 am
place it is is to bring people in. june 3 we're doing the first of many art walks. it's going to be on brown deer road. with the multicultural emphasis we'll be bringing in artists, dancers, jazz, blues. we're trying to get this place to be fun. >> i like it. >> i love what you're doing. you can visit online if you want to learn more about the development opportunities as well as investment for the granville to lean more. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> happy holidays. >> merry christmas you're a hoot when you are with faye. [laughter] >> thanks so much. >> my favorite segment i love it. >> you guys are crazy. [laughter] >> thank you i love it. thank you so much. >> great to see you. still ahead if someone on your list wan ats drone, but you are unsure which ones to get we'll show you this machine that
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decorations looks good even on a show string budget. i love this idea that people can have a holiday that looks expensive, but they don't necessarily have to spend their entire budget on things. >> not at a. you probably have already around yourouse or you have gotbox in a great w to reuse it. iov paper it's affordae. yoca beeally creative and it istyesay i set the table for this little party that we're having here, i started with a paper table nner. it couldn't be easier. craft paper is super inexpensive i use it for so many different intunningtown the center of the table looks really elegant. i love the color it is neutral
9:35 am
natural feel. gy ahead and lay it dnhe center of myable. if you want to you can tape the ends on the under side of your table. i the put my ptes andssif y woaa ve you can take a pennd write messages around the rimeter of thelate you can do everything from writing seasons greatings to using lyricso christmas caroles whatever you want. you can even get your guests involved as well if you have a couple pens around. the best part is at the end of away, recycle it and there is no ironing and no washing. the other thing that i did, in fact molly i think you have a present for me. because you are invited to our dinner or to our party today. but, at each place and you can go ahead and open it if you want. at each place setting, each place setting rather than just doing a place card i buy these really pretty boxes, and inside i just put a little gift it's
9:36 am
at most and go ahead and put a ribbon around it and a little name tag and thatoubles as my place card so when guests come to the table, they have something little, pretty, something to open and they also know where they are supposed to sit. >> this is so fun a 2017, little ae cenr.r purse day planner. >> yeah. yeah. so wishing you all the best of 2017. >> very p thanks for this gift. as you say it's a little gift it is practical it looks festive on the table, but also doubles as a name tag. >> exactly. exactly. and the other thing that is really fun to do this is a one step more crafty, but it is anybody can do, y just take these boxes you can get the at anywhere gift they fold. paith a fold they go fromabout
9:37 am
dimensional. we take these boxes and on the four sides you just take a cookie cutter or stencil, go ahead and trace that shape here's a little star for example, that we traced and you just take an exacto knife and while it is flat you cut the she out, then you do that on all four sides you just pop the box open and then you go ahead and put a little battery operated tea light inside, and e those on your table for your d?cor and i like to stack use different shape cutouts and also have them as different sizes. so it's really pretty and easy. and at the end of the partyou just unfold them and you can use them for the next dinner as well. >> i like that a safe way to have light on the table make it ok festive too. have fun ways tp people entertained? >> yes. so the other thing i love are party games like parlor table games. they are just good conversation
9:38 am
answer, they just take a little piece of paper, write the answer down, they go ahead and stick it in, this is it a box i just got in the mail which i put a little ribbon around so it looked more festive and just put the answers in. take that box to the table pass it around and people read the answers and the goal is to guess who wrote which answer and for every person you guessed right, you get a point. it's just one out of a lot of games can youy pla just using paper and things like that so. i have many more ideas at the website how life >> fantastic. great talking to you and have a wonderful holiday. >> you too thanks. >> thanks elizabeth. coming up on the show a classic is making a come back.
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that was asome rya scott in our shot there. you have seen her on the today show multiple times now ey award winning tv host and technology expertie linendoll has great gift ideas. >> here are tech ideas that make a big impression.
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at thunk still ahe we've g give away that will warm you up. after the break how to avoid financial strain when it comes
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all right well we asked you
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favorite musical. lots of responses. >>his is of course in honor of last night's showing of hair spy. so robert is like not t pick one, but he likes "phanofthe opn >> we'llhare more of these in a little bit. thanks for sounding off. if you are bringing your friends and family together f the holidays it can be fun, but some lstrle about throwing the perfect holiday party. here toe e festive seasons tv host ereka vetrini. good morning to you. >>d mning ereka. >> eka i n hearing y. we're going to try her after the break. stay tuned we have a give away we'll hear your responses more of those still time to sound off
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we're going to try it again. ereka vetrini has tips to reduce holiday stress. good morning. >> good morning thank you so much for having me. i do partner with great companies to give you great products, tips and resources to get through this holiday stress free. >> love it. what if we're hosting at our place where do we start there? >> yeah well for me it is always
9:52 am
is in great shape. i partnered with sears home services they are giving us great tips to make sure your appliances are running smooth he will. the first one is a diy tip. they suggest cleaning your refrigerator coils twice a year. you brush them under or behind the refrigerator. get rid of the dirt and pet hair. make sure the refrigerator runs efficiently. if you are likehe not my thing i get it go to sears home service/checkup you can schedule a laundry and kitchen checkup. the technician will come to your house and do a 64 point inspection to make sure everything is going for the big days. i'm cooking >> my house to make sure that is important. to me holidays aren't the holidays without the green bean casserole. over 30 million homes will be
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convinced it is because of the crispy fried onions. they have created the bacon onion potato dish. bacon, onions, cheese, i have topped it with french's new spicey jalapeno. sorry crispy jalapenos. a great update to a classic both delicious and super easy to make. find those at moving onto treats. the best part is making them with my kids. i need something super easy. i love these scotch a roos. they are make with kero like corn syrup. here i have the christmas trees and the classics, but you can take any kind of candy and have your kids decorate them. they are great for cookie swaps and also great if you put them
9:54 am
gifts. make batches andiffa luc iet t . >> absolutely. you know when it comes to the parts that i'm really worried about i get stressed about entertaining and gift giving do you have tips there for how to save a little cash? >> i'm so with you tiffany. i'm alwaysookingorces to really goodort ever ithe way i stretch my budget. my secret weapon it's the bestou deals nott for gift gg, tor erythin you need f rtaing. trees, decorations even coupons foing? hts outou ast breor hingytok for theromotis i your .ilreoing to see somethingke li and w have lots
9:55 am
or are you go to red sone ll of them there a ow h ye any little ones at your house i do i have my son sick and my daughter ii had? sal ssage jus forhet poable north pcom ilike in hellolyn. ur 8-years-old aren't you? >> that is just a tylip of a bigger video soou can portable nplor.c picture, age what tt l sorts of detls. no or downloa the app on your ios or android phone. >> cute. i don'tav littlnes, but?@ i kind of want to doha for my brothers. >> almost everydy has s that to me today. so do i. everybody wants to be kids
9:56 am
len meioned ? goeka vetrini and click on the blog pos a of this information will be there. >> thanks uch for joining us happy holidays to you. >> you too happy holids tiffany. absolutely. all right. well you kw 's a good day when- youet something for free. check this out from ourffee sor. the cake which is super yummy and in their cafe fair line morning blend. that's right. cafe fair is a socially responsible coffee. it is eco friendly andlways organic just like me and molly. >> and delicious too. if >> if you want to win this awesome prize give us a call right now at (414)799-4444. we are even throwing in a morning blend mug big yellow one and a morning blend bag also yellow that can brighten anyone's day. literally it's that bright. it's like highliger
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favorite musical is i think it is wicked, but. -- >> what is so funny about that? >> i think it's wicked. >> but i also like sound of music. >> vicky says wicked and joseph and the technicolor dream coat. >> camelot, high school musical. ea9). >> good. thank you so much for joining us today with hope to see you again tomro
9:59 am
this morning on "today's" take. madonna makes a surprise confession during car pool karaoke. sfwlmpblts crash course in motherhood. not one, but six kids. plus the sweet sound of baby james. five-time grammy winner james taylor, right now. from nbc news, this is "today's" take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. this is thursday morning, december 8, 2016, and we are here and somebody is feeling a little grinchy right now. >> my christmas has been ruined. i'm just going -- >> not yet. it's only december 8th. >> i think you need to clarify


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