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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  December 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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now at noon -- headed to prison-- one of three men responsible for the death of five year old laylah petersen will spend 3 decades a judge handed down that sentence to 24-year old arlis gordon this morning. he previously pleaded guilty in connection with petersen's death.pete zervakis was in the court room. more than two years after laylah petersen was shot and killed... the third and final man involved her death was sentenced to 30 years in prison. my life was almost destroyed that day emotional words from the father of five year old laylah petersen... my daughter meant more to me than
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the most wonderful little girl speaking just feet from where arlis gordon sat sentence. we never hurt anybody, we never did anything to deserve this police say gordon and carl barrett shot up a home near 58th and fairmount in november of 2014.petersen was inside with her grandparents and younger sister... and killed by the gunfire. gordon says he's remorseful. i would like to give my condolences to the family and friends of laylah petersen according to his atto.. the wrong house while seeking revenge. a man was acquitted earlier that day in the death of his stepbrother. in the past 14 months i've outgrown most of my childish acts and ways of thinking and now have a new, positive outlook on life petersen's father doesn't buy they say he has remorse. he has no remorse. he has remorse for being caught judge jeffrey wagner says gordon will now have thirty years to think about the impact of the shooting. you have left this family with a legacy of
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comes with 19 years of extended supervision. at the mke co. courthouse, pz, tmj4 the other shooter - carl barrett - was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to 65 years last week. paul farr... who drove the men to the home... was previously sentenced to five months.
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looking ahead-- milwaukee council members will discuss the water quality in the city tomorrow morning.they'll talk about an ordinance relating to shutting off water for those who don't the distribution of water filters. more than 500 hundred people lined-up to get a water filter last week but more than half of them walked away empty-handed.there just weren't enough to meet demand.
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county leaders are ramping up efforts in wisconsin against drugged driving.this after state department of transportation officials said they have seen a nearly 200 percent increase over the last 10 years.the state department of justice and d-o-t premiered new campaigns ads yesterday to warn off the dangers of driving while impaired by prescription the battle continues over transporation funding. the top state senate democrat says republicans quote "own" the problem of coming up with a way to pay for impr leader jennifer shilling blaming her counterparts for the one billion dollar transportation budget shortfall. shilling says its not up to the minority party to have all the answers. the recount in wisconsin is winding down... and the latest discrepency comes from the city of greenfield -- where 412 ballots were found wednesday afternoon. "the recount revealed that there were ballots that were not returned to mke county on election night. they remained at greenfield city clerks
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that. those ballots were retrieved and counted and matched up with election night results." a judge now ruled not force a recount in michigan. a court hearing is scheduled for friday to determine if one takes place in pennsylvania. president elect donald trump meets today with another candidate for secretary of state - he's a retired navy admiral... raising concern the trump administrati leaders and millionaires. "yea at a certain point you don't want everybody to come from the same background. i don't think we've hit that yet."president obama and bush actually appointed more generals. a source tells n-b-c that oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt's been tapped as head of the environmental protection agency. pruitt's suing the government over climate change. sherifff david clarke learned he will ?not? be running the
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marine general john kelly for that job. clarke is reportedly still being considered for other positions within the trump . the university of wisconsin system will soon offer sexual violence training for all employees and students.the comprehensive training will be paired with other policies. about one-in-four female undergraduates at uw-madison reported experiencing sexual assault while enrolled as students, according to a national survey reported in 2015. alcohol was also u-w system regents are expected to approve raising out-of-state and graduate tuition and give employees raises.the regents are set to meet this afternoon.they'll vote on a plan to raise nonresident and graduate tuition by hundreds of dollars at six four-year campuses and all two-year schools. they also are scheduled to vote on giving system employees a 2 percent raise in each of the next two fiscal years. the menomonee falls school
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year in 2017.the superintendent says the projected start date of september 5th would push graduation a week later... and advanced placement schedules would also be negatively affected.the district says it will be asking the state for a waiver to start school on august 28th instead. still ahead... free meals in coach-- the u-s airline that's testing it out and the meals some passengers are eating. then... safest cars-- 82 new vehicles awarded as the top automakers that topped the
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the official start of winter is about two weeks away...but in minnesota, the a wintry chill is on full force.reg chapman shows us how people are responding to the cold temperatures. for many, cold air and even colder wild chills is a sign that winter is about to kick into high gear.while so it's too cold to even get out of bed, others are embracing all that comes with it.: "i love the snow i love just how beautiful it looks snowy winters in minnesota it doesn't really feel like minnesota without the snow ..." lake of the isles looks like a postcard with snow blowing about.for some it's cold others say.. " ... this is not very cold ..."kevin edgar says today is perfect to take a walk around the lake.: "there are no mosquitos there are no bugs in winter its great .." but for others, cold temperatures means it is time
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with old man winter.xcel energy has cost saving ideas for you..if you can handle it, set your thermostat to 58 when you are away..and when you're home.." ...set the thermostat down between 65 and 70 degrees you'll save money."xcel energy vice president laura mccarten says you can stay comfortable inside your home and save money by doing little things.: "open the blinds during the day let the sunlight heat your home and then close them at night so you warmth inside.": "use your ceiling fan but have them rotate the opposite direction ca push the warm air down and help you keep you comfortable." changing the filter on your furnace also helps keep it running efficiently and it saves money.changing the temperature on your water heater can also help." ...a lot of people have the water heater set a little bit higher than you need to you can turn it down and not notice a difference but you'll save money...." the first official day of winter is december 21st. meteorologist brian gotter
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your forecast... amazon says not so fast. just days after the wall street
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amazon says not so fast. just days after the wall street journal reported the online retailer plans to open more than two-thousand brick and mortar grocery stores, the company says that's not true. an amazon spokesperson says quote "we have no plans to open two thousand of anything." that could calm concerns over amazon's plans for an
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put thousands of grocery workers out of a job. delta could bring back a major perk: free meals in coach.the airline is testing the service to passengers flying between new york and los angeles or san francisco.the menu changes by time of day--morning travelers-- a honey maple breakfast sandwich.for afternoon fliers -- a mesquite- smoked turkey sandwich or whole grain veggie has not yet determined if the free meals will become it's going to be an even busier winter holiday season at the nation's airports.about 45-point-two million people are expected to fly.that's an increase of three and a half percent over last year.the 21-day period runs from december 16th through january 5th.the busiest travel days are expected to be thursday december 22nd and friday december 23rd. the insurance institute for
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new vehicles as the top safety picks for 2017.of the 82 vehicles awarded, 38 earned the even higher ranking of top safety led with nine of its 2017 models making the had five. coming up... taking a pill-- the new medicine that could be key to ending the h-i-v epidemic.and -- ending cardiovascular disease-- the new device that experts say is improving heart attack
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. oh...
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a multi-billion dollar bill to
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other diseases is headed to president obama's desk. senators voted overwhelmingly to approve the bill-- known as the 21 century cures act.the bill would push the government to spend 6-point-3 billion dollars on research to cure diseases... as well as address the mental health crisis and opioid epidemic in the country. president obama is expected to sign the legislation into law. cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, but a new device is improving heart attack blocked arteries with a heart stent.the narrow stent is made of metal mesh and stays in place forever.but now a new stent, approved by the f-d-a in july, gradually fades away and is absorbed by the body. "scaffold is made out of plastic, and after 3 to 4 years, it's completely dissolved." one of the doctors who one of the doctors who was part of the research team that helped develop the stent--
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stents take to dissolve-- they are particularly good for younger patients. medstar washington hospital is one of the few places in the country currently providing the new stents. yoga can help lower blood pressure in people with pre- hypertension.researchers in india assigned patients with slightly elevated blood pressure to do an hour of yoga a day -- along with diet and other lifestyle changes.their blood pressure dropped an average of five points.just a two point decrease in blood pressure can stroke by 15-percent. millions of people are living with h-i-v. many experts believe a relatively new medicine could be key to ending the h-i-v epidemic. brian mastre reports. more than 1.2-million people in the united states are living with h-i-v.the c-d-c reports one-in-eight of them don't know it."if you are at high risk for hiv, you should really consider this as an
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medical officer for one world community health centers.she's talking about this medicine. "pre-exposure prophylaxis is a medicine you take before you have hiv in order to prevent hiv infection from happening." the c-d-c estimates of the more than a million people in the country who are at high risk for h-i-v infection less than 5-percent are taking the pill."this as a medical tool isn't anything new. en a malaria shot, that's the same thing. you're going to an area where you know you'll be at higher risk to contract malaria so you get a shot beforehand to protect you. prep for hiv is the same thing, except you're taking one pill a day."the medicine prevents the virus from entering the body and causing an infection. "in many cities, san francisco and new york and larger cities, the word is out more
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great tool for preventing hiv." without an h-i-v vaccine on the horizon, kohll's pharmacy does what it can to educate on preventative options.and this pill is one of them. "we are hoping that this will be the beginning of our goal which is to be the first generation free of hiv. so we are hoping and all the results show us that prep is keeping people safe." coming up... one of the finalist-- the wisconsin city that could have a w taxpayer money. and -- storytelling-- where packers broadcaster wayne larrivee will be signing copies of his book "if these walls could talk"
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the air national guard's truax field in madison is one of five finalists for deployment
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force will ultimately select ?two? sites.governor walker says housing the fighters at truax would save taxpayer dollars-- since they could patrol more than 10-thousand square miles of airspace.. packers broadcaster wayne larrivee will be signing copies of his book "if these walls could talk" today. the signing will take place at the bay park square shopko, in green bay, from six to eight tonight. the book presents a collection of behind the scenes stories and also touches on early legends curly lambeau.. bart starr.. and vince lombardi. the packers play host to the seattle seahawks this sunday. it'll mark the 5th time the two teams have played since 2012. while it feels like they've had our number lately... green bay is 9 in 3 against the seahawks at home during the regular and postseason. kickoff is at 3:25. live at 12:30 is up next-- cruising to cuba-- the two cruise lines that will soon sail out to the caribbean island. also... message sent-- what a navy admiral had to say about n-f-l quarterback colin
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protest and why some people have mixed feelings about his
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. one of the men accused of killing 5-year old laylah petersen was sentenced to 30 years in prison. 24-year old arlis gordon previously pleaded guilty. gordon and one other shooter targeted the wrong home, when they shot and killed petersen in november of 2014.the second shooter - carl barrett - was convicted by a jury and sentenced to 65 years. paul farr ... who drove the two men... cooperated with the investigation... and was sentenced to five months in prison. the university of wisconsin


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