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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  December 8, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm CST

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it's december 8th. time for videos going viral, "right this minute." >> 911 emergency. >> there's a car following. he's throwing [ bleep ] at me. >> a panicked driver fears he's about to be carjacked. >> and this guy knows he's got to get out of there. >> how a camera captured every second of his frantic race to safety. >> this is crazy. a man who's little help with a special event. >> if you notice, there's something on his hand. >> the story behind one of the sweetest moments ever. it's all fun and games parasailing until -- >> somebody's upside down. >> the startling sight headed straight for the surface. we're bringing you the best from the web and a little girl
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to the perfect top spin. >> genius. we talk about having situational awareness. the driver in this car just now leaving a friend who he had met, taking off down the street to get some fast food. he notices that somebody has followed him out of that parking lot. shortly after -- >> back it up, man. back it up. >> this red chrysler pulls right in front of him at a stop sign. this guy knows he's g out of there. >> [ bleep ]. >> throws it in reverse, speeds down the street, as somebody in that car attempts to get out. >> and it looks like such an empty area too. so nobody is watching. >> you see up ahead the car turns around and begins to follow. that's when this guy throws it back into drive and turns back down this street. >> [ bleep ]. >> he doesn't know who the heck this is. car pulls in front of him. he ducks into this gas station but doesn't stop.
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>> this is crazy. >> you'll see that red car pull up beside him again. >> i'd be on the phone to the police already, telling them where i am, telling them where i'm going. >> he does do that. >> 911 emergency. >> yeah, there's a car following me. he's throwing [ bleep ] at me. >> he's telling the distacher where he is, hoping an officer can catch up. before an officer can show up, he drives up on an officer. just by chance. he starts beeping the ho gesturing to the cop. look, this guy behind me, he's trouble. watch what happens next. [ sirens ] >> oh, wow. >> did you notice that? takes off and the officer quickly follows. >> so what happened? >> give us the story. >> the driver pulls into a parking lot, where he sees the officer. he tells them the situation. sadly after all that, the driver wasn't able to get the license
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>> man, that was -- >> that's okay. >> i got it on camera though. >> you have it on camera? >> he's like, wait, i have the dash cam. in the dash cam, you still can't see the license plate. without that, albuquerque police are having a hard time trying to put this all together. we did put a call into albuquerque police. we have not heard back from them. >> wow. this could have been anything. a kidnapping, carjacking, robbery, murder. >> this guy is now going to live in fear because he doesn't know if someone is out the person you see right here going through physical therapy is joe graham. back in july, he dove into a swimming pool and had a spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic. here you see him with his physical therapist. here they are helping him get into a specific position. if you notice, there's something on his hand. that's a ring box.
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there. the trainer is like, come over here, come look. that's when she sees the sparkler. [ applause ] >> this >> that really is sweet. think about this. in july he was given the news he was a quadriplegic. yet, he fought with physical therapy so he could get on one knee so he could propose to the woman he loves. >> also give credit to her. she stuck with him through all of this. and she's probably a major part of his strength. >> they say he's got another month of physical therapy, but i think he's got a lifetime of joy coming his way with a girl like
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this incredible video opens up. you see those folks in greece parasailing. they start losing lift. it looks like the boat is starting to slow down. >> they do that a lot of times. the boat drivers like to let you drop down, dunk your feet, then take off again. >> it's fun. >> so everything is going according to plan. >> as they go down into the water -- >> dude. >> oh, >> they're waving. >> there's something way wrong. >> as they went into the water, when they came back up, she had flipped upside down. she's holding on to the leg of the other person. >> look there, they're winding them in now. >> as they wind them in, you get a closer look at just how scary this is for them. she had some pretty severe injuries. she's really lucky. >> she's upside down, just barely hanging on.
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rescue crews are pulling out a vehicle that had fallen into that body of water. you see they've got it all hooked up. they're raising it up. obviously it's been there for a while. it's covered in mud. as they're pulling it up, they notice they brought up the car and it was the easiest fishing trip they've >> a big old catfish. >> one falls out and another and another and another. before you know it, you realize it's a whole trunk full of catfish. >> that's a whole school of fish. >> this looks like a scene from "deadliest catch." catch fish instead of crabs. now over to russia, where this next video comes from. according to reports, this elk
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freezing cold using the exhaust of that vehicle that was being warmed up before it took off. >> is he warming himself up, or is he thinking like it's a hookah bar? i'm seeing some smoke. >> i'm referring to it as an elk because that's what they're referred to as there. we know it as a moose. it's pushing his nose all up in that exhaust, trying to warm probably. >> this thing doesn't seem to care either. there's people around, cars around. he's like, i need to warm up. >> in the end, there's only one thing to do. that's to get in your car and drive away. snoozing as a couple starts out great, then -- >> in minutes, you got to kind of -- it's like, i need space. >> the funny video that shows the cold hard truth about getting a good night's sleep. >> we like our arms to not fall
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tweet us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. i love my wife rosalie. she's a huge cuddler. she's a snuggler. she loves to get all up on me at night, and sometimes i have to like -- ugh, because i'm hot. that's what this video about. it's cute for like the first ten minutes and cuddly and lovey. >> that's why we have children. they're a natural block. they jump into bed whether you want them there or not. they create that barrier. >> if they give you more than three inches to sleep in. >> they don't. >> oh, come on. if we weren't doing all this
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we cared about you. this is a sign of love. we can't get enough of you. it is a love language. >> you're right. it truly is a love language. and it's endearing and sweet until you freeze to death without the covers. finally this guy just retires to the couch. >> they actually say that in many marriages, they are happier if they sleep apart. >> i don't see the problem. i think this is great. this is love. and it's also making all night long with me and never complained. >> there is a great way to actually get them to let go. hey, fancy getting a little frisky? professional skier, he just became a dad. most of his time now goes to taking care of the baby. there comes a time in the day where you've got to put the baby
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opportunity of freedom. he gets to grab his l.e.d.-lit skis, grab himself a head lamp. baby's going to snooze, and he's going to do some nighttime skiing. >> it's like a jedi skiing. a couple light sabers with him. he's just carving his way down. >> completely amazing he can pull this off. if you notice, everything is pitch black around him. except the snow he is lighting himself, right in front of him. and this isn't a little bunny slope. this is serious skiing he's doing. >> whoa! >> he pulls off a back flip or two, a few twists and turns, and he just very gracefully skis back to his home. >> seriously, these lights you can buy on amazon for like nine or ten bucks. add them to anything and you'll
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doing. >> if you want to check out the whole thing, head on over to or check it out on our mobile app. i don't care what anybody says, dads just have a way of making everything so much fun. from the way you help the kids start the day to the way you help them go to bed. it's my brother nate and my niece. >> oh, my goodness. i'm already impressed by his ability to smooth out the hair perfectly. i don't think i could do that. >> oh, yeah. he does a r getting her ready in the morning. >> one, two, three. >> genius. >> once he's got all of her hair pulled in a really tight ponytail, he gives her a whirl. >> that is a good bun. that's perfect placement right there. >> they nailed it. >> yeah. >> he calls it the tornado finesse bun. this next dad ranks really high
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alicia. he gives her the old walla-kazam and she falls right into it. her baby giggles are so cute. this video has millions of views. so how do you follow that level of cuteness up? with more cuteness, of course. that's how you thank folks for watching where'd the missing duckling go? >> it was magic. duckling style. >> see how the story ends, next "right this minute." and still to come, these guys want to scratch bull riding off their bucket list. >> it's only eight seconds. what could go wrong? >> see what happens when they buck up and go for it.
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>> they're signing up for some bull riding. >> it's only eight seconds. what could go wrong? >> they're not going to be on it for more than a split second. i guarantee that. >> keep in mind they like to make things a little more interesting. >> we have a bet to see who can last on the bull the longest. >> it's either who's the longest or the highest scorer. >> or who's still alive. >> are you nervous? >> i'm ready to go. let's do it. >> are you in on the bet? >> i'm closer to the bulls, they start to realize it's a silly idea. >> i've always wanted to do this. but i'm starting to rethink it. oh, my gosh. >> it starts getting very real when you're sit in that cage waiting to be released. >> and those are guys that have been doing it forever. >> hold on to that thing. don't die. good luck, bye!
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instructions. >> went down relatively hard. sort of limping away. >> i hit so hard. >> lasted a whopping 1.5 seconds. >> 2.51. >> i'm nervous. i'm very nervous. >> justin still smiling. mostly distracted by how soft it is. hopefully the ground is soft too. >> i'm going to call himhe winner. >> i beat you! >> robbie hasn't gone though. >> get out there. freaking kill it, man. we cannot let justin win. >> doing pretty well. stays up there for the entire thing. so the buzzer goes. >> who is robbie now? >> if i had to guess, it was probably, hey, robbie, pretend to be my friend for a few minutes. >> i won the bet! what's up. >> time to find out how they had
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saying i can't last eight seconds. >> i love it. >> they just kicked off their channel. they're going to be doing a whole bunch of stuff like this as they tick off their own bucket list. let's hope they survive. he is hungry. [ laughter ] >> good girl. this is a micro pig. when she was 2 weeks old, the sweet little creature was rejected by her mom. >> who would reject that? >> that's what these people are shocked at. they said it's not very often that they have a pig that will reject its young. so -- >> a guinea pig is going to raise it? look at the size of it. >> a family of humans going to raise her.
3:52 pm
mom's milk, but he's eating like a little pig. >> this is a great excuse to bottle feed them too. just sit there and bottle feed. you have to take breaks from work to bottle feed. >> she's also being raised in the house. this pig has to be kept at temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees. pigs can be raised in a home. they're very trainable. they're very smart. as you can see, cute as a button. >> looks like alf a little bit. remember alf? >> great show. >> face? she's revealing the gender of her baby with -- >> her hair. >> see why the new do is
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?? ?? people are really going to some great lengths to reveal the gender of their babies. this woman is revealing her hair. >> there's something wrong with the color in the video. >> there's nothing wrong with they purposely made the first part of the video black and white so you couldn't see the color the stylist was putting on her hair. as she's there in a salon that he's worked at for a long time, almost ten years, one of her stylist's friends decided to her help her out with this reveal. it's nearing the end of the process time. her friends start showing up. they're going to be part of this with her. >> they say your stylist knows a lot about you.
3:57 pm
>> no, they're like your psychologists anyway. >> they know everything. >> and in the end, once her hair is dried, she puts it back in a towel so you cannot see the color. there they are now, about to reveal she's with her husband, stepdaughter, and son. >> not ready yet. >> you can only see her eyeballs. >> ta-da! >> it's going to be a girl. look at that gorgeous pink hair. >> i l >> it looks really good on her. >> it's more like a rose gold, lightish pink. >> you're going to have a little sister. that's all for today's "right this minute." our website, righttute.hisminm, has a ton more.
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snow.. how long these bitter windchills last.. and storm team 4 times out when another round of snow heads our way.. i'm shannon sims.and i'm steve
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we begin with breaking american icon has died. john glenn was the first u-s astronaut to orbit the earth. glenn's historic 1962 journey made him a national hero. later, he would continue to serve his country in the u-s
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hospital for more than a week. nbc's mark barger looks back on the life of john glenn. america was first introduced to john glenn, in 1959...when the newly-formed nasa named him one of america's seven original astronauts. glenn made history in 1962...blastin g into space aboard "friendship seven".natsound of launchhe became the first american to orbit the earth...orbiting three times before his capsule came down in the atlantic ocea returned to a hero's welcome, including a ticker-tape parade in new york city.glenn wanted to fly again...but president kennedy thought another trip would be too risky and grounded the space hero. natural soundhe retired from nasa and began the next phase of his life...serving four terms as a democratic senator from 1984 glenn ran unsuccessfully for president. natural soundat 77, nasa gave


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