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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  December 9, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CST

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through the ice about 200 to 300 yards out on the lake.the walworth county sheriff's office responded with their dive team and air boats----but so far---they have not been able to recover a body. we'll bring you another update on live at five. a winter storm watch has been our viewing area. effect tomorrow night. meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the ???winter storm watch in effect from saturday afternoon through sunday evening??? friday night will be mostly cloudy and cold with lows in
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kenosha county is one of the areas expected to be hardes hit by the storm.this afternoon i spoke with the city's director of public
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we're not the only one experiencing the deep freeze. much of the country has gotten its first taste of arctic temperatures.chris pollone takes a look at how snow is causing headaches natural soundfrom the pacific northwes natural soundto upstate new yorknatural sound and even as far south as texa winter has announced its arriva even though the calendar still says "fall".. soundno i.d. mos : 10-13it is a little bit of a shock because it has been pretty mild this winter.a blast of arctic air has settled over the northern half of the countr bringing single digit temperatures to parts of the plains and midwes and keeping all but the heartiest of people inside.soundno i.d. mos :25-:27"i prefer to run outside so i just bear it and i do it." lake effect snow is
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lake more than a foot in upstate new yorknatural sound "wow"the conditions even spawning a rare water spout over lake eri heavy snow causing dangerous traffic pile- up in michiganthree killed in a 40 car cras sound no i.d. mos :42-:48"i was lucky enough i could see the taillights in front of the semi. you just couldn't see. it was just kicking up that bad." ten people sent to the hospital in erie county, pennsylvania when more than a dozen cars collided there. natural soundwheels left, left. snow and ice had people washingtonsound amanda wolf - seattle, wa 1:00-1:06i came to warn my co-worker that the roads were bad, i parked over here and when i took off, i slid ( laughs a little) and i got stuckthat's the first strike from a new weather system that will bring snow, ice and rain more than two thousand miles across the northern u- from the pacific northwest and into to the northeast by early next week. and don't look now, but an even colder shot of arctic air is in the forecast for next week. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. for the latest on this winter
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warnings be sure to head to or download our mobile app for your smartphone and tablet. snowboarders and skiiers are amomg those looking forward to the snowfall this weekend. it signals the opening of two wisconsin ski resorts. little switzerland in slinger.. and nordic mountain in wild rose both open today. crews have been making snow all week and are ready for the holiday rush. time is running out to get that holiday package shipped on time.. coming up new on live at 6.. the holiday rush has already hit for fed-ex, ups, and the post office... tonight.. the shipping deadlines you need to know, if you want that package to arrive before christmas.. that's new on live at 6.. a new place to get pizza in pleasant prairie and the grand opening all gives back to charity.mod pizza is donating all proceeds from today's opening to nash elementary, mckinley elementary, stocker
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it's all in an effort to provide high quality education for all students. you can head to the ball tonight like witches and wizards from the world of harry's part of barnes and noble's first ever harry potter magical holiday ball.those heading to the ball are encouraged to dance the night away in their finest harry potter attire.there will also be potter themed activites and giveaways. it starts at 7 p-m at the barnes and noble at mayfair mall the all new 'a christmas carol' continues its run tonight at the pabst theater. the milwaukee rep says the new production is the best selling show in its 41 year history. our very own susan kim has a walk on role in tonight's show. a few tickets are still available. just add "tmj4" in the coupon code to get a discount to tonight's show. today's tmj4 is also proud to partner with the hunger task force and raymond james
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drive that provides all the ingredients for a holiday meal. just go to and look for the "home 4 the holidays" button. still ahead on live at 4-30... the good news for anyone planning on heading to florida this winter.also coming up... the drug the c-d-c reports now claims more lives than gun violence. [holiday music] it's time to deck the halls in here so you can help them get out there. for families who love the great outdoors every season the only place to go this season is cabela's christmas sale. get $170 off a sig kilo rangefinder
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where the first 250 in line receive a free giveaway. find great deals for everything on their list. shop in-store and online at
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the center of disease control reports heroin now kills more americans than gun violence. new data from the c-d-c reveals there were nearly 13-thousand heroin-related deaths in 2015 ... slightly surpassing the number of gun homicides.overall, deaths from all opioids -- including prescription painkillers -- topped 30-thousand for the first time in recent history. florida's governor has the final "zika zone" in miami. it is still possible mosquitoes could be carrying the virus.... so health officials urge residents and visitors to continue using repellent and get rid of standing water.but as of friday -- florida no longer has any identified areas of active coming up next...the three big movies hitting theaters this weekend to keep you entertained while the snow is falling. but first, here's a live look from port
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jesse ritka is back with the
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saturday will be mostly cloudy and quiet for most of the day
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a light wind, but snow showers move in after 4pm, and become heavier and widespread saturday night. there will be 2-4" of snow by sunday morning, and the snow continues into sunday evening with an additional 3-5" of accumulation by 10pm. highs will be near 30 with a light wind. light snow continues
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accumulations from this storm
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if you're willing to brave the cold and the snow and head to
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plenty of new releases to entertain you. emma stone and ryan gosling walk the boulevard of broken dreams in "la la land." this modern musical reunites the "crazy stupid love" stars for a dance through the hollywood meat grinder. they soon discover the only thing more powerful than love may be success. "la la land" is rated pg-13. jessica chastain makes capitol gains in "miss sloane."she's a washington lobbyist with all the tactical suicide bomber.but when she decides to take on the most powerful group in politics, it's a move that could leave her career and her reputation in ruins. "miss sloane" is rated r. they're hoping for a holiday miracle in "office christmas party." this ensemble has jennifer aniston threatening to close an underperforming branch of her tech company. so t-j miller and other employees decide to show their best client the best night of his life....and party like their
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now it's time for a look at what's coming up on today's tmj4 6-30... it's "the now: milwaukee."that's followed by "caught on camera with nick cannon" at seven. then "dateline nbc" at eight. and more local news, weather and sports on "live at ten." still ahead on live at 4-30... the dramatic new video evidence in the trial of the
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a federal court in south carolina has released three dramatic pieces of video used in dylann roof's shows parishioners before the massacre that killed 9 people last year. another clip shows roof parking his car and walking into the church. he's later seen leaving the church with a gun in his hand. roof could face the death penalty
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still trying to figure out if a deadly warehouse fire that killed 36 people could have been prevented. officials say the building hasn't been inspected in three decades. the city's fire chief says budget cuts and hiring freezes hampered the department's prevention efforts. light snow is causing issues for travelers in the seattle area. it was the first measurable snowfall to stick and accumulate in that area in nearly two years. anywhere between one expected and more snow could be on the way this weekend. ( toss to weather ) ???winter storm watch in effect from saturday afternoon through sunday evening???there
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continues into sunday evening with an additional 3-5" of accumulation by 10pm. highs will be near 30 with a light wind. light snow continues into monday morning, and total accumulations from this storm
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tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins, like tresiba?, may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing... fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba? ready. ? tresiba? ready ?? thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. breaking news next. the search is on for a man who fell through ice in walworth county.. our crew is there with the latest on rescue efforts.. live at 5 starts now. the breaking news: from
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search for a man reported to have fallen through the ice. dive- rescue crews spent hours on the lake searching for the happened on lake como in walworth county. eric ross has been on the scene all afternoon. he's live with us now. at least two dozen fire and police agencies from illinois and southeast wisconsin are out here right now---searching for man who went under around 1:15 this afternoon. thwn chief told me earlier this afternoon that this is not a houx and that golf course staff on the other side of the lake did witness a man go under. flight for life was in the air----while dive teams and air boats search the lake without success. unfortunately- -police say it's unlikely anyone could still be alive after being under water for more than 3 hours. "it's just the beginning of the winter season so the ice is thin. when the sheriff's
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immediately broke through the ice so it's still too early for people to be walking through on the ice." and now that the sun has set---it's making it extremely difficult to search this 955 acre lake. we'll have another live update at six. reporting at lake como in walworth county, eric ross, today's tmj4. storm team coverage now. the snow we've managed to avoid this season... will arrive tomorrow night about this time. a winter storm watch goes into effect tomorrow evening. children across wisconsin are dancing with glee! let's get right to john malan in the weather center. friday night will be mostly
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the teens and a light breeze. saturday will be mostly cloudy and quiet for most of the day with highs in the mid 20s and


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