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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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the teens and a light breeze. saturday will be mostly cloudy and quiet for most of the day with highs in the mid 20s and
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lauren winfrey stopped by a local hardware store to see what people are snatching off the shelves. she's live with us now. george and carol, bitter cold has already arrived and lots of snow is expected this weekend, that's why the folks i spoke with say they're preparing an advance. snow blowers, shovels, and salt... oh my. our first big snowl finally scheduled to arrive. you just really need to make sure that you're prepared because if you aren't it's no fun."nathan brennemanconsiders himself a wisconsin winter pro --he's lived in the milwaukee area for 30 years and he says he knows a thing or two about snow."i know what a snow storm is like, i know what winter's like. so, may as well take care of everything today."the department of public works is also busy preparing --the city plans to keep all roads safe and passable... that's
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snow storm is like, i know what winter's like. so, may care of everything today."and taking it seriously is exactly what many people say they're doing, stocking up to prepare one item at a time. "i'm just glad that i have my snow blower ready and all my shovels ready and i'll probably get some more salt here today too." this winter snow storm is also expected to impact travel throughout the state this weekend, d-o-t urges everyone to use extra caution while out on the roads. live in today's tmj4 remember, winter parking regulations are in effect in milwaukee and other communities. generally that means park on the "even" side of the street on "even" numbered days, "odd" numbered side of the street on "odd" numbered days. it's also a good idea to go to the city's website to check streets where you want to park. and you can get alerts from the city on your cell phone. go to today's t-m-j four dot
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other weather information you need. the waukesha county d-a today charged a man with 21 counts of exploitation of a child, child enticment, and soliciting a child for prostitution. anyone who has been in contact with adam rosman should contact the waukesha county sheriff's new at five...are coughing, sniffling or other cold symptoms lingering at your office or home? local doctors say viruses are picking up around the area. ben jordan is live in downtown with how to beat the spread before the holidays, ben? that upper respiratory virus - can last up to 2 to 3 weeks. doctors say your best off getting out in front of it. a chill in the air, wreaths lining downtown streets, and bundled up walkers often come with annual colds. "a lot of people are getting sick lately at our workplace."turning one of the happiest times of the year - into a dreaded battle againt common symptoms.} "a lot of coughing, runny nose."
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supplies with a constant flow targeting a row of short term solutions. "definitely has picked up in the last 3 or 4 weeks.""knock knock knock" doctor's are also seeing an influx of patients"everybody is staying together, gatherings for the holidays, then the colder weather, no one's going outside." internal medicine physician mario montalbo says a large number of people are passing cold viruses. "it can be from throat, it could be the lungs." montalbo urges everyone to stay vigilant by washing hands often. "touch the door knob, got to wash your hands again." and covering mouths - especially while out about about. just avoid other sick people." but if you're already sick"i prioritize my sleep but i also make sure to eat healthy, drink a lot of water, exerciseall of that." montalbo says this virus is very common to see this time
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patient for the flu this fall. live in downtown milwaukee, ben jordan, today's tmj4. now to the recount in wisconsin.the recount effort is wrapping up in counties across the state. one of them: waukesha county. the county clerk says all of the county's ballots would likely be ?counted? by this afternoon. after that, the board of canvassers certifies the results for each reporting unit before th to the wisconsin elections commission. we may have to come in tomorrow - or sunday. we don't want to put it off til monday but we may need to come in just to do the final signatures the state elections commission wants to have the recount finished by monday night. president-elect trump will be state fair park tuesday night. vice-president-elect mike pence is also scheduled to be there. trump is traveling around the country holding rallies as part of his "thank you tour." the white house today lowered
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glenn. glenn was the first american to orbit the earth in 19-62. and in 19-98 he became the ?oldest? man in space at age 77. glenn died yesterday. he was 95 years old. fellow astronaut james lovell grew up in milwaukee. we interviewed him last night and he described glenn as a poster boy for patriotism. "if you had to pick out somebody to say, what should we have for american boyhood, that was john glenn." lovell was commander of the ill- fated apollo 13 and went to space four times. he graduated from milwaukee's juneau high school in 1946. john malan is keeping an eye on the winter storm heading our way. his full forecast is just a couple of minutes away. and next, where you can see an "up north holiday" without
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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this season, you can give the gift of a fresh holiday meal - enjoyed right at home. today's tmj4 is proud to partner with the hunger task force and raymond james investments on "home 4 the holidays." virtual food drive to provide our neighbors in need with a nice holiday meal. just go to and look for the "home 4 the holidays" button. you can donate a turkey, a ham or anything. from all of us at today's tmj4, thank you for considering a donation. one holiday attraction your family won't want to miss is right in downtown milwaukee-- the 2016 b-m-o harris bank annual holiday display.i got a chance to check it all out, and found an array of merriment and magic.
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spirit when checking out the enthralling lobby of the bmo harris bank downtown---the theme of this year's annual holiday display--"an up north holiday"--about 15 thousand visitors check it out every year-"i cant tell you how many people i talk with say my uncle took me there as a kid my parents took me there,it brings back immeciately so many memories for these people from all around our great city" here you find all of those up north traditions--from ice skating bears, ice fishing, ice shantiesho even the puck---you'll even see a real-looking campfire, marshmallows being roasted, camouflauge for hunters, and of course homage to the green bay packers--this christmas creation takes hundreds of hours to compose--"it's just shy of a year long process that it takes to put this together" the theme changes every year, but always includes 150 prized steiff animals --"these are beautiful...theres the ice skating"this gift to milwaukee has been captivating audiences
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and i bank--kaiser even shows me a picture of herself here when she was only eight months old--"the bank then and today still has an employee holiday party every year around this display, he brought me here as a young child" for every visitor bmo donates five dollars to help the hungry"it is a nice gift to those less fortunate particularly around the holiday season"so if you are looking for a charming yuletide activity for you and your family check outh b-mo harris holiday display" its free its open to the public, we welcome you to come, look at all the intricate detail you see here, this year our theme is an up north holiday" b-m-o harris also has a guest book where families can share their memories of their
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time is running out to get that holiday package shipped on time.. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole.the holiday rush has already hit for fed-ex, ups, and the post office... tonight.. the shipping deadlines you need to know, if you want that package to arrive before that's coming up new on live at 6. a winter storm watch goes into effect tomorrow.when will the snow fall, and how much will we get--john malan's later in sports, the voice of the green bay packers tells you how the team looks, heading into lambeau field
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more storm team coverage now. the same storm that will hit us tomorrow night.... already left snow in western it looked like near seattle this morning. a winter storm ?watch? goes into effect about 24 hours from now. john malan is here to tell us how much snow we're going to get. saturday will be mostly cloudy
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with highs in the mid 20s and a light wind, but snow showers move in after 4pm, and become heavier and saturday night. there will be 2-4" of snow by sunday morning, and the snow
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with an additional 3-5" of
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lance allan has sports when we
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[ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone. plus up to $650 back. the packers have won the last 6 home games against the seahawks, whether it's a
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game.wayne larrivee breaks down the state of the pack. ((wayne larrivee says "in every nfl football game, there comes a point where one team exerts its will over the other. in the packers 21-13 win over the houston texans, it took awhile. but in the final quarter, the packers exerted their will.))despite a first half that saw the packers start their five drivn average at the green bay 48 yard line, all the packers had to show for all of that good fortune was a gorgeous aaron rodgers 9 yard touchdown pass to randall cobb.houston matriculated 63 yards in 10 plays, with their first possession of the second half. fourth and one on the green bay six, osweiler found his tight end to tie the game. on the ensuing kickoff, ty montgomery got the packers more favorable field position with this 39 yard return to
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mccarthy gambled on fourth and two at the houston 48. but aaron ripkowski was unable to move the pile to a first down. now houston clearly had the momentum of the game.but the packers dug in. forcing a shane lechler punt that pinned green bay at the packers two yard line. from the shadow of their goal posts, aaron rodgers and the packers ground out the longest scoring drive of the year. 12 plays, 98 yards, 5:20. cuminating in nelson in the north end zone. pushing the packers back in front, 14-7.the next green bay possession covered 89 yards in 8 plays. and the ripper, aaron ripkowski powered it in from three yards out for the dagger. ((wayne larrivee says "two drives, 187 yards and 14 points, exerting their will against the fifth ranked defense in the league. that was the key to the packers victory sunday.this week, they host the best defense in the
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are high. for packers extra, i'm wayne larrivee.")) today anthony pettis doesn't make weight, he'll fight max holloway at ufc 206 but not for the interim featherweight championship.this adds another crazy level to showtime's 2016. ((anthony pettis says it's been a crazy training camp...i mean i had some crazy stuff happen to my house in milwaukee. to some small little injuries i had to deal with.and then too, the announcement that i'm fighting for a title so merr bucks ahd hawks tonight at the b-c, we'll preview it at
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the "mega millions" jackpot is 43 million. we'll have the winning "mega millions" numbers tonight on "live at ten." coming up on "the now milwaukee" at 6:30:imagine walking into your home, to find a 100 year old baby grand piano. that's what happened for one local musician. tonight, how the spectacular insturment ended up in his house. the n-b-c nightly news is
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[holiday music] when it's time to deck the halls in here
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get up to $60 off select game cameras. for everything on their list, shop in-store and online at y2762y yvpy tonight -- polar plunge. a dangerous blast of arctic air rolls in. 45 states below normal over a foot of blinding snow falling and the worst is yet to come. >> a killer's confession. what the jury heard that sent chills through the courtroom. >> out of the running. break news on the scramble for secretary of state. rudy giuliani is gone and two big names are rising. >> buyer beware, a warning about all the gift cards you are about to get and give. a billion dollars wasted last year alone. tonight how to get the most bang for your buck. >> the right stuff, our friday night inspiring america. without her, america might never have made it into space.


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