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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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place, we won't see a rain snow mix, but all day sunday and it continues into sunday night. >> winter storm watch, runs through midnight sunday night, green bay, if you are going to the packer's game, and chicago, and they may get more snow in the western part of the state. >> not much going on for us. >> salt lake city, we are zipping to the east, it will be pushing across the plains into our neck of the woods. >> and 1 west bend. and 19 west bend. the air is plenty cold for the system to develop. we'll see snow. 15 is the wind chill. bundle up tour if you are going out.
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breaking news. >> it is five hours later, there's no sign of a man who fell through the ice. that's where eric is live with the challenges that the rescue crews are facing. >> good evening. >> it is much easier to carry out search efforts in the daylight. it is not making the service efforts any easier. it is very unlik could survive being under water for hours. >> exhaustive search effort to recover a man who fell through the ice. a 911 call was placed this afternoon. >> it is quite a while since we received the intencall. air boats and dive teams spent
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get the deputies with wet suits. they immediately broke through the ice. >> neighbors watched and more police, and fire and rescue agencies arriving. >> it is a scary thought to start off the season, and so close to the holidays. it is tragic. it is not clear what the was doing on the lake. they wonder if he is from this area. >> we get visit not used to waters and lakes and once it is frozen over, it is fine, it is frozen all the way through. no! >> and back out here live, more than 2 dozen agencies are out here. you don't see the police lights they are off into the distance, a quarter mile up the road. this is the media staging area. >> as we get more information we
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for now, that's the latest, reporting live. eric ross. >> thank you very much. >> with the weather getting colder, a lot of lakes and ponds will freeze. and they remind, know how thick the ice is before you go out. >> here's the graphic for the recommended thickness, 4 inches safe to walk on, and 5-6 if you are going to drive on it. less than 2 think about it. >> people are getting ready for the snow, and a lot of last minute shopping. >> we have a lot of people that are stocking up. >> we are at harry's ace hardware, the owner says it happens every year. people wait until last minute to get their snow supplies. >> a quick trip to the hardware
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what is to come. >> i will take the snow over the 20 below zero any day. >> he is stocking up on snow blower parts. >> spark plugs. do it every year whether or not you need it. >> he stopped by when he realized that his son's snow blower wasn't working. >> like everyone else, you need to parts going for the weekend snow. >> he says bring on the snow. we need ground. cover up the ugly. make it look beautiful. >> some people are stopng in for salt and shovels. put parts to fix snow blowers seem to be the popular items here tonight. >> today's tmj 4. >> and dpw says they have pretreated the roads and bridges to prevent the snow from
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to allow the plow trucks to get through. >> a suspected sexual predator. a man drove passed a 13-year-old girl twice before he stopped the car and asked her for sex. there's no further information about the potential suspect. >> milwaukee police looking for this woman. she was reported missing from third and nash. she suffered from health contact police in district 5, the number is at the bottom of your screen. >> the recount in wisconsin is nearly finished. the election officials say that 89 percent of the ballots have been counted. 72 counties have finished their work. a federal judge refused to grant trump's supporters request to halt the recount. it is almost complete and not
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>> he will be at the park sunday night with vice pres presidentpresident-elect. >> how to send gifts to your far away family members. >> the post office has been busy all day. people are dropping off their christmas cards and presents. time is running out >> we have to make people on the 25th, not on the 27 27th. >> you need to be aware of the deadlines for shipping. >> my grandsons are very hard to buy for. they have very specific things and they love pajamas>> joan came to pick up a priority box so they doesn't have to hassle with weighing issues. but not clear what they will put in the box.
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mail by 15th of december. >> the post office has extra staff, and deadlines posted around the office to help customers and it is available online. december 15 is the last day to spip ground mail and december 21 is the cut off for mail, and priority mail is december 21. you can calculate the cost of the package fedex lets you send until december 22. there are christmas shipping deadlines for amazon. free shipping ends on the is a 15, and standard on the 19. and same day delivery on the 24 for certain cities.
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reconnected with family when we can't be there. >> it is nice to show your love. >> reporting in milwaukee. today's tmj 4. if you want to make sure those packages get dlofred, the post office please clear the sidewalks and mailbox area, especially this weekend. >> [music.] a filled the air. a group of musicians brought the music. they were made up of grade school students. >> nice to hear. >> it was the drummer boy. >> still ahead, why neighbors rode a bus to court hearing in washington county.
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>> two people are dead after a crash in the town of oneida. a man driving a dump truck ran a stop sign and h inside, the 91-year-old man and 56-year-old daughter. both of them, at the scene, were deceased. the male driver of the dump truck was transported to green bay hospital where he had non life threatening injuries. the dump truck is owned by a tree service.
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deputy. according to police, the deputy was driving on i43. and she noticed headlights behind her and he was distracted by a dog, and he hit the deputy, and he hit the car and rolled over. the driver helped to free the deputy from the car. she was not hurt. >> and keeping a violent sex offender out they rode a bus to a court hearing. the judge ordered the state to reevaluate the places where he can live in washington county. >> a hot button issue you can display on your license plate.
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more news now with transportation, officials have given a green light to the anti abortion license plates. the plates were chosen by choose life wisconsin. they were approved late last month. the in the next year. the dollars will go to pregnancy resources. >> -- awarded 2 million dollars to housing authorities, including in milwaukee. it had help people ages 15-20 to help with -- to rate claims made
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it comes from gwen moore. >> a post election interview, she was asked whether or not policing could change the trump administration. the congresswoman brought up the stop and frisk. that's where a police officer can stop a person and pat them down with weapons. he is fine with that. >> back in september, he made several comments about it and all stop and frisk technique. and it helped to reduce the crime drastically in new york and it should be used across the country. >> in a debate, trump specifically cited the murder record and says that it could have taken guns away from criminals. >> we ranked that true.
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stop and frisk at thstop and fr tactic. and he came out in favor. >> it is true. >> for archive for all of the fact claims, visit tmj >> donald driver will be back for the mc for the hall of fame. it happens in april. driver is a super bowl championship. and badgers, and sharon stein, and packers super bowl championship charles woodson will join driver in the hall of fame. tickets are on sale, or buy them online. >> nice bow tie. >> john sticking with the traditional long tie as he tells
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i hope this is not a weekend pattern because the snow is coming in the area tomorrow evening, starting at 6 o'clock. all way from chicago, green bay, madison, everyone in the wind chill wind chill, it runs through winter storm watch, it runs through sunday night. >> milwaukee county close to 7 o'clock, 2 and heaviest band comes in between 3-7 o'clock in the afternoon. anywhere from 3-6 inches of snow, new snow. tapers off, and then a flurries around the area. overnight saturday night, 2-4 inches of new snow. little bit less up to cha boy.
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the south. and general 6-8 inches of snow in most of the area, and some could see 8-10 inches of snow. less to the north. and chilly temperatures, out there. >> waukesha, and 16, and beaver dam, we have had clearing, temperatures dropping down, 23 in milwaukee. and factor in the breeze wind chill 15, and bundle up for the fish fry this evening. more clouds coming in from the north. we'll see the clouds coming in from the west as the low pressing out and into the plains tomorrow morning. you can see that on the computer whiched models. we have breaks watch the clouds on the increase throughout the morning hours. snow in southwest wisconsin,
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state, and sticking around sunday. starting to taper off sunday evening. >> for tonight, all in all, we will see partly cloudy skies, and 11 and 14. another cold day, increasing clouds and snow develops in the western counties around 5, and after 7 in the other counties. powere and snow continues in the heaviest snow in the afternoon. and 30s in milwaukee. >> flurries left over monday morning. 34. and then the temperatures drop. >> tuesday, mostly cloudy. 10 is your high temperature on wednesday. temperatures near zero both wednesday morning, and thursday morning. and friday morning. only 13 degrees for thursday.
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>> we get the temperatures in the teens for the highs, you know the cold air is here. >> when 2 is the low.
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bucks is hawks at the bradley center. and noticed when he broke his ankles in the calf's came. >> did you show him what you did the chris? >> he said he saw it. so... that's why he was telling me one of the comments. from now on, i seen him do this to the birdman. i have to defend him this way. you have to add [indiscernible]. >> you are finding our way as a rookie. when you get into a game and you do something like that and you are becoming a cult hero. what does that mean to you?
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>> he must be doing something. >> they love him. >> they will fight max hallway. >> not for the feather weight championship. a win could be in a super fight with jose or conor mcgregor. >> i wanted, 155 pound and i called out the 145 pound champ and it is - come and take this place. it is frustrating to see it happen. motivated at the same time. to get to that level of fame, and financial status. it is motivation for me. i have better skill set than him. and motivation. >> and rivalry continues as wisconsin comes to the bradly center to take on marquette.
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>> there's so much with the untucked jerseys, and you know, we try to have honored with our new uniforms as many of those uniforms of the past. there's such a rich tradition and history on and off the court with the program. and 100th year gives us to
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>> if you are going out tonight for ethic food, dropping to 21. it is going to be cold. >> my food is a fish fry. and wind chills will be around 5-15 degrees throughout the night time. snow starts tomorrow. >> -- oil for john. >> yes. dip it in there and fry it up. that's what he likes.
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good evening, i'm steve chamraz, welcome to the now milwaukee... you've got 24 hours to grab the bread and milk... get the shovel out of


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