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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Saturday  NBC  December 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm CST

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right now at five--we are under a winter storm warning. you're looking live at the white covered roads in madison. heavy snow, whiteout conditions and plummeting temperatures are headed our way. katie crowther is off tonight. old man winter is bearing down on southeast wisconsin. some areas could see up to ten inches of snow.lets go right to meteorologist scott steele
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the city of milwaukee -- getting out ahead of the
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an update on how crews plan to keep the roads safe. more than 100 trucks have repretreated the main and side roads ng alayialt soluon. at hel keep the expected snow fr scking to the pavement. here's a closer look inside at what com next. these front plow blades are being placed on the trucks. you can see here they are testing the blades on each truck to make sure they work properly.crews will roads once the snow starts to fall. public works will amp up their efforts early in the morning with an additional 175 trucks to plow on milwaukee's west side, ben jordan, today's tmj4. the wisconsin department of transportation is also reminding drivers trecherous road conditions are on its way. be prepared for high winds and drifting snow.remember the posted speed limits are for
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and be sure to give yourself and snow plows extra room. before you venture out.. be sure to dial 5-1-1 to check for alerts for the roads you're about to take. a reminder .. extreme temperatures can cause outdoor condtions to become too dangerous for people who are homeless. there are a number of warming shelters open in our area.hebron house of hospitality in waukesha county has added an 18 extra beds at three facilities. there are many people who have to be outside no matter what the weather.that includes new berlin firefighters who battled a house fire in frigid temperatures today.veronica macias joins us live at the scene where firefighters were outside for hours. veronica? you can see the fire destroyed this home. the owners weren't home when it started. they drove up and found flames
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they own vanish. 132652 "came home from the store another came home from helping a neighbor out with a car" 132655 this husband and wife hold each other as they hopelessly lose everything they own. assistant chief steve kon says the fire started at 10:40 this morning and flames engulfed the entire home requiring a call for back- up. asst chief steve on 132523 the mostdifficult thing with this type of fire is that it's in an unhydranated part of our city.122526 it required crews from several local fire departments to shuttle water in temperatures. setting up takes time and they needed to protect neighboring homes. given the circumstances the home couldn't be saved. 132629 the fire was defensive from the very beginning, basically we were surrounding the fire on all four sides just trying to keep it contained so that none of the other structures - neighbors houses were exposed. 132639 neighbor's watched at a distance, and sadden to learn that the family's dog was inside. hannah mcquire 122014 it's really sad, to see it's kinda heart breaking . i guess
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real fire. 1220 122640 it's very sad for the dog, obviously but this time of year it's really important for the family to be okay 122648 chief kon says thankfully the couple has family to stay with and aren't in need of shelter as a winter storm rolls through. neighbors say they hope to rally around this family and help in any way they can. reporting in new berlin veronica macias tonight, we are hearing from the father of a 7-year-old boy who was found beaten and starved to death in milwaukee. jason roberts -- who lives in arkansas -- says trevion winingham was his only child. he is in heaven.i miss him dearly, i'll never have good or bad times with him... all
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two women are charged in connection with winningham's death.according to court recordds, mary martinez punched the boy with a closed fist multiple times on november 28th. the next morning he was found unresponsive. etter hughes took trevion to the hospital because martinez did not want her to call police. milwaukee police are now investigating two separate infant death cases.the first is the sudden death of a three month old baby girl just this morning at lloyd and baby girl was found lifeless this afternoon at north 51st and north avenue.the medical examiner is working to determine each cause of death. the body of a missing woman has just been found. 30- year-old sabrina allen was reported missing from third and nash. her body was discovered at about noon today at north palmer and east townsend. we should learn more from the investigation in the coming days. police are only telling us right now she
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north shore fire and rescue responded to three car crashes today ... including this car that went into a wall on port washington road. the driver suffered serious injuries. crews also responded to a four car crash on i-43 and one near good hope. no one was injured in those crashes. a happy ending in cedarburg. firefighters rescued this dog who went onto the ice and broke through. a dive team and boaters broke the ice and saved him. the big guy was cold and tired but okay. coming up: president-elect trump makes his pick for secretary of state...up next: who he is, and why the choice is being opposed by democrats
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president elect donald trump has made his pick for secretary of statenbc news has learned exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson has been offered the jochris pollone reports. (nats/ trump exiting ple) donald trump in baltimore for the annual army-navy football game military bras next month he'll be their commander-in- chief.earlier, trump met in new york with exxon mobil c- e-o rex tillerson.nbc news has learned he is trump's pick for secretary of state. (s/ rich galen / republican strategist) "to give trump credit, he said he was going to try and surround himself with really successful people who did well and what do we find? ceo's..people at the top of their profession.but the tillerson pick is drawing criticism from democrats and republicans.(s/ michael mcfaul / former ambassador to russia) "there are very few americans, sector, non-officials, personal with putin.. rex one of tillerson was his company's liason to the kremli and has
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hunt asked republican senator john mccain for his thoughts on the pick.(s/ sen. john mccain / (r) az ) "i believe that vladimir putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer and i believe that the relationship between mr. tillerson and vladimir putin needs to be examined."this comes just a few hours after the washington post reported the c-i-a believes russia interfered in the presidential electionhacking and leaking democratic party document not just to cause chaos, but rebecca sinderbrand / washington post) "so you're looking ahead to an early part of the trump presidency where russia is very much going to dominate the conversation and certainly you can expect to hear a lot of tough questions at this confirmation hearing." the trump team immediately slammed the c-i-a and said it's time to "move on". chris pollone, nbc news, new york. coming up: local families fly to the north pole ... without leaving milwaukee. and this is a live look outside at waukesha county on
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really coming down.. and drivers are taking it slow. much more to come from storm team four meteorologist scott
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a holiday treat for dozens of children suffering from life- threatening illnesses.the kids and their families boarded a "flight to the north pole" at mitchell airport.the fantasy flight was sponsored by sky west airlines, and funded through donations. good thing they took that flight today instead of tomorrow ... meteorologist scott steele is here with the
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the state of wisconsin divided today with marquette hosting the wiscosin in the rivarly gametoday at the b-m-o harris bradleycenter..the badgers looking to avengelast season's loss in this gameat the kohl center a fast pace early on in this one.jajuan johnson comes up with the steal and he 's goes coast to costfor the lay up. badgers with a good look when
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everson baseline who rattles the rim tying the game up early .wisconsin would go on a eight nothing run, that's bronson "kay-nig" with the lay in, badgers up 23 to 16.marquette would answer, katin rienhart would hit back to back triples he head four in the first half ...marquette up 40 to 35 at the break.2nd half, marquette goes a little cold...and the badgers take adavange"kay- nig"..hits the triple badger up 49 to 47..he had 18 points. great ball movement by wisconsin they work the ba iverson knocks down tryfecta from the deep corner...wisco nsin up 56 to 47.the three ball woking for the badgers...first it's zach showalter.and then it's nigel hayes,that threeput wisconsin 70 to 52he had 17.later in the half "ha-neef" cheathmanmakes the driving lay up making a 10 point badgers up 83 to 73..he had 16 points.but wisconsin would holdthe out look pass to iversonand he slams it "16" .
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the milwaukee bucks are in washington tonight taking on the wizards on the road.last night, the bucks blew a "20"point ha atlanta hawks who cameback to win the game on friday night the bucks got a great game from jababri parker..who led the way for milwaukee....with 27 points in last night's 114 to 110 loss.after the bucks jumped out to the big first half lead the hawksdominated in the 2nd half..dennis schroder had a career high33 points in the win for atlanta who beat the bucks for the second time this's jason kidd afterthe last night's loss ((jason says)) we didn't come out with thatsame intent, just because your up 20 thatdoesn't
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and in division three football uw oshkash carrolin the 10 to 3
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time for a final check on the
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thanks for joining us on hope to see you back here at 6. nbc nightly news is next. this saturday night, world stage. president elect trump turns to corporate tycoon as secretary of state with no government experience, but no international negotiation, including close ties to russia's vladimir putin. blast of winter. tens of millions feeling the effects of bitter cold and three feet of snow. where is it all hitting and for how long. last stand, appeals for restraint. a syrian government forces move to take control of aleppo. and tens of thousands stream out of deceased city. he makes his living by making it up. look at the business of fake news and what's driving it.


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