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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:26pm CST

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meteorologist scott steele leading our s team 4 coverage. scott. ell, i has been quiet s far this season but we're gonna xt 24 hours. a big way in the lcome to the wea center. you may already being seeing some big fat flakes flying through the air across your neighborhood and we're not alone extending all the way west toward the dakotas, intense snow falling in southern minnesota, southwestern wisconsin and southeastern wisconsin l's zoom fr jefferson into walworth as we zoom in there, expanding eastward. the moderate snow extending from lake geneva and eastward toward burlingtonwestern racine and kenosha county. so we're gonna start to see that snow really beginning to pk up right now all of wisconsin, the u.p. of michigan and points off
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minnesota and northeastern iowa under winter weather warnings or advisories. for us across southeastern wisconsin most of us under a more serious winter storm warning in affect right now until 8:00 tomorrow evening. that includes the milwaukee metro area, wausaukee, washington, dodge, jefferson, waukesha, milwaukee, racine, kenosha, and walworth counties. up to the north, fond du lac and shall bogey began counties, our friends up there, under a less significant but still important wintther advory what that points out is just how long ts is gng to be going on and the persistent snow is going t pose aroblem for road
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>> we'll time it out for you hour by hour and let you know who's gonna see how much and your sto tea forecast comg up. >> thanks so much, scott. the snowstorm will be roads as it ramps up tonight. you're watching the flakes fly in waukesha county and hopefully they got all of those errands done early. ben jordan riding in the storm team 4 chasener our milwaukees mobile. right now the roads are not slick whatsoever. here is a live look at the
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th roadsre prettyusy right now. flakes started to fall in the past hour. the snow started to be very light. drivers we've seen aretaying around or below the speed limit. we haven't been sliding around. it isn't too slick at this point, however, conditions are expected due to the deterioration often side of the road. you can see snow starting to build up. now, here are three mns to remember. if you plan to hit the road of the season, bridges and elevated roads can be icy and slick. even when other pavement is in good condition. also go slow. e posted speed limits are for dry pavement and give plo and yourselfxtraoom. we will be out monitoring the conditions and continue to provide an update cing up tonight at 10:00. live in waukeshaounty, ben jordan, today' tmj 4. >> thanks so much, ben. see you then.
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streets.crew out salting all afternoon. 170 plows are ready to roll by six sunday morning and mor could be added tomorw if needed. it's possible a snow emergency could be declared inilwaukee meaning if you're parked in a snow route you'll be tickete and towed. some schools make playgrounds and, paing ls available for to yo park overnight. you can find a list of those schools and more at todaysj4om. there you'll also find the latest storm alert and clore wnad your mobile app for your phone and tablet. is destrw berlin after a fire this morning. here on sunny slope road tling
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>> it' really stood s. it's kind of heart breaking because i guess i'm not really actually witnessed wildfire. >> it's very sad for the dog, obviously, this time of year it's really important for the family to be okay. >> neighbors watch the flames at a distance. the smell of heavy smoke drew them to forest drive. thankfully the couple who lived here is safe, yet all they own and their dogs are gone. >> one came home from the sto neighbor helping a neighbor out with a car. >> reporter: assistant chief steve khan says this husband and wife weren't home at the time when the flames started. they arrived once it was too late. >> the most difficult thing would be because there's in hydrants in this part of the city. >> reporter: crews shuttled water in while it was 20 degrees out. setting up requires time and
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the family has people to stay with in the area and dnot have to look for shelter as this reportinew berlin, today's >> vy sad. than you. milwaukee police, they're inveating a pair of infant deaths on the city's west side. officers were called to the home for the sudden death of montthree-old baby girl this rning, and then at 11:00, emergencyrews responded to a call for an unresponsive five week-old at 51st and. north no word on what led up to either of these deaths. the father of a 7-year-old boy starved and beaten to death in milwaukee is speaking out for the very first time about what happened. police say he was tortured and
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his father, jason roberts lived in arkansas and says neither he nor his mother knew the criminal history of the woman that the child was living with. >> that's my only child. you know, i'm missing him dearly. didn't know about the g times andad t he cruncd the boy multiple times on november 28th and nextng found unresponsive. apparently martinez does not want her to call police. >> we are under a winter storm warning right now across the metro area, through milwaukee, fond du lac and sheboyganth. counties, winter weather
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is will be a long duration of th from the radar showing most of us especiay southwest milwaukee seeing the snow and intensity. you may just want to stay inside and watch today's tmj 4 because the snow will really pick up, visibility reduced tonary zero at times. i'll have details hour by hour for new just a few minutes. still ahead on live at 6:00, rock on doc. find out why this doctor is
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one band, one sound. th city's best gathere today for the annual mps drum line competition. the contest included sick tricks, precision drumming and plenty of showmanship. no word on when they will ground the 2016 championship but they all look great. a local doctor is using rocks to help children and treat ds. the doctor spent time colcting stones today. you see them there along the michigan shoreline.
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you heard that right, rocks, for $85 online, and it's actually sold out. so dr. margolis is sending rocks to people in exchange for an $85 donation to children's hospital. >> i work here at children's hospital wisconsin where we take care of sick kids every day and $85, a donation of $85 can go a long way in helping a kid be a kid or even helping a kid better. >> the hospital's facebook page has had 170,000 views since it was posted last night. if you'd like to donate, you can find a link at coming up, a warning with scammers and snow shovels. how the good samaritans helped
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dane county is getting a chance to try out its new eco friendly snowplows. it's saving money by using plows that run on compressed natural gas. it will cost the county less than $1 phone 50 per gallon. >> when we iest in renewable techlogy we' more of that money rate here in t's i win/win. in wisconsin. th taxpayers win. we trade more jobs and helps prect our environment. >> the county plans to convert all trucks to natural gas by 2023 there. >> thieves acting like good neighbors are blamed for a series of home burglaries in madison.
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help shoveling the driveway. police say it's just a rus to see if anyone was homeo they could break in. >> flakes are flying in sth wisconsin as we take a live look in waukesha county. you canee how the rdways will get worse and worse tonight. here's meteorologist scott steele to time it all out for you. >> hey, julia. good evening, everybody. it says misery loves company lot of company to enjoy this misery together. it extends farther toward the dakotas. that weather will be headed in our direction as we head through the next 24 hours. so the snow has started in
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southeastern wisconsin right now. just about every one of our counties with the exception of sheboygan seeing the flakes flying through the area and up to the north that oh sauk' county you folks are seeing flakes into grafton and mequon. light stuff, down to the southwest, it's reall picked up to fort atkinson and into southern jefferson county and north jefferson walworth county. all ofalworth county seeing moderate snow taking place espeally either side of 83. and then eastward we go. that's where that more moderate snow is moving into racine and so right around burlington, around twin lakes you'r arting to see more of that modewfalno what this all means is that we'll see shovable snow across the entire badger land. there are winter weather advisories, or winter storm warnings bnking wisconsin toward the u.p. down into illinois and mic ahigan indiana and offo the west, as well, in southern minnesota and northernowa. for us acrossouthstern wisconsi our viewing area, most of us under the more
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which means we'll see more snow accumulating here between now and tomorrow at 8:00 in the evening. up to the north, and sheboygan counties, toward the fox river valley and green bay, lesser amounts but still a winter weher advisory that extends all the way until midnight tomorrow night. here's the way i see the snow totals shaping up, anywhere between 4 and a half foof snow, inches and 6-inches around the fox river valley toward fond du l and e bulk of the viewing area see and farther down to the south where you folks are out in walworth, racine and kenosha counties could see anywhere between 8 and 11-inches piling up from lake geneva through the city of racine and kenosha. between now and midnight tonight about an inch to 2-inches of accumulation in general. overnight we pick up the bulk, 2 to 4-inches of accumulation at times. white-out conditions and powde snow comingown rapidly and an
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by noon to 6:00 tomorrow evening thingsin to wrap up with an additional, perhaps about 2-inches, fortormotals beeen 6 and 11-inches by sunday eveng. crews to keep up because this will be a prolonged period of time. low visibilities a time with the powdery sno that could blow around even in relatively light winds. the snow is spreading acrosshe area. theirst snificant snowfall of the season followed by a bitter blast... below right nownorth nakota.6 that dramatic droporking its way towar us. a look at the satellite and radar combination.
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towards the rockies, 850 miles of snow and we've got a long way to go. future forecast indicates that what we'll be seeing becoming more moderate into the morning tomorrow morning. so snow overspreading the entire viewing area, picking up in intensity, picking up 3 to 4-inches by tomorrow morning and 21 degrees for a low. seasonal, up to 31. your stormeam 4 seven-day forecast, the 1-two punch, the bitter cold, look at this. our high temperature by the middle of next week, expect to only be in the single digits. low temp by thursday morning, 4 below 0. so get ready to bundle up, at
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fast peaced early on in this one. johnson comes up with the ste, goes coast to coast for the lay-in. badgers doing good here. iverson rattles the rim. tied the game up early. ompson an-0 run. and bronson with the layn. badgers 23-sun.rquemae answered. become to back triples, 4 in the first half, marette up at break. second half marquette goes a little cold and the badgers take advantage. badgers up 49-47. 18 points. great ball moving here,
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who kck down the trifecta from the corner. showalter and thens nigel hayes. hayes with 17 points. later in the half, a drive-in lay up to make it a 10 point game, badgers up 83- wisconsin would hol on. idenfyson the outlook path. he 16 points. badgers win here's the postgam wrap-up. >> wisconsindmitted that last year's loss to marquette stuck with them and perhaps that's exactly th fuel they needed to start a second half fire that led to their 93-84 win. >> marquette just played harder than us last year and madison, too. we wanted to come here and dot same thing. get t lall first and everything like that. >> theivalry doesn't mean much to me. i'm from ohio, so i just look at it as another game that we have
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team for our own year. but iss since i am here, we had a little bump in the rd last year, but beg brother always risesk b the top. >> i'm from i wisconsin so it means a little bit more to me. watching marte a wisconsin growingp and honestly being a fan of both teams but going to hadson i know how big the rivalry is andow much marquette fans hate us and all that stuff so it's always fun beating a team like this on the road with this >> wisconsin admitted last year's loss stuck with them and wanted to come in here and do what you guys last year did to em. it hurts not being able to win. they have the exact same thing and we are trying to send a lot of new guys into the equation. >> reporter: wconsinow holds a 67-56 edge in a rivalry that dates back to 1917.
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>> the ghraib packers are 3 point underdogs at lambeau field tomorrow. here's wayne larrivee. >> most casual fans know about the highly regarded seattle seahawks defense but what you might not realize is how potent and dangerous the seattle offense is today and that's what makes seattle a super bowl contender. >> it wou have been easier for the packers to contend with a earlier this season but today their skill position performers ar healthy andhis might be the best overall group of packers they face this season. thomas rowels missed sen games du to a fibula iury and he blasted through the carolina defense for 106 yardsnd 2 touchdow est reiver in the game
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targeted having in the 2014 nfc tit ge againsthe packers. and finally all pro tight end jimmy graham is the only tightened in the nfl is the only one with receiving y and five touchdown passes. so while the packers offense will have its work cut out for it, the greenay defenseay tually face the stiffer
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