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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  December 11, 2016 1:04am-1:33am CST

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fresh viral videos today. "right this minute." a motorcycle wrecks on a busy
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trail of fuel. why things only get worse after this. >> no! >> a tweet cat gets a second chance after it's found -- >> frozen into the ground. >> how rescuers pull a delicate mission to save a life. a schoolboy fights off a classroom full of bullies. >> the school board laid down the hammer. >> the reason why will shock you. and what a woman's ear. >> this is how i'm going to sleep from now on. >> see what's in there, if you dare. >> people down south better watch out. commuting on a motorcycle can be more convenient, especially if you ride in california, where it's legal to lane split. this guy's doing on the 805 near san diego. it looks like he's going to move over to the right side and maybe
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process. over here, up ahead. >> he's just carrying way too much speed to doing this kind of stuff. we spoke to the rider and he says he was aiming to move left. that's where the vw started to move. i believe speed overall could have been a problem. it's happened at 40 to 45 miles an hour. he goes down, the bike starts sliding. ar >> oh, shoot. >> he notices this trail of fuel. the tank had split open somehow with the accident. >> there he goes. >> somebody pulls over to help out. you hear a horn just beep beep beep, why are you laying on the horn? >> oh, no. >> no! >> that's the vw he ran into. >> it appears to be the same volkswagen that the rider hit.
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and didn't set his emergency brake. that caused the volkswagen to roll back. it looks like it bumped into a car that was stop. >> you s him on the side of the street watching his bike commute. >> the bad situation gets worse and worse. >> the good news is he was okay. the fire department showed up, put out the fire. >> it's just a charred, melted mess. animals really depend on us to give them a hand every once in a while. in this first video, i can't tell you how lucky this cat was that these people found it, because it was frozen. the problem is they can't just pick it up because this cat is frozen into the ground. >> that poor creature. that fur can only keep it so warm.
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cat, not a wildcat. >> these people grabbed buckets of warm water and started melting the ice around the cat. >> that's heartbreaking, i thought it was just the fur in the ice. the cat's paws are stuck in the ice. >> these people did not give return they worked very diligently to get this poor kitty loose. i don't know how long this thing was out there but obviously it was long enough for the water to freeze around it. >> did it get >> no frostbite for the kitty. they wrapped him in a blanket and took him home for vet care. he's happy, healthy, and he's been adopted. in this video from australia, time was of the essence. >> he decided to just get in the water when they realized there was a koala in the river, about to drown. they believe it had been out there for roughly an hour. at this point the poor animal is exhausted.
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close as they can to the struggling koala. you could tell the koala is so exhausted, they decide to grab it and help it back up. >> that poor thing could have drowned. >> fortunately these guys saved the day. when this video was uploaded to social media, it made people really concerned to the point where they called on school officials to end school violence. >> oh, come on. >> where is the teacher? where are the other kids? this is like a gang attack on one kid. they've got weapons in their hands. >> you see the kid blocking the window and a fifth person running the camera. >> this isn't a school fight, this is vicious. >> when the school got ahold of the video, they laid down the hammer. the video isn't real. this kid and his friends filmed
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popular. >> well, now i want to kick his butt. what a stupid thing to do. this is how a kid wants to get popular? >> and all the kids that are being victimized daily in schools around the world, i'm teaming up on team let's keep the guy kicking. >> now he's popular, not in the way he wanted to. >> or notorious. >> he claims that he department think it would go viral. i guess he didn't realize you no longer have control of it. >> isn't that the answer for every teenage dumb decision? i didn't realize. i didn't think about it. >> his parents have signed a contract saying that if he does something like this again, he will be expelled. the police say they won't file charges, they'll leave it to the school to handle it internally. in the last couple of years it's sunk into my kids exactly what it is i do here at "right
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fail my son asks me, do you know zack king? zack king is his absolute number one favorite on youtube. he's huge. because he pulls stuff like this. >> do you think your kids could fill us in on what you actually do here? >> he's a wizard when it comes to magic tricks and special effects combined. >> >> picture right there. >> suddenly -- >> helps himself out, quickly grabs those flowers. it definitely isn't anne hathaway but looks like her. quick, people are coming, freeze. and then the effect is even more compounded as the camera moves away. honestly, if you want to lose hours.
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to his youtube and instagram. my kids sit there and watch and watch. they're always so clever and so funny. >> i'm astonished and amazed and i love this. i could watch it for hours and hours. that is really, really, really cool. >> he's one of the super stars of the internet. >> i can tell my son we did a zack king video today. a stunning scene from searching the maya shows an underwater emergency as the diver is freaking out. what went horribly wrong in a cave for a dangerous catch-22. and little dora here is in big trouble. >> has dora been exploring? >> oh, yeah. she explored mommy's closet. >> why she's ashamed of her expensive tastes. come together at the holidays, with our new flavorfilled pairings.
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get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. this is an amazing job at amassing adventure videos from around the world so we all can see. this is one of my favorites. it's called "searching the maya the yucatan peninsula. robbie and his team of expert divers have been diving for many years. even though they have so much experience diving, anything can go wrong if you panic. >> on one of our dives we surfaced into a fairly large air dome. these air domes can be absolutely beautiful in there. but they are most likely going to be oxygen deficient.
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and brian, her husband, find an air dome. once there, gina started experiencing problems. >> this air is not good. >> put your regulator in. >> you can hear her panicking. she's communicating that her inflater isn't working. in fact it came loose. now it's taken in water. and that is what keeps you bouyant. >> put the regulator in your mouth. >> it's a nightmare, this is literally people's nightmare, the kind of thing people wake up in a cold sweat from. she's not waking up. >> she's been diving for 25
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>> it really just does go to show that if you let things snowball, even the best diver can get into a bad situation. >> you'll be happy to know that everybody was very calm around her and they were able to guide her out of this situation carefully. you can see exactly what happened if you watch at the link, go to or check it out on our mobile app. holay are you worried that you might get cold in your stockings? >> i'm definitely getting cold in my stockings. >> here is a way you might be able to get some presents instead. walking up to people at a gas station and just offering some kindness and cash.
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>> awesome. >> there's nothing wrong with what he's doing, that is beautiful. >> he sneaks up. he's spotted. freeze! >> a live mannequin challenge. >> brother is like, i don't even know what to do, should i chase or just smile? >> it better not be a parking ticket. >> people don't know what to expect especially when you creep up on them at the gas station. >> over and over, stuart hands out happiness. i love the reaction at en >> not a lot of stuff has gone right. >> maybe this is a little silver lining, you know, to end the day. >> it is. >> this isn't just a video. you can get in on this too. you can do the same thing that stuart did. just use the hashtag #lighttheworld. it doesn't have to be handing out 20s.
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kindness. see how far you can spread it. >> use the hashtag and let's go make the world a better place. see you guys. 9-month-old dora is still a puppy. a staffy. that's a staffordshore terrier. she's looking an lubiton. >> the owner sees red. >> like the red on the sole. >> the owner is the hr manager, saved for months to buy this pair of shoes. she wore them once. >> the dog just committed sue-icide. >> some dogs like shoes. some like purses. >> in this jookin video you can see this dog ain't joking around with that handbag. and that dog slowly walks under
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leather fingers on its back. >> i want anything to make me feel that good. >> turn around. >> that's an image of you i never want to see again. these guys are taking the scenic route of paris on top of a train. >> right there, they quickly hit the deck. but then they get rumbled. >> d track. >> what happens next that brings their ride to a screeching halt. plus a toddler crying because somebody's in the box. >> it works, the cat bounces. >> see why he better watch his back after some serious kitty. >> when ain't nobody watching. the foot care experts at amope now turn your heels into sneakers.
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the one up man ship of the internet continues. he's doing something he really shouldn't be doing. you can see they're climbing over this fence onto this roof right here. you can quickly figure out what's going on, you can see a train waiting in the station. they pick their moment and jump on top. you can see the whole team of them, they've got themselves some cameras. he's also going to get himself a pretty incredible view. you guys may be able to figure
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>> they're over the seine. >> a pretty incredible view of the city, to be honest. >> there is a roof right there. they quickly hit the deck. but then they get rumbled. the train doesn't pull completely into the station. an emergency stop happens and these guys leg it. >> don't jump onto another track. >> they clear it, make that leap no problem, downstairs, bust through the exit and head off down the road. >> they knew that was an unplanned stop. >> i'm thinking we know that paris has been on the receiving end of terrorist attacks, a bunch of guys on top of a train would probably cause some worry among somebody. >> the only thing that would stop that whatever is sadly a bunch of people being killed or police are going to have to really put severe penalties on
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i used to think that sports fans were groomed to be fans of a specific sports team. but now i think with this video, it's proven people are born fans. >> can i have the jersey? could you wear it now? [ crying ] >> this little girl loves her >> as soon as they try taking it away from her, she just starts crying. >> at least she's just crying, because any time a hockey jersey is pulled off of somebody, it's usually followed up by a couple of -- >> does she have a sippy cup? >> that would be great. >> you know dad was so happy. >> not only did he share it with his family and friends, he
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retweeted it. people are loving this little girl. this next one is also just as precious. [ crying ] i don't know why cats have to get in a box. as the cat is getting comfortable, the kid cries and it works, the cat, boom, bounces. >> that is a child's favorite toy. >> pretty much all a cat wants too. >> maybe he's having an identity crisis. >> everybody please look at the >> the cat is saying, i will kill you later. a woman notices that a visitor set up camp in her ear. >> in the middle of the night, in her sleep. >> see what comes out when the doctors go in.
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>> every one handmade. they'll all be unique in their own special way. no husky left behind. ?? ?? ?? ?? this is how i'm going to
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video, you're laughing now, but you'll look like this too. this is in china. this woman had something in her ear that went in there when she was asleep. i need to breathe, i'm taking one out. when doctors saw what was in there, they were shocked. >> oh, god, the doctors are shocked. >> it was alive! >> ew. s. >> it looks like some sort of >> is it a roach? it's a cockroach. >> it's a cockroach. >> people down south better watch out. >> you guys want at this should you tissues? >> i'll just leave my motorcycle helmet on there. >> she knew something had crawled in there in the middle of the night. she tried to get it out herself
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went in with the q-tip, it went further in. >> they did have to throw in a liquid that would basically help calm the roach down. when they first put it in there, it actually aggravated the situation while the liquid, whatever this chemical was, took effect. >> it was raid. [ laughter ] >> that's terrible. that will do it for today's lineup of great videos. has a lot more or catch us on the next episode.
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