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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1030 Sunday  NBC  December 11, 2016 10:30pm-11:05pm CST

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fourth quarter, overtime. romo on the bench. dunbar in the backfield. second down and ten. prescott, under pressure again. throws and that's incomplete. dunbar, stayed in the block and flared out and it's third down and ten. beckham cheerleading. >> cris: there it is. olivier vernon, able to get dak prescott off the spot, despite just a three-man rush. and does it all. a little cheerleading. and you know that guy issues he had a chance. >> al: the cowboys, 1 for 14 on third down. third and ten. with the three-man rush this time.
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deflected by kennard. having a nice game. so, the cowboys down to the last gasp. >> cris: they're doing this with a three-man rush. if you're dak prescott, it's risky. it's a safety. it's fourth down here. they come with another three-man rush, probably should use the mobility, scrambleun their way open down the field. >> al: fourth down. witten comes in for more protection in the backfield. prescott. from the end zone. fires over the middle. and that is at the 20 yard line, dez bryant. who makes the catch. going to the ground. holds on to it. or did he is the question. and it has to be reviewed.
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before the next snap? >> referee: the ruling on the field is under review. >> al: they just did get the review called in before the next step. obviously, the cowboys trying to get up there. they had no time-outs. try to avoid the review. you're going to get an incomplete pass here. >> cris: wow. guess who? >> al: jenkins. >> cris: janoris jenkins again. what a night he had. and the crowd, just saw the and they know, it is game over. giants have done it again. >> al: the cowboys are going to go to 11-2. and the -- the giants talking about the wild card situation, b still have a chance. spagnuolo congratulations jenkins on a phenomenal night. >> cris: man, oh, man.
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they are two back of the cowboys. got to even and had the same record. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field has been changed. it is an incomplete pass. it will be first and goal for the giants at the 3 yard line. set the game clock to 48 seconds. >> al: if the two teams lined up with the same record, the giants have won the tiebreak by virtue of sweeping the season series. >> cris: what a turnaround for this new york gi d last year, they couldn't get out of their own way. they sign those three free agents. jason pierre-paul comes back. they draft eli apple. and this was some defensive performance. i know they've had a lot of great defenses in new york with the giants. but this performance tonight was something special. >> al: the giants came into the game with the 17th-ranked defense.
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allowed. one more kneeldown. that will take us to the finish. the giants win on opening day. and they win in week 14. after prescott, 17 of 37. so 165 yards and 2 interceptions tonight, equaling his season total coming into the game. for dez bryant giving up the ball at the end. some reactions. he'll take it. and the cowboys head back, ready
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football." big night at metlife stadium. coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report, after these messages from your local station. [ tower pinging ]
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>> only the giants have beaten the cowboys this year. and they've done it twice. dallas led 7-0, at the half. all-giants in the second half. they win it, 10-7. three stars of the game. one is a terrific story. undrafted rookie out of notre dame. romeo okwara. he had eight tackles and a sack tonight. starting in place of the injured jason pierre-paul. the other stars of the game, odell beckham, nine receptions for nearly 100 yards. and janoris jenkins, who had one of two interceptions for the giants and was on the coverage on the fourth down last gasp pass to dez bryant that was ruled incomplete. as the giants win it, 10-7. and beckham and jenkins are with michele. >> bob, thank you very much. odell, first half, a couple of big drops. you redeem yourself with the big 61-yard touchdown catch. what changed in the second half
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>> just have to wake up. at some point, you have to wake up. this is an amazing atmosphere. you can get lost in it sometimes. we know what is on the line. we just weren't doing enough as an offense. honestly, the defense is what held us together. this doesn't go to me. this goes to our defense. so, i make sure they get it. but we do appreciate it. >> you knew how much was on the line. how motivating was it to try to cowboys, from clinching the division on your home turf? >> coach talked about it all week. we talked about them having their box of goods. and the hats, the shirts, everything. and he said it's not going to happen on this field. and sure enough, it didn't happen. we came out and did what we needed to do. so, i'm going to let you speak to this guy right here. this is an incredible player.
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jenkins. >> jackrabbit. jackrabbit. >> a big performance for you tonight. the defense as a whole. facing all of the weapons that dallas possesses. how were you so effective? >> we had to play on the ball. we played as a defense and played within the scheme. >> and again, the motion of not allowing them to clinch here. you've done it before with these guys. how did you do it again? >> everybody is clicking on all sloinders. and stepping up big when the offense is struggling. let's go, new york. bob? >> michele, thanks. odell beckham was good to get one of the game balls. he caught four passes tonight. here's a look at the nfc playoff picture with a win. the giants prevent the cowboys from clinching the division. if dallas wins two of three, the cowboys win the division and secures the number one seed. seattle can clinch the west with
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the rams. the giants are in good position for a wild card at minimum. and so, we bring in tony dungy. what do you make of the giants' chances going forward? >> i like where they are. and especially the way the defense played. you heard odell beckham talk about them. they have solidified the wild card spot. that may be bad news for cowboys. that would be dallas' worst nightmare to see the giants come into cowboys stadium and play them in the playoffs. cowboy fans will remember back to 2007 when dallas was the number one seed. the giants beat them at home on their way to the super bowl. >> yep. absolutely. in the afc, now, no team has clinched yet. and the division races in the north, south and west, remain tight. if baltimore is able to win at new england tomorrow night, the ravens would hold the tiebreaker
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first place in the north. although the two play on christmas day in pittsburgh. denver has fallen two games back of kansas city and oakland in the west. and they're clinging to a wild card spot. what do you expect from the defending champions down the stretch now? >> i really think it's going to be tough for denver going down the stretch. they are not running the ball well. they had injures to their running backs. they are sitting at eight wins right now. i think it will take ten wins for them to make the playoffs. and they play new england next week, and then they've got kansas city and oakland. i think they're going to have to win two out of three to make it. and i don't see them doing that the way they're running the football right now. i would be surprised if denver makes the playoffs. >> okay, tony. thanks. over to mike florio of mike, two injuries to quarterbacks of teams very much in the playoff hunt. matthew stafford of the lions, having a great year. injured a finger. and ryan tannehill of the
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>> bob as to stafford has a finger injury. said after the game, he will be okay. but look for him to wear a glove on that injured finger moving forward, perhaps for the rest of the season. as that finger heals for ryan tannehill, the news is not so good. a torn acl in his left knee. will be out for the year. matt moore takes over for the >> bad news for the dolphin and for tannehill. you can catch mike tomorrow, from 7:00 to 9:00 eastern. followed by the dan patrick show from 9:00 to noon, with lamar jackson as a guest. final score, giants 10, dallas 7. al and cris to wrap it up after
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volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." >> you talk about even. each team had one pass and reception. each team had 260 yards. each team with three turnovers. neither could turnover and the penalty was just about the same. and thus, 10-7, a tight one all the way through. >> tony dungy may have hit on something. this may be the most interesting of the first early round playoff it would be a lot of fun to watch the rematch. >> would be. and could happen. we're on to seattle. as bill belichick might say. >> seattle, seattle, seattle. >> the rams are having a terrible year. but they have seattle's number. they've beaten them three times in a row. can they do it on thursday night? >> you have to wonder what's going on. the one thing i really enjoyed watching this year in the league, though, not only dak prescott and the performance
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jameis winston, now, has his team on a hot streak, right? with tampa bay. marcus mariota. the young quarterbacks are coming in here, now, and making a difference in winning football games. i think the league's in good hands for a few years to come. >> who knew we would be flexing into the tampa bay buccaneers against the cowboys on sunday night? >> especially we saw them on the thursday night broadcast. thane didn't do much of anything against atlanta that night. and from that night on, they've been terrific. >> we jinxed them. >> we'll get them general. we can redeem it next week. that's the action next week. here on nbc thursday. and sunday, there's your final score from the meadowlands. the giants beat the dallas cowboys, final score, 10-7. so, that 11-game winning streak, with the dallas cowboys is history. the giants have now won seven of the last eight. al michaels, cris collinsworth,
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rutherford, new jersey. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national
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>> tonight, digging out, the first winter storm of the season dumping a half a foot of snow across much of southeast wisconsin, many working around the clock keeping streets, hiwa sidewalks clear. while others made the most of it. >> no falling flakes in sight right now. that's a live look from milwaukee's lake front as the storm has finally moved out. good evening, i'm katie kruter. thank you for staying up with us. the storm may be gone but the snow continues for road crews. details on the city of milwaukee's plan to get streets ready for the start of the work
10:51 pm
west alice riding shotgun in the storm chaser and veronica macias were not going to let the winter storm ruin their weekend. but first, scott is here to show us how much snow fell where you live. >> katie, it's been a day, 24 hours of snow, nonstop, piling up in a big way across our state. no weather alerts out there right now. national weather service dropping the alerts around the chicagoland area as well. in fact, we all picked up between 6 and 9 inches of snow all across southeastern wisconsin. a pocket of heavy stuff down around walworth county as well. a live look at the storm team match radar. going back six hours so you can see the progression of the snow departing in the evening hours rapidly as we approach the 9:00 hour leaving in re seen and kenosha. up to the north, a pocket of light snow.
10:52 pm
it may add to what we have out there, maybe a dusting or so. that would be about it. behind it, clearing skies coming our way by tomorrow. the snow maybe next to milwaukee for a couple of hours. nothing much to worry about. a live look at our ft. washington tower cam. you can see the damp pavement as crews have been cleaning up there through the day today. your weather word is snow, finally coming to an end. it looks as though we're goi the next day or so. outside right now, we're still quite mild for this time of the year, time of the night. 30 degrees, 27 in waukeshaw. the winds are kicking up. that's a concern. we've been lucky having calm winds through the storm. winds are picking up through the nighttime to tomorrow leading to a little blowing and drifting out there. the roads have clear. taking you around the clock,
10:53 pm
temperatures dipping to the teens. our own storm team 4 meteorologist jessie rip can has been in storm chaser all day long tracking the snow and measuring it along the way, jess? >> we've been out and about on the interstates. the interstates look good. i'm going to pan down and they haven't been treated all the way yet. getting reports of some of the cars in the ditch. we saw about three on i-43 heading down to walworth county. but, again, a lot of folks really enjoying the scenery outside. let's flip over to our camera and the roof camera and you can see we're heading down candy cane lane. the lights are still on, most of candy cane lane kind of shuts down around 10:00 p.m.
10:54 pm
your stats, 21.4 degrees with a light wind. scott said that will be picking up. across the state of wisconsin, still a little bit of snow across the middlesex of the state bringing snow covered roads through there. as far as the snow fall goes, we are -- our route today started off at tmj 4 studios where we saw 7.5 inches of snow. hill cornerings 6.4 inches for you. 6 in each troy. there. 7.25 in eagle. 5.5 in west alice. that's where we are right now. here's your street level view of where storm chaser is. we're live from storm chaser. some of the side streets on the sloppy end. so take it easy, katie? >> thanks, jesse. it has been 24 hours of hard
10:55 pm
casey geraldo found out what it takes to keep roads safe. she joins us right now near marquette university. >> i was out here at 5:00. it was snowing a lot now. thankfully it has stopped. the roads are looking better earlier. starting to stick. we've seen a cupel of clouds come by. everywhere across the state, people are digging out like you said. it takes dozens of plows, hundreds of tons of salt, and very little sleep for a lot of people. >> guys, i'm finally back out on the road. >> a snowy night in waukeshaw county means a long one for rick slater. >> i jump in the truck and start falling snow on i-94. >> a 24-hour storm with snow enough to get thick clouds out in waukeshaw county. >> 5:30 saturday night to 7:30 this morning, i used 78 ton just
10:56 pm
>> in the city of milwaukee, that number multiplied with out and about. >> it's important to get through all of the city and move the snow. >> both waukeshaw county and the city of milwaukee went out to treat the roads before it all started. it's worked well to keep the roads drivable. >> they're not as bad as i thought they would be. so i'm impressed with it. >> others hope it will be better on the way to work tomorrow. >> on 94, that's horrible. >> on a night like this, lafter we'll be moving out moving snow and leaving salt. >> i can put 1,000 pounds of salt down. >> all you have to to is drive safely. the city and -- the county and town of waukeshaw told me they'll be out all night as will the city of milwaukee. the city of milwaukee really wants to get the roads cleared
10:57 pm
the snow turns to ice. also if you're planning on trash pickup in the city of milwaukee tomorrow, they ask that you bring out your garbage bins tonight. live in milwaukee, tracy geraldo, today's tmj 4. >> all right, thanks, casey. here in milwaukee, check signs before you park anywhere. you need to park on the odd side of the street tonight and move your car to the even side tomorrow by 11:00 p.m. you can find more details on milwaukee's winter parking rules on several local communities are under snow emergencies. kenosha, pleasant prairie, and greenfield. and in burlington, winter parking regulations are in effect which means no parking on any streets a it all until tomorrow morning. and a sound heard today around southeast wisconsin. 24 hours of snow means lots of shovelling. veronica macias is live in re seen where she talked to a lot
10:58 pm
weekend work done. >> here in re seen, the weekend snow fall ended a few hours ago. a lot of people willing to drive in the winter element. going out for food. most of the people did find themselves with a shovel in their hand. >> outside of the pigly wiggly on highway 20, a father and daughter are making sure customers don't get stuck in the snow. well, her name is winter like the season that came in with a bang, she it. at this shopping center, those not having to work in the elements aren't thrilled that oldman winter came through the midwest. >> i didn't feel like doing that. >> yet many did brave the cold and snow, some to get groceries for the week. >> a lot of stuff going out the door right now, a lot of meat. maybe people are making chili tonight.
10:59 pm
football since most of the residential streets were quiet for most of the evening hours. while he was ready to sit down and watch the packers versus seahawks, hernandez wanted to get the head start on the digout. >> second time today. more times oh it here, the easier it is. >> removing the snow once it freezes is far from easy, especially since you have three plus inches to remove. we get no break from the snow today. almost everywhere you look, people are wiping it away. evenit driving in the slush was tricky. towing companies in re seen say they were busy tonight. we did see some accidents on i-94. they expect to be busier tomorrow morning. reporting live in re seen county, i'm veronica macias, today's tmj 4. >> packers' extra. the snow stopped at lambeau just in time for the packs to plow through the defense on a way to
11:00 pm
lance allen is in green bay. >> how impressive was the packers' victory over seattle. the first time the seahawks have been blown out by 10 or more points in more than five years. >> the defense played incredible to get, whatever, five, six turnovers, whatever, amazing. we took care of the ball which is something we struggled with this year. this is honestly the whole -- what we're used to. people taking care of the ball, capitalizing on turnovers. winning big another win. >> aaron rodgers nearly perfect with a quarterback rating with 150.8. what was less than ideal and perfect, once again, he has a calf injury to deal with. >> it's football. you're going to deal with injuries. and, you know, i'd like to talk about the wind, you're talking about my injuries. >> not a lot went right for the packers in the playoff picture, but we have the bears, the
11:01 pm
three nfc north games to finish out the season. today's tmj-4. >> thanks for that, lance, they weren't the only ones having a good day. a lot of families were enjoying the first major snow fall. the unusual winter activities we found people doing next. but first, we go to break with some of the best snow pictures sent in by you, the viewer. as always, thanks for sending
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shovelling snow. a boy in burlington used his hover board to clear the driveway. thanks to his dad, dave, for sending us that video. snow and surfing today at brat ford beach in milwaukee. we caught this surfer all suited up to catch the winter waves. that's a brave guy. . >> for some the snow means wo fun. and dad works to shovel off the sidewalks. >> what's the most fun thing about it? >> it's fast. >> maron and jacoby are sledding in the front yard and happy with the quality of the snow. >> i'm pleased that the parents seem to enjoy the seasons and the weather. >> ryan vander loop grew up in wisconsin. he remembers playing in the snow as a kid.
11:05 pm
>> for monica and daniela chinchilla. >> running on and rushing to put on our new clothes. >> the white powder is a brand new experience. they recently moved north from florida. >> because it's fresh to seeing snow and i like it. >> and daniela says even better than her first time on a sled -- is the quality time spent with mom and dad. >> do you have a favorite part about it so far? >> >> what? >> being with my family out in the snow. >> because the snow is so light and fluffy, it's not just ideal for sledding, shovellers told us it's also pretty easy to clear. in surewood, today's tmj-4. >> that's max and benjamin got out in the snow today. scott, were you able to get out there at all? you'll be right with those kids. >> if only i could have been. but i had my yardstick going


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