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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  December 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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right now, from milwaukee, this is live at day break. >> 4:30. a live like outside. we have your roads on the right, a crash. we'll get to that in a and all of the snow moving on out. >> this is the start of what will be a frigid week. an arctic blast left snow and h ice across the midwest. good thef good morning. i'm susan kim. >> no issues in milwaukee right now. baugh chicago has people waking up wondering if their flights
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" flights to o'hare were canceled. >> they are getting what we had the last 24 hours. >> it's messy, we knew it was coming. still, they had some slush you want to watch out for. this is out of here now. you can still see a little light snow in the lower peninsula. we just have a few clouds around southeastern wisconsin. the temperature you're waking up in the teens and 20s. 19 in dem t temperature are not that bad. what we didn't have was wind. the winds picked up from 15 to 25 to 30 miles per hour, creating blowing and drifting snow. this is that light, fluffy snow. windchills in the single digits and teens. here's your day planner. a little sunshine, a lot of wind, anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour, and a
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windchills all day will be in the teens. it will be a chilly one this afternoon. at least the snow has come to an end. we already have issues this morning. >> unfortunately, yes. the crash has been going on for an hour now. keeping an eye in the greenfield area. this is on i-94 eastbound at 60th street. sheriffs have actually shut down two lanes of traffic as they are working to clear this issue. as you head towards the mitchell, either towards dow downtown, or towards the general mitchell hint national airport. it will be a bit of a headache. that's actually getting slower. looking quickly at your drive time right now. hail to the mitchell. normally the commute is at 5 minutes. plan ahead, only a minor delay. again, traffic is starting to build. >> statatiana, thanks very much. this is from today's team storm chaser, up early with us today.
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and slick and could cause some problems although crews are laying down salt. we'll check in with our storm team meteorologist coming up in ten minutes. >> as tatiana mentioned, highways are slick. a lot of people just getting their cars out. >> pete is on the north side where people are getting their cars out. pete, hi. >> good morning. if you take a look be the streets here, you see the streets in this area, pretty well cleared. they are still slick, as we noticed, because of kind of that base layer of, we'll call it slush on the roads. but there's not much snow accumulated on that. as for parking, come here, you see signs like this. no parking, snow falls 4 inches or more. we can tell you the industry announced last night, that parking rule is in effect.
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at least 4 inches of snow falls, when you do, you could be ticketed because plows need to get through. these cars will wake up with tickets under their windshield wipers. some were parked under that sign when the plows came through. >> pete, thank you. we can get 60 plows out. they had tons city. in milwaukee, that multiplies with 300 pipeseces of snow equipment on the road. some counties went to treat the road before the snow began starting. >> it's important that we get through all of the city and move the snow. >> in the city of milwaukee, they really want things clear before things get much colder as brian is indicating, the snow is going to freeze over.
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a police squad car was involved in a crash near i-41 near capital drive. lights on the screen there. no word on injuries. in wisconsin, there's a lot of slowdown and move over for maintenance vehicles on the highway >> the wisconsin didn't of transportation reminding drivers of treacherous road conditions. posted speed limits are for dry conditions. they are urging eveon officials are urging drivers to give snow plows extra room. dr dialing 511 gives youup dates throughout wisconsin. for the latest, download our mobile app for our phone or tablet. >> it's 5:45. if you're parked in a snow route during snow emergency, you could
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some schools and businesses allow parking in their lots. >> we have closings because of the snow still lingering, head to our website for updated information. >> and up next, feel the burn. former presidential candidate, bernie sand eers will be in
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snow covered roads and cars. we have partly cloudy conditions. the winds have picked up. so county roads will see blowing and drifting snow. that's something we didn't have to deal with this entire storm system this weekend. winds were light, dropping windchills in single digits and teens. for today it will remain breezy, slowly diminishing, watch for blowing andri we'll see a few flurries, isolated snow shower before midnight as the cold front pushes through. temperature, we'll warm up to 20 degrees, a few 10 degrees below normal. this is the warmest day much the week. after this, we'll show you that coming up. >> we've been warned, brian, thank you. our neighbors to the south in chicago waking up to more snow as well. they have the same system him
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sheriffs deputies responded to several spin-amounts and crashes because of slick road conditions. 300 plows and salters are still treating the roads to try and prevent an icy morning commute. >> in minnesota, they are digging out after being dumped on. d.o.t. crews working around the clock to keep things from deteriorating further. they dealt with 600 crashes and 230 afternoon. a reminder, stay connected by heading to any time. >> and the event is called the science of lead in water and lessons learned. a nationally recognized expert on lead and water will address attendees and answer sessions, that session starts at 5:30 at
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commission building. the presidential recount is 90% complete in wisconsin. every county must finish by tomorrow. the state needs to certificate the results then by wednesday to make sure congress recognizes wisconsin's 10 electoral votes. >> senator bernie sanders will make a stop in kenosha for a reporting with chris hayes on msnbc. he's going to talk about trade policy, automotive plant cl the events is at 2:00 p.m. and will include a panel discussion. >> and tomorrow, donald trump and mike pence will bring their thank you tour to the state palace. the event begins at 7:00 p.m. doors open at 4:00 p.m. and up here next on live at day break this morning. >> winter crooks. the first major event brought out criminals looking to scam
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out. >> and which stadium was a major delay and the problem was not even the snow. >> and a live look outside. stay atop your weather on monday as everyone heads back to work and school. you can see there's problem spots already as you head out the door. we'll keep an eye on the roads
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wisconsin still recovering after a whopper of a snowstorm dumped several inches in our viewing area. a live look at the weather camera this morning. the roads are in very good shape. if you have not ventured out this saturday, step in several inches of fresh snow when you
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pete is in milwaukee's neighborhood that's the toughest to dig out of. pete? >> i'm standing in several inches of fresh snow near as m astor. i want to give you a look behind me. private property owners have 24 hours to clear off their sidewalks. looks liketh neighborhood has done a pretty good. the sidewalk on lion street is clear. streets in this area is looking good, too. this base area. the packed down snow and slush are snick. seems the plows through here, not a lot of snow accumulated. on the streets, we have seen cars pretty snowed in this morning and some with tick ends on their windshields because of course alternate side parking remains in effect for a large part of the city and certain areas of the streets on the east side where you're not allowed to
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snow or more that's fallen. we've seen cars parked under those signs. we'll keep showing you scenes like that throughout the morning. >> 4:46 and a lot of folks will still be shoveling sidewalks this morning. this is an important reminder of scams. these are apparently going around posing as good neighbors offering to shovel sidewalks. it was a rouse to was home and then they were breaking into homes there. >> it's slick, snowy. you want to slow down for the h morning commute this morning. >> and our snow chaser giving people a look at conditions they are dealing with today. hi, brian. >> good morning, guys. we've encountered slushy spots, slick spots on the road but the main highways appear to be in decent shape. however, we did come across an accident here and we are going
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we are going to get on to 894 from, let's see here, if we can turn this around hopefully. we're not going to make it too busy here. you can see that. getting on 894 at 60th street and we're now getting on to 894 and going to drive by this accident here. hopefully we don't make it tool dizzy here. i want to tell you, guys, it involved what looks to be a plow truck. i'm not sure if it's a cou plow truck or not. but we saw, on the back of a flatbed, we saw one of those plow rigs taken off one of the trucks and we just got here. we're pulling up to it right now. it caused a little bit of a back-up on the highway here on 894 eastbound but not too bad. here we go, we're pulling right up to this truck here. you can see the plow rig on the back of that truck. but, again, the roadways not too bad. but they are a little bit slippery.
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the wind out here this morning that's causing a little bit of blowing and drifting of the snow and then what we have is somewhat of a wet pavement with temperature well below the freezing mark. some of that wet pavement should also be little patches of ice. make sure you are keeping your speed down this morning, give yourself extra time because we're starting to notice a few issues on the roads. connor. >> at least the snow is out of here. that's the good news. also, which we didn't have a to deal with. the winds are picking up as well. >> our storm team 4 storm chaser. these are snow totals starting at midnight until late last evening. anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snow and then you add 2 to 3 on top of that until midnight saturday night. started around 5:00, 6:00 saturday evening. most areas, as we expected
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the snow moved out. we had clouds, a little clearing and we'll see more sunshine throughout the day. temperature on the cool side. watch out for slick sides. 18 in kenosha, at 26 degrees. the wind has picked um cause 15 to 30 miles per hour. this was light fluffy snow. while it was not blowing and drifting h. with the wind we're getting blowing snow and windchills, 8 in burlington but still feels like 12 in kenosha which is cold. there's another cold front on the way. today will be our warmest day. this afternoon we're only going to be in the lower 20s. tomorrow we will struggle to get into the teens with the cold air moving in. this afternoon, temperature will drop a little bit. we'll be back in the low to mid 20s. then your future forecast, for
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this evening when the cold front comes we'll see light snow and flurries, any accumulation would be a dusting to half inch at best, and that would be it until friday. otherwise it's sunny, windy and cold. these are your lows tonight dropping down to 4 and 5:00. 9 in milwaukee, at least the wind dies down. that will not be the case once we get into the wednesday, thursday and friday with p nasty windchills. highs tomorrow, in the teens. with windchills here's your seven-day forecast, 23 today. we're currently at 26 but this afternoon will be cooler, 12 tomorrow, 10 on wednesday, look at thursday morning at 3 below zero. high of 6. 3 below friday and snow likely friday and saturday. tatiana? >> still keeping an eye on the incident that brian talked about. this is in greenfield. milwaukee county sheriffs blocked off two lanes because of
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they're working to clear that now and speeds getting even slower, as you come towards the incident at 40 miles per hour and get closer at 28 miles per hour. it's very slow in that area. looking at that drive time, it's only a 2 minute delay right now but again as traffic begins to build, it's going to get even worse. this is here in milwaukee county. i want to give you an additional head's up. the off ramp this, has an definitely plan ahead. it's possible to slide off the roadway. so give yourself additional time and space between cars as you head out the door this morning. >> good morning, return, i'm rod with a one minute drill on this monday morning. the green bay packers with a dominating performance over seattle sunday at lambeau field. 38 points they score over the
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most they delivered all year long. >> sprints his way to a 66 yard touchdown. packers up 3-0 three plays into the game. rodgers finds jorde nelson. from 9 yards out. packers made it 28-3 third quarter. how about your packers, they beat the seahawks yesterday 38-10. >> these events are incredible. to get five, six amazing. we took care of the ball which is something we struggled with this year. this is kind of, the whole, you know, what we're used to. >> and bucs are in toronto taking on the raptors and admirals hosting san antonio. have a great day, everyone. >> wtmj radio voice of the packers will be back in studio with us this, month. wayne and i will sit down 10
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he'll be smiling as we all are. feels so much better. doesn't it? >> we'll look at the bears sunday as well. >> check this out. a delay in the buffalo bills game against the steelers. the issue was snow removal, the plow pulled up rubber pellets. the snow had to be cleared by leaf blowers as well as shovels and plows. >> i don't know what kind of they are there to help fill that in. >> right. nice going, buffalo. first time it snowed there? >> first up live at day break on wtmj. >> and making light of the first snowfall. >> and let's look at tonight's primetime light-up. and here's the final four
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4:56 on today's tmj4. we're out on the roads here. this is the milwaukee metropolitan area where the freeways are in fantastic condition. they are clear, and just a little built wet this morning. we have seen at least one accident on the system, so, there's still that chance of spinning out. but la very nice shape. now to a traditional winter pastime. families out taking advantage of the great sledding conditions. this is daniela's first snowstorm, family moved to milwaukee from florida. >> and she's loving it. >> that's exactly what they wanted. up next at live on day break -- >> the storm is gone but the work is certainly still
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we'll talk how milwaukee is planning to get the streets ready for the start of this work week.
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right now from milwaukee, this is today's wtmj4 live at
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day break. we after an intention. snowfall. people waking up with a half a foot and a snow reminder for this snow parking. >> and h ryan is out hchl with what drivers are up to this morning. >> once again cause i'm vince, i'm susan kim. we want to check your traffic and weather. that. >> hi, brian. >> it's priceless, if you have kids they love snow. they m woke up yesterday morning and looked outside and went, wow. it's one of those moments. when i was a kid, it's like now i have to go shovel or snow blower. >> this is the warmest we've been all day. the winds have picked up between 15 and 25. that created windchills, but also creating blowing and


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