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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition I  NBC  December 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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day break. we after an intention. snowfall. people waking up with a half a foot and a snow reminder for this snow parking. >> and h ryan is out hchl with what drivers are up to this morning. >> once again cause i'm vince, i'm susan kim. we want to check your traffic and weather. that. >> hi, brian. >> it's priceless, if you have kids they love snow. they m woke up yesterday morning and looked outside and went, wow. it's one of those moments. when i was a kid, it's like now i have to go shovel or snow blower. >> this is the warmest we've been all day. the winds have picked up between 15 and 25. that created windchills, but also creating blowing and
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with the light fluffy snow we had over the weekend. by noon, p 21, 3:00, 23 with windchills and in the teens throughout the day. the snow pushed to the east. just a little lingering cloud cover. temperature in the teens to lower 20s. here comes the wind, anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour, and it will stay that way p throughout the day. as you're stepping out doors, it feels like 14 in milwaukee, as cold as 3. well below norm. seeing the temps drop into the 20s this afternoon. once again those winds keeping windchills in the single digits. we had issues on the roadways already. time saver traffic looks to be just fine. all right. there is a patchy area of freezing as well. with that, we have storm team 4 meteorologist driving around in the storm chaser. what are you seeing out there?
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shape. let's switch over to our roof top camera. there's the weather graphics. let's go outside. right now we're on 894. we are in the west dallas area and traveling northbound and traffic is starting to pick up. what we have encountered is some little slippery stretches and wet spots. keep your speeds down this morning, just to be safe. but in haul honesty, the crews have done a fantastic cleaning up from the 6 to 9 inches of snow that we saw yesterday. keep your speeds down. one thing i want to know. let's switch back to the weather graphics here. these are storm chaser stats with the roof top. it's 24 degrees outside. temperature is well below the freezing mark. if we do have wet pavement, we could have a few icy or slick spots. keep an eye on that.
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we'll keep our eye on rural roads tatiana. >> of course i'm keeping an overall view. this is the mar kweth marmarquee that speed of 20 miles per hour is gone. keeping an eye on issues throughout the interstate. we're in the green for now. d.o.t. tweets out, reduce your speed, give yourself additional time. right now drive times are on. give yourself an additional 5 or 10. who doesn't mind being work early in the morning. >> after wisconsin's first significant snowfall, ann is
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trouble getting out of their garages. >> it looks pretty good. the roads, as nancy told you, look really good. fantastic job by the plow drivers. they were out really early, as i was coming in account 4:00 h-again, a couple of flchslick spots. we saw a couple drivers, most driving at the speed limit. we also droveow that road looks amazing as well. right now we're on highway k. a lot of people heading to work. this road is clear as well. take a look at the sidewalk, it's been cleared as well. on the side, this is on this side at least the powdery snow that you can step in. over on the side where the road is, it's that crunchy stuff. you might get into trouble spots there. be careful, there are slick spots onment road. we did see some drivers out that
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windshields or windows. that's another thing you need to remember because you need to make sure you can see where you're driving and that snow falls off on to another driver's car. that's the late effort coming out of franksville. ann sterling. >> ann, thanks very much. it's 5:05. let's look at current road conditions using the 501 map. you can see the different c conditions. blue means the roads are covered in snow so just be aware of the conditions. >> pete is live to explain when property owners need to have their walkways snow-free. pete, good morning. >> well, susan, all across the city of milwaukee, private property owners whether residential or commercial, have 24 hours to clear their
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starts falling. we're at astor and lion. these sidewalks pretty good. obviously these owners have shoveled the sidewalk already here along lion street. now, if you don't do that, you could save some hefty fines. if you're reported to dpw, you'll be issued a notice to clear the sidewalk and $50 fine. you have 24 hours to clear it. if you don't you get a second notice and another fine that whether or not it's a first-time violation. plugs you also have to pay the cost of of the city stepping in to clear those walkways for you. the city does clear off sidewalks deg ig nalthed as public, but the scene crews that do that, are the ones you see operating the plows, they don't start operating the sidewalk or bus-clearing equipment that they use until after the streets are cleared first.
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pet . >> it's the law to turn on your head lights if it's snowing. bridges and elevated roads can be icy and slick. that is something to watch for this morning and the posted speed limits are for dry pavement. you might want to slow it down a bit. >> for the latest in storm alert the and closures, you can head to mobile app from your phone or tablet. join us every morning. >> it's 5:07. coming up next -- >> a chance to get a truly unique gift for a sports lover in your life and how that purchase can help children with cancer. >> and up next a familiar face at a christmas carol this year and how much longer people can see this year's show. >> and take another look outside
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the all new a christmas carol continues tomorrow night and runs through christmas eve. and thank you for inviting me to participate in a walk-on role friday night. it was a once in a lifetime experience to be on stage for that milwaukee tradition. here i am, trying to act. they have this new show, and it's broken sales records. walk-on for you. great use of your talent >> 2016 today's tmj auction is coming up this saturday. some of the biggest names in wisconsin sports have donated items that you have bid on. >> it supports research for childhood chancers and related blood disorders. one of the items is for packers' f fans. aaron rodgers signed it.
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in black wood and double matted. this is one of 25 items up for bid friday. the sports auction is a live two-hour event from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. to join in the fight against childhood cancer. still ahead this morning we're on road watch, so we'll head south to see how the roads are looking headed for the state line. >> also goose h rescue, how far
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team coverage now and a slap of reality after a mild november. back there reporting snow, freezing rain and rain to the east as this storm is moving on. taking a live look at our ft. washington, mitchell international airport and live in racine county where people are waking up to more than a half foot of snow there. good morning, ann. >> good morning. i want to show you, people have been really hard at work. apparently they weren't watching the packers play, because all of the neighborhoods we've been driving through all morning long. people are shoveling their driveways, everyone is doing a great job.
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morning. we're in racine county. off 7 mile road. that road looks fantastic. 41 driving down from the station to racine county. a lot of drivers driving about the speed limit because the roads look fantastic. although we can tell you there are a couple of slippery spots. if you're just waking up, getting ready for work, give yourself extra time. the other thing we've noticed, some driver, not all drivers but some are not clearing their car completely when the their cars this morning. if you parked on the side road or the driveway, your car has a lot of snow. make sure you scrape the snow off, get it off the windows and windshields so you can see and other drivers can see you, too. report th live ann sterling. >> good advice. much of the midwest did get blasted by this weekend's cold snow and weather, and it is causing trouble for travelers. right now, most flights on time
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delayed this morning and a flight to o'hare already canceled. double-check your airlines to see if your plane is running on time. thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled since snow started falling saturday night. >> any of those flight days are not here because we did a good job. >> we're good at this stuff. we live in wisconsin, right, brian? >> it's fantastic. driving up to lambeau, a little slick on interstates. the crewses out full obviously the packers game, driving home. the roads had just rained. it was incredible. p kudos to the crews. this was a big storm system. all over milwaukee picked up 7 to 8 inches of snow from milwaukee down towards oak creek and greenfield. h sheboygan, 4 to 5. so far, i'm going through some of these snow totals. snow is overwith.
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through. today is your mild day. we're currently at 25 degrees looking back to the west. single digits in minnesota and northwestern wisconsin. get ready for that. 6 to 9 inches of snow fell. it even arrived right on time. this snow cooperated with the forecast. blowing snow has not been an issue but this morning it is a little built as the winds are picking up. it's chilly and arctic air the rest of the week. current temperature, teens and 20 morning hours compared to what is coming up. winds picked up on the back side of this storm system. windchills, feel as gold inle 7 in green lake. 6 in port washington. this afternoon, temperature cooler than they are right now. milwaukee will be 23. westerly winds at 10 to 20. windchills in the teens through the day. also watching for light snow and flurries as the front pushes
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a dusting of accumulation is expected. the rest of the week looks to be sunny as you get to be friday. the wind will be light. tomorrow winds will be light with temperature in the teens. it will get colder. that's actually warm as well. here's your seven-day forecast. right now, 26 degrees, that's your temperature this morning and dropping 14 tomorrow, 10 for wednesday. 6 for a high on thursday with windchills, well below zero. we're talking close t in the morning hours with temperature 3 mornings in a row and snow showers friday and saturday. brian is out this morning trying to find the slick spots this morning. it is a tough job to find other slippery spots. >> yeah, they've been few and far between. especially on main roads. right now we're traveling through the german town area. you can see we're going to take a live look outside.
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little wet spots. maybe a few slippery spots. again, these main roads are in fantastic shape after seeing about 6 to 9 inches of snow yesterday. but, with the temperature sitting at 21 degrees, i want you to keep your speeds down when driving this morning. even if it looks like wet pavement, all doing a good job, temperature at 21 degrees, we could have a little icing on the roadways this morning. it's getting windchill at 9 degrees but that's nothing compared to what we could have as storm team 4 meteorologist brian godard just mentioned. later on this week it's getting very, very cold. right now we have a northwest wind at 20 miles an hour. we could have blowing and drifting of snow this morning especially on countryside roads this a northwest wind, either north, south, east, west roadways could have a little blowing and drifting. we are getting off the freeway
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to see if we have more slippery conditions. overall these main roadways are in fantastic shape, tatiana. >> that's good news. bri in fantastic shape, tatiana. >> that's good news. brian said and d.o.t. is echoing, give yourself additional space and reduce speeds. these slippery conditions can cause you to go into a ditch. this is the off ramp at moreland road. the off ramp is still open. you need to reduce speed and get over to the sheriff's office. w ditch and own its way. that's the only issue causing any initial yous. that drive time of really, kuse me, 11 minutes, again, give yourself 5 to 10. sa de thing, one minute delay. and marquette to moreland. give yourself additional time as you head out the door.
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website and also guy downloading our mobile app. >> and injured goose was rescued on lower genesee lake. firefighters went out on the thin ice to bring the goose to safety. they showed the photos on facebook. goose is okay and taken to a local wildlife center. probably good training for those guys as well. " >> solving for the future, one local kid making sure he doesn't
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? >> give this guy five stars h. uber driver and passengers. sin ang along with mariah carey's favorite christmas song. he's providing h musical instruments for anyone who gets in his car. sorry, he's based in los angeles. where else? >> all his passengers show up wearing a >> i think he has that in the car. >> he has the ta d bore reason. >> and travel trouble. while you neat to check out your airline ticket this morning. >> also winter parking rules in effect this morning.
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alternatives, more than 3,000 flights canceled and delayed d.oro? the country with chicago leading the pack on treacherous conditod ns are affecting thing at home. >> also, rural reminder. pete will break down milwaukee's ing winter parking retimlations and ryan is in the middle there on the road in the pa?enger seat in today tmvic storm chaser. >> and ann sterling seems to have forgotten her jd.oket morning. live with the conditions there. >> so fabulous for the conditions. you're watching in break". >> i'm susan kim. >> let's send things over to brian godard checking the snow totals. brian? >> you should be wearing your hat as well. >> ipmos cool in these studios this morning. snow arrived on time saturday evening.


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