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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  WTMJ  December 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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alternatives, more than 3,000 flights canceled and delayed d.oro? the country with chicago leading the pack on treacherous conditod ns are affecting thing at home. >> also, rural reminder. pete will break down milwaukee's ing winter parking retimlations and ryan is in the middle there on the road in the pa?enger seat in today tmvic storm chaser. >> and ann sterling seems to have forgotten her jd.oket morning. live with the conditions there. >> so fabulous for the conditions. you're watching in break". >> i'm susan kim. >> let's send things over to brian godard checking the snow totals. brian? >> you should be wearing your hat as well. >> ipmos cool in these studios this morning. snow arrived on time saturday evening.
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inches of snow across the area. officially 7.8 in milwaukee. waking up at 29 degrees. the wind was not a factor. the blowing and drifting snow picked up. seeing gusts at 29 miles per hour. 21 by noon. actually cooler than what it is now. downtown ft. washington, roads are looking great. 20 degrees as the temperature northwest at 20. snow has gotten out of here, but windchills are in the sgl di ats and tee de with temperature in the 20s this afternoon. let's head out to brian who has his jacket on this morning inside the toasty car. how are the roads? i couldn't believe how nice the roads are, how are they doing? >> they are doing fantastic. we are off the highway. we're on 167 and traveling west. and one thing you haven't mentioned is the possibility of some blowing and drifting of snow. but really, we have not seen
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times in the headlights there as we are on the 360 rooftop camera. we're noticing a few more icy patches. there we go. we'll zoom in more. again, after seeuld to 9 inches of snow, we could given a few icy stretches, that wind at 20 miles per hour, you have to keep your speed down a little built this morning. let's swi. we'h over to the storm chaser stats. lab. this is right off the roof of the storm chaser. 21 degrees, the current temperature. windchill at 9 degrees this morning. we have pretty fancy software. actually we have the akeeplity show road conditod n, we'll sho you that in a little bit. kind of dictates the weather we've seen and current weather and what we're seeing here as far as road conditions. overall, the roadways are low ding pret21 good tatiana. how are things as far as
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incident-free right now. keep your fingers crossed. give yourse the r a? to drive times, there's a 9 minute commute coming from brow dville to downtown. that's a ten minute commute and hale to mi. we'hell. 9 and a minor delay at ten time. i'll keep antesye out for other inpthdents. >> all right, tatiana, if you didn't hear it yesterday, you're in for a rude awakening. some people are dealing with a foot and a half of snow. hi, ann. >> hey, good morning to you, susan. racine county saw between 6 and 7 inches. we are off higally ayy.
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i spoke to the plow driver who said he's been up since 1:00 working hard. just off higally ay k, you can the side road in this neighborhood. it's completely clear. a lot of driveways are clear. i donions thiking h they watche packers yesterday at all because they completely shoveled their driveway. sidewalks here look great as well. all of the sidewalsnow. have be clear. driving down this morning from our station, 43 looked amazing. the higally ays 41 looked great. just a couple slick spots. a couple people heading into wocan driving about the speed limit. you want to keep it below the speed limittesven though the roads are clear. even the shoulders are clear. again, there are slick spots to wa. we'h out for. reporting live, ann sterling. >> the city of milwaukee announced these role is in effeit . >> and pete is live with a
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see m we ad onays field a reminder, pete. >> we're near astor and lion on the east side. alking h d.oro? milwaukee all a signs this like. no parking when snowfall 4 inches or more. in those spots you can park on both sides of the street on both days unless -- here's they. street. the city announced last night that rule is in evenfeit . youn se not sareaposed to be parking under those signs, until the street has been cleared. cars behind us, do have tickets on them because they were ander sly not moved from the sig de when the plows came through. of course, in addition to that, alternate side parking remai de in effect during the winter month, and those who live onse wtion streets.sxc those are streets you can almost park on both sides alkle? they
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wtion for he pl snow removal. overnight last night and tonight are the 48-hour perod ds when te city will be clearing snow. those streets will have to abide by alteketate side pacaning. if you live on a car ler he tha more your car to the m even side of the street. live on thetesast side. " >> okay. pete. pick-up will be limitesnow after the week-end snowfall. residents with scheduled garbage colleit od n should plan to tak their car to the curb the night before. worted acrosses r the country in conneit od n wit this storm system. folks have been largely in luck. worts of canceled flights. one delay and that's a flight headed to detroit. thapmos what they're dealing wih
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here. >> much different story out of chicago, as well. the major weekend storm disrupted air travel. we're talking 13 no flights cancelesnow aoled to check their flight status if you're flying out of or conneit ing to chicnt. >> my first flight got canceled. i had to rebook last night in wisco dein. we were at a feven ily realkod . taow i'm hoping to make the 5:1 flight. >> the latest and closures, head to download the mobile app for your phone or tablet. ap n's a tt on in day break". >> playoff hopes still alive this moketing. we'll look at what the pd.okers need to do to still try to make it to the playoffs. live at day break contise es right after this. >> 5:37, a look outside, the
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6 to 9 inches of snow as 's a tpeit ed across most of th area. palmyra 9.1. here in milwaukee, 7.8. a little le?. sheboygan, betweense green bay officially at 5 1/2 inches of snow. taow we have a lit e wind and windchill this morning. 8 in west bend, 6 in burlington, 12 in rapthne. this is how ipmos shaping area. we're in the mid 20s. we'll get down by 19 by and plenty of salkshine still breezy today, 10 to 15 with windchills in the teens. this is the warmest day of the weeto s please watch anyway. >> my goodness, what a way to start a monday. >> i know. >> what an afternoon for the packers as they dominated over seat e salkday in a snowy lambeau field. >> aaron rodge earlies to devontae ada m with the catch
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touchdown, final score, 38-10 packers hope to win out the rest of the season and make playoffs. will have to do that to have a chance but even at that still might not make it. >> as he is after every game. wtmj's radio voice will sit down bevenore 7: no and look at the and ahead to the bears game sunday. >> in the meantime b shs are in toronto tonight taking on the raptor hosting san antonio today. 5:42, cominn n's a tt at live a day break. >> we'll show you the delivery so prepthous it brombht a gropl man to tears. >> plus, scam alert.
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more proof you canions belte everything you see on social media. somebody photo shopped a toy ad and fisher price is happy about it. fish ipmos a play set and kitchen. this features children aroalkd
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it is not real. parents reached out to fisher price and ha that the hle play set does not exist. >> and to close out the year uiteauholiday spending season h-our correit card debt is breaking records. it's the highest ipmos been around $80 d to llod n. that means everybody has around $8300 to pay off. sidewa.ns today. tere's a reminder to be careful of scams even when shoveling. thieves have posed as good neighbors out shoveling. police say it was a rouse to see if ayou caone was home so they d 3reak in. a warning from police to be careful. >> come on. >> idling cars.
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"h." >> what happened with ally esterday w3 >> austin ceven e ohov yesteelid said, i'll help you shovel. i was like, great. >> you need to pay for labor. >> i did, i disnow >> great. >> and then i said, i'll pay you this m shhtesvery time i shovel. i ceven e bd.ok from the packer game. i shoveled three times. >> he's good palmyra yesteeliay. 9.1 inches of snow. you get the golden shovel awars worts loosnow. r like you had the most snow. oak creek at 5. i hadof s inches of snow in my driveway. greenville, 8. elkhart lake at 4.5. less around shdinoygan. looking live at west bend, roaee are slushy.
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at west bend. 21 degree, westepwy wine are at. we had clouds. we had a little blowing snow with gusppa winds. front makes its way. yes, it's chilly with temperature in the mid 20s bhov as it is in westeket wisconsin. look at single digits in minnesota. here it comes h. headline, 6 to 9 inches of snow came true. it was dead on and arrived h on time saturday evening. cinally a snow worked. blowing snow with chilly conditions. this is the warmest day of the week. it will be arctic air starting tomorrow afteketoon. today we're currently in the tens and 20s. that westerly to northwesterly wind ishes 5 tort 5 and windchi are currently in single digits. 6 in burlington. this afternoon we'll see salkshin m temperature in the w to mid 20s.
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ue'll see " urry, maybe an ted snow shower pushing through. if you see accumulation,42ust a little dusting otherwise the rest of the week is quiet, windy and cold until we get to friday. so, for tonight down to 9 degrees for milwaukee. inland areas will be near 5 degrees, these are your highs tomorrow. teens. the winds are not a big issue but windchills close to zero thrombhohov the day tomook aow. and then it gets even colder. how about 14 on tuesday. thursday morning. and 6 degrees for the high. will be sa-mile-per-hour winds. ap a lintlle. snow likely at friday and saturday. we'll be watching that. 3rian loosnow. toasty warm ins. he has tunes going, holiday music. tow dar 5s it look onment screamee are w3 >> dave opt us at 75 degrees inside here.
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i hmooe to tell you, the roae a overall in decent shape out here this morning. ue42ust made the t m ck down 1, and42ust getting into sufof the streets, we're notice a lit e gla,4 on the roadways. we're start storing notice some e'sippery spots. overall, after1/2 to 9 inches o snow, i would say the roads are in fantastic shape t l pive yourself a lit etesxtra time. keep your speeds down because what may look like wet pmooemen ap being icy stripes. watch out for that. current temperatur m ree degre. one thing we notice had in the countryside. northwest wind blowing around. ue s blowing and drifting snoed. i think we'll get outside on the next storm chaser hit.
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f yo?ex area. we'll see how much snow they officially got here in a few minhoves. >> drive times, hale to the zoo. a whole delay of 18 minute. irive time pgsroads mile to mitchelmind and a whole 2 minute delay when it comes to drive times elsewhere, you're all in the l preen. give yourself additional 5 to 10 on the roadways h. be mindful it is slick and e's upery. pc> and stay connected by headig pc>> still ahead here live at dy 3reak this morning. special delivery. the kind gift that one man lost everything in a house fire received. more live on day break is coming up neout h. pc> here's tonighnto s elmimeti lin waup. at 6:30, then the final four
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whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but pantene is making my hair practically unbreakable. so i can love my hair longer.
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5:54. on envinh. snow in washington. looks like things are in good shape in portland. pc> santa brombht a gropla man tears. >> the surprise played out where old st. nick arrived to a, pand t . his family lost their home and german shepherd in a fire. the family's loss and heartbreak and decided to bring h a lit e joy donating a she, puppy. >> good feelings. 5:55. much more hle 3reak. pc> and also a city where you could get a ticket just for wa, ap for n as the kids wake school, and parents as you get ready for work this moketing.
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bus stops look. i'm ann sterling in racine county. ue'll hmooe live team c uerage straight ahead. >> and snow is on here hand windchilpsn dropped into the single dion dts. that's just the beginning.
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>> right now... from milwaukee. this is today's tmj4, live at day break! >> good morning, first taste of winter. >> and three things you should have in your car right now, as our temperatures drop this week. >> and we have team coverage, this morning, on the weather and, a break in the cold this morning? and, digging out of the driveways on the way to work. >> and brian tracking what is coming for us later today! ? ? >> good morning, everyone, hope you had a great weekend.
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great shape. a little bit of slush on the side streets, watch out for, temperatures are mild, 20 degrees and the winds, however, picked up and that is something we have to deal with, the entire storm system and the snow is falling straight down and now winds are picking up. a little bit of blowing and drifting and windchill as well. and the official snow totals from 4 to 6 inches of snow fond du lac and oshkosh and, green bay, five inches and a huge chunk of southeast earn 8 inches in milwaukee for saturday night and all day yesterday. and, snow is out of here and now it is mostly cloudy. and we'll see more sunshine throughout the day and the wind i talked about, dropping windchills to two in fond du lac and 4 lake geneva and 14 in milwaukee. here's your day planner: 19 degrees by 8:00 a.m. and 21 by noon and a little bit of sunshine and 23 this afternoon. with a wildfire in the teens,


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